The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. I do not make money from this story.

There are some scenes of violence in this chapter.

Chapter 18


In the early morning Bulma Briefs arrived to her meeting point and with a slight feeling of unease. She was with a team that she didn't know that well and she was under orders of Tao, someone who clearly just saw her as an accessory to the assignment. She had her regulation gun in her holster and was in just normal jeans and a jacket to hide the gun. She wasn't dressed up, she had herself looking as plain as possible, no make-up, nothing that would stand out. She felt slightly unsure about her hair colour but she just put on a cap to hide the full effect of her colourful hair. It made her a liability in an under cover mission like this.

She saw the van pull over; it had the blackened windows and an advertisement for a plumber on the side. The door slid open and Yamcha greeted her with a red face. He stuttered a "Y-Yo!" and she just nodded and stepped in. The others in the van had their heads down silent. Special Agent Tao was to be in the other vehicle but Bulma could already feel the tension that had been in the meeting. The men in the van were all trained and under the command of Tao. It was clear to Bulma how much distrust they had for the girl Agent from the other department.

The radio cackled and spluttered and Tao's voice could be heard coming over it. "Is everyone accounted for?"

Yamcha grabbed the radio and turned his back to Bulma. Somehow his stuttering voice went away and he replied clearly to his superior. "Yes sir, all present in Van B."

"We'll be arriving soon, Agent Briefs, Agent Jaffa and yourself are to go out in the field, The rest will remain in position in the van." Tao said. "My agents will be accompanying me on Van A. We will be doing the main arrest so be sure to just remain as back-up. I want no heroics from Agent Briefs especially."

"Understood Sir."

"Over and out."

Yamcha turned back to Bulma and his face reddened. "A-Agent Briefs, if-if it's okay… you should be-be at the front."

"But, we're to hold back." Bulma said. She was feeling a little angered at what Tao had said, he was singling her out again, like the bully he was.

"I meant that you should be at the front of the back-up, you know our target well and I want you to be giving feedback to the tech guys in our van." As Yamcha said that one of the tech guys, Agent Cello started pulling out the equipment to attach to all the members going out on the field. "Be sure to keep visual contact of Biscotti, you're our link to what she could be thinking or going to do next."

"She's a hard one to predict but I'll try." Bulma said. Yamcha was starting to loose his stutter now he was going into his work mode. For Bulma it was making him look less than the wimp she used to know from their student days.

"I-I think T-Tao is wrong ab-bout you and that y-you can do a g-good job."

Bulma sighed, she'd thought too soon.

The van pulled into the Dock area and they parked up in a small alley for them all to get out and move into their positions as unnoticed as possible. Everyone had hidden earphones and radio contact was to be at a limit. Bulma made her way into the crowds of the morning market and tried to find her way to her position at Dock 21. The instructions of other people reaching their points came over the radio and she could only nod her head as she got into her own. She took out her phone and made a fake call.

"Hey, sorry I need to leave a message. I made it to the docks, just need to wait for you now." She pressed the button to pretend to hang up and looked across at her target. The red skin of Biscotti stood out, she wore a thin tanktop even though it was the middle of winter. Her species didn't feel the cold. She was sure brave showing off her skin colour but it seemed like everyone around the docks didn't even stare. There were some strange races in her world and somehow the aliens always seemed to fit right in. They would always say they were from some rare race from a far corner of the world.

'Humans are so easily fooled by the lies.' Bulma mused and tried to shake herself from her inner thinking. Now was not the time for her theology, she needed to keep her vigil. She spotted some other team members getting into their positions. She looked back to Biscotti she was busy talking to someone from her group. She seemed relaxed and comfortable as she kept talking to the group she was with. Some notes of paper seemed to be handed out and Biscotti seemed to be counting.

'The deal is going down.' A message came through her ear piece. "Stay alert, we're going for the arrest after the exchange has taken place."

Bulma kept her eyes down as she fiddled with her phone and tried to not seem like she was watching. All the other agents would be circling. She just had to hold her position. Biscotti seemed calm and unaware of the snare that was slowly circling. It was almost too easy. Bulma wondered what happened to the paranoid alien from a few years ago. She glanced over and saw the large bag on her back. It looked a little strange. 'Why does she need that for her dealing?' She wondered but as Bulma looked further it started to make sense. That wasn't a bag… it was a larva… it was a baby!

Bulma crouched down and spoke into her communicator. "There's a child with her, this race keep their infants in a cocoon… it's on her back!"

'Stay in position Agent Briefs.'

Bulma gritted her teeth as her stomach began to clench as the bad feeling settled in further. This wasn't good; Biscotti would protect the child if they did anything. She had written it up in her notes but had they not known about it? Should she have pushed more to get everyone to understand this felon's personality? She could turn into a type of Momma Bear without any warning and go into a frenzy.

Biscotti was still continuing with her deal and seemed to be handing over a package of something, most probably the drug they were after.

She tried again. "I repeat, the target has a child with her!"

"Negative we see none, moving in." She heard the reply and was in shock; things started moving slowly as Bulma could foresee the worst. Her gut instinct kicked in and she moved in. Biscotti was being confronted, her face became contorted and a large ki energy erupted. People were thrown backwards as the alien female protested to the arrest. Her arm thrashed out and Bulma could see the spore needle coming out of her hand. This was not good this could cause a mass infection if she left it.

Bulma pulled out her gun and shot straight into Biscotti's shoulder. She heard the woman cry out, the ki dampening bullet will be making quick work of her strength.

"Biscotti! Calm down! We have the right to arrest you, nothing will happen to you or your child if you just come in quietly."

She kept running forward, the alien was looking straight at her. "YOU!" She hysterically yelled and stretched out her arm, she needed no energy to release her spore. "I should have known it was the monkey loving Bitch who was behind this all!"

"Stand down Biscotti!"

"You want to take me back to that false sanctuary! I ain't going!"

"Please, calm down Biscotti, think about your child!"

The alien wasn't responding and seemed to be focused on escaping the men surrounding her and heading to Bulma at full charge.

Bulma shot again, this time at her hand hoping to disable her use of the spore stem. There was a 'ping' and some sort of rebound had occurred.

The agent got to red alien woman and looked down, she was still alive but tears were streaming down her eyes. "MY BABY!"

As Bulma kept her gun extended she looked to behind, her bullet had ricocheted into her back. It had pierced the cocoon of the baby and the small red body had landed on the ground. There was a horrible stain of blood and fluid from the cocoon. It was also coming from the child's head as it had landed on the hard concrete street.

"AGENT!" As one of her team called out Bulma saw that Biscotti was no longer in a surrendering position and was lunging at her. Bulma turned her gun and shot again, it was a clean shot and aimed straight to the outraged woman's head. Her forehead exploded in a shower of brains and scarlet blood. Bulma knelt down to the body and made sure the hand spores were still closed. They were and Bulma calmly took out some special rubber gloves and pulled them on her twitching body.

"Agent Briefs what are you doing?" Agent Viola asked as he was carefully cradling the baby up into a blanket.

"This is just a precaution."

"My God, you're more of an Ice Queen than you let on." Agent Viola said he had tears in his eyes. "The baby's fine by the way….well it's breathing."

"My first duty should have been to talk to her." Bulma sighed. She looked down at the now still face of Biscotti. Her white hair seemed to be turning red with the blood from her wounds. Bulma checked the alien's hands; the gloves were covering her spore stems safely.

"She's a walking biohazard you know." Bulma added more to herself.

"Agent Bulma just stop." Yamcha said to her. His arm touched her shoulder and it was like cutting the string of tension that had been holding her up. Bulma's legs gave in and she leaned against the wall. She wanted to keep herself upright; Bulma didn't want to show herself becoming weak. Not with Tao being so close, she could see him on the phone in her peripheral vision. Yamcha noticed though and tried to give her a supporting hand.

"I'm going to take the infant to the paramedics…" Agent Viola said as she cuddled the small bundle. "It's got a head wound, but it's just on the surface."

"It needs its cocoon; you need to get it in some sort of protective encasing." Bulma said calmly. "The same sort of incubator for premature babies should work fine." She knew the species well, the infant was harmless and had no bio-hazardous spores. It was only very vulnerable outside the protective case, much more than a human child the same age.

"It is a girl; 'she', not 'it'." Viola replied giving Bulma another stare, the agent walked away to the incoming ambulance. Bulma welcomed her going she couldn't take another of the woman's attempts at emotional blackmailing her into feeling some guilt. She felt bad enough as it was.

"I need to return to complete the report, we're getting a car to take you away." Yamcha said. "A lot of people saw the shooting and they may be some journalists coming."

"Great my favourite." Bulma grimaced. "She was attacking me, she had her hand stem extended… that's where the deadly spores come from." She knew she had to make her story clear now. This was such a large storm that she had created. Part of her knew it wasn't her fault but she had reacted on her instinct. If only she had been able to make her point across more. If she had just managed to talk more to Biscotti; maybe if she had been there at the front line when the arrest first happened instead of charging forward like she had.

"You have to repeat what I said Agent Yamcha…" She said looking at him her face flushed. "It's important. She attacked me first! Ask them to check her hands!"

"I understand Agent Briefs, I mean Bulma." Yamcha said. "I'll tell them what you said, it should be all right." He didn't stutter for once and Bulma was glad of that. He stood by her for a moment before leaving to talk to other agents.

She dropped her head down as she felt the adrenaline slipping away from her. The world was starting to spin and she could hear people speaking to her. She managed to answer the basic questions but she knew she wasn't being that coherent. When the car arrived for her Bulma was escorted into the car.

"We'll speak to you later in the day." Agent Yamcha said but it hardly registered with Bulma she just nodded. She saw more police and ambulances arriving as she was driven away. She looked down at her feet, they were covered in blood. Her whole outfit was splattered with blood. She knew that there had been a time in her past where this would have freaked her out. Now it just reminded her of how much she'd changed. All she was really thinking about was the coming storm and the possible cleaning bill.

In the car she felt safe. Now she was away from any prying eyes she let the tears roll down her cheeks. She knew this wasn't going to be the last of her problems it would continue even further into an even bigger possible mess. Bulma could feel the edge of a deeper chasm of despair upon her. She could regret all she wanted, but it had happened. She had engaged a target when she could have waited, she could have held back. She had caused this mess and she could place blame as much as she liked she still had the main accountability for her actions. It had been an impulse, something that she instinctively felt she had to do but no-one would really understand it.

She had to try though; Bulma knew that this might affect her future career, what she didn't know was that her future was much more unbelievable than even she could understand. The events of this day would roll into a much bigger consequence than Bulma could ever imagine.


Far in the North of the Chaos in West City, North City was quietly enduring the winter. At the warehouse Vegeta worked at he entered quickly, he hated to be outside for too long. It wasn't the cold he hated it was more the inept cheerfulness of everyone out working in the frosty weather. He knew this dead end job paid the base but he wondered why the humans kept going on so happily. As if there was no care in the world for them, it made Vegeta doubt their sanity but he knew the reason. They were either too naïve to care or just ignoring the monotonous slog that it would become. He had to admit he had become weak recently, not with energy but with his will power. He had done more than he should have.

He looked around the foreman's office. This was his now. It had been a little passing thought that he'd had recently. He wondered if he could get it easier for himself if he became his own boss. So far it seemed to be working. Shouting orders at idiots pleased him on some level, though now his darker side was showing more. It was just he as thought, perhaps he had got sloppy. He looked at the paper that mentioned his previous foreman's body that had been found in the mountains inside a dead bear. His plan had failed and he wasn't happy about that.

He sat down in the large chair and tried to let those thoughts go. So far no-one had said it was suspicious yet he couldn't let another human die so close to him again. He was getting comfortable in this little city. It was nothing like West City which was filled with officers keeping the new immigrants in check. North City was still too cold for those refugees to come to. They needed to stay close to West City and keep their behaviour monitored. None of the new comers seemed to have any power level and as far as he could tell the Earth had been lucky.

Vegeta looked at the memo pile that had filled up during his break. The primitive Earthlings still used paper, the only computer on the lot was in Vegeta's office and the Boss's office. As far as Vegeta knew the boss had come in only a couple of times to check up on things but he left it mainly for the foreman to control the ants. That suited Vegeta just fine, it wasn't too high up to get him noticed and it was ranked high enough to set him apart from the other apes that worked here.

He stood up to look out the window. He needed to check they were actually working. Though there seemed to be something disrupting them. An unfamiliar car had pulled up. It was nowhere near the shift end so it wasn't a basic worker.

'A guest?' Vegeta mused. The car looked a little run down but well looked after. It wasn't the usual heap of junk that the workmen drove. It was also nothing like something the Boss would drive or any of his ever further higher-ups. 'Interesting.'

He watched as a bald man stepped out and pulled at his ill fitting suit. Vegeta made a good guess that he was a detective; it was long over due he guessed with all the suspicious disappearances of the staff. Vegeta knew there was no evidence that they could pin on him though they might be able to find out who he really was. His decent disguise could only keep him safe for so long, he needed to act like one of these apes. Now would be a true test of how well he had blended into this small minded society on Earth.

For Vegeta he had no idea how far this test would truly go.


Author's Note: Oh, poor Bulma! She's become a lot tougher than in chapter 1 and is definitely tougher than her original universe version. I've also started hinting at what will be affecting Vegeta in the next few chapters. Bulma will also have a lot more to deal with as consequences start to really escalate.

I know I'm a slow writer but I hope to get the next chapter done by this year (2013) at least! Thanks for all the reviews from people still reading and from new readers. It's great to see people are interesting in my story which I really want to be different from the usual BV, I'm not sure how the action scenes are. I always end up getting myself confused. So again, if you spot any glaring errors or plot holes please let me know, I'll be more than happy to try and fix it.


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