The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I am not making any profit or gains from this story.

Warning: This is going to be a dark tale featuring gore and human flesh eating. If you get queasy or don’t like things like that turn away now or even if you’re looking for a normal B/V romance you won’t find it here. There will not be any romance/sex in this story. It is purely psychological and chemistry.


** Chapter 1 **

FBI Cadet

In the secluded part of South City lay a prison filled with the most terrible and insane monsters that had ever terrorised the people of Earth. One young lady, Bulma Briefs looked upon the building with some dread she tried to find the courage to go inside. This was her big break; this was what was going to help her become a member of the FBI. She buzzed at the door and was lead up to the Warden’s office. They had been expecting the cadet ever since her boss; Director Piccolo had sent word. Nobody had thought that they would have sent the fresh faced beauty that came to them that day to the hellhole that was the Asylum.

Bulma was a very pretty woman and prided herself in her appearance though lately she had let some things slide due to lack of finances. It was all in her past though what mattered was getting to interview the man she had come to see today. No, that wasn’t true man would be an inaccurate word to describe the alien. He called himself a Saiyan and even though his appearance was that of a human he was an alien monster. Bulma tried not to think about it. A lot of people had died that day 5 years ago, her own family included. She couldn’t hold onto such blame. He was where he belonged now. In a prison rotting away till he died.

“Warden Oolong will see you know Miss Briefs.” The guard told her. Bulma bowed slightly and walked inside. She was greeted by a pig, literally. Warden Oolong was a humanoid pig and just oozed sleaze as soon as she walked in.

“Why Miss Briefs, I had no idea you where such a beauty.”

“Thank you sir, now about my visit.”

“Yes, we have made the necessary preparations.” Warden Oolong assured her. “There is no way that beast is going to be able to lay one finger on you. Not that he needs to do that to kill you.”

Bulma gulped she had heard about the energy balls he could produce from his hands.

“Not to worry he is unable to use those ki attacks as he called them.” Warden Oolong told Bulma as he came too close to her. “I could of course accompany you to ensure your safety.”

“That won’t be necessary.” Bulma said quickly. She was restraining herself from hitting the pig. He was incredibly annoying and if he intruded on her personal space any further she was tempted to let loose her temper but she couldn’t. She didn’t have the luxury anymore to give into those urges. Instead she gritted her teeth and tried to hold it in but the pig wasn’t taking her hints.

“As you wish, though I hope you harmed by him.” Oolong said. “You are such a delicate flower, we wouldn’t want your petals bruised.”

“Ew…” Bulma couldn’t control that and stood up. “Please excuse me before I do something I regret.”

“Okay, you can jump me later.” Oolong called after her. Bulma shuddered and tried not to retch. There were no words to fully describe the hatred she felt towards men that abused their power like that. The only thing she knew it was going in her report.

“Sorry about Warden Oolong.” Bulma looked at the man that had been standing waiting for her. He was a kind looking man with dark skin and strange red lips.

“Nothing to apologise for,” Bulma sighed. “If he came any closer to me I would have hit him.”

The man chuckled. “Warden Oolong seems to bring that out in the ladies. I’m Mr Popo the guard, I’ll be taking you down to see him.”

“What are the things I have to do, I would have asked the Warden but…” Bulma struggled to find a politically correct way to say, 'your boss is a sexist pig.'

Mr Popo nodded understanding her meaning. “Just stay away from the plastic cell.”


“Yes, it’s the best way to conduct the ki negator field but if you get too close to the plastic he has many other ways to kill you. Just be sure to stay behind the yellow line. Only trained professionals are able to cross that line. We are able to subdue the beast with tranquillisers and gas if he gets out of hand but for an untrained person like you it is best to remain behind the line. No matter what he says to you do not cross it.”

“Right, stay behind the line.” Bulma repeated as she tightened her grip on her briefcase. “I have something to give him though…”

“I doubt that he would accept it but if you have to there’s a tray to pass things through to him.”

“I see, thank you Mr. Popo.”

“You’re quite welcome Miss Briefs, but it is a nice change to see a pretty face around here.” They walked down the stairs, going down further and further. The natural light was now a subtle glow from the top of the stairs. The neon yellow lights flickered trying to bring light into the darkness of the basement dungeon. There was no better way to describe the place that held the worst offenders on the entire planet. This part of the prison was a dungeon made to keep these people till they rotted away and died. There was no parole or getting out of this place because of good behaviour. The fiends that resided in the West City dungeon was there for life, the Saiyan being the star resident, the almighty Prince Vegeta. Mr Popo unlocked a heavy door and lead Bulma inside. A few guards looked up from their monitors surprised at seeing the slim woman smiling back at them. She could see the silhouette of the man on one of the screens. He looked so small from what they spoke about on the news.

“Is that him?” Bulma asked pointing to the screen. As she did he turned round and looked directly at the camera with a slanted grin. Bulma jumped back astonished.

“His Highness has incredible hearing,” Mr Popo explained. “Also it is best if you address him as a Prince, he seems to react to respect better.”

“I know, I remember the report I read.” Bulma answered her eyes still locked on the screen. He had turned around again and was watching the television. Apart from the insanely spiky hair he looked like an ordinary human being. She couldn't believe this was the alien responsible for all the deaths five years ago.

“Please Miss Briefs when you go to see him, do not cross the line at all.” Mr Popo told her again. “Especially when you walk down to see him, there are other prisoners in this part and it is for your own safety to stay away from their cells.”

“So I stay to the right?” Bulma asked as she looked down the small window leading into the dark corridor. She could see the light from Prince Vegeta’s room, she wanted to go there and face him. All this standing around was making her fear worsen.

“We’ll all be watching you on the monitor,” The guard said unlocking the next door to the corridor. “Just remember what we told you and you should make it back alive.”

Bulma nodded knowing they weren’t over-exaggerating the seriousness of the situation. She clutched her briefcase tighter, adjusted her hair and walked through the doors into the hallway. She stayed right up against the wall avoiding all eye contact with the demons that leered and shouted comments at her as she passed. Some whispered what they would like to do to her body, most of it Bulma tried to block out. The rapists and murderers where not something she needed to dwell upon. She made her way to Vegeta’s cell and saw the plastic chair seated just behind the yellow line. The cell glowed around the edges, the ki negator working at keeping the monster’s power drained.

He stood watching her, his arms crossed and look of superiority graced his regal features. He did seem like a Prince, though he lacked the clothes the white T-shirt and dark grey pants did nothing to hide his bulging muscles. This was the Saiyan that had killed and eaten hundreds of people all because he was hungry and they had given him disrespect as he had ‘purged’ the planet. If it had not been for the actions of another Saiyan acting in the defence of Earth then the planet would have been destroyed. The mysterious Saiyan that had saved Earth remained nameless, not even Vegeta once captured wouldn't speak much about him. Another thing about the alien, he would not speak of say anything about himself except he was a Prince. Other than that and the observations made he was a complete unknown. “Good morning your Highness,” Bulma said dipping her head in a small bow.

“I’m Bulma Briefs I’m here from the FBI.” She held out her ID card to show her authority. Vegeta nodded,

“Let me see the card.” He said. “I can’t quite see it from here.” Bulma strained her arm out past the line and closer to the cell. Vegeta smirked as he read it fully aware of the wide-eyed stare from Bulma.

“It says cadet on the card, you’re not even fully trained,” he scoffed. “They send such a low class cadet to the Elite of the Elite, Prince Vegeta!”

“It means no disrespect,” Bulma snapped annoyed at his elitist attitude. “I’m the best of my class and I was chosen to come to you as an assignment.”

He merely gave her a slanted smile at her answer. His eyes hiding whatever emotion he felt but it was obvious he was just pushing her buttons. Bulma didn’t realise this and continued to fume, biting her bottom lip to try and keep her temper under control.

“So, Cadet Bulma Briefs FBI what do you want from Vegeta, Prince of All Saiyans?”

“I have a questionnaire for you.” Bulma said it out of her briefcase she paused as she saw Vegeta was tutting and shaking his head.

“WHAT?” she snapped at him, he really was making her angry plus she had the built up aggression from dealing with the Warden.

“You where doing so well little Cadet, I was starting to open up and you force your little paper questions on me,” he chuckled. “I would have expected you to at least talk in a more civilised manner towards a Prince, you started off well but this little temper tantrum, dear, dear.”

“You asked me what I wanted so I told you,” Bulma said trying to calm down. She clenched her fists, burying back the anger. “How would you respond to ‘What do you want?’”

“Hmm interest retort,” Vegeta purred but shrugged and answered her question. “I would have asked ‘I want to see how you are finding this place.’ Really just a polite question about how I was.”

“I see, “ Bulma said understanding the game he was playing. “Then Prince Vegeta how do you find our Planet Earth and your prison?”

“I find this planet a scab on existence desperate to be purged of all life and my little prison as you call it is as close to Hell as I would like to get.”

“You seem to like the entertainment we provide.” Bulma said pointing to the muted TV.

Vegeta frowned and looked back at her. “That is a hideous torture device, I’m too weak to destroy it. Once you’re gone it will be turned up again to drown out my hearing. They don’t like my superior senses, they need to deafen me so they feel safe to talk behind my back.”

“But you heard me in the security room.”

“It had just been switched off little Cadet for your grand arrival.” Vegeta sneered. “I have others senses to rely on so don’t let your heart bleed because of my living conditions.”

“I won’t.” Bulma said as confidently as she could. She really did want to hate this man, to be frightened but there was a charm he was giving off that captivated her. She could feel her defensive instinct weakening and she inwardly tried to remind herself that this was a dangerous alien in front of her. She looked about the small plastic cage. The TV was positioned in the centre of the room, beside that a small and uncomfortable looking bed. Then on the wall she spotted drawings in red chalk.

“I see you’re an artist.” Bulma said trying to break the silence, he was beginning to stare for too long.

“They give me paper and drawing materials,” Vegeta sighed still staring at her. “I believe they think they can analyse my mind this way. Not that they’ll ever figure out a being that is too far above them.”

“Are you glad that the government decreed that you where not to be cut up for experimenting on?"

“Like you little apes would know what to do with my handsome flesh,” he grinned, “I know fine enough what to do with human flesh, it is rather delicious.” He licked his fangs making Bulma turn away. He chuckled at her reaction; she was an amusing toy.

“There are still so many things we don’t know about you Prince Vegeta,” Bulma said. “Why do you still refuse to answer our questions?”

“Perhaps there’s never enough give, you all want something from me, what do I get out of all this?”

“Are you wanting something for answering questions?”

“You know what I want,” Vegeta grinned his fangs still showing. “I want to destroy this waste of a planet and return to my home.”

“That’s not going to happen.” Bulma said. “If someone was even going to rescue you then they’ve taken a long time about it. It’s been 5 years, no-one is coming.”

“And no-one shall.” Vegeta agreed. “It is pitifully weak to be rescued, only if you where a child would it ever be deemed acceptable to launch into something like that. Even then the child would have to prove his worth afterwards. My people would rather live without a Prince than have one that they had to rescue from a weak planet such as this. It is beneath them.”

“What does that mean that they won’t come for you because that would be considered beneath them?” Bulma asked. “Doesn’t that make you angry?”

“No what makes me angry is annoying women that ask too many questions, how many of your little paper questions have you already asked?”

“Only one,” Bulma truthfully answered. “I won’t ask anymore questions Prince Vegeta if you don’t want to talk about this.”

“No, it is only him that I don’t want to talk about.”


“Didn’t I say I didn’t want to talk about it?”

“But the way you said it made me want to ask who? You want me to ask you.”

“That’s an impertinent assumption from a low class Cadet, nothing more.”

“You said ‘him’, it made me want to ask who.”

Vegeta was obviously getting angry now; he paced up and down his cell glancing at Bulma. “I will not talk about the humiliation, not here, not with that PIG watching.” He pointed to top corner of his cell where a CCTV camera focused on the Prince. Bulma understood, Warden Oolong must be watching. He was a name that turned up in all of Vegeta’s files as an expert on the Prince. The sleaze would use whatever information Bulma got from him and use it as his own. She knew he was that type of person, he had met people like Warden Oolong before. They where always nice and flirting in your face and as soon as your back was turned they stuck the knife in.

“No more questions Prince Vegeta.” Bulma assured him gently. “My purpose here isn’t to upset you. It is just to get you to answer my questionnaire, Warden Oolong has no authority to take whatever you put down on it.”

“But you can’t assume that.” Vegeta said. “The pig makes me want to strip him of his skin and make crackling with it.”

Bulma covered her mouth, as much as she hated the Warden a punch would all he would get from her. “You have no limitations to your actions, do you?”

“Limitations are for the weak.” Vegeta said, “Besides I never said I was going to touch your little paper, no matter how much your little pretty face amuses me there is not a chance a bit of skirt is going to make me open up to you weak human scum.”

“I am not here as a bit of skirt!” Bulma snapped.

Vegeta chuckled, “Oh how foolish you are, you where chosen not because of being top of your class but because you look beautiful and would make any male say anything to get into your pants.”

Bulma stormed up to the plastic, she wanted to slap him across the face. ‘How dare he?’ “I am more than just a pretty face, I’m a goddamn genius!”

“Yes, so smart,” Vegeta sighed as his hand moved to the small hole and smelled the air. Bulma felt her hair being pulled into the small hole, she realised her mistake and leapt backwards. Vegeta didn’t pull on it but only had it to his nose for a fraction of a second. As Bulma rushed to move away a stray hair stayed on his hand. He looked at it as if it was a rare flower.

“You tricked me!”

“If you had been really annoying me you would have been dead by now.” Vegeta said he dropped the hand with the hair but he kept it held tight. "Just be thankful you were only slightly annoying."

The security door at the end of the corridor opened and Mr. Popo rushed out. “Miss Briefs?!” He yelled out.

“I’m okay!” She called back.

“Leave your paper Cadet I shall write something down for you.” Vegeta said motioning towards the drawer. “Just be sure to pick it up personally.”

Bulma nodded her heart still thumping from that experience, the killer had almost had her. She placed the questionnaire into the drawer and bowed to the Prince.

“Thank you Prince Vegeta, I’ll be back in a week’s time.”

Vegeta grunted acknowledgement and went to fetch the paper from the drawer. As Bulma turned to leave he watched her go all the way to the end of the corridor. He gently held the thin blue hair as a souvenir as the thick security door slammed shut.

Author's Note: In this Universe Vegeta came earlier, before Bulma set off for her quest for the dragonballs. So she has never met Goku and the Saiyans were defeated by a mysterious person, leaving Vegeta for dead. He was captured and sent to a new installation that somehow had ki suppressing technology. A lot of this is tied up in the mystery of the story and how and why some things have happened shall be explained later. For now, we only have Bulma's knowledge of events. That the Saiyan came to Earth. A lot of people were killed in their purge and we now have the main killer Vegeta locked up. To be held for his crimes for life. Meanwhile Bulma has joined the Bureau that was made to combat any more invasions.

To be continued...

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