The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. I do not make money from this story.

Chapter 21


It was too much for one person to take. The shot had been fired, the blade swung to the neck. Bulma Briefs had been hung up to dry and she knew it. She felt all the attention fall to her in that one moment after she made the speech. The bloodhound reporters could smell a wonderful story for them that they could sell and they had asked question after question. All of which Bulma was under oath not to reply. She just added more fire to their curiosity as she just gave the ‘no comment.’ reply. It was up to Tao to give a general statement which made it seem that Bulma was even more to blame for everything that had happened.

She was nothing but a distraction to take away from the real reason. That an alien species had set up some drug cartel in West City and was hiding behind being an innocent refugee from a war torn planet. The public were still to remain clueless of the alien part, everything about Biscotti was smoothed over and she became just a mother led astray by her partner. She had nothing to say except what was in her hands; the speech was all she was authorised to say. Though the press couldn’t understand her position and she could sense that they would just make up things like before. She had lived through it before, when Vegeta escaped and when she lost both her family and company 7 years ago.

Bulma sat in the waiting room her hands shaking. She no longer had the authority to move around the HQ. She was told by Kami to wait until she was given an escort out of the building. It was all messed up, the whole lot of it. She clenched her fist and sighed angrily. She lost count how many times she’d wanted to punch something or someone. She would have to find a way to let off steam soon or she would end up having a screaming fit.

“Miss Briefs, you have a call!” The secretary motioning for her to step up to the desk.

Bulma’s gut twisted as she thought of her graduation. Something similar had happened to her after her more joyous day. The Prince Vegeta had called to give his regards, she knew he might have watched the live broadcast. It made her feel sick thinking of how he would be laughing in glee at her. His need to gloat would be quite strong, but would he have the audacity to call her straight after? She shivered and prepared herself in case she heard that deep grasping voice again wanting to pull her down into his abyss.

“Agent Briefs!”

“Assistant Director!” Bulma gasped. She was so relieved to hear a friendly voice of her superior and not the one she had anticipated.

“I’m sorry, this has totally got out of my hands.” Piccolo explained. “I’m currently on the Space Station dealing with some nasty newcomers.”

“I understand Sir.” Bulma said.  “I think I really messed up this time.”

“I will be back as soon as I can.” Piccolo said. “I can’t believe how quickly this report got spread.”

“I had a bad feeling about that too.” Bulma lamented. “I don’t want to say any more about this though.”

“I will discuss this another time then on a more secure line.” Piccolo agreed. “Hopefully face to face. You hold yourself up and keep out of anymore trouble.”

“I’m not sure I could get myself any deeper sir.” Bulma sarcastically said.

“I may be hard to get in touch with but you can rely on some of my team to back you up.” Piccolo said.

“I know Sir, I just… don’t like asking for help.”

“Now is the perfect time to do so. You keep yourself safe Agent.”

“I’m not an Agent at the moment, I’m under suspension.” She sighed.

“You’re still an Agent, keep telling yourself that.” Piccolo assured her. “We will get to the bottom of this. I’ll speak to you later on in the week.”

“Thank you Sir, Goodbye.” Bulma handed back the phone as she heard Piccolo’s faint replies. Her spirit had somehow been slightly lifted. She could weather this storm. She hadn’t fallen yet she was just a scapegoat for them. She could still be back on Homicide doing what she could to keep everything safe. Her job was everything to her and Bulma wouldn’t give up on this not without a fight.


The news of Bulma Briefs suspension from the FBI came to the ears of one bitter and twisted old man. He listened to the explanation from his servant. Dr Gero never looked at the Butler as he spoke but stared manically into space. The news though pleased him and he flashed his lipless teeth, a sign that he was smiling.

“Everything is starting to take shape.” Dr. Gero said in his low gravel voice. “It’s so good that Kami is still the trusting fool that he ever was.”

The servant known only as Mr Black nodded. “I do believe your mole has done everything you asked of him.”

“Of course, he always will.” Gero rasped. “Tell him to make a start with our next plans. The Saiyan will come out of the woodwork soon. We have to be ready to get the information before the FBI does. No amount of bribery and coercion will stop them from trying to take the Prince down. He’s too big of a target we need to get the upper hand.”

All the planning and effort was all for one thing. To let the Briefs woman become a damsel in distress. If only to get a certain person’s attention and lead him into a trap. He would make an effort to gloat. That was something he loved to do. Prince Vegeta would soon be reaching out to his woman either to rub in the salt or help. He was still unsure which it would be but it would be interesting to find out. Maybe this time the Briefs woman would answer his calls to give him the answers she needed. She would be more desperate to get help now. She would soon be begging for mercy along with her would be lover.

Gero coughed dryly, it was his form of a laugh. He tried to calm himself and focused on the ceiling light as he tried to control his breaths.

“Bring in the TV, I want to hear the news.” Gero croaked. “I want to see that woman’s face as she makes her excuses.”

“Shall I prop you up, it might be a bit painful?” Nurse Marron asked.

“No, let me swivel my head around till I break it! Of course prop me…ghff.” He couldn’t finish his reprimand as he went into another coughing fit. The timid stupidity of his nurse always burned him up. “Just do it! You useless… ghff… whore!”

Marron’s cheeks burned red as she nodded quietly and continued to attend to her only patient. The butler went away for the small trolley with the television to be rolled in on. It was not long till the recorded report could be found in high light form.

“Find the full recording, I want this on repeat.” Gero sneered.

“I’m sure we can find it from the TV stations.”

“Then we can get that advertisement out for some bounty hunters. Increase the reward for any information about Vegeta.” Gero gasped. He shook his head as his nurse struggled to put on his oxygen mask. “I’m… ghff not… finished….gff.

The tall butler waited as the mini battle of nurse and patient continued. For Mr Black the idea of vengeance on Prince Vegeta was more than enough to let him keep up with this impatient and unpleasant man. Everyone in that Gero hired had some form of history with Vegeta. All of them with no sense of forgiveness for his sins.

“Get, the bounty… increased… 20,000zeni for any type of lead and make it 400,000 for anything concrete!” Gero snarled but it slowly moved into a coughing fit. The crippled man had exceeded his limits and was slowly brought down by a sedative from his nurse. He calmed down but his eyes were still on his butler looking for a confirmation of understanding. “We still… need anything confirmed of course with….ghhh…. evidence…. Be sure to stipulate that….ghhh.”

“I’ll get it done.” Mr Black nodded and left the old man to order Marron around. He still had some strength to make her life hell. The nurse was now shakily holding the remote control and flipping through the channels. The horrendous cough from Gero and the blare from the television echoed around the empty mansion.


The next day the newspapers had caught onto the story of the FBI star agent suddenly brought to shame. Bulma’s name was thrown all over the papers. It wasn’t of any surprise for Vegeta as he walked to work. He had stopped to pick up his daily newspapers and saw that everyone carried a pale looking familiar face. He looked at the headlines in quiet interest, he knew after her scripted press conference that this would just take off. The same happened three years ago after he escaped. Bulma was somehow thought to be to blame for his escape and was highly scrutinised by the press. It was a few years ago now but the press still hadn’t forgotten. The nickname “Princess of Saiyans” came up on one of the papers that Vegeta picked up. They also seemed to be tagging her as a killer now, this gave him some mild amusement.

Vegeta took a selection to the counter and prepared for the usual small talk. This was his local shop and they always seemed to remember him. He had to be polite, if only to keep his own act up.

“It’s not safe these days when even your county’s own security is shooting babes.” The old man commented with quite spiteful venom.

“It’s terrible what happened.” Vegeta lied. “I’m taking some extra copies today.”

“You interested in this woman? She brings down the name of her father’s company, I used to own one of their cars too. Real beaut!”

Vegeta tried not to growl, the man was feeling more talkative than normal. The jingle of the door behind him but he didn’t turn around. He felt the aura before he had entered the shop. It was Detective Tien. For some reason he had followed him on his morning walk to work.

“I’m taking some papers for the staff room.” Vegeta said. “I never had any of these Cars… so I wouldn’t know.”

“They’re collector items now, the company was bought over and they just ain’t the same.” The old man rambled on.

Vegeta could feel the cold stare from behind as Tien thought he was out of sight. “I prefer hiking to be honest.” Vegeta continued the conversation hoping to bore the detective.

“They sold everything that company, the man was a real genius, shame about the kid. Real shame.”

“I best get going Barney, work starts soon.”

“Ah, I’ll let you go son.” Barney smiled. “I’ll see ya tomorrow.”

“That you will.” Vegeta smiled back. It was quite cool and without warmth but for Barney he saw a smile and he smiled back. He took up his stack of newspapers and made his way out while not looking in the direction of where Tien was hidden. As the door closed the detective stepped out picking up a random item off the shelf to pretend to be interested in. As Vegeta headed away in his car Tien turned to the shopkeeper.

“Is he a regular?” He asked. “He looks sort of famous.”

“I don’t know about that, he’s just a foreman at the docks.” Barney said surprised at the question.

“It’s nothing, really.” Tien muttered. He had found it hard to sleep all night and Mr Hoang’s face kept popping into his head. The real reason he was here was because of the warning signs flashing in his head and had finally clicked. Hoang was hiding something and the more he thought about it the more it irritated him. He hadn’t slept at all that night, the nightmares of the Saiyan invasion had flashed through his head. It had been a while since he’d had a flashback like that but he could never forget. Not to what happened to his best friend. The old nightmares would always remain while that scum ran free.

He could have mentioned all these inner thoughts of his to the nice old man but he spared him his personal drama and made his purchase of the paper and a few other supplies. He was following Hoang but for now, he knew where he was heading and he was going to stay close by him.

He had made the decision that morning to keep his eye on Hoang. The man still gave him the creeps and it was most likely from the fact that when Hoang smiled his eyes were steel cold. They were the type of eyes that haunted his nightmares. He couldn’t let this slip, there was a small chance and he needed to watch Hoang to be sure. He really was starting to think about those eyes being the same as Prince Vegeta. All he needed now was the proof.

Those eyes were the same for him but that just wouldn’t hold up in court. He needed to find a way to catch him out. He needed Vegeta dead.


Bulma lifted the heavy box of her desk items and made her way to the car. She had been given a driver that picked her up from outside her chaotic house and was going to drop her at a hotel. She needed to hide for a few days and she hated that. She detested that her career was now in tatters because of this accident. Her face being once again spread across the papers. Her past demons being aired out for more unnecessary news. She was the hot gossip of the week and she knew it would eventually die down. It was just too unbearable while it happened. They had a way of finding out the stinging truths and of elaborating such extravagant falsities. Bulma didn’t know what to be mad at first, the lies or the intrusion into her private life.

“This is everything.” Bulma said to the driver, Cassis.

“Then I’ll take you onto the hotel.” Mr Cassis said.

Bulma knew that she couldn’t risk any of her files or contact numbers being on her desk. It didn’t take much to bribe a lower level employee to snoop for the press. It had happened before and she didn’t want to take that chance. She had been herded away so quickly yesterday she hadn’t had the opportunity to clear her desk.

“I know this is outside your orders, Mr Cassis.” Bulma said. “I really appreciate it.”

“All really part of the job.” Cassis said. “My boss is your boss after all.”

Bulma nodded and gave a thin smile. She was grateful that some influence from Piccolo was showing through. He couldn’t clear up this mess as well as he could if he was here in person but it was comforting that he could do this much. Bulma pushed the box onto the back seat and let out a sigh. This would be a long week she knew and all she could do would sit and wait it out. The worrying thing for her was how fast everything had come about. The news of the incident was spread much faster than it normally did. She could just be paranoid and the press could have got wind from the hospital but everything was just making it seem like the whole FBI had turned against her. There was also the bad feeling that there was some sort of spy in the ranks somewhere. It was such a sting on her career that she had built up for so long. It had all been too easily shattered.

From the tinted window in the safety of her car she stared back at the FBI HQ which had been her life for so long. She lived to work there; it was what made her get up every morning. Now she had an uncertain trial and future ahead of her. The drive to the hotel was silent and she was thankful. Bulma needed time to gather her thoughts. Her fight against the invaders, to keep some sort of law and order in her world; it was all crumpling apart. She could feel the stinging of the tears and the pain in the back of her throat as she held it back. She couldn’t cry here, not yet.

She silently swore to herself that she had done nothing wrong. She regretted nothing and that she would find out what was behind this. It would just take a lot longer now that all her power was taken away. Bulma looked down at her phone wondering if it was safe to turn on yet. Somehow her number had been leaked and she had already had a lot of press phone calls. She let it stay off and slipped it back in her bag. It was just a thing of convenience; she wouldn’t need it for the next few days.

She thanked the driver and walked into the hotel. She had wrapped a scarf around her head to hide her hair and stay in some for of disguise.

“Miss Chinos, room 628.” Bulma said as she walked up to the front desk.

“We have a letter for your room, no messages.” The clerk showed her the letter titled with her real name.

“That’s fine.” Bulma said. She took her keys and mail and glanced at the mysterious letter. The hand writing did not seem to be from Piccolo and she knew it was not Vegeta’s there was no way he could find her like this.

She slowly wondered if she would ever escape Vegeta’s shadow as she looked at the newspapers in the lobby. She picked one of the less tabloid papers and made her way to her room, trying hard not to make any eye contact with the people sitting around. This was a 4 star hotel but she didn’t want to make a scene. She was aware that the FBI was paying good money to keep her here and would probably be bribing the staff to keep it just as hushed up. She just had to make it to her room and stay there for a week maybe two.

If anything Bulma wondered what she would have to do to escape this. It was all just a waste of time as she had done nothing wrong. She really couldn’t understand why the team she had been in didn’t listen to her or why they never backed her up as she took on Biscotti. The more she thought about the incident, the more suspicious it seemed. She had done everything correctly, it just seemed like something had been working against her. These thoughts plagued her as she went to her room. She had no idea how close to the truth she was or what real trials awaited her.


Author’s Note: I have such a weird title for this chapter, Azazel, also another word for scapegoat; but I thought it fitted. It’s also the name of a demon, I’ll let you all decide if that’s on purpose or not. I always try to give each chapter a meaningful title, whether it’s something light or much deeper, all really depends on my mood.

This is still a slow build up chapter but the pressure is building. I hope everyone has had a great new year and I do plan to continue this story to its conclusion. Things are about to heat up next chapter as Tien gets closer to Vegeta.  We all want Bulma to be getting closer to Vegeta but that will have to wait for a few more chapters. Don’t worry, it’s coming soon; I can’t wait myself. I really want to get to writing the scenes I have in my head.

Thanks to everyone who has given me such nice reviews. Again, if you spot an error don’t worry about pointing it out. So long as it’s a fair critic, I can take it. I will try to fix it if it’s something glaring like the wrong spelling used. (I did that this chapter with trial and trail; I think I got most of them.)

See you next chapter, which may be a few more months.

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