The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. I do not make money from this story.

Chapter 32

Deadly Encounter

It wasn't long till the rest of the small team joined them at the Police Station. Special Agent Yamcha was first on the scene and directed some of his men to search the area for the androids. Bulma watched with some envy, it would be nice to have that kind of power to control the situation. She was feeling powerless again and the feeling of fatigue was catching up on her. She slowly spoke to the medic Mikan as he came to check on both her and Viola.

"Looks like you got out with just a scratch." He told her as he stuck a band aid on her cheek. He turned and shook his head towards Viola. "Can't say the same about you."

"I just wanted to get your attention." Viola joked but her gestures made her wince over in pain.

"Agent Briefs, you're free to go, YOU Agent Viola however are going to have to come with me!"

"Sounds nice, speak to you later Bulma." Viola said as she saw Bulma taking the chance to leave.

"Yeah, the most thing I need right now is my sleep." She stood up to leave both Mikan and Viola to quarrel almost like a married couple. She sort of felt some envy for how light hearted Viola was about it all. To come face to face with something that was impenetrable to bullets terrified Bulma. The guns she had relied on to go up against all the monsters in the world were now useless. The Force 2 FBI agents were at least trained in a form of fighting. Viola had shown that even in moments she was able to pull her out of harms way faster than she could comprehend. Her ability made Bulma even more envious.

She walked over to Agent Yamcha she needed to report in before she was able to really leave.

"I got the all clear." She said giving a small salute. "I don't have any injuries to report."

Yamcha stopped writing down his notes and his face went red as he tried to look at her. "That's great, Agent Bulma. Though it looks like you got a scratch."

Bulma touched her scratched cheek and tried to smile but she felt herself becoming embarrassed about it. "I got hit with a bit of shrapnel. It's nothing that a band aid won't fix."

There was a quiet pause as her superior seemed to struggle with what to say. It was hard not to find his pained efforts a little adorable as he tried to find the words to comfort her.

"Am I free to leave Special Agent Yamcha?" She leaned over and turned her eyes up, it just seemed too easy to tease him now. Once she had figured out he was just weak with women it made things so much easier to understand. He avoided her gaze and tried to keep his voice calm.

"You're free to leave…." He said with a cough. "Take care…"

"You'll receive my full report later." She said.

"Just be sure that you keep yourself out of any more trouble."

"Sorry, I just attract it." Bulma gave an awkward shrug and tried to laugh it off but he gave her an uncomfortable smile and looked away. In the back of her mind she wondered if she could ever get a similar rapport as Viola did with Agent Mikan. She felt like she was back in Junior High school with the amount of stiffness in their interacting.

"I wish we could give you an escort but we're short of agents just now, you need to go straight back to the hotel and stay with your back-up alert and GPS switched on." Yamcha said as he focused on reading his clipboard rather than looking at her.

Bulma nodded, she knew that her GPS was not there for helping her with any navigation but for them to keep a track on her current location. A small reminder to herself that she was still on probation and not really a member of the team. She was just their bait. The cool reminder made her lean back into a more defensive position.

"I'll make sure I do." Bulma said with her Ice Queen mask coming on.

"You have my direct number, keep me updated when you're back at the hotel." Yamcha said. "I don't want you to feel like you're not part of the team. Your knowledge of robots has really helped us out. We'll be sending all your findings back with the remains of the robot."

"My investigative skills are going to be tested at least." Bulma answered and turned away to leave. 'For the time being, I can still prove to myself that I'm more useful than just bait.' She thought to herself as she made her way out of all the chaos of the police station. She took one quick check of her equipment before she got into the car.

North City seemed to be unaware of the Police Station's current situation and the streets were filled with people getting on with their own business. The large hole on the side of the wall had already been covered with a large poster.

The Androids were not an immediate threat as far as she could see. They only seemed to be interested in leaving no real evidence behind and detonating their disabled team-mate. As Bulma made her way onto the main road she found herself being held up by the traffic as the start of the festival seemed to be in full swing. The dim winter light was being illuminated by lanterns that lined the streets with lots of twinkling fairy lights. It was such a different feeling than anything she'd seen in West City.

She turned onto another road and felt a small jolt as she saw the car behind her follow her path. This wasn't a normal main road; most of the other traffic had flowed on down the other road. She peered into her rear view mirror and was unable to see the driver but her instinct was in full alert. The stress and tiredness of the full day was blown away by the sudden rush of adrenaline. She couldn't completely rule out her being a target for the Androids.

'I can't let myself get complacent.' She reminded herself. She made a detour from her hotel and turned back onto the main road. The blue car followed her manoeuvre. The blood was pumping in her head as her full suspicion was confirmed and she turned into a car park. The car was right behind her. Bulma slipped her hand into her heavy coat and unclipped her gun. She still couldn't see the driver; the dim light didn't seem to give her much of a hint.

She pulled her car into an open parking spot and looked behind her. The small blue car went past and she was able to catch a glimpse of an old lady hunched over the steering wheel and slowly making her way to another empty space.

'I am getting far too paranoid!' Bulma groaned, but she couldn't really blame herself. She clipped her gun back into the safety of her holster and exited her car. She needed some fresh air to try to clear her head. Her heart was still thumping, she was sure she would have a heart attack by the end of the day. The cold icy air helped as she was reminded of the minus temperature and the glory that is the car heater. She watched the car that had been following her and see the little old lady step out in solid snow boots and make her way towards the carnival that was near the car park.

'Back to the hotel, I've wasted enough time.' Bulma scolded herself and as she turned on the smooth ice she felt her smart business shoes slip. She cursed her need for fashion over function and was surprised when she was caught by a kind passer by.

"Be careful, one wrong slip and you could break that pretty neck of yours." The stranger said to her.

She moved to say thank you and to perhaps rebuke him a little but the man was already moving away and in the direction of the old lady. Bulma's ears where burning where he had breathed those words to her in such a low voice. The chill and eerie nostalgia about it was too much and she knew… it had to be…

"Wait!" She called out. 'Goddamn it that voice!' It was Vegeta, she could see the man with the cap enter the crowded carnival and she tried to keep tabs on him. His hair had changed, no longer a large spiked crown of hair. It seemed to be chopped and firmly placed under a hat. She could tell though from the body build that he was perhaps larger but the height was right, but she had to confirm her sighting and she made her way into the gleaming lights of the small fun fair.

Bulma had no time to use her radio or her phone but she pressed her panic button, she wasn't going to let this fish off the hook so easily. The support team would come to her as soon as they could. They weren't too far away; she had a real chance to catch him.

A carousel was in the centre as crowds of children and young couples were gathered to wait in line. She pushed past them all her sights set on the stocky man that was moving quite fast. The Ki alert wasn't alerting her to any energies, it was safe to assume he didn't have any of his powers but he was more likely a better hand to hand combatant than Bulma. She knew she had to get a clean shot of him with her gun to knock him unconscious. The amount of people wasn't helping her anxiety.

"Please move, FBI." She snapped at a mother as she blocked her way, she flashed her card and quickly regretted it. The crowd became a little alerted to her presence and some adults moved out of the way. The children and some of the couples seemed oblivious to her. She kept moving forward the distracting cheerful music of the carousel clashed with Bulma's inner terror she was feeling. She didn't really doubt who she had seen, she had to stay close and get the others to come join her soon.

She continued on through the gorgeous illuminations and skilful snow sculptures. If she had any sense of her surroundings other than her goal she would have taken her time to admire them all. The people around her were moving at a slow pace and she kept pushing through, following the bulky man in the green coat that was getting further out of her sight. As she came to a large queen statue made of snow a rush of school children blocked her path as they moved together as one class. She silently cursed and locked onto that hat and coat. The moment was gone and she felt the terror in her stomach as she knew she couldn't even catch a glimpse of the suspect.

She felt the side of her body and for the hard assurance that her gun was still in her coat. It was all for nothing she felt. He would be long gone by now and she couldn't hope to find him. He was perhaps shorter than she remembered but it had to be him, that chill she had felt was real. It was a feeling of dread she had hoped she'd never feel again. She glanced over at the large Queen that seemed to be holding a shining ball. It was quite pretty and Bulma felt a twinge of reflection. There was a real Ice Queen, though it was made of snow. She felt distracted slightly as she wondered if this was how others saw her. It lightened her darkened mood and she took it in for a moment before returning to her search.

"See anything you like?" A whisper came up behind her and before Bulma knew it she was held in a tight grip. He had been stalking round behind her as she got sidetracked by the children in the way. He had seen his chance and he pounced.

"Let me go!" Bulma hissed as she looked into the dark eyes she wished she'd never see again. They were so devoid of any emotion other than pure malice and cruelty. She tried to stare back at his intense stare but couldn't. She squirmed and tried to find her way out of his pincer grip.

"Let's not make a scene little agent, you're useless when you're not behind a gun." His arms had wrapped around her as if she was in a hug but she could tell he had a knife pinned into her coat. The blade had sliced through her shirt and was too dangerously close to her skin. "Now don't shout or you will be gutted."

"My back-up is on their way." Bulma said.

"But we're only lovers out on a walk my dear." Vegeta sighed ignoring her threat as he led her to a more quiet part of the display. "It's best to cuddle up when it's cold."

"I don't like your form of cuddling." Bulma snapped, she wondered where her confidence had come from. She was petrified as she felt the blade digging into her skin. His movements though not fast were very deliberate and he knew exactly how to hold her and how to disarm her. The straps to her gun holster were cut and there was a thud as her gun dropped down into the snow. A sharp pain told her he'd already cut her slightly and it wouldn't take much for it to be much deeper. She could feel herself sweating so much that her undershirt was becoming drenched.

She pulled in her courage and continued to ask the question that was on her mind. "What do you want Vegeta?"

"It's too soon to reveal it all now my little one." His deep voice hinted. "I just wanted to say hello since we're only passing."

"I thought you wanted to kill me…"

"The thought has crossed my mind but I have such a more interesting plan for you." He said his face so close to hers she could smell his natural odour. The rough skin seemed to scratch her skin as he cradled her body still. "Be a good girl and keep your head down. There are others that may be more dangerous than me out there."

Bulma couldn't answer any more her bravery had completely left her and she could feel tears welling up as the knife digging into her skin really started to sting. It seemed to her that this was how she was going to die.

"That's a nice face you're making, you should do it more often." Vegeta breathed on her as she felt his tongue lick up one of her stray tears. "Your smell is too tempting than you know, I could gut you open right here and now."

"Leave…" Bulma panted. "Leave me… alone…."

"I can't do that little agent, we have a connection now." Vegeta purred in a low voice. He sounded more like a tiger than a house cat. "Till we meet again Bulma. I know we will, I'll make sure of it. For now it looks like your little toy on your side has attracted your white knight."

Vegeta could sense a power level approaching them; it was too dangerous to stay any further. As a parting gift he clutched onto her as the knife grazed along her side cutting into the skin. Bulma gave an empty breath from the shock and she felt herself thrown to the ground and into the snow. She cried out finally as she was free. It was a scream of pain and frustration being let out with that one cry. The people around her seemed to suddenly notice her presence.

"AGENT BULMA!" A man ran out of the crowd. She couldn't recognise him; the world around her had become a blur of tears and blood. She watched in horror as the beautiful snow began to turn crimson around her. Other screams were heard as the people around her saw how injured she was.

Agent Yamcha clutched onto her and tried to find the knife wound. "Stay with us Agent!" He snapped at her. He had come running when the alarm had sounded. "I thought you said you were going to stay out of trouble?"

Bulma rolled her head back as she realised it was Agent Yamcha and she reached up to him. "Sorry, I goofed." She tried to laugh but her side was screaming in pain and it was taking all her effort not to scream and cry along with the pain. She felt some safety as he found her wound and started putting pressure on it.

"Agent Mikan! Where's our Medic?" Yamcha shouted in panic as Bulma was beginning to go limp in her arms. The larger man burst through the leaving hoards of people complete with his medical bag.

"Here Sir." He said and landed right beside them.

"Bulma, Mikan's here, just say hello. Don't black out now."

"Keep her head up, that's fine." Mikan assured Yamcha. "It's okay Bulma, don't worry if you faint. We'll patch you up good as new." Her coat was pulled to the side and her shirt pulled up. "It's not so deep but it's cut into an artery, there's also a lot of scratches, it seems to hit her side, maybe her kidney or liver could be in danger. We'll have to move her once I get a bandage on to stop the bleeding."

The words Mikan spoke were floating around Bulma. She was desperately gasping and pointing to the crowd where Vegeta had ran away. He was getting away, why weren't they chasing him? Yamcha noticed where she was pointing and rounded up a few of his men that were trying to manage the mass of people. "Agent Bramble, we're going after Bulma's attacker. Agent Cassis and Mikan will stay here to tend to any injured..."

"Aye, no danger." Agent Bramble replied and sprinted into the throng. There were small scattering of blood from the knife that lead the agents on. He was the best tracker on the team.

"Let's not let him get away!" Yamcha said as he followed the large Agent Bramble into the mass of people. Bulma blinked back the tears as she wondered to herself if she really was a danger magnet. She thought as the drugs kicked in that Yamcha had really come for her. He was like a white knight for her childhood dreams only for now it seemed like she was in a never ending nightmare.


Author's Note: Aw, Damn Vegeta! Why you do that? Oh yeah, 'cos I made him a soulless literal flesh-eating evil bastard. Whatever relation Bulma and Vegeta have it won't be the usual romance, not in this story. Though that doesn't mean I can't have fun with their chemistry.

We leave in a cliff-hanger as I honestly thought so many things happened in this chapter that I needed to break it up as the action will keep continuing as we'll get the show down between Yamcha and Vegeta or will something happen to make this situation worse.

So next chapter we'll find out if Vegeta gets caught or not.

Thanks for the reviews and if you spot any errors in this chapter let me know and I'll try to fix it as soon as I can.

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