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Chapter 16: Things Die

They were playing a continuous game.

Gohan was true enough to his word, giving Cell what he wanted, performing for him like some kind of concubine. But Gohan always got something out of it for himself - the ability to control the situation to his liking. Both of them would win, but occasionally, Gohan would also lose.

"This is all your fault, you know."

Cell had managed to back Gohan into the wall. They were in an empty house miles away from the Son residence; they'd abandoned it two weeks ago after leaving the warehouse, knowing that Frieza had sent his men to pursue them since. They were on the run.

"You do this to me," said Cell, taking Gohan's face in his hands.

Today was one of Gohan's losing battles. While handing himself over to Cell back when they were dead, he unwittingly introduced the android to feelings that he'd never had before and didn't understand. Occasions like this began a couple of weeks ago, where Cell would have trouble comprehending having lustful feelings for someone else; he was never supposed to care for anyone but himself in any way possible.

"What do you have to say for yourself this time?"

Cell traced his thumb over Gohan's parted lips, he didn't respond, he just stood there staring at him. Cell was blaming him again - he'd spent the majority of the day feeling aroused for no real reason, and it was safe to say that it bothered him greatly. But what disturbed him the most about it was that his first instinct was to find Gohan to relieve himself; to have to rely on someone else made him angry, but that didn't make the problem go away.

"Sorry... " mumbled Gohan, not really meaning it. He didn't know what else to say to him. He could see how much Cell was struggling with having a sexual dependency on him, and he secretly found a vengeful delight in it.

"You don't sound very sorry."

Cell shot him a dirty look, one that made Gohan almost sure that he was going to end up bleeding in some way by the end of the day. Then the android seemed to let it go laughing silently. He leaned forward, pressing their foreheads together, closing his eyes and sighing as if he was at the end of his tether.

"Get down on your knees," he requested quietly.

"Why?" Gohan was playing him, he knew exactly why.

"Because I don't want to fucking look at you," seethed Cell, the tone of his voice was so hateful that it actually hurt Gohan's feelings a little.

He obeyed him, sliding down the wall as Cell uncovered himself. Gohan said nothing in return, not that he was given the chance as Cell entered his mouth without so much as a warning. The android wasn't planning on making his last, he just wanted to get rid of it quickly. Gohan didn't dare attempt to prolong it either, trying to breathe steadily through his nose as Cell insisted on ramming himself down his throat. The first few times he did this in the past, he gagged repeatedly, but he was learning.

Gohan stopped fighting him, as difficult as it was; Cell was... a lot to take in at once. He prevailed, finding a rhythm that he was comfortable with. He held on to Cell's thighs, keeping his eyes closed and breathing slowly through his nose as he felt the head of his cock brushing against the back of his throat. He felt himself getting hard but ignored it, sucking harder, feeling it pulse in his mouth, and soon enough he'd taken all of him.

It was then he heard the android's voice. He managed to stifle a smile, concentrating on not choking or making a sound - he was there to alleviate Cell's inner suffering and that was all this time. The almost jumped when he felt a cold hand on his head, roughly combing through his hair, then it moved further down, caressing the left side of his face, then down his neck and finished at his shoulder; he slipped his hand under his gi then pushed it down.

Cell finally allowed himself to look at him as his body began to feel hotter, and then he saw why. Gohan had his face fully buried into his crotch, he felt the end of his cock pumping down his throat, Gohan's hands gripping onto his thighs as the limited oxygen was beginning to take it's toll. He was nearing his end, then he decided how he was going to end it.

Gohan could feel him withdrawing, he felt the pressure lifting as his throat was freed and the air started flowing back through him. Cell pulled out until the head was at his lips, shuddering as Gohan licked and sucked at it tenderly, and then he let himself come. Gohan wasn't expecting it, unprepared as he felt the hot liquid erupt onto his tongue, then pour out of the corner of his mouth and down the left side of his face. It continued down his neck as the remainder of it dripped down onto his exposed shoulder.

Cell panted, relief finally washed over him. He looked down at Gohan and his rather messy finish, and he felt powerful again. He covered himself after a few more seconds, leaving Gohan to catch his breath.

"You're a fucking mess," he said heartlessly. "Clean yourself up."

Gohan wanted to tell him where to shove it, but didn't. He just unsteadily got back on to his feet and headed to the bathroom for a shower. The bathroom in the house was pretty small, but the shower had a door, thankfully, so nobody would hear him; he had his own problem to take care of.

He managed not to take very long to finish himself off, but he hated himself for reliving what just happened in his head - he had no control over it.

Gohan definitely lost the game that day.

They'd settled into the warehouse as best they could. It was a residential workplace by the number of rooms that it had.

Bulma and Chi Chi had packed the essentials between them. Within the dozens of capsules were enough beds for everybody, as well as equipment for cooking and whatever food they had managed to salvage together. The rest of the gang helped to make a communal area out of the old cafeteria, it was a large enough room to have them all in together to eat and conduct meetings. They also had a hand in fixing the bathrooms and ensure that they had hot and cold running water.

All in all, it could have been a lot worse. Frieza's men were sent to check on them every other day to make sure that the fighters were sedated and all accounted for. Otherwise, they roamed the warehouse; as much as they had a lot more freedom as they did in the bunker, they were still prisoners. Frieza no longer stopped by to beat Goku and the other saiyans, it seemed that he got bored of it. But he came along every few days to speechify and gloat.

Jeice and Krillin were sat on their beds in their room that they shared with Trunks, who was absent as he'd gone to help his mother out. Jeice was still wrestling with himself over a certain half saiyan.

"I still think we should tell them, Jeice," said Krillin softly. In their time together as cell mates, they'd become very good friends, Jeice seemed to confide only in him about most things.

"Tell them what, that he took one look at us and bolted?"

Jeice wanted to tell Krillin everything as he was purposely leaving out one massive detail - Gohan and Cell's sexual relationship. He hadn't talked to anybody about it, he didn't know if anyone else actually knew.

"It's been two weeks and we've heard nothing! I'm worried! Why would he just leave like that?"

"He looked terrified of us... "

"Or he was terrified of Cell."

Jeice nearly told him but managed to hold his tongue. That turned out to be a good idea, as Zarbon burst through the door and dragged them both out. It looked like Frieza was back once again.

Gohan was slumped on a rather comfy corner suite in another abandoned house. This one was much more luxurious than the last one, but that wasn't what he was paying attention to.

He found an unopened pack of razor blades in the bathroom cupboard, and he'd just spent the last twenty minutes placing small cuts on himself. His left wrist band was lying on his stomach, but he'd long since left his wrist and carried on all over his forearm. Cell came back into the house after scouting the area for more soldiers, they'd been coming across more and more of them lately.

"What the hell are you doing?" he asked.

"Cutting myself," answered Gohan blankly as he dragged the razor blade across his skin once more.

"You know you can't hide the ones on your arm, right?"

"I don't give a fuck," he said slowly in that same eerily calm voice.

"Hacking yourself to pieces isn't going to solve whatever issues you have."

"And shoving your cock down my throat won't solve yours, but that doesn't stop you." Gohan's forearm felt sticky as some of the blood began to dry up. "Maybe I should start on my other arm, I'm feeling a little uneven."

Actually, Gohan wasn't feeling anything at all. He was so numb on the inside that he only started to feel the pain of the cuts as he got half way up his arm, which was a new experience.

"Maybe you should," said Cell spitefully. "Or maybe you should get rid of that thing and make yourself useful."

"Why? Do you need me to lick your cock again?"

Gohan dropped the razor blade as Cell dragged him onto his feet, one hand around his uninjured arm and the other gripping onto the hair on the back of his head.

"Not right now, no," said Cell, irritated by him but at the same time intrigued. Once again, he looked at Gohan with conflicting feelings that confused him. "But we're being followed and I think you could do with beating the crap out of a few soldiers. Then you can choke on my cock all you like."

"How about you choke on mine?" sneered Gohan. He really wasn't in the mood for a fight, he just wanted to curl up in a ball on the nice, comfy corner suite with his razor blade and fall asleep for a month or two.

"You know, I've met people who have got on my nerves, but you somehow manage to get on every single one of them."

"I think that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me."

"Clean that blood off yourself and meet me outside in five minutes."

Cell gave him a shove towards the stairs. Gohan gave him a dirty look before heading upstairs to the bathroom.

Frieza looked horrifying.

He was bulkier than before, but his skin was tinted a pale blue in places. Goten and Trunks were hiding in their mothers' arms; even with their abrasive courage, they had been repressed back into what they were, small children.

"That's right, little ones. I do enjoy the smell of fear," he snarled.

"What have you done to yourself?!" exclaimed Goku, never shy to say what came to mind. Frieza laughed maniacally.

"I've found a source of power you couldn't even begin to imagine... and it's mine! You have no idea what I have in store for this universe. As soon as I reach my peak, I think I'll destroy this pathetic rock!"

"Why don't you just kill us now instead of keeping us in our cage?!" yelled Vegeta.

"You'll all be coming with me. I'm sure I'll find you a nice enough cage on a distant planet somewhere - "

"Lord Frieza!" Zarbon came in quickly, looking as if he'd had a power up himself. "We've located the android."

"Have you sent our more powerful soldiers out there?" he asked, ignoring everyone else around him.

"We have him and the saiyan surrounded. I'm sure they'll be dealt with soon enough."

"Good... I want them brought to me. Alive. But not well."

Frieza turned back to his audience, smirking wildly.

"Gohan's alive?" gasped Piccolo.

"Quite," said Frieza. "He and the android have proven to be a serious problem to my plan as of late. They've disposed of a few of my soldiers over the weeks. How long has it been since you last saw your son, Goku?"

"Six months," he answered without meaning to indulge him. "Why are you so bent on finding him all of a sudden? You've not mentioned him for months."

"Neither have you. My, my... no wonder he left you here to rot."

"Gohan didn't leave! Cell took him away from us!" protested Krillin.

"Well, you're half right. You really don't know the whole story, do you?"

"What is there to know? He was abducted and none of us have heard from him since," said Vegeta. "Even I presumed him dead long ago. Cell would have got bored of torturing him by now."

"They were both here two weeks ago, you know. Just before and just after you arrived here."

Jeice and Krillin looked at each other. They knew that obviously, but didn't let on to anyone else.

"What?" Goku looked shocked. "Then why isn't he here with us?"

"He had a lucky escape if you ask me," said Piccolo.

"I went to Cell after you escaped from the bunker so he could bring you back here for me. He was the only one who could teleport all of you at once. I was surprised to see that the half breed was still alive, I have to say. He didn't have a scratch on him, oddly enough."

Frieza saw that he had all of their attention by how silent and still the room went. He continued.

"After spending some time with them here as my men located you, I realised how long it had been since I'd had a ripe, young saiyan ready for the taking."

"If you laid one finger on him - "

"You'll do what, Vegeta?" he sneered.

"I was lucky enough not to be anywhere near you when I came of age."

"What are you talking about?" asked Jeice.

"Frieza used some saiyans as concubines when he enslaved us. Raditz was the last one you had, if I recall."

"My brother?" exclaimed Goku.

"When he was about Gohan's age, yes. Until Frieza got bored of him. Raditz never talked about it, but Nappa and I knew."

"Yes, Goku, your son was well within my reach. Only just of age and pure... so I thought. But there was one problem."

"Cell... " said Goku. The others looked at him wide-eyed as they began to piece everything together.

"That's right. That treacherous android already took your son for himself. But you already knew that didn't you?"

"You knew, and you didn't say anything?!"

Chi Chi was trying to get her head around what she just heard. Frieza left them to that devastating bombshell and they were having trouble believing it.

"I didn't know how to," said Goku.

"You didn't think that I needed to know that my son was being raped?!" she screamed, tears stinging her eyes.

"He's not being raped."

They all looked at Jeice, who was fidgeting with his hands nervously.

"You knew about this too?" asked Krillin. "Why didn't you say anything."

"Gohan made me promise that I wouldn't tell a soul," he admitted. "If I'd have said anything, he'd be unable to trust anyone ever again and I didn't want to lose him."

"Wait, so he isn't being raped... " she laughed in disbelief. "Then what? There's no way he would do something like that."

"They started sleeping together while we were in Hell," said Jeice as quickly as he could. Everyone stared at him in shock. "And by what Frieza's saying, then it's still going on."

"My son wouldn't consent to that... thing touching him!"

"Gohan went to Cell looking for a way out. He wanted to feel anything that wasn't nothing and he wanted to be punished for it at the same time... and Cell seemed like the only person who would do that for him."

"You're telling me that they're together now?!"

"I don't think it's like that," said Goku.

"You don't get to say anything on the matter. How could you keep this from me?!"

"You really wanted me to take you to one side and tell you that our son is so lost that he started sleeping with Cell?!"

"How did you find out? Did he tell you?" she asked Jeice, choosing to ignore Goku.

"Not exactly. I accidentally saw them together. It looked like Cell was teasing him about something and Gohan retaliated, started shoving him around. He looked like he was going to tear his head off. But instead, he started kissing him. He told me everything after he found out that I saw him."

"I was with Goku when he found out," said Piccolo. "We saw them together too."

"You knew as well?!" said Tien. Chi Chi looked as if she was going to explode as she paced up and down, trying to hold back the tears that began streaming down her face.

"And by the look on your face, I'm guessing that you know as well, Trunks?" said Vegeta accusingly. Trunks sighed, not denying it.

"Gohan told me."

"Wait, he actually told you?" asked Jeice. "Do you know how much pushing it took me to get it out of him?"

"I don't think he even meant to tell me, it just came out," said Trunks. "It was like he'd been bottling it up for so long."

"Oh crap... " They all turned to Krillin. "That's what he was trying to tell me just before we all moved to the bunker! We were at your house, Goku."

"What did he say?" asked Goku.

"He almost told me, but something stopped him. I found him looking pretty beat up, Cell had been taking a few things out on him by the sounds of it. But I could see that there was something way bigger going on, but all he said was that he didn't want me to hate him... then he clammed up again."

"I- I can't deal with this right now," sighed Chi Chi, leaving the room to distract herself with obsessive cleaning. She didn't want to believe any of it; she was angry, but it was mostly directed at Cell rather than her son's actions. But when it came to Gohan, all she felt was sadness and guilt - she felt responsible.

"I can't believe this," said Yamcha.

"I should go after her... "

"Wait, Goku," said Bulma, running over to stop him. "Let her have some time to process this."

"How could Gohan do this to us?" said Krillin, not even meaning for it to be said out loud.

"Gohan's obviously in a very dark place," said Vegeta. "We mustn't judge him harshly."

"That's rich coming from you, Vegeta," scoffed Yamcha.

"And I suppose you're all perfect," he retorted. "Hmph, Gohan's obviously been in unbearable pain for years to have ended up in this situation... and yet not one of you noticed! Or you didn't care enough to!"

They all hung their heads, wishing they'd paid more attention in the past.

"He must be really mad at us," sighed Piccolo. "Maybe it's my fault, I tried to teach him that fear was a weakness. I was such a fool back then... "

"I don't think Gohan's angry at any of you," said Jeice. "He's angry with himself more than anything."

"Come out, cowards!"

Gohan joined Cell in the living area by the window. The android was checking out the competition, ten of Frieza's most elite and loyal followers, one of which was Zarbon in his final form.

"Is it me or do they look... off?" asked Gohan. He wasn't wrong, they all looked scarily bulked up with a weird blueish tone to their skins.

"Looks like they've each had a power boost, you'll have to go blonde for this one," remarked Cell.

Gohan didn't like the idea of transforming right now, or fighting. He figured that it was the depression affecting his will to fight, his brain couldn't provide him with a definitive reason to battle. But it looked like he wouldn't have a choice this time, even Cell looked unnerved by what was unfolding in front of them. Cell exited the house through the front door, Gohan following after a few seconds.

"Lord Frieza requires your presence," said Zarbon. "Preferably beaten and sedated. Are you going to co-operate or do we have to hurt you?"

"You can try," chuckled Cell, his arms folded over his chest in a way that made him seem superior to them.

"The android is mine," demanded Zarbon. "So, saiyan... think you can take on nine at once?"

Cell gave Gohan an amused look, to which the saiyan raised his eyebrows and scoffed at him, not even dignifying that with an answer.

He transformed as the first one came at him. His lack of motivation was definitely proving to be a problem, he was having trouble holding them all off. As the minutes passed, he was being knocked back more and more. He managed to whittle the onslaught down from nine to six, but he just didn't have it in him anymore.

But that primal urge stirring in his chest seemed to be rising, pushing out of his rib cage as if it was going to tear him apart.

Then it exploded outwards.

The next thing he knew, he was surrounded by ten bodies. Nine soldiers... and someone new. Gohan's eyes widened as he had an extremely vague memory of hitting this man hard during the onslaught. Cell caught up to him after disposing of Zarbon, watching Gohan drop to his knees - the man was dead.

"I didn't see him... where did he even come from?"

"What does it matter? If you hadn't have got him then one of those soldiers would have," said Cell, growing impatient. Though he couldn't help but be secretly intrigued by the situation - Gohan just killed a human being, albeit accidentally, and apart from getting some form of satisfaction out of watching him suffer, he felt an inkling of pride. The android didn't think he could actually make him sink any lower.

"What do I do?"

"You get over it," said Cell harshly. "We've got to go before someone sees us."

"No, I have to - "

"What? Chant a prayer?"

Cell, not gently, yanked Gohan onto his feet by his arm, the saiyan still distraught. The man's body was still splayed out, his blue eyes wide open. Gohan's head was spinning; he could have been someone's father, husband, brother... and he took him away from them. He was shook by the shoulders until his eyes tore away from the body and straight into Cell's.

"Pull yourself together and move on," said the android bluntly.

"Why did I get so carried away? What the hell is wrong with me?!"

It was as if Gohan was having some sort of revelation over his actions... something did happen during the fight, it was like it was him but it wasn't, like a different side to him that had surfaced and took control. The next thing he knew, he was surrounded by four walls of a large house. He had no idea where. Cell just latched onto a random life force and teleported them to an empty house near to it.

"Things die," said Cell. "Natural selection at it's finest. Humans can't possibly survive in a hostile world like this."

"Well I just secured an eternity in hell, for sure!"

"Where you belong. I'm inclined to congratulate you - "

"Don't you fucking dare!" shouted Gohan. "I don't want your praise."

"Then what do you want?"

"I want you to scream at me! I want you to punish me for doing something so wrong!"

"Punish you? You want me to hit you?"

Gohan was about to say yes but stopped himself. He was so angry with himself that he was beginning to tear up.

"Honestly, watching you rip yourself apart over this is entertainment enough. Why would I give you want you want?"

"Because I deserve it."

"Be careful what you wish for... I won't hold back on you like Goku or Piccolo did," cautioned Cell, his arms unfolding to hang by his sides. Gohan sneered back.

"You know what?" he laughed wryly, approaching the android. "I don't give a crap anymore. I've tried to fix things but the universe seems to insist on throwing it back in my face every time."

"Glad to hear it."

"Oh, shut up," spat Gohan. "I thought you wanted more than anything to make me suffer. I'm giving you the opportunity to hurt me and you're turning me down... "

"Just when I thought you couldn't sink any lower," snarled Cell.

"Well if you aren't going to hurt me then why do you insist on dragging me around with you? I didn't have you down as such a pushover."

Cell said nothing in return. Gohan rolled his eyes and turned to leave the room to have a lie down. A few seconds later, he was pulled back by his hair.

"You are nothing but a worthless fucking bitch!"

The android screamed into his ear with so much hateful anger that Gohan suddenly felt scared; he regretted everything he just said and more. He was dragged back into the room and thrown onto the hard wooden floor with so much force that he bounced off it at first. Gohan quickly pushed himself back onto his feet, but as soon as he got there, Cell buried his fist into his abdomen.

Gohan reacted vocally at the wind being knocked out of him so suddenly. He wrapped his arms around his torso as the android's hand retreated from his stomach and grabbed onto his jaw.

"Maybe I didn't want to hurt you at first because you simply aren't even worth my time or energy," he sneered hatefully. "But you are just asking for it, aren't you?"

Cell let go of him, watching him fall to his knees. Gohan spent the next hour reacting to every single blow he received, but as painful as it was, he still felt he deserved it.

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