Worlds Collide

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Warning: This chapter contains a rape scene at the end marked **.

Chapter 26: Used

Another week passed. They were no closer to a solution to reality collapsing, to Frieza's takeover. They were trapped in hiding on the lookout, waiting for Cooler to contact them still. It had been nearly a fortnight since they arrived there.

Baby Haru was thriving, and Chi Chi was back on her feet and back to work providing meals with her newborn son relaxed against her in a sling. But that was only to distract her from the crippling worry she was experiencing... Gohan hadn't been seen since the day Haru was born.

The boy in question was found by Jeice later that very day, sleeping in a bath tub in the bathroom nearest to his room. He almost jumped out of his skin when he noticed him there.

"Kid, what the hell?" he said, nudging him by the shoulder to wake him up. "Nobody's seen you in days, are you alright?"

"Leave me alone," he mumbled. He wished he hadn't been woken up. His head was sore. He felt horrible, both physically and mentally. He wanted it all to stop.

"What are you doing in here? What happened?"

"I couldn't sleep," he said, his eyes still closed as he couldn't take the light.

"You don't look well, dude... are you still on the antranide?"

Gohan looked extremely pale and thin. His eyelids, the whites of his eyes and the bags under them were turned an unnatural blue-grey colour - the colour of antranide. It was well and truly in his system now.

"Not right now. I wouldn't have a headache if I was."

Jeice poured him a glass of water from the tap, handing it to him as he sat himself up slowly, letting the room catch up with him.

"How come you're sleeping in here?"

"He got a little... aggressive," replied Gohan, holding the glass to his forehead.

"Did he hurt you?"

"I left before it got that far."

"When was the last time you ate?"

"Um... I dunno. Three days ago maybe?"

"Well that explains why you look absolutely skeletal," Jeice tried to laugh, but he was getting very worried now, Gohan was scaring him. "I'll go get you a sandwich. And since you're already here, why don't you take a bath?"

"You're not funny," Gohan laughed, trying not to make his headache worse.

After a long bath and struggling with that sandwich, Gohan returned to his room, trembling as the withdrawal began setting in. He wasn't sure whether it was psychological or physical, but he was beating himself up for getting hooked on the antranide so easily. And the fact that he was beginning to drown in yet another cycle of depression was only making him want to escape even more. Upon entering the android's bedroom, he saw Cell stood there gazing out of the window. He didn't even bother knocking anymore.

"What do you want?" he asked, his voice reflecting how he felt.

"I want what you want right now... to escape."

"Is it that obvious?"

Cell laughed a little as he turned around. The android observed the way Gohan's eyes darted to his closed fist with want, it was as if his heightened sense of smell could tell that Cell had antranide in his hand.

"That itch is setting in, isn't it?"

"I don't know what you mean," protested Gohan weakly, the look in his dishevelled eyes saying the opposite.

Cell tormented him further, embracing the control that he had as he raised his hand and placed a seed in his mouth. Gohan witnessed the change in his eyes as his pupils immediately shrunk to pinpoint.

"I can see the envy written all over your face, Gohan," he taunted. "You're welcome to join me."

"Only if I let you fuck me first though, right?"

"Well, you can either escape with me, or go and hang out with your friends." Cell pressed on that last word so bitterly that it made Gohan hate it as well.

Nevertheless, Gohan edged forwards, gently placing a kiss on the android's lips, in a way hoping to at least taste any remnants of the drug.

"Are you sure you'd rather stay here with me?" asked Cell, his lips still caressing Gohan's. "I'm not planning on being nice to you."

"I'm sure... "

"You'd better be. Because I'm going to hurt you. A lot."

"I'd rather that than having to think right now," said Gohan, his addiction talking for him as his silenced instincts were telling him to run away.

"Open your mouth."

Gohan obeyed, and Cell slipped a grey seed onto his tongue, where it melted into his taste buds. The saiyan instantly felt the high the came with it as the world around them fell away once more. But something seemed off, why did he receive a dose after only a kiss?

"What did I do to deserve that?" he asked, his head floating away pleasantly.

"Nothing... yet."


"You'll thank me later."


Gohan shook his head in confusion, unprepared when Cell suddenly shoved him backwards. He expected to hit the floor, but he bumped into someone... he turned his head instantly to feel his heart sink to his stomach - there was another Cell standing there smirking at him.

Oh shit...

The original Cell looked at him so hungrily that Gohan actually felt scared. He jumped when the other grabbed hold of his upper arms from behind.

"I've wondered for some time what this would feel like... " said the one in front of him. As Gohan looked away from them both at the ceiling, he felt his head being brought down by his chin. "So, exactly how much of a whore can you be?"

"Depends on how generous you are with those pills," replied Gohan, his voice quivering.

The one behind him let go of one of his arms to brush the hair away from his neck before biting into it. Gohan felt the antranide start to work its magic and relaxed between them, though feeling three hands on him at once still made the entire experience surreal and unnerving. But he kind of liked it too.

"What are you plotting exactly?" he asked, still looking at the first as the one behind loosened his grip on his a little, though he could feel his lips tickling his ear.

"I warned you that I wasn't going to be nice to you," said Cell, giving him an ominous smile.

The one behind him caught him by surprise; he almost choked on his inhale as he was slammed up against the wall, his legs hoisted up to rest around the android's hips. He responded by holding onto his shoulders as he steadied his ragged breathing.

"I don't expect you to play nice either," said the second, taking advantage of their position by grabbing the flesh of his backside through his pants. Gohan could see them both at the same time now. Needless to say, he was intimidated by the thought of what will have happened by the morning. He wondered how he would have felt if he wasn't currently intoxicated.

Gohan was let back down onto his feet, but didn't have time to regain his balance as he was tossed back to the first Cell like a rag doll. The android caught him, Gohan's hands splayed out on his chest to stop their heads from colliding. He looked up at him before finally making a move, crashing their lips together in a hateful kiss. He felt fingers combing along his scalp, though he didn't recognise it as a third hand on him before he was dragged away from the first Cell's embrace by the majority of his hair. His hands went straight up to try and alleviate the sensation of his hair being torn from his head, but couldn't seem to move it - it seemed that being high made his defences sloppy, yet Cell's remained the same.

"Getting jealous?" snapped Gohan mockingly.

"Still have some bite in you after all this time... "

Gohan found his strength, catching him off guard by grabbing the wrist on top of his head and flipping him over onto the floor. He wasted no time climbing on top of him, slamming his wrists down onto the floor as Cell insolently giggled back at him.

"What the hell are you laughing at?"

His hair was seized again from behind him; the first Cell was taking advantage of the fact that Gohan couldn't take in that there were two of them. Gohan stared down at the second, who was still laughing under him. Gohan was beginning to realise just how fucked he was. He was dragged back up onto his feet.

"I'll leave the decision to you," the first hissed into his ear. "One at a time or both at once?"

"Why don't you just fuck each other instead?" Gohan continued to fight back verbally, because it was the only strength he had in this particular fight... he was outnumbered.

The second Cell got back up onto his feet, instantly going in for a violent kiss. He brought Gohan closer to him, the saiyan throwing his arms around his neck as his right leg was lifted up. Then that third hand crept up on him again, trailing down the outside of his right arm until it suddenly slithered under and down between his legs. Gohan gasped into the kiss as the one in front seemed to be pushing him backwards against the other Cell, who remained static behind him. The one behind him had a good hold on him through his pants as Gohan became sandwiched between them.

The one in front finally let him go, dropping his leg back down. The first spun him around, carrying on where the second left off and invading Gohan's mouth with his tongue. The second took Gohan's left hand while he was occupied, guiding it down until Gohan felt his cock in his hand. Gohan broke off from the first, shoving the second against the wall and began furiously pumping him. The first watched for a while, allowing his other half to be submissive in this instance; he let Gohan think that he was winning for a little while.

The one against the wall was trying to steady his breathing. He managed enough to get Gohan to lower himself down onto his knees, where he was engulfed immediately. It didn't take him long, reaching his climax with a loud moan. Gohan swallowed everything he had to offer, feeling victorious that he'd at least subdued one of them for the time being.

"You like him more than me?" the first Cell teased as Gohan got back up.

"I hate you both equally," he sneered.

"Take off your clothes."

"No way," laughed Gohan, his head still floating.

"Why not?"

"I'm not going be easy."

Gohan forgot about the second android once more; and arm whipped around his waist as his shirt was torn at his left shoulder, exposing his chest. Gohan didn't know why he was laughing, but put it down to the drugs.

"Asshole," he scoffed quietly with a smile at the one behind him. The android simply smirked back at him, peering over his bare shoulder far enough to kiss him on the lips. With Gohan distracted, the first Cell closed in, ripping the remainder of his shirt off.

"I liked that shirt."

The first Cell's hands began untying his belt. Gohan's hands shot down in an attempt to stop him, but the second held him back by his wrists. His jeans were quickly unbuttoned and a cold hand slid into his boxers. One of his legs instantly faltered, luckily he was still being held up.

"Not easy, are you?"

The rest of his clothes were removed from him. Gohan was thrown onto the bed, landing on his stomach. He didn't have time to adjust as he was suddenly turned onto his back, the second one leaning over him to his left, holding him down by his throat, pinning his left wrist down with his free hand.

"What's wrong, don't you trust me?" he mocked, knowing full well what the answer was. The first Cell came closer, placing a knee on the bed.

"What to do with you... " he taunted, caressing the front of one of his legs.

Gohan foolishly attempted to shift himself away from them, but the android had a good drip on his neck and arm. The he felt his legs being forced wide apart, he felt extremely exposed. He tried to see what he was doing as he lowered down, but he couldn't move his head. Gohan gasped as his teeth sank into his inner thigh, about half way up.

"You really like that, don't you?" said the second one.

Gohan gasped and moaned to himself a little as he worked his way up, and the began on his other thigh, a finger entering him. The second Cell cautiously let go of his neck and arm, laying down next to him. Gohan, finally able to look down his body, saw the first Cell kissing and biting at his thigh, feeling two fingers moving inside him.

The second Cell lured him into a kiss by moving his head with the back of his index finger. He sneakily then moved his hand down his body and grabbed hold of his cock. Cell laughed as he moaned into the kiss, breaking it off and tracing his lips along his jaw and up to his ear. He felt three hands on him at once, he put his hand on top of the one gripping his right hip.

Just as he was close to climaxing, they stopped, and his breath caught in his throat as he was entered unexpectedly, his wrists pinned down over his head by his twin. His legs coiled around the first Cell as he violently thrust into him repeatedly, not letting up for anything, enjoying the sounds of Gohan's ragged breathing as he struggled to keep up with him. It carried on for a good couple of minutes. Gohan was panting and shaking from all of the sensations.

His wrists were finally freed, red marks appearing on them, but he was only turned back over onto all fours where he was taken again. He forgot all about the other Cell yet again, reminded of him when a second cock made its way through his parted lips. He gave as good as he got, fighting back against the first as he subdued the second. The first climaxed inside him quicker than he hoped he would.

"Don't think I'm anywhere near done," he panted as he emptied himself into the saiyan. Gohan didn't answer, still licking and kissing at the cock in his hand, trying to finish the second off again.

The first pulled him upright by his hair, taking out his hair tie, as well as a few strands. The second Cell shuffled forwards as Gohan sat up again. The saiyan turned around as Cell got comfortable, half sitting up against the headboard, and he climbed on top of him; he held onto his shoulders as he lowered himself down. It was a lot less painful, the first's earlier release lubricating him sufficiently. Gohan leaned forwards, bouncing up and down relentlessly; the antranide seemed to give him an energy boost at least.

He got so lost in the moment that he felt disappointed to be dragged out of it when the Cell in front of him halted his movements by steadying his hips. Gohan kissed him, feeling the bed dip behind him and another hand appear on his hip. He turned around to see the first there, then felt the tip of his cock against him trying to gain access.

Gohan felt terrified at the thought of being torn apart, but didn't move, allowing the second organ to push its way through. His eyes squeezed shut; it was painful at first, he could feel his skin stretching to its limits, but the drugs dulled the pain a little. It took him a while to adjust as the one he was sat on top of had a good feel around his hips and thighs. The one behind him admired his pert behind, squeezing with one hand as the other used the wall as leverage.

Gohan sneaked his tail through, tickling both their balls with it. It earned him a stinging slap to his behind. They began to move, the under him thrust upwards as the one behind him began his own onslaught, one hand still grabbing at the toned flesh of his backside.

"Shit... " laughed Gohan breathlessly. He was overwhelmed by everything, gripping onto those strong shoulders harder as they moved faster and deeper. He felt both tips massaging his prostate at more than one angle. He bit his lip in an attempt to stop himself from reacting to loudly. He curved his spine, tilting his pelvis up a little more. That hand on his backside disappeared and came back down once more.

Gohan's tail reached out at the one behind him, coiling around his thigh in a crushing grip. They grew more aggressive, it was both pleasurable and excruciating at the same time. Gohan felt a burning in his loins as both cocks rhythmically spasmed inside him. He let out a cry as he fell forwards, his hands found themselves on Cell's chest. The androids found a pace that allowed them to sync with one another, one pulling out as the other entered.

The one under him tensed first, ramming into him a few more times until he climaxed with a loud moan. Gohan could barely hold on as he felt one Cell pulsing inside him as the other carried on fucking him. The one under him pulled out slowly and simply watched as his other half continued.

Gohan felt better now that one had left him, he lifted himself up a little, holding onto the headboard instead. The Cell behind him was nearing his end; Gohan arched his spine, giving him both deeper access and a decent view.

"Stay like that," he panted. Gohan felt both hands ravaging his backside, his tail in the air.

Then he was taken by surprise as another hand sealed itself around his cock and began pumping.

"Oh... fuck... " Gohan felt like he was going to die at any moment.

But the Cell behind him finished before he did. The android's body seemed to convulse against him, his pulsing cock giving two last powerful thrusts before leaving him. He stayed where he was as he felt Cell's release spilling onto his behind in a generous amount, accompanied with an exhausted moan which seemed to set off his own end. As the one behind him continued to erupt onto him, his core shook as he emptied himself onto the Cell under him.

The one behind caught Gohan before he collapsed forwards. Then he pulled him upright against himself and held him there by his throat.

"Hey, slut," said Cell with a hateful smile.

Gohan tried to hit back but the android's hand closed around his neck before he could speak. He felt a tongue trailing up his left cheek, followed by a smile. The android under him pushed himself upright, looking up at Gohan from a short distance as he began choking. He placed his hand on his inner thigh, trailing forwards and under, slipping his fingers into him. Gohan's legs faltered as his peripheral vision began to darken, Cell wasn't letting up with the choking just yet.

"Two cocks at once... just when I thought you could barely take one."

They could hear him trying to moan as the second android sped up his fingers. Gohan attempted to pry his hand off his throat, and when that didn't work, he drove his elbow backwards into his abdomen. Cell let go of him instinctively, but Gohan fell forwards onto the other. His fingers left him as they both fell onto the bed. The second Cell flipped them over, shoving Gohan down onto his back as he sat upright between his legs so that he couldn't escape. Those fingers entered him again.

Once the first had recovered from that attack, he leaned forwards, his face over his. Gohan was panting heavily with pleasure, his eyes lighting up somewhat when the first Cell placed another pill into his mouth, a kiss soon followed. He barely felt Cell leave him as the second continued. Then he felt his hips being clamped down onto the bed, the first began to fellate him, but it felt way too soon. His groin felt sensitive and overstimulated. Sounds escaped him, he found it both enjoyable and agonising at the same time, but he was soon hard again as they let go of him.

"Which one of us do you love more?" asked the first.

"I dunno," replied Gohan coyly.

"Choose, I dare you," said the second, his fingers leaving him to trail up the back of his right thigh.

"You," he said to the one sat between his legs. Both the androids smiled, the one on him looked almost flattered, but the other was rolling his eyes and shaking his head as if he wanted Gohan to regret that choice.

The one on top of him leaned over him, melding their lips together. Gohan tensed at first, readying his body for another onslaught, but this time he was gentle, treating him with at least some level of respect as he entered him. Gohan found it rather enjoyable, relaxing even, as he lay on his back for the next ten minutes. As soon as Cell got him onto the edge, he retreated, leaving the saiyan disappointed; the android treated him as if he almost loved him back, however, he managed not to let that fool him, or what happened next would have got to him more than it should have.

Gohan was dragged out of his blissful bubble of ignorance by his right arm, yanked up onto his knees by the first Cell, the second nowhere within his line of sight as if they'd decided to take turns with him for now.

"You love him more than me, do you?" he snarled, gripping his chin with one hand. Gohan didn't answer him, dizzy from everything including his current high. "Don't let him fool you, he still thinks you're a whore, even if he doesn't fuck you like one."

Gohan regained his senses and began to struggle, Cell was looking at him menacingly. His head suddenly snapped to one side, doubling his vision again. He went to protest but was slapped in the face a second time before being dragged back up by his hair. The sound of Cell's laughter only scared him.

"What should I do with you?" he said, giving his head a good yank in an effort to frighten him even more. Gohan was hit again unexpectedly, his mouth taking a hard strike from the back of Cell's hand. The android watched as his hair fell over his face, smiling when Gohan came back - still fighting, blood running down his chin from his bottom lip. Cell placed his hand on his face, tracing his thumb over his lips, taken by surprise when Gohan took it into his mouth. "I'm surprised your twin hasn't taken over yet. You're more stubborn than you let on."

Gohan seemed to float forwards to him, giving him a passionate, open mouthed kiss that smeared his blood all over Cell's chin. He trailed his kisses down his neck and then began giggling.

"I'm so fucking wasted," he laughed as he buried his face into his neck. The first Cell seemed to have softened towards him for now.

"I know," smiled Cell.

"Are you wasted?"


"What the hell are we doing?" he panted. The situation was beginning to overwhelm him, he felt hot; his brain was beginning to analyse the situation from afar rather than switching off.

"Having fun... "

Cell giggled himself when Gohan slumped forwards against him, the android had to physically hold him up.

"I need to sleep," he groaned as his eyes shut.

"No you don't."

"I'm tired - "

Cell lifted his head up again by his chin and kissed him.

"I'm not finished with you. You haven't given me a dance yet."

"I don't dance... "

"Yes you do. I've seen you."

"You gonna pay for it?" said Gohan, manipulating Cell into giving him more drugs. The android was well beyond caring, as was Gohan, and the saiyan got what he desired - another antranide seed entered his mouth.

His head was floating away from him even more, nothing else existed. He found his balance somehow, steadying himself on his knees as he wrapped his arms around Cell's neck, who had since joined him on the bed. The android smiled as he was kissed.

"Dance... "

"Make me," giggled Gohan.

"So ungrateful," said Cell playfully.

Gohan stepped one of his legs up, pressing up against him. He kissed him again, distracting him as he thrust his hips forwards rhythmically; he went slowly until he got what he was after, and the android broke off and gasped as their members rubbed together. Gohan kept their foreheads pressed against one another, slowly rocking his pelvis. Using the leg he stepped up as leverage, he gradually pressed harder against him.

He felt the second Cell appear behind him. He placed his hands on his hips and guided his movements.

"Does he have a mind of his own or are you just helping yourself along?" asked Gohan, smiling as the first Cell began to lose it.


"Does he feel what you feel?"

"Not in a literal sense," clarified the one behind him, using one hand to put his fingers into him once again. It made his hips dance around a little more uncontrollably. "I know he feels pleasure, but I can't feel it physically."

Gohan held onto him a little tighter as everything he felt intensified. The the first let him go, leaving his sight; the second took his place, burying himself inside him, his free arm curled around Gohan's waist, still upright and holding him close. Gohan placed his hand on top of the one on his stomach, closing his eyes as Cell remained still. Gohan seemed to peak at that moment, his reality collapsing into a quiet bubble with just the two of them.

"You belong to me."

"Huh?" Gohan smiled a little in his daze. He gasped as he was suddenly thrust into again.

"Your body is mine," he grunted as his movements became more forceful. "To do with whatever pleases me."

Gohan's head rolled back over Cell's shoulder, no longer having a care in the world. Cell stopped moving, holding him close, enjoying having him for himself, caressing his left shoulder that still bore the scar that Cell gave him years ago. The first Cell went to lay down near to them, taking Gohan's hand and pulling him to sit on top of him. Gohan obeyed, laying on top of him and kissing him passionately, his body exhausted.

"Give me one last dance," said Cell as Gohan broke away. Gohan smiled cheekily, sitting himself back up and impaling himself. He wasn't expecting the second Cell to come up behind him and push him forwards, Gohan catching himself on the headboard to stop himself from falling on the one under him. He felt the second one enter him as well, it was even more painful than the first time round, but he soon adjusted, the drugs killing his pain.

They went as they did earlier, but the two Cells were reversed. Gohan seemed a little more relaxed this time around, knowing what to expect. He still had one hand clutching onto the headboard, but as the pace picked up, his other hand found itself around Cell's throat. His voice became audible as they went harder and faster. Gohan climaxed quickly, his two lovers followed seconds after, but this time simultaneously.

Gohan collapsed forwards as they both left him, his hands curling around Cell's waist, panting uncontrollably, utterly spent.

"Got anymore in you?"

"No," he mumbled. "I'm a little sore."

"That's not surprising," he laughed. They second Cell disappeared, merging with his host again. The exhausted saiyan in his began to find a calm after that hectic experience. Cell moved one of his hands through his hair, the other along the smooth skin of his back, then his hip and thigh as he was still straddling him. "That was amazing."

"Uh huh... " Gohan just agreed, to tired to let him know that as pleasurable as it was, it was also excruciating.

Cell, also quite exhausted, managed to turn them onto their sides, Gohan's right leg still hung over him lazily as he landed on the pillow next to him, resting his head on Cell's arm. Cell ran his fingers through his hair, watching him fall asleep quickly.

-Two days later-

It was sometime during the morning. Maybe about three-ish. That was the first instance in which Gohan actually decided to keep track of the time. He couldn't remember how high he'd been, but guessed that it was around two days. Those past 48 hours were a total blur, he didn't know whether he'd eaten or not, but boy was he thirsty.

Gohan lay on his side as if he were taking being dead literally. His hair was let down and tatty all over the pillow, his arms and legs sprawled out. He felt almost completely sedated but couldn't bring himself to sleep. He was trying to fight the amnesia that the antranide gave him, trying to remember what he'd been doing.

He was naked, which gave him an idea, his skin clammy and his face still flushed. He didn't know whether Cell was still there with him or not, but couldn't summon the energy to turn over and see for himself.

Cell was still there lying behind him, he did think once or twice to just leave him there on his own to mess with him a little more, but his mind was also enjoying the swim into nothingness. He had more of a hold onto his memory than Gohan did, his body seemed to tolerate the antranide better. He and Gohan had sex about half an hour ago, neither had spoken since, having taken more drugs. The android raised his hand, brushing his fingers through his dark hair.

"Where am I?"

The physical contact seemed to be bringing Gohan out of his stupor a little.

"You're with me."

"I don't remember... "

Cell stopped stroking his hair and pulled him slowly onto his back to face him properly to see if that would bring him back.



"I don't like this... "

"Don't like what?"

"I don't feel right."

Gohan was starting to freak out, he didn't know where he was or why he was there, but couldn't think of where else he would be either. His breathing sped up and his anxiety began to surface. Cell wasn't going to lie, but he found enjoyment in it, all of this was only adding to his high. Rather than just leave him alone in his mental void, he caressed his cheek with the back of his fingers gently in an effort to calm him. Gohan closed his eyes as he relaxed again.

Cell suddenly kissed him, but Gohan didn't have the energy to really respond to him. As Cell pulled back he was overcome by something, he didn't know what exactly until he kissed him again. Gohan did kiss him back for a few seconds before turning his head away.

"No," he mumbled, his eyes still closed.

The android was starting to put names to his feelings. Lust was one of them, but anger was also rising from the background. He kissed him once more.

"Stop!" protested Gohan as he turned away again. The disoriented saiyan didn't think anything of it when Cell took to trailing his nose and lips along his neck, his hand trailed down his torso from his face and began to touch him rather intimately. "Hey!" He flinched at his touch, his hand grabbing Cell's to pull it away.

Despite being heavily under the influence, Cell was very aware of the line he was about to cross. Gohan still had hold of his hand, the android entwined their fingers together, buying him some time for Gohan to settle down again; he seemed to be finally ready to sleep. But no matter Gohan's protests, Cell seemed to want to keep pushing it. He kissed his neck this time, as softly as he physically could handle. Gohan didn't seem to feel it at first, but then he realised that the android had him pinned down by the hand he was holding.

"What are you doing?" he asked,his voice carrying a slight hint of fear. He began to feel like he was in danger.

"Sshh." Cell hushed him softly, smiling against his neck; he'd forgotten what it felt like to induce fear, but he'd never done it like this. He knew that he had to stop, he didn't want to break their little agreement... but Gohan was so out of it that he'd be unlikely to remember it anyway. He wondered what it would actually feel like, and getting lost in those thoughts, he bit down on his neck.

"What's going on?" asked Gohan, really feeling that bite even though there wasn't much force behind it. "I'm scared."

Gohan was hoping for reassurance, but he didn't receive any this time.

"You should be," said Cell in a low voice, hoping it would freak him out a little more.

He kissed him again, Gohan avoided him once more after a few seconds.

"I don't want to... " Gohan found himself trapped, between Cell's persistent kissing, his left hand pinned down by his head, and the right side of his body under the android. He managed to worm his right arm in through a tiny gap and used it to attempt to push him away; perhaps Cell didn't hear him, or that's what he told himself. When Cell finally pulled away, he saw terror in the young saiyan's eyes, and it turned him on in unimaginable ways. Then another wave took Gohan, reaching the peak of his high, he began to drift, on the verge of passing out. Cell watched as his eyes fell shut.

He crossed the line.

Cell turned him over onto his front before he had a chance to do anything about it.

"What are you... doing... " he slurred. He was so close to blacking out, his body became limp and brain had trouble processing what was happening around him; it hadn't clocked on to the serious danger he was in. He felt Cell's weight on him, his lips tickling his ear.

"Taking what belongs to me."

Gohan's reflexes and awareness were almost non-existent. He knew something was seriously wrong. He barely felt the android's cock pressing against his backside.

"What's going on?" His speech was slow and quiet. But he was confused; the antranide made him relax, but his body instinctively sense the danger it was in and froze."I just need to sleep... "

"Shut up!" he shouted, a little too loudly, but feeling Gohan jump under him made him smile. "Lie still, or else this is going to hurt more than it should."

Cell then adjusted his hips at the right angle for him to enter him.

"This is all your fault... " Cell slid inside him a little as that last word left his mouth, without lubricating himself at all; Gohan grunted in pain as he felt something tear. "You shouldn't have let your guard down." He was soon fully inside him, Gohan taking all of his weight. Then he began thrusting, and Gohan began to feel some sense of awareness in the back of his head. "I thought you knew better than to trust me."

Gohan just felt pain, but he couldn't figure out why.

"You made me do this," he laughed as he carried on ramming into him. He was slow with it, biding his time. This whole thing was turning him on more than he thought it would. Gohan's face developed a pain-filled expression.

"Ah!" Gohan felt that one. He had the faintest, disturbing feeling, but the drugs kept derailing his thoughts, he felt like he was falling.

Cell cautiously slowed down, to find that Gohan's body had instinctively frozen in fear. Cell put on hand on the bed and the other on the saiyan's hip, finding a better angle for himself as he neared his end. Gohan gave up trying to make sense of everything, he just lay there lifelessly as Cell had his way, half open eyes staring off into the darkness of the room.

Cell's seed almost burned him as he came into him. The android felt victorious as he pulled out. He could just about see in the dark his seed leaking from Gohan, but it was mixed with blood. Cell lay behind him, biting his lip. He felt him stir, but before Gohan could regain any awareness, he leaned over him and fed him another pill - that one completely knocked him out for the rest of the night.

Cell pulled him off his back, his body was limp as he took him into his arms and watched him as he slept, blissfully unaware of what just occurred.

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