The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal . I do not make money from this story.


Chapter 16


3 Year Gap


Three years have past since Bulma Briefs had graduated. Three very hard and long years and Bulma had kept her nickname of Ice Princess. Though some people seemed to refer to her as Ice Queen sometimes just because she had now grown in the few years to her mid-twenties and she was now a very beautiful woman if a little hard to approach. Bulma didn’t really acknowledge it though as her main duties kept her so busy to date anyone. It just added more ammunition to her now popular name. She had been in some important missions to help subdue the increasing discovery of alien immigrants. Most were kept secret from the community and especially monitored by the FBI. These were the peaceful ones, or ones that had technical knowledge that could be bought and sold.

The world was now changed from when Scalpel Jones had been captured. The death of the alien had been the final brick holding back the dam of escapees. From what the FBI had discovered from their interviews. There was something out in the Universe that was worse than any Saiyan and more powerful than they could conceive. It was a waiting game to see if this being would ever appear but for now Earth was too far away and safe. It had become a refuge, its resources too few to be of any interest and too far from the main Warzone to be of any strategic advantage. These aliens were not just immigrants they were refugees.

Bulma still had no time for them; but they were not to be judged by her but by the system. She worried that the incoming populous would be a red flag to this mysterious Emperor that they feared. It wasn’t far from the truth there had been too many close times when some dangerous aliens had come. They were almost on the same level of the Saiyans and thanks to their experience of capturing Prince Vegeta they had the technology now to fight them. Even though the general public were unaware of the new creatures joining their world, the leaders knew and they had the one main pressure that they kept hitting the FBI with.

Vegeta was still missing; the only lead had been that phone call Bulma had received at her graduation. It had lead to the jungles in the far south. It had been there that they had found Oolong, or what had remained of him. The fact that he had been found with an apple in his mouth and on a spit had been repulsive to her at the time. Now Bulma could see the humour in such a thing. She had become so much more jaded by the three years of FBI service. She missed her old carefree self sometimes. She had been happier before, with a much stronger will to entertain the boys and flirt when she wanted to get her way.

“Agent Briefs!” Bulma was knocked out of her nostalgia trip and looked up to see a young Cadet speaking to her. “You’ve been asked to Director Piccolo’s office.”

“Thanks.” Bulma said, he looked so fresh faced and eager. It was such a distant feeling to her now. She had been waiting in the room for a while and she figured she was just getting too deep in her thoughts. She tried to shake her self out of it and picked up her report and went through to the office. She watched the young nameless recruit return back to his duties. He’d obviously just been in for a briefing, much like she had been three years ago. They had sent her on a mission that she thought was just a standard task that was too menial for the higher ranks to do. She sometimes wondered if she hadn’t been sent that time to Vegeta, if it had been anyone else, if they would react the same way to him as she had. She wasn’t sure if she would be in the same dark place as she was now. If she had just completed her training like all the rest and hadn’t fought the killer Jones. She may have had one less scar across her heart.

She entered the office and the tall green man rose to greet her.

“Take a seat, Bulma.” He said. “We have an old friend of yours up to no good again.”

“Who?” Bulma asked she knew that when Director Piccolo called someone her friend it meant someone she’d arrested in a big case.

“This time is Sable Biscotte, she’s on the loose again.”

“Oh her.” Bulma said, she knew the alien well, she’d arrested her a few times but it was always minor offences. It wasn’t the main worry though. It was her blood. “Why do you need me? I’m not in Immigration.”

“This time she’s dealing with illegal substances, we need to catch her in the act and get her the full prosecution she deserves.” Piccolo said. “We can’t deport her to the Space station again; she just finds a way to escape.”

“How big of a team? Am I in charge this time?” Bulma asked eagerly, there was a chance, maybe this time she could be Team leader.

“No, you’re set as Advisor for the Team, your knowledge and run-ins with Biscotte will be what gives us the edge.” Piccolo explained. “It’s under the jurisdiction of Narcotics division I have no say.”

“I guess the murders by aliens have thankfully been quite sparse lately.” Bulma said, she hadn’t had any missions for a while. She tried to hide her disappointment. She had never been made a Team Leader for any of her missions, even though she had been in the Bureau for three years with commendable arrests and take-downs.

“For now, we still have a few missing aliens to try to track down.” Piccolo said. “The main being the Prince.”

Bulma didn’t answer; she knew exactly who he meant. Vegeta’s escape was the heavy weight that hung over the Bureau and kept their reputation low in the public’s eye. The only thing that the FBI was known for being around was just to capture Vegeta. It was now so bad he was only referred to as “The Prince”, new recruits were starting to just call Vegeta, “Him”. Bulma didn’t see the point, he wasn’t a mythical beast, he had been captured before and he will again. It was all a matter of catching him off guard.

Piccolo handed her a file of papers. “This is the case file.” He said. “You are to meet with Agent Tao tomorrow.”

Bulma bit her lip, she knew the name well. He had been in charge of a few of her missions and always had given a negative report about her. It was as if he had something against her but she’d never taken the time to confront him. She inwardly wished this time she could find out why he had such a stick up his ass about her. She flipped open the file and took a glance. Biscotte’s face was at the front, if apart from the red skin colour she could have been mistaken as a human.

“I will do my best.” Bulma said. “She never goes down without a big fight.”

“Exactly why we need you on this case.” Piccolo sighed. “We’ve had two agents that were on surveillance of Biscotte go missing, we have no proof that she’s involved but I think this time the alien is up to her neck in trouble.”

“Well I will read this up and meet with Agent Tao tomorrow.” Bulma said. “Biscotte is a lose cannon and we can’t really judge her actions. I’ll try to advise them as much as I can but I can’t guarantee.”

“I know you’re the best Bulma, I hope this mission proves it and gives you that promotion you deserve.”

“Thanks Sir.” Bulma stood up and took her leave. It was a chance she supposed but she wasn’t going to put her hopes on it. Director Piccolo had been helping her for the last three years and she was still being held back. All she could really do was hope and pray that she could have Biscotte behind bars before any real damage could be done. She may not be a power house type but she was unstable and very deadly when she wanted to be.


In a darken room a husk of a man awoke to the sound of his personal nurse and secretary.

“Sir, the person you requested has come.”  She said gently as she opened the curtains enough for the light to come in but not reach the bed.

“Show him in…” The man gasped. His voice was harsh and wispy as he struggled to breath; to speak was a battle everyday and he tried to keep it short and to the point. His life was a sliver of what it had been but he still lived. The anger and raw need for revenge was what kept him alive. The more he stayed in the dark room with such limited view the more twisted and demented towards his goals he became. There was only one thing left for him and he wanted it done before he could give out his last pathetic breath. He wanted the Prince of all Saiyans to die.

“Sir, is this okay to enter?” The kind man asked as he entered. “I can wait if you like.”

“No… STAY!” He ordered. “I want to… talk!”

“This is Mr Popo, he came with the items you asked about.” The nurse explained. “Dr Gero you should rest and not exert yourself anymore.”

“Shut-UP! One ear Marron, useless…we-n*cough* ” He gasped and wheezed as he tried to sit up but he started having a coughing fit.

Nurse Marron squealed, she had been under his service for a year now and she feared everything about him. She hurried to his side and put an oxygen mask to his face. She needed to calm him down and get him breathing. Dr Gero’s face was half eroded and seemed to have melted. In the light it was hard to look upon. It was made worse by the words of bile that always seemed to come out of him. The only thing he had was money. It was what kept the people loyal to him.

Mr Popo looked on silently he had never met such a worst case of twisted body and mind. He was a survivor of Prince Vegeta. He had lived where others had died. It seemed only like some cruel joke that Vegeta had let this mad scientist live. He had once been in charge of a whole science division in an army that was on the verge of conquest when the Saiyans attacked. It had been the correct thing at the time for the Red Army to try to form an alliance with the leader of the Saiyans. It had ended in such a pitiful way that only Gero was left out of all the army.

“Bring the items here…” Gero said in a weak voice.

“I hope you’re able to pay in cash as you said.” Mr Popo said. He carefully placed his bag on the bed and took out what seemed like a mask. “This was used to restrain Vegeta; it was one of the last items he wore when he was transferred to the Cell in West City.”

A shaking hand grasped onto it and a gurgle could be heard. It was a laugh. “So this was on his face…” Gero sighed. “Marron…. Do you recognise it?”

Marron nodded her head. It was used after Vegeta had bitten her. She knew why she had this job; Dr Gero used his money to collect things related to Vegeta. Those things sometimes included people too.

“Well… SPEAK!”

“It’s the same mask!” Marron squeaked.

“I could pay you to help me here…Popo” Gero said to Mr Popo. “I need more strong men like you with medical knowledge…this wench is useless, I have no idea how she even passed her medical training, probably her good looks, not that she’s got that now.” He gave another gurgled laugh. Marron put the gas mask over his face to shut him up and she turned her head.

“I do have college fees to pay.” Mr Popo said. “This is why I do this black market stuff. A man needs some money.”

“Money is what…has made me LIVE!” Gero laughed pulling the mask off and shooing Marron away. “Money can bring me anything… except HIM; I can’t buy Vegeta but I can get close… I feel it I am so close!” He rubbed his hand over the mask as if to see if he could feel any vibration from the Prince.

“Show me… what else….”

“I have his ki handcuffs, they are so strong that they can even weaken a normal human so I don’t advice you to touch them.” Mr Popo said. “It’s look at only.”

“I see, fine, fine, bring the suitcase of money I had prepared Marron.”

The nurse hurried to the side of the dresser where a silver suitcase had been placed.

“So will you work for me?” Gero asked.

“I’ll consider it Sir.” Mr Popo said. He kept his eye on the suitcase, this felt so wrong to him being in this room with this twisted monster. It wasn’t human anymore; it was only a buckled body with a single objective. “I am surprised at seeing Nurse Marron here but I can understand why. It’s the same reason you want me.”

“Yes, you have lived after touching the Prince, why did he not come after you like he did for Oolong?” Gero snarled.

“Maybe I was inconsequential to him.” Mr Popo shrugged. He could guess the true answer but he didn’t want to give Gero anything more without more money.

“Why did he not go after his woman?”

“You mean Bulma Briefs?” Mr Popo said amazed. “I never saw anything romantic between them, no matter what the newspapers make out; she was professional all the way.”

Gero snorted, he had hoped for some gossip about the one that still eluded his requests to come. All she had sent back were official “no comment” like statements with her precious FBI signatures and authoritative requests to no longer contact her unless there were any leads to the capture of Prince Vegeta. It was such a waste of his time; the stuck-up bitch wanted nothing to do with him.

“I do believe that Prince Vegeta did see something in her, he spoke with her much more than any other visitor.” Popo said. “I have some video recordings of their meetings but it sadly did not come with sound. There were some sound recordings made but I think Warden Oolong had them and had taken them with him. They are most likely lost or destroyed now.”

Gero nodded and grunted his understanding he made a hand movement to continue. He was getting tired from this meeting but he couldn’t stop from listening.

“I’m not sure what else to say Sir.” Mr Popo said. “Bulma Briefs is not in league with Vegeta; she looked to me like the kind that stuck to the books, though I was surprised at her breaking into the courtroom cell to talk with Vegeta. I guess going undercover was part of her job too. I respect Miss Briefs she stood up to him and he didn’t look down at her for it. He seemed to respect her; he even killed someone that tried to mess with her.”

Gero moved to look directly at Mr Popo. “Go…On…”

“The person next to his cell; he threw some fecal matter and spit at her; the next day Vegeta had used his influence on him to make him kill himself. We still have no idea how he did it.”

“Interesting… so he will kill for her…” Gero slumped down. An idea was forming in his head. “I will… buy those tapes… speak with my secretary… about contacting… me later… now I must rest…. And think.”

Mr Popo picked up the suitcase and placed it in his plain shopping bag. He felt like he’d said too much. He was feeling dirty but as Dr Gero said, money was everything and he was desperate for money. It just made him feel sorry for Miss Briefs. Something had been started here in this room and he felt it held nothing good for someone that had always been nice and polite to him. He looked at the familiar face of Nurse Marron as she led him out. She looked very similar to Bulma Briefs but there were obvious differences in her attitude and smile. She now had her hair in a straight bob covering her ears, her eyes seemed dead and afraid compared to how she had been. The vague happy innocent eyes and smile were gone forever. He had been there at the time when he pulled Vegeta off her. She had screamed and cried so much she was given sedatives to calm down. She had left the Asylum soon after Vegeta’s escape in some sort of self aware fear that she would be next after Oolong but Vegeta never came for her. He never expected her to return to nursing and in such a prominent placement. He had to assume that she had been paid quite a lot for this job. He was tempted to ask but he could see from her silence at leading him out that she was too shaken for too overly familiar talk. She was no longer the bubble head she had been.

“Thank you Nurse Marron.” He said.

She only smiled and said goodbye handing him a business card to call later. That girl had completely changed. In a way it made him nostalgic to see Bulma Briefs to see how much she had changed as well. He shook his head and thought better of it. He wouldn’t think he would be so welcome to the girl he had barely spoken too. The link of the Prince was all they had in common and he doubted she’d like to reminisce on those nightmare days. It was the same for Marron she was so eager to see him out and gone. Though the girl working for such a man as Dr Gero he shuddered to think what kind of nightmares she relived everyday thanks to that man’s obsession.

Mr Popo looked back at the large mansion and wished to never see it again. It was something out of a horror movie and he didn’t dare look back in case something came out to drag him back in. Dr Gero seemed harmless enough, he was only a cripple now with no face and barely any life left in him. Yet as Mr Popo walked away he couldn’t help shaking the feeling that he had said far too much.


Far away from any crooked mansion and FBI headquarters; in the north of the country where every winter is harsh and the summer is mild. The number one wanted Alien of Planet Earth was sitting down to lunch. It was a basic workman’s lunch that he’d prepared himself. A nice chunky sandwich with large quantities of meat. The Docks were busy with other forklift truck drivers all taking their lunch break. The shorter but muscular Saiyan seemed to have found a place that he could stay undetected. He had an odd habit of always wearing a hat to control his short spiky hair, but no one really questioned it. He worked hard and kept quiet so no-one really bothered him unless it was Foreman Shanks.

“Hey Yasai!”

The Saiyan cocked his head slightly annoyed at the lunch time interruption. “What is it?”

“We still haven’t found Bernard!” The Foreman shouted. “Did you see him at all yesterday?”

“No it was my day off. I was off hiking that day in the mountains,” Yasai Hoang smirked. “I don’t associate myself with losers like Bernard who has to have more than one woman.”

“Ah c’mon ye’re just jealous.” Shanks joked. “It’s a dream to have two at a time.”

Vegeta was offended by that so called joke but laughed at it anyway. “Maybe so, but I think one is enough, all that nagging in stereo… no thanks.”

“Ah so true,” Shanks chuckled unable to see through the fake laughter from his underling. “I’ll let you to your lunch, big as always.”

“I have more appetite for food than women.” Yasai said. He took an another bite out of his sandwich to hope his Supervisor got the hint.

The foreman walked off to speak to the other men and Vegeta was finally left in peace. It was such a stupid pun of a name Yasai Hoang but for some reason it was common in the north so he fitted in with no problems. The whole city was full of yokel men and women that were simple minded and never questioned anything. Even when some odd people went missing it could be attributed to some bad hiking decisions gone wrong. For now it was perfect before he needed to move on again. Just a few more months training and his next stage would be complete.

He bit hungrily into his Bernard sandwich and wished he could bring a larger lunch box but that would attract more attention than necessary. This human survive game would soon but over and his next trip home would come. The world had become such an interesting place in his three years of freedom. He looked down at a newspaper that had the latest mysterious crime horror stories that were causing more tension in this world. The strange increase of technology the world had leapt to in 3 years was incredible and could only be because of one thing. It had to be some sort of Alien stolen technology. It wouldn’t be long till Space technology was on par to what Vegeta was used to. Not that any of the workers knew he was an alien. For all they knew he was just some unlucky guy that had come up from South City looking to start a new life. It was true the best lies were ones that came from a sliver of truth.

It was all a matter of lying low and biding his time. It was something he had become quite scarily good at and it surprised him as well. The truth for all beings is that when cornered your survival instincts kicked in and Vegeta’s pride had been swallowed for the most part. Although, he had to let off steam sometimes and unfortunately when some people witnessed something they shouldn’t then they just had to meet a very delicious end. Vegeta let out a small laugh to himself and lifted the paper to read the latest gossip. If you could read between the lines there were always some very interesting things to read.


Author’s Note: Yeah the FBI have become more like the MIB that I had originally imagined them as! (I have only watched the first movie; please do that instead of watching the latest one!)

This chapter is mainly set up which is probably quite hard to write and maybe a bit boring. I hope you guys enjoyed it and if you’ve noticed that we’re now in Hannibal story mode. How it ends will be up to me as I really don’t want this to be a main focus of romance. I wanted to write something that had some sexual tension and a bit of horror theme that I feel Bulma and Vegeta seem to pull off really well in a dark situation.

There’s a hanging question of why Gero hasn’t made an android body for himself, but that shall be answered in future chapters.

As usual if you notice any grammar or spelling errors, please let me know! I have yet to find a beta reader that can put up with my inconsistent writing style. (As in one chapter a year!)

Thanks to the people that have continued reading this and hello to newcomers. I hope you have enjoyed! I shall try to continue as best as I can!

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