The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make money from this story.

Warning: There will be some fighting scenes in this chapter that will be quite graphic and gory. There will also be some strong language, you were warned!

Chapter 12

Cat and Mouse

Down in West city a young lady stepped out of an express delivery company and watched as the mail she sent get flown directly away. She smiled, this was her job done. Bulma Briefs was through with Vegeta. He could no longer tease and torment her like his little prey that he would kill at any minute. Now all she had to do was her boring detective work in South city. Although first she had an address she could look up here in West City. It was a tempting thing, an old employee on her list that had changed address and moved to West city.

She checked again, there were a few names now living in West City. She never recognised any of the old Capsule Corporation employees on her list. None of them had been in her home laboratory. She thought this was just as well. She had plenty of dredging of the past with Vegeta in her last interview with him. All she needed was the break of getting through this case with the mundane footwork and leave the action hero thing to her superiors. She was only just a little cadet after all. She was like a mouse in a very big world of cats. The express letter held in a Capsule car delivery service zoomed overhead. It went over the city and towards a large building in the distance, the FBI headquarters.


Oolong looked up and down at the alien prince sitting in front of him. He was stark naked and there was nothing wrong with his scared body, no hidden item that the wench Bulma Briefs had smuggled to him. There was no proof at all that she had done anything but talk. Vegeta just stared at him straight and unafraid. He stood his arms apart to show how he was hiding nothing. His strong body was riddled with scars. One of them was very recent; the electric prod that Oolong had shoved in to attacked him with. “What did that little tart want?”

“She wanted what all girls want.” Vegeta broke out a smirk and twitched his large upper muscle.

“That frigid wench has an icicle up her cunt!!” Oolong snarled.

Vegeta’s smile disappeared. “You’re only saying this as no woman would want a podgy little female underwear thief.”

“How did...” Oolong wanted to shout “...know about my underwear stealing?” but he stopped himself. The bastard could smell his latest hoard that he had in his pocket. He didn’t have a chance to get rid of his evidence and cleanse the smell as he usually did. He knew Vegeta’s nose was able to catch the smell. He’d caught him before. He turned red in frustration at himself and at Vegeta’s outwitting him.

“Put on your clothes scum.” Oolong snapped. “We expect your visitor soon anyway. I need to prepare the traps for my new project.”

“So you mean to keep Scalpel Jones?”

“Yes I do.” Oolong grinned. “In a little cage next to you, to study and hear all that you have to say to each other. It will bring me my fortune after I write book after book about you both.”

Vegeta gave a breathless laugh that had no real humour in it. The pig didn’t amuse him that much but the length of his greed was forever a fascination to him.

“Greed is only a low level sin.” He hissed at Oolong.

“Just wait till you see wrath.”

“I know of that one too.” Vegeta smiled.

Oolong snapped and marched back to the guards to give orders to take away all luxuries and food. Vegeta watched and listened. It wouldn’t be long now. He crouched down in his cage, his muscles tight and ready to pounce. It wouldn’t be long at all.


There is a game of Cat and Mouse to be played out. However will the cat realise it’s really the mouse, or will it be too late? These were the horrid thoughts that plagued a man deep in a secret base east of West City. Not too far away was a dangerous alien monster that was in an insecure prison. Supposedly subdued but that was very doubtful. Director Piccolo looked at his men all positioned in a nervous line up. This was their first real alien mission. The team had never worked as a full unit before and it showed. Piccolo walked up and down in an agitated manner. He had to wait for the full authority now. It had to be soon, surly the old man must have realised what was being built up? As if on cue, the elder Chief Director Kami made his appearance as the doors slid open. He took a dour look across the room and the troops armed and ready to go. He took one look at his son and looked away again. He was secretly pleased at this show of power and organisation but felt that he’d hide it some more. “So this is all your men?” He asked.

“Under what authority do we intend to let them go out into West city for?” I just need five more minutes to wait for your clearance and then we will proceed with our plan.”

“Which is?”

“Sir, we intend to surround the temporary prison that Prince Vegeta is being held and contain him under improper management detainment. The Prince’s current situation is a possible risk to us all.”

“You do understand that this is all a bait trap for Jones?”

“Yes Sir I do, but I do not feel that the aggressive alien will wait that long. Our operative Bulma Briefs has sent me a message already by express mail and has raised concerns.”

“Why is a Cadet your operative?” Kami asked coolly. “Especially one Cadet that had been ordered to stay away from Vegeta.”

“She was the only one that Vegeta would speak to and the alien Prince has given her enough clues that we can now track down Jones without the bait plan.”

“How did some little Cadet do this?”

“I have no idea.” Piccolo lied. Well the full truth might be too long an explanation.

Kami merely smiled calmly. “I may overlook this fact depending on what information she got.”

Piccolo held out the urgent express envelope. “It just came five minutes ago. We can confirm this is the original envelope that Jones sent to Vegeta 3 years ago.”

Kami opened the express envelope to see a scribbled note of female handwriting and also a tattered envelope.

“Are we examining the postage?”

“Already done, we have the old Capsule Corp Employee number on the stamp coding and we’re tracing his address now.”

“Excellent” Kami said cracking into a slight smile. He knew this was the break they needed, it was like a miracle.

“I will split my team into two, the main group to contain Jones and the back-up to protect the citizens from Vegeta if he breaks out.”

“Forget that.” Kami said holding the envelope up. “Let’s take most of our men there and leave just a small team back in West City. We’ll show Mayor Walker to trust us FBI agents; this will be our first dangerous alien containment. This is what we were created to do.”

“Understood.” Piccolo saluted. He already had in his mind his best men that would be left behind to look after the city from Vegeta.

“Get organised and be in the chopper for take-off in five minutes.” Kami said. “We’re taking Jones down!”


Vegeta watched from his hunched position as the guards scattered around his area to continue with his punishment. They were to surround his cage on continual watch. He glared at the sweaty men that leaned against the walls some with their eyes on him and many others looking at anything but him. The glare from Vegeta could freeze their souls and for others it made their stomachs churn. There was a menace from the alien that set them at unease. The men could instinctively feel that something was going to happen soon. Whether it was something from Vegeta or an expected visit from Scalpel Jones they didn’t know. It was just that gut feeling that something was wrong. They would be right.

Vegeta cracked his neck and stood up. He had clothed himself now but he had only got as far as his briefs. This made some men stand up and pay attention. The alien had been still for half an hour. It was a long wait for them with this tension in the air. Vegeta turned his stare at the young guard.

“How’s your Mama doing?” Vegeta hissed. “You have a scent of an old sow on you. Seems like she pisses herself and puts her panties in with your wash.” Vegeta sniffed, his nose knew he was right. The guard moved forward, his knuckles white clutching the long taser prod. Another came forward and grabbed his shoulder.

“Let him go for it Bert.” Another guard snapped his own anger surfacing. “This bastard needs a lesson. Your Julie died because of him!” The old guard turned back to the speaker and told him to be quiet.

“Shh, this is against the rules! You don’t speak about personal things near the prisoner!” Bert was at his wits end, he was surrounded by some very good solders but some very terrible guards. He was the only one that had any experience with being a prison guard. It was starting to show.

“Poor old Bert...” Vegeta sighed. “Looks like you’re outnumbered.” Bert turned to the cage to see that the men had all surrounded the old guard. Vegeta had come closer to his bars to watch. His smile was quite terrifying.

“Look guys you should be looking at the prisoner!” Bert pleaded.

“Not until you step outside for a bit.” One Guard said. They had circled around him.

“What if I don’t?” Bert cried. He had lost sight of the cage now and he tried to push some of the men out of the way. They were bigger and stronger and didn’t budge.

“We would escort you out.” The largest man said.

“Bill switch off the cameras!” Young Sid shouted, he was grinning at the thoughts going through his heads. “We don’t want any evidence.”

“Oh no, wouldn’t that be a shame if there was evidence.” Vegeta whispered. He didn’t want to turn their attention, not yet.

“We have a job to do; we need to keep this professional!” Bert tried to reason. “This is a dangerous criminal that needs 24 hour observation!”

“We’ve been watching him for a whole day now.” One guard hissed. “He’s helpless little kitten in that cage! He even struggles to lift any weights. We’ve all been watching the fucker and we know that he has no strength left. It’s all been sucked out of him!”

“That’s no reason for this.” Bert said he knew what the men wanted to do. Revenge was something he could feel from these men, he knew he had it himself but his job came first.

"Your Julie isn’t a good reason? Our boy Sid’s Dad, isn’t a good reason?” A guard raged. “He killed at least one person in everyone’s family and friends here. It was in his blast attack on West city! He destroyed our homes our lives! Tell me that isn’t a good reason! I sure as hell think it’s a good reason to torture this bastard within an inch of his life!”

Bert had crouched down and was shaking his head. He was the only one that saw what was really going on. He now curled up and wished he was somewhere else.

“Don’t do this!” Bert sobbed.

“Sorry Bert we have to get it out of our systems.” Sid smiled. He wasn’t sorry at all.

“DON’T DO THIS!” Bert shouted he was rocking back and forth his arms covering his head.

“Bert....listen we’ll take you outside.” A Guard offered. “We’re doing this whether you like it or not.”

“Who says Bert was talking to you.” A hushed voice behind them said. It was immediate as Prince Vegeta lashed out to the nearest guard. Bert had been slowly watching while the men ranted as Vegeta used the pen he had kept hidden to unlock his cage and open the door so quietly that it was eerie. He had calmly walked over with soft footsteps his eyes fixed on Bert. The old man couldn’t speak until it was too late.

A guard’s arm was twisted into a painful position. He crumpled to the ground that left him open to a stomp on the throat. His treatment was kind compared to Sid who ran at Vegeta with the taser charging a pulse of deadly electricity. Vegeta took the hit but then two fingers reached out and prodded Sid’s eyes into his skull. There was a nasty crack as his nose broke with it. Vegeta took the prod and quickly used it on the large guard that might have caused him some problems. The man was dead instantly with the high voltage. His body twitched and convulsed adding to the terror.

There were cries to help but the men had locked the door. The cameras were off. This was all just a field day for Vegeta. He licked his wounded hand as a bullet had grazed him. Without his large ki he was exposed to damage from these primitive weapons. He was however a warrior from birth. He had the skills to kill thousands and he had read some very good literature about the Earth humanoid anatomy. They were a large opening of soft tissues, perfect little pressure points that even with the strength of a kitten if you got the right spot, you could kill.

Vegeta demonstrated this on one guard who tried to fight back by punching Vegeta in the face. He dodged, not as fast as he used to be but he still had the skill. He then jabbed the man in the throat sending him backwards. Then the man was caught by the back of his knee making his fall complete and he was down on the ground. It took another second for Vegeta to make the killing blow by the top of the temples. This Guard had a pocket knife hidden in his uniform. Vegeta pulled the blade out as the other guards screamed for mercy.

“What was it you were saying recently, Ray, isn’t it?” Ray turned round frantic that his name had been remembered. He pounded on the door to be let out.

“For God’s sake Bill, hurr..” His throat was slit mid-sentence. Vegeta licked the blade and spat out the blood instantly.

“Such bad habits of fatty food and drink Ray.” Vegeta grumbled wiping his mouth. “You’ll never live long eating that kind of crap.” His attention was now turned to the last guard, Bert. He was a cowering mess besides the wall.

“Smells quite bad from up here Bert.” Vegeta sniffed. “Although you’re going to do me a favour...”

“ANYTHING!!” Bert sobbed. Vegeta smiled. “Yes, that’s the way to treat a Prince. Now you guards finally understand. You are going to do everything I say and you might just live through this.”


Bulma stopped her car in front of the first address. It wasn’t that far away from the express mail in the centre of the city. This was the closest one and she checked it on her list. All she needed to do was make some short enquiries and be onto the next one that’s all there was to it. She stepped out of the car and noticed that the once clear blue sky was being overcast by some dark clouds.

‘Crap and I forgot my umbrella as well.’ Bulma huffed. She walked up the driveway and rang the doorbell. There was some muffled talking and then the door opened to reveal an elderly man.

“Good afternoon Sir, I’m an FBI agent doing some routine check-ups.” She flashed her card to the surprised man. “I hope you can be of some assistance. Were you an employee of Capsule Corporation 3 years ago?”

“No, not really.” He said scratching his head. “I’m Benjamin Matthews, is that the name on your little notebook there.” He pointed to the obvious list in Bulma’s hand. She blushed and checked the address. “No it’s not. Is this 17 Forrest Drive?”

“Nope, 16, 17 is across the way.”

“Does a Frank Furter live there?”

“Yeah, he’s still there. Be careful speaking to him. Since he left CC he’s moved back to his Mother’s and been nothing but a recluse. I’ve never seen him much. He used to be such an out-going boy but then after that incident 5 years ago the world is a changed place.” The old man sighed and gave Bulma a good look over. He had only seen the badge and notebook before that. “Hey don’t I know you?”

“I look a lot like a famous person; I get this all the time.” Bulma tried to laugh it off.”I’ll let you be Mr Matthews.”

“Always a pleasure to be interrupted by a pretty lady.” The old man laughed.

A female cry of “Ben!” echoed past them and the old man looked guilty and quickly made his excuses. The door shut as the background could be heard a small domestic argument.

Bulma ignored it and went on to the correct address. This would take a lot longer than she thought if she didn’t get her mind clear.

‘Just a few more rounds of this and then I can go to my hotel for a nice hot bath.’ She tried to remind herself. Although we should all know that Bulma wasn’t ever going to get her wish.


The alarms sounded in the facility made up to be Vegeta’s new cell. The guards were scrambling into action. The alarm had been raised once the Guard at his station Bill couldn’t get in contact with the other men inside. What was also worrying was that the door was jammed. They got the large sledgehammer designed for knocking down doors and hurried to break it open. Guards from all the different areas were rushed into position over any and all exits. If the Prince had escaped there was no way out. They knew he had been reduced to the strength of a normal person but that didn’t make it any less frightening.

“Keep your guns aimed and ready!” The Captain shouted. “This is not a drill, be ready to shoot on sight.”

The men held their guns up and the large thumps from the door being forced opened sounded like their hearts. The large doors finally gave in and there was a flash of a body moving. The men opened fire instantly and the body of one of the guards was splattered across their faces.

“Jesus Christ!” the Captain cried. “Hold your fire!”

It was clear that the man had been strung up to look like he had been standing in front of the doors when they opened. There was a small sign from his gasping breath that he had been barely alive before they fired. The men all felt this guilt and with shaking guns they entered. Some men stayed behind in formation ready to get rid of any escape attempts from Vegeta. “Damn it the window is open!” A guard shouted. “Why is there a bar missing on that window?!”

“Get some men up to the next floor up, check the side of the building!” The Captain commanded. “CCTV hasn’t seen anything from the first floor; the outside of the building is completely monitored!” A communications officer informed them. “FBI has this place surrounded.”

“Thank God someone’s doing their jobs.” The Captain muttered. He checked around him, it was clear that this situation had occurred because of the men’s error.

“Hey! We got a survivor!” A small guard shouted. “It’s Bert!” They gathered round the old man, his face was unrecognisable. It had been slashed into pieces. The only sign that it was one of theirs was the uniform and name badge soaked in blood.

Captain Pavlova looked down and took out his pistol. He shot Bert between the eyes. “Oldest trick in the book.” The Captain snapped as his men looked at him appalled.

“Sir, we’ve spotted bloody footsteps upstairs! Vegeta has climbed to the 6th floor!”

“What!?” The Captain bent down and pulled at the mess of face that had once been Bert. The skin didn’t pull away. The senior Guard made a guttural sound as he tried to clear his throat. He had been so sure when he pulled the trigger. “Get more men upstairs and look for that bastard!”

Up on the 6th floor the men already there followed the footprints but it was lost in the water storage room. The whole floor was awash with water and the blood trail tapered away. The large access pipe was open and the small group of men peered into the pool of water. A bubble came up to greet them.

“Where does this pipe lead?” One man asked.

“It’s a direct line to the reservoir lake, it is water all the way for miles, there’s no way a human can hold his breath that long!”

“Plus this pipe is so narrow!”

“This thing isn’t human.” A guard reminded them. They all stared at the pipe in disbelief, it was a far reaching idea but maybe, just maybe the Prince had done it.

“Who’s going to tell the Captain?” A guard whispered.

000 Deep down below them in the reservoir water supply pipe a dark figure clawed its way to freedom. It was the Prince of Saiyans a warrior trained to kill and to stop at nothing until he reached his goal. There was only one main thing that he wanted and he was going to do everything in his power to get it. The chaos of the building was far behind him as he made his was slowly, slowly along the narrow pipe. He made his next move in his head and the one after that. He had researched this building thoroughly before he was moved. There was no margin for error. There was more than one way out of a rat trap and he had found the best way. Even without his power swimming such a length was no trouble, he had been practicing holding his breath secretly for the past 3 days since he had made this deal.

‘It was all just too easy.’ He thought as he struggled on in the dark pipe.


Author’s note: Hope that wasn’t too much for anyone. Just going to say, I did warn you all at the top of the page, so don’t blame me! I did want to make it a different escape from the movie since that was Hannibal’s way of doing things and not Vegeta’s. I will need to proof read and get a beta for this story I know, doing it all by myself I may overlook some things. If you spot anything obvious let me know and I can correct it.

Thanks for the small support to those that have read this story, I love how this is going and I’m enjoying it so I hope you are too. It’s a shame this doesn’t get as much support as my romance/comedy B/V’s. It’s not long now till this story comes to its crux. I know people are expecting a big finale and I hope I can give it to them. Maybe it’s not the end though? You shall have to wait and see.

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