The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. I do not make money from this story.

Chapter 36

Look on the Bright Side

The Force 2 team rushed out of North City, all pretence of being ordinary humans was out the window as soon as Director Piccolo had announced it was a Code Red. Usually they would fly by helicopter or plane but this time they were flying under their own means. Seven small figures were hardly noticed in the darkness of North City as the team flew to the wreckage. Director Piccolo landed placing his reluctant passenger down to the ground. The tiny pink alien adjusted her clothes and muttered under her breath.

"Begin the search, Beri stay by me and search for any witnesses or suspects." Piccolo ordered.

This made the alien psychic stop any pouting and began scanning the area with her mind. Piccolo made a hand signal to his men and let them divide up.

"I did warn you not to wear your PJ's." Viola laughed at her partner Mikan who was slightly shivering.

"Keep your voices down and use signals only until we get an all clear." Piccolo hissed. The main reason was that conversation would distract Beri whose violet eyes glowed as she let her mental feelers reach out.

Viola stopped her laughing and ducked her head down the surrounding area was a mess of shrapnel and fire. What was left of the helicopter was unidentifiable. The Technical Specialist Frambrois had his scanner out looking for the black box. Other fighters spread out some going high to get a view and others circling the area. The mountainous area was so secluded that there was no-one around. Special Agent Beri shook her head. It was useless there was only the frantic noise from the other Agents. Those minds she could filter out but all around the mountain there was nothing but small animals.

"There's no other person here." She said with a lot of caution.

"Stay on alert, it may be another Android!" Director Piccolo ordered. "Agent Beri stay close and keep yourself safe."

"Got it." Agent Beri sighed and looked up to Agent Yamcha who was flying above her. She would have preferred him to guard her over the giant grump that was Director Piccolo.

Yamcha had flown above to try to get a view of the whole area. The devastation was mostly contained and he tried to scan for any footprints. A black shadow moved in the bushes and he dashed across. There was a noise of snow being scuffled and moved but as he reached the area there were only the left over marks.

'Wish Bramble was here.' He thought to himself as he couldn't understand the tracks he was looking at. He made a signal to Agent Viola and Mikan and they came to him to see what he'd found.

"Take photos of this area." He ordered. "We might have disturbed the culprit."

"I'm not Agent Bramble, but looks like they left in a hurry." Mikan said. "They even left their rocket launcher!"

"Found the Black box!" Agent Frambrois exclaimed as he waved over Director Piccolo. "Might take a few days to analyse the full data."

"That's no problem, seems like whatever hit the helicopter are long gone." Piccolo said in a low gruff voice. "Step down from Red Alert Agents, we'll focus on tracking the attacker for now."

"My guess that it was one of those robots." Agent Beri said. "There's no other psychic residue other than the pilot's last thoughts." She glumly held her head down as she tried to focus her thoughts on happier thoughts.

"Well, good work." Piccolo said without looking at her. He focused on the others that were roaming the debris. "Time to move back and let the clean-up crew come. I'll let Agent Frambrois stay to continue analysing the crash site, a few men can back him up, Agent Ringo and Agent Durian you stay here to stand guard. The rest of us will head back to the temporary HQ. Agent Viola I want you to keep tabs on Agent Bulma, you're going to be her shadow. It's very important you keep her away from coming in contact with Vegeta. You don't fight him, you run away and make sure Bulma is safe."

"Understood." Viola said and joined the team to fly slowly back to the hospital.

"What is it with this Briefs human?" Agent Beri asked. "She's like your daughter almost."

"Let's just say I knew her father, I have some dues to pay with I've neglected as of late." The Director mumbled in a low voice so only Beri could hear. There was no use lying to her but he could give her the basic facts at least.

"Hmmm." Beri looked sideways and tried not to comment. She could tell there was something being hidden, it was the same feeling she felt when she had been inside Bulma's mind. There was some sort of strange block and it was very powerful. "I still see her as a liability; her fighting ability seems to be the same as mine."

"Which is why she has Viola with her, that Agent is a force 2 fighter and she knows how to fight." Piccolo growled and grabbed Beri by the hips and slung her over the shoulder. "You're the real liability. Take care not to ask too many questions, especially around my father. Even though you're a Grade A psychic you would have no chance against him."

"You have no manners!" Beri snapped as Piccolo flew with her back to the hospital. It was still quite dark and the team managed to move back to the safe point without many people noticing. The general public were to be kept in the dark about the full fighting force of the FBI it was part of the plan that came from Kami. Piccolo would have preferred a more direct approach but he had to follow his father's will to keep them as ignorant as possible.

Director Piccolo landed and made his way back to the quiet meeting room. It was empty and he dumped Agent Beri back into her chair. "Stay there and out of trouble, we're taking the next helicopter out of here."

"Why can't you fly me again?" Beri smirked. "I was getting used to the taxi service."

Piccolo only grumbled and ignored her light hearted teasing. She was only joking he knew and to talk back to her would just make her joke more. She was more annoying for him than anything else as she always clashed with his more serious nature. He walked down the corridor and into the ward that Bulma was in. She was packing her bags by the looks of it.

"Good, you're getting ready Agent." Piccolo said as he entered. He glanced over and saw a glare from his previous ex-agent Launch who was pretending to sleep but he had caught her stare as he entered. He ignored her and returned to prepping his current agent. "I'll get you on a flight to South Island tonight. Your contact is an old friend and you'll be staying in the Prison Warden's home rather than a hotel. It will be safer. We will have some agents go to ask some questions to Dr Gero as we're sure he's involved in this somehow."

"What am I investigating in South City?" Bulma asked.

"Mostly the Asylum and to find any information on the serum that the previous Warden administered on Vegeta." Piccolo said. "Vegeta should be as weak as a kitten but he was able to kill. There has to be some clues we've overlooked that can help lead to him and explain why he still has some power. Your turn as bait is over. It wasn't our intention to have you hurt like you were."

"It was my fault." Bulma sighed under her breath.

"It was what any agent would do in the circumstance, be more aware of your inability to fight. Vegeta seems to still have a way to do so."

Bulma nodded her understanding and watched as Director Piccolo turned to where Launch was lying in bed. "I know you heard all that highly confidential material Launch but there's a reason. We know who killed Tien, you can find out if you come back to the Forces. We're short of fighters at the moment. You could be a great help."

Launch turned round in bed her hair blond and her eyes furious. "What if I say no?"

"We have a way to make you forget, it might be better to stay and fight."

"I don't suppose you missed the update on my situation Director Piccolo, but I'm a cripple now." Launch snapped. "I only have one leg."

"We can get you a new robotic one, join the FBI again and you'll have full access to the technology."

"I'll think about it…" Launch said. "I have a time limit, right?"

"Tell me by 8pm tonight or we're wiping your mind and we might wipe something important, our Psychic isn't that good at the finesse of the human mind."

Launch snarled to herself and refused to reply. Piccolo turned his back and motioned to Bulma. "Meet in the Helipad by 8pm Agent Bulma. We'll perhaps see your old friend as well. I'll let you both discuss it, I apologise for the harsh words but we have our protocols to uphold."

He walked out and the women remained silent till he was away from their sight.

"Launch…." Bulma said tentatively as she walked over to her friend's bed. She had her head down in deep thought. She noticed that her blonde hair was now back to the dark blue. "What will you do?"

"It's this again, huh?" She sniffed. "They wiped my memory before, not that much but there are blanks about fighting for the FBI."

"Oh…" Bulma said gently. "You were such a better fighter than me, you have potential."

"Thanks, I guess." Launch smiled. "Though you do know they'll shut down one of my personalities. I've seen that Psychic as she came in, she's not human. She'll have the power to do it. They tried to do it before and failed, they'll try again."

"You don't know that for sure." Bulma tried to reason with her.

"I know. Piccolo wouldn't have offered if he couldn't 'fix' me." Launch explained. "I was kicked off the force because of my instability. It used to be with a sneeze but it changed to when I got stressed and the FBI missions stressed me out a lot. I have some mild memories of my time; they're not as good as you think they are."

"We fight to protect the Earth." Bulma said firmly. "You could join us again. We could come live with me till you sort yourself out."

"I'm not saying that…" Launch trailed off. "I… can't quite recall but… I just mean the FBI isn't as clear cut as you think it is."

Bulma looked at Launch trying to understand what she meant. She knew that the organisation took risks, she lived the risk by becoming the bait for Vegeta on this mission. "I just think if you joined again you could find out what really happened to Tien." It was a harsh thing to say but Bulma wanted to shake her friend up. She was mostly repeating what Piccolo had said. She was also slightly hurt by what she had inferred about her current company that was her life now. Her words against the FBI were like a direct attack to herself.

"I'll consider it Bulma." Launch said coldly. "Just know it was more than my mental health that made me leave the FBI. Just look out for yourself."

"I will." She awkwardly squeezed her hand and left to her side of the ward to pack up what little luggage she had. Bulma had one last check up with the doctors before they would let her leave. She gave a long look to her friend who had her head down refusing to look up.

"I'd like to see you back with me." She said softly as she closed the door. Bulma turned to see Viola leaning against the wall and not looking up.

"Hey." The tall agent said with a soft smile.

"Hey." Bulma smiled back. "How long were you there for?"

"Not long enough to understand what you're talking about." Viola answered. "I'm back on as your shadow. I'm not letting you get away from me again."

"Right, I already got told by the Chief." Bulma sighed. "I'm not running off anywhere. I still have me own mission to complete."

"Well my mission is clear, it's to protect your cute ass." Viola said. "No going off and getting yourself stabbed, you make body guarding someone actual hard work."

The two of them walked down the corridor as Bulma explained her next investigation.

"It'll just be us two in South City, what a change from here!" Viola beamed. "It's my home town, I can't wait!"

"Glad you're looking forward to it. That place only has bad memories for me." Bulma sighed.

"Vegeta's not going to get close to you again, we have orders!" Viola reminded her. "If we see even a sniff of the killer Saiyan we have to run, not fight."

"But what if we could catch him!"

"No, Bulma, you're not a fighter!" Viola scolded her. "I'm telling you not to take any risks, we were warned."

"There's no need to baby me, I got it." Bulma huffed. She had no idea why everyone protected her so much. Other Force 3 agents were able to do their jobs fine without powers or with any back-up. She silently fumed at her own incompetence at fighting and the injustice of being treated like a doll. There was still more she needed to do to prove herself it seemed. It was never enough for them; she just had to keep trying to fight till it was. Secretly she still wondered if she ever caught Vegeta if that would be what would force her up to a more leadership level role. Though for now it was a dream. The mild stinging pain in her side gave her the warning that Vegeta was not someone to mess with lightly.


A few hours passed and it came near the time. Bulma was clear to go by the doctors and all she had to do now was meet up with her boss. She held her breath as she walked onto the helipad and smiled as she saw Launch in a wheelchair by the side looking quite grim. She walked towards her friend.

"I'm not joining up again for me." Launch said. "I'm doing it for Tien, for you!"

"Wait, me?"

She saw Launch looking so sad at her again. "I'm going to find out everything I can about what they took from my mind." She whispered. "I'm going to fight for the truth."

Bulma bent down and gave her friend a hug. "I wish I was going with you." She sighed. "I have another mission to go to."

"Just stay safe and let Viola look out for you." Launch said smiling. "I need to go back to training by the looks of it."

The other door opened and the rest of Force 2 arrived. Viola made her way over to her friends and teammates to say goodbye and Bulma sat quietly next to her friend not saying a word and holding her hand. She had been through so much and when she'd find out about how and why Tien had died it might break her friend's heart. She couldn't say and she understood there was something else going on in the FBI. She needed all the allies she could find; her set up for her suspension had taught her that.

Director Piccolo followed by the smaller hooded figure of Agent Beri walked towards them.

"You're making the right choice Launch, we'll get you back to fighting form and you may even be good enough for Force 2." He said.

"If you say so, I just want to fight for what's right." Launch said looking up and directly into his eyes.

"I understand, Launch, you will have to stay in the hospital for a little longer and you'll be called to training with your new leg." Piccolo said and looked to Agent Beri. "We will need you to under go a psychic scan as well."

"Yeah…" Launch gave a sideways look to the small alien who was smiling and primping her hair.

"Our flight leaves now Agent Briefs." Viola said from the Air-Van. "Capsule van for 3. Just You, me and the pilot."

Bulma cursed inwardly as her geek self noted how it was one of the latest version, part of Gero Inc new models that copied her father's designs. She gave a last look at her friend. It was good in a way she was coming back to her but it would be at a cost. She gave another quick glance at the alien Beri and tried to clear her mind of any ill feeling she had towards her. She was obviously had some empathy along with her strong telepathy and able to understand basic emotion without reaching into your mind. Director Piccolo always seemed to be near her and she felt that he was in his own way protecting everyone from her full power.

Bulma threw her light bag into the back of the winged van and climbed in. The others that were gathered there stood back and Director Piccolo seemed to be chatting to his Force 2 team rather than watching her leave as the vehicle took off vertically. It was a nice design but Bulma knew her father could do better.

"Did you want Daddy to wave you goodbye?" Viola teased her as she saw her looking out the window.

"What?" Bulma said in surprise.

"Director Piccolo didn't wave…. Sorry, was that a bad joke?"

"Oh!" Bulma sighed, she had to learn not everyone where telepaths. "I just thought we would be more of a goodbye or a mission statement that's all."

"Don't worry, we've got that in our Mission file. We need to be in constant contact with the Director, he feels guilty for your time in hospital."

"He always said that he owed my father." Bulma explained. "I still can't get away from riding on my Dad's name."

"Nah, I'm sure it's more than that." Viola encourage. "Director Piccolo is a Dad to all of us. I didn't mean anything by it."

"I guess." Bulma shrugged and tried to remain silent. She had more things to think about. Launch coming back was great she had one more ally in the FBI but it still gave her the unsure feeling of why she needed to feel glad about that. She used to think they were all a team and could work together but recently she was feeling unsure about it all. She felt a mild churning in her stomach and she laid her hand against the scar. It was somehow burning and she could still feel the stinging pain bringing back the memory of when she was cut.

"You okay?" Viola asked.

"Yeah fine, we're going far away from Vegeta." Bulma said. "I still feel like he's watching me."

The Air-Van flew on up over the mountains and away from North City which for once had a clear sky so they could see the stars as they got further from the glare of the city lights. The two agents could see the scenery clearly from their windows.

"It's all so pretty from up here." Viola said.

"Space has always been so beautiful, yet has such hidden dangers." Bulma agreed.

"I meant the city lights, but yeah the stars are good too." Viola said as she pointed to the twinkling lights down below.

"I always find the stars more interesting." Bulma said as she gazed upwards. The stinging warm pain was getting stronger in her stomach the further she left North City. She tried to keep it quiet as she was sure it was just some stress related trauma. She could fight this herself she had done similar before when the bug Jones had mauled her.

'Till we meet again Bulma. I know we will, I'll make sure of it.' Vegeta's voice came into her head so clearly she turned round to see if she could see him. The feeling of him watching her came back stronger and she shut her eyes forcing her mind to focus on the here and now.

'We are not letting him win.' She hissed inwardly and punched her gut where the scar was. She winced in pain but it brought her out of the trance and she gasped as she scrambled to swallow some pain killers.

"Bulma?" Viola was concerned she leaned over to her seat and felt her head.

"Just a bit of PTS showing itself." Bulma assured her. "Let me rest."

"Okay, if you say so. We're going somewhere totally different than North City, it'll take your mind off it all."

"Exactly what I need." Bulma said in a small voice. "I'm going to try to get some sleep." She didn't want to continue talking; she'd packed some extra sleep medicine as well. She needed it they had a 6 hour flight. She enjoyed Viola's company but she needed more alone time than she cared to admit. She had some nightmares that Beri had awoken and only a mindless chemical sleep made her rest anymore. She turned her head to watch the stars again and let the medicine take its effect. The next city also had terrible memories for her but there were few places left like that anymore.


Author's Note: Surprise Vegeta right at the end. I did have a passing idea to have him as the driver but it's not time yet and would be too silly. There's more plot to be uncovered in a few other places. So the reunion of doom is still many chapters in the future. I just need to speed up my writing speed.

Next chapter we'll catch up with Vegeta and see where he's run to.

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