The Silence of the Monkeys

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Silence of the Monkeys

Chapter 39

Hiding in Plain Sight

It had been a hard drive by bike but Vegeta was finally where he wanted to be. He had set out before dawn and destroyed any evidence of his temporary camp. He was heading out for the remains of Central City. It was slightly nostalgic for Vegeta as this was the area he and his team had first landed in. The signs of their devastation were still scaring the landscape by the unnatural craters and holes in the mountains. The signs along the road warned all travellers that this was a highly secure area. The early morning sun beamed down and Vegeta could see the swarming mass that was now what was left of the city. This looked from the outside like an abandoned ghost city but it was a thriving hub of activity. This was where the unwanted were dumped, the alien misfits that weren't as high a danger level but couldn't be returned to space just yet. He could see from his vantage point at the top of the valley some smoke and the odd shimmer of the hologram shield.

Some of the inhabitants were actual refugees in need of a new home; they would be educated in the culture of Earth and given the hope of a new place to live. Others were more dangerous and would be forced to stay here as a type of prison camp being given the so called chance to reform. Vegeta had no idea the percentage of aliens that did make it out. He had never spotted them himself but then he had been in hiding in the cold north. It might be a different story in other parts of the world but somehow from the newspapers he had read he doubted this. There seemed to be a blanket of misinformation and the whole alien invasion had been swept under the rug.

He'd been inside the hidden camp once before. It was the last place anyone would think to look for him. He blended in quite well and so long as he didn't say who he was the others left him alone. This was a low key prison as far as he was concerned and it felt almost comfortable compared to the solitary cell he had before. He could speak most alien languages and with a little bit of make-up he didn't even get looked at twice. He checked himself in the mirror of the bike. His naturally tan skin was now a light shade of blue and he buttoned up his jacket to hide his muscles. A quick ruffle of his hair and his hair naturally spiked up and tried to reform into his previous style. He would never again have his large spike of hair as his race's hair never did grow back but he had come to accept that fact now. It wasn't too similar to his old hairstyle but this coloured blonde hair still hid his Saiyan origins.

He tossed the bike down into the ditch and followed it down to cover it up. He had no intention of staying long but he had to ensure the bike would be hidden while he stayed. He only needed a few days then he would move on to his real goal.

He crouched down low and followed the river bank down to the refugee camp. He soon came across a barricade but he was able to swim under it through the river. The sensors around the area flickered by his movement but it was only followed up by an automatic energy signature scan. This was to test for any dangerous power levels. It quickly switched off and Vegeta moved up onto the bank of the river confident that his low energy would have only been instantly dismissed as a small animal. The serum that had neutralised his ability to build up his ki was now insanely useful for evading these scans.

The next security area would be harder and he hoped the hole in the fence was still there from years ago. The shield gave way as he crawled through, the light projection not giving any other defence other than camouflage. He could now see the real Central City, the guard towers dominated the once skyline filled city. Any ruined tall buildings now were filled with spotlights and guard posts. The spot by the river had an outlet by the wall that was easy enough to slip in if you knew how to swim and hold your breath. This was thankfully one of the skills Vegeta was confident in. It had helped him escape his make-shift prison in West City all those years ago. There was no need for him to use any force with his body even though he had no strength, he had the muscle and the lung capacity. If he took it slowly and didn't try to use any speed he could move effortlessly in the water.

It hadn't changed since he'd last been here, no one of any power could slip through the sensors. The place was lit up with the ki detectors. It flickered as he advanced towards the gap and dove into the water. As far as that sensor was concerned he was no more than a wild animal.

'Well, that is very true.' Vegeta mused to himself. The darkness of the murky, dirty water was intense to his sensitive nose. The make-up he had applied was waterproof and his backpack had nothing in it he didn't mind getting wet. He had no need for material things, only survival was what matter.

He gasped for air as he emerged on the other side of the wall. The darkness was welcoming as he lifted himself out. The river exit from the city had a small bridge over it as the guard tower was above. It was a nice hiding hole to stay while he got adjusted to the surroundings and could work out the best time to slip out into the crowd.

The Refugee camp seemed as busy as it ever was. A lot of large, small and colourful people walked around in scruffy clothes. The place was marked out into sectors and numbers. The separation had worked itself into a class system and the unwanted were pushed out to the outskirt sectors while the ones that could bring something to Earth, to fight with them or accelerate their technology were re-educated in the Central Sector.

Vegeta examined the small shack from outside. It was near the back of the settlement away from the training facilities and markets. It had been a large van once but the wheels were gone and it lay open at an angle. Vinyl tarp hung over it like a make shift tent and there were wooden boards covering up any gaps. This was where he had stayed 2 years ago. His small hidden stash was likely not there anymore but he needed to check just to be sure.

Small footprints were in the mud leading into his old shack. Someone was living there now. He didn't want to kill anyone just yet. He had to keep a low profile.

He sniffed the air. There was a strong alien stench. Perhaps a Makyan he pondered or a Nameken. There was a distinctive plant odour. Either could be a considerable threat if it was a warrior class, so he would have to be careful.

As he pulled at the shoddy wooden door he did a quick search and scanned for any powerful ki.

He noticed some far off to the centre of the settlement and around the perimeter. It was most likely the guards and any aliens under high scrutiny or reconditioning as they called it. It was an easy way to keep the ranks of the FBI army or Forces as they called it, as powerful as possible. Vegeta had been denied that very early on in his imprisonment. He never submitted to their tactics to try and bend his will to their way of thinking and to be recruited. He had experienced enough of being someone's attack dog. He brought his mind back to the task at hand and wrenched open the door.

The place was empty but there were clear signs of something living there. It was similar to how he had left it a few years ago. The boards on the floor were the same but the vinyl tarp and small bedding was new. He pulled at one of the boards and lifted it up. He reached into the small hole and pulled out a can. It was his small stash, untouched by whoever lived here now.

The can contained some of the local currency. He had no use for it outside the camp. There was also his ID card that could be out of date. This had his picture as a red alien rather than blue. He reached in again and a jar if his red homemade make up was there too.

'Looks like my ID card might be fine after all,' he mused. He slipped all his items into his duffle bag and returned the board to where he had found it.

As he began to leave, the smell from before grew stronger and he could hear the soft shuffling of a humanoid. He pulled out his knife and tensed. There wasn't any power signal but that meant nothing if this was the species he expected. They had a way of hiding their true power.

The door opened and he slid up behind it grabbing firm and positioning his knife to the throat. He couldn't use any real strength but he still knew how to surprise attack someone. It was a Makyan, the small stature and light blue skin gave that away.

"Don't move, not unless you want your throat slit."

"Do you have any idea who I am?" He snarled back.

"Not one and I don't really care," Vegeta said digging the blade further in and holding the small alien tighter. He could feel the ki building and he knew that he had to bluff his way out.

"I am Garlic Junior, son of the great Garlic who will strike down enemies without any remorse."

"You're a tough guy using the name of his father to boost his own image. Those pretty bracelets of yours are glowing quite strongly. To me it seems you're neutered just like the rest of us."

As Vegeta had held the alien he had felt his ki rise but not really build up. It had led his eyes to the restraining cuffs. They were similar to the ones he had worn when he had been in prison.

"If you kill me, my men will find you and take revenge." The small alien hissed.

"I don't care about you or your men. I'll just take my leave and we'll never meet again."

"Thief, you stole something from here! Don't think that you'll get away so easily."

"What makes you so sure?" Vegeta asked.

"Idiot! As my ki rises, the enforcers will come running!" Garlic spat. "They're monitored fool! Every single one of us with any fighting ability has them with tracking devices. Where are yours weakling?"

Vegeta remained silent as he could feel the little alien building up his power but it was being siphoned off into the bracelet cuffs. He could feel it flowing through his body. It wasn't as strong as he had ever been but it felt nostalgic and similar to what he had felt with Tien but also how he had been when at the peak of his ability. There was something there almost tangible that he could reach, the flow of energy could be his not the bracelets'.

The inner blood lust within him was coming out and a satanic grin was spreading across his face as he gripped harder.

Garlic could feel the change in mood and moved from threatening to begging for his life. "You don't want to do this, join my men; I'm building an army to release us all from here. We can destroy these humans and traitors together."

"Traitors, you say..." Vegeta purred the blade had cut into the skin and he could smell his blood. I have my own traitor to find.

"Let us work together then!" Garlic gurgled. The panic was in his eyes and he wasn't sure how long the guards would really come to check on his spiking power. He glanced down to his hand and the cuffs but, they were only glowing a faint orange and not the red he was expecting. A faint glow was coming off his assailant.

Vegeta was revelling in the flowing power that was passing through into his body. Where his hand was clutching onto the little snivelling insect he could sense the draining as his ki hungry body seemed to latch on by skin contact and suck up as much as it could. The power was soon dispersed but he could taste it like electricity on his tongue, a snapping desperate power as the alien struggling for his life but he wanted more. The life force, the strength, everything. In that moment he was back on another planet killing just one more flesh bag for the glory of Freeza.

He started to laugh a guttural low cackle as the more Garlic fought back and threw out ki the more powerful he felt. The smell of real fear, that sharp pungent fragrance of absolute hopelessness in the face of a foe you could never beat, was surrounding him in a nostalgic bubble.

As he choked out his breath, he dropped his knife hand and using the borrowed power he had gained, he crushed his windpipe. The frantic darting eyes and gasping, pitiful croaks let him know that he was still alive, but only barely.

Vegeta came back to reality as he felt the power disperse. He was back in dangerous territory; this was not the time or the place to kill some random alien. He had let the power control him in those moments and he cradled the dying Garlic in his arms.

'Well, looks like I am a monster.' He thought but with no real regret to the life that was being lost only that this wasn't what he had planned.

He grabbed a blanket and swaddling him up like an infant. Garlic was vaguely looking upwards with a vague gaze of terror and hatred. His life force almost completely drained and his skin was starting to wrinkle.

Vegeta pulled out a long hooded cloak from his duffel bag and covered his own head and shoulders.

The small alien was gasping for air as Vegeta kept him held tightly. He had stopped struggling and his energy was slowly fading. Vegeta's hand had latched onto his neck and continued to suck his ki through a strange form of osmosis.

He had come to understand how this new trick worked and it all depended on skin contact or through a thin layer of fabric. His other hand that supported the dying Garlic could feel the power but it wasn't as clear as the hand on his neck.

He picked up his dropped knife and slid it back into his sleeve. He could hear faint rumblings of an engine of some sort. The time he had was short and he needed to get rid of the evidence.

He hadn't intended to kill; it had been a long time since he'd ever spontaneously done anything like that. His way to survive was to plan out each killing and to have all links to himself erased. He hobbled over the now dead body and cradled it to keep his disguise.

The river was close; he could get there if nobody stopped him. He lurched out the door and moved with slow determination. He heard guards talking above him, but they were busy trying to track down the signal that had recently expired.

"Hey, what's target 71393-J's known shack?" Officer 1 called out to his partner.

"The target only gave us an area number. This place isn't regulated like your pretty Sector 1."

"Just looks like a dump, any energy signal?"

"It's disappeared but 71393-J is known for trying to hide his signal." Officer 2 sighed.

"He's a Makyan, isn't he? They should all be locked up. They cause nothing but trouble."

"Send that one to the chief, we've tried telling him, but he never listens."

"Running a scan, no sign of any powerful ki."

The two officers were riding a type of hover bike. Vegeta could just see them from his hiding place. They seemed like ordinary humans with a little bit of power but it was enough to overpower him. He couldn't rely on being able to lay a hand on either of them or ambush one without the other noticing. They would also be armed with some sort of guns. A full on attack was not an option for him.

They turned around and left to find a clearing to land in. He moved quickly and hunched over so as not to attract their attention. His mistake could cost him everything. Though in a way the confrontation had brought him to realise the potential his body still held.

'The Saiyan will is not so easily controlled by your science. It adapts and grows, our race is far superior to anything else in this universe and I won't let it die here with this lone Prince.'

He reached a bridge and slid down into the mud underneath the arch. For now he felt like a worm but he had tasted it. The power could be his again. It was all too easy for him to lose control when he felt any form of power. It happened with Bulma and he slipped up again with the Makyan.

The last of his strength had passed through him and seemed to disperse as quickly as it had come. He needed more guinea pigs to test out the ability. It was most likely a side effect and he was sure he could make use of it. He just needed more time to play with it.

The two guards were on the ground now and Vegeta could hear their voices from yards away.

"Not here..." Officer 2 said in an irritated voice.

"The cuff signal has stopped completely, possibly he's laying low somewhere or he's got the cuffs off somehow."

"Send out a warning message to the cuffs let's blow them up." Officer 2 told 1 finally fed up of the search. "That guy's caused us enough trouble; no one will miss one more Makyan."

Vegeta felt a low rumble from the body as the light on the cuffs turned amber. He slid off the half buried body in the mud and made his way into the river. He had to get away without drawing attention from the guards.

He was submerging into the murky water when there was a large bang and part of the bridge was hit from the exploding bracelets. He didn't look back and swam down and away. He couldn't stop till he was further down from the explosion.

Other aliens from the surrounding slums had come out to see what the noise was. Vegeta emerged from the water unnoticed and shuffled like an old man his hair drooping and clothes soaking wet. Nobody cared as there were Sector guards charging towards the smoking bridge. They were barking orders to each other and towards the nervous crowd that was gathering.

A large overflow pipe was nearby with a broken grate. It was big enough for Vegeta to slip in and rest. He was exhausted; the combination of adrenaline and ki leftovers had sapped his body. He could just sit upright in the tube and try to focus on his breathing.

He had misjudged his own impulsive nature. He had planned everything out but he had still slipped. He couldn't blame Bulma for this one. He inwardly cursed himself and focused on resting and sharpening his mind.

The pipe was blocked and no longer in use. The small area was hidden from view and not near the main pathway. It was still damp and had a trickle of water in the bottom but it was a temporary sanctuary for him.

He controlled his breathing and let himself go into a trance. His real sanctuary was within him. His mind fortress was growing taller. A new room had been made for Garlic. His sacrifice was to be remembered as it had given him an insight into a new tool he could use.

He climbed the bone staircase to look at the other new room. This was the memory of the power he had wielded. He needed to examine it more. Inside the room his body was a giant statue, posing in the same way as he had held onto Garlic. Golden ki was flowing through the body like a light show. It showed him how his body had been constantly diffusing the ki and expelling it. There was a good chance when he was draining power his ki became noticeable. He watched himself kill the alien again. The outside view giving him the feedback he needed.

The shrivelled up remains of Garlic lay beneath the statue. He needed more bodies to build up his monument. He also had to experiment more to gain understanding. Bulma would have to wait for him.

He slowly pulled himself back out of his mind, setting up small mental traps in case of any unwanted mind scans. He set up his alternative persona; the man in the ID card was his wall guarding the front of his inner sanctum. Any light scans would see the Red alien instead of his true face. If they scanned deeper they could see through it but for a thin smoke screen for psychics, it worked well. He gave the red alter ego a name and basic back story. A refugee running from the expanding Cold Army was good to use, almost everyone in the cesspool of scum had something similar.

If he was at full power, he would have purged the whole lot of the snivelling maggots that lived here. They were nothing more than total weaklings on the run. However Vegeta was now one of those weaklings, his power was gone and he had just his instincts and fighting ability left. In this giant melting pot of aliens he fit in disturbingly well.

It was ridiculous how lax the security was in the colony. It was far too easy to take advantage of and now he had an insight to how the guards reacted. This outer sector he was currently in was ripe for any experiments. He would just need to keep his calm and keep his impulses in check. He needed to be colder, his plan was slowly forming and he had more pieces to the wonderful creation of his revenge.


Author's Note: Sorry for the delay. I had an emergency last year as my old laptop of 5 years finally died on me and I lost a lot of files. I upgraded to windows 10 and had a lot of trouble changing my old programs over as they're non-compatible. I now have a smartphone now though and I've linked it to my new laptop so we share a cloud file for the word documents. So I fear there may be format issues from this changeover, but at least I can work on my stories where ever I am. (Let me know if you spot any mistakes!)

Onto the story and we're getting deeper into the world that has changed from what you know. The government has a penal colony or even a refugee camp. This was mentioned a while back by another character but it wasn't explored much. This time we'll see the other side of the FBI that is in the DBZ world.

Next time will be Bulma in the old asylum looking for clues to find Vegeta.


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