The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. I do not make money from this story.

Chapter 19

The Mask of Sanity

The North City Docking yard was busy as usual but there was someone there that didn’t belong there. The man was lead into the small foreman office. Vegeta looked up as the tall man walked into his office. He was much taller than him and he could tell that he had some sort of fighting ability.

“How can I help you?” Vegeta asked. “This is a simple shipping yard, we don’t usually get suits down here.” Vegeta wanted to add something derogatory about his scruffy suit but he held it in.

“I’m the NC police department, Detective Tien.” The Detective said. “I wanted to ask you and a few of the workmen a few questions.”

“I’m Foreman Yasai Hoang.” Vegeta said trying to keep his voice calm and free of any of his contempt. “I understand why you’re here, but it has been a bit tense for everyone with all the disappearances I don’t want the men worked up more than they already are.”

“I will be discreet.” Tien said. Vegeta instantly distrusted what he said. The guy stood out like a sore thumb in this place. Vegeta really didn’t like his crumpled non-dry cleaned suit that maybe once had looked good. It really didn’t match Vegeta’s tastes that he had accumulated over the year. The Earth had so much better tailoring than that thing he was wearing. He wondered if he could rip it off along with the guy’s skin. He might end up looking so much more palatable.

“So let me ask you some questions.” Tien said, pulling out a notepad and totally unaware of the thoughts rushing through Vegeta’s head. “Where were you on the 2nd? The night Mr Bernard Venison went missing?”

“I was hiking at the time.” Vegeta answered. “I already explained this in the original report. A Mr Yama will attest to me being there at the time as I hired a shack from him in the mountains.”

“You do much hiking?”

“Yeah, it beats the city.” Vegeta said. “I don’t know why you’re asking about Bernard too.”

“I thought I could tidy up any loose ends if I could find them.” Tien muttered, writing down what Vegeta had told him.

“I thought old Bernie’s was an accident too?” Yasai sighed. “He had a wife, though it didn’t need a police investigation.”

“Like the former Foreman, he met a nasty end to wild animals.” Tien said. “I don’t like coincidences.”

“It’s a peril of living in this wild land. This isn’t a soft city like South City or East… there’s actual work to be done here to live.”

“Spent any time in those other places, I take it you’re not from here.”

“I travelled a lot when I was younger.” Vegeta answered not sure why these questions needed asked. “I grew up in a small farm near West City.”

“Your folks out there still?”

“Nope, I’m an orphan.” Vegeta said but he couldn’t help but ask back. “Why is my background necessary? It’s all in the company files which I’m sure you have access to and if not I could let you have a copy.”

“Eh, that would be great.” Tien said thrown off from his questioning a little. He didn’t really need to question Mr Yasai as much as this but his presence unsettled him. He felt like a wolf in a tiger’s den, he was just trying to figure out what kind of man Yasai was.

“It might take a while to print out.” Yasai said writing down a memo on his desk.

“You can post all the relative files to my office.” Tien said though his face seemed to be mildly uncomfortable with the idea of more paperwork.

“I’ll see what I can do.” Yasai said. “Anything else, the men have just finished their lunch break. You have some bad timing. They might not be in the mood for talking.”

“I guess you know them well.”

“Last month I was with them, working on the same dull shifting of boxes.”

“So you got promoted?”

Vegeta kept his face still and tried not to twitch any muscles, yes it was true he was glad of the promotion but he had to hide any clue that he was happy about it. “I still feel out of place, they needed someone with experience on the dock and they didn’t want to bring in new management.”

“It was by your suggestion.”

“I think self-promotion is not a crime detective.” Yasai said smoothly. “I believe anyone in my position that saw this tragedy as a chance said something similar.”

“I understand that Mr. Hoang I just wanted to know if there was any strong motive, would you suggest to your previous foreman to go hiking or anything like that?”

“I never took him to be an outdoors man, Shanks was quite weak.” Yasai said. “He never showed any interest in anything other than going to the bar for drink and women. He was an ordinary North City guy, he stayed safe and he knew the risks of the wilderness. That’s why I found it so surprising that he actually went out there.”

“You never took him to be the type of guy that would go out hunting or for a nature walk?”

“Can’t say we shared the same interest.” Yasai said. “I never could talk to him about any of my hikes, he would maybe only go out there if there was a girl involved.”

“He was married.”

“I don’t think he was against there being any extra-marital activities with any ladies.”

“You think he had affairs?”

“No proof but he always found his way to gossip about other worker’s social lives with such things.” Yasai grimaced as he made sure he showed his displeasure. “He would never hide his interest about such matters so I thought he was a pretty easy-going guy with the ladies.”

“It could have been just bravado.”

“I never got that impression; he sounded proud of other workers affairs as if they were in some sort of club.” Yasai said. “I never like such gossip, but there is no way to stop it in an all men’s club like this; when the men talk about their multitudes of conquests, but it doesn’t interest me.”

“You’re a one woman guy then Mr Hoang.”

“I always will be, there has only been one woman in my life and I’ll keep it like that. I don’t need any more trouble.”

“Women are always trouble.” Tien laughed there was an awkward pause until Vegeta released that the Detective had tried to make a joke and so he gave a forced snort of a laugh that seemed to unnerve Tien. He had other workers to talk to but he didn’t think there would be anything more to add. He gave one last look at the blond recently hired foreman, taking his likeness into his memory. There was something about this Yasai Hoang, something that buzzed in the back of Tien’s mind just out of grasp.

“Women just find a way to get into trouble.” Yasai said to fill in the silence. “I only ever hear from mine when she is in trouble.”

Vegeta moved his glance to a drawing he had placed in his room of a blue woman. It was quite symbolic and featureless but his imagination filled in the rest. For any other person it was just a blue blob with shining white eyes that seemed to be angry.

“So you say, my girl’s not quite like that it’s more the other way around.” Tien said. He gave a glance at the weird artwork that seemed to be ill fitting for a foreman’s office. It just added more to the mystery that was Yasai. “I take it your girl isn’t in touch.”

“She’s not the type to keep in touch; we’re a bit separated at the moment.” Yasai sighed. “As I said, I’ll only know when she’s in trouble.”

“Well sorry to bring up some old demons then.” Tien said and made his way out the door. “I’ll come back if there’s anything else I need.”

“That’s no trouble.” Yasai said and as the door closed the veil of Yasai Hoang slipped off and Vegeta was once again in control. He didn’t like that detective, he had some small trace of power and more unfortunate, he seemed to be the questioning type. His persistent need for small talk that was really hiding his way of questioning him for information was annoying. It was testing Vegeta’s patience. It was a nice set up he had in the port area he would hate to kill some dumb Detective and have to move on again. This would need to be approached carefully. He had been pushing his luck recently. He looked out the window to see Detective Tien start his enquiries.

He stepped back in case the man looked up again. He needed to be under the radar for a while and this dog detective was not going to make things easy. He went back to his painting and wondered if he should really take it home instead. Vegeta had a passing thought if he should go to West City and look up his old friend but he shook it away. He really didn’t like to think about her, he only talked about her to show to the others that he had relationships. Though you could never really call what they had anything like that. For now it was all about his own survival; he needed to keep his own thoughts on himself.


Bulma Briefs knew this was bad she was shaking as she was driven down the road. The car was taking her home, she would feel safe there. It was out of the way from the bustle of West City and far away from the FBI office to make her feel out of the shadow of work. Though if Bulma was honest with herself she would admit that her work was all she had. Now she was not sure if she had any at all. After this her work would be over. She was going to be knocked down for this. Bulma just knew she couldn’t play this game of promotions, she couldn’t make herself grovel or simper to her bosses. She always spoke her mind and felt the consequences of it all through her career. Now she could strike this down as one of the worst.

It was more the waiting she knew that would be the main headache for now. The tsunami that was coming was only really the tip of what she was feeling now. It was pure anticipation of the horror that would be coming and Bulma didn’t know if she had the strength to deal with it in her now cool character that she had built up for so long.

“Miss Briefs, we’re here.” The driver said.

Bulma shook herself awake and made her basic thanks to the man. She had been rotten at any small talk on the short journey. She could see from the kindness from the guy that he understood and she really wished she had taken a mental note of his name. Bulma had a quick urge to ask as he was driving away but she felt it was too late. It was better if she didn’t know. She would probably be doing a similar job as him soon.

‘Bulma Briefs, chauffeur.’ She thought of the title. It just gave her a twinge of anger. She had plenty of that and she kept her temper down, not here, not on the lawn. ‘I have to wait… soon.’ Her house was similar to other houses in the area, each with a big enough garden for privacy but close enough to be a community. The nearby wooded park area was perfect for morning jogs and dog walking. For Bulma it was a quiet place that was her sanctity. Her only place that was safe from her constant chaos that was her job. She did admit that her neighbours were more uncomfortable with a single woman living in a family orientated area but they never really said it.

It was just indirectly hinted in their conversations about the weather or them going on school runs. It was subtle in their mind but for Bulma that had been trained to read between the lines it was obvious and slightly irritating. She never hinted at it though. She just kept her mask on and slowly lifted the veil when she stepped in her house. The neighbours were not around just now and it was just as well, she went into her house uncertain if she’d seen a curtain twitch and sure that she didn’t care if there was.

As she entered she made sure to lock it behind. “I’m home.” She called out into the echoing empty house.

There was no answer and Bulma didn’t expect any, the only other person that had a key to her home was her cleaner and she should have finished hours ago. Bulma went into the kitchen, everything was tidied from the mess that had been her breakfast. The cleaner had been and gone, it was all clear.

Bulma opened her cupboard and took out a few mismatched cups and plates. She grabbed a giant glass vase that looked really cheap. Bulma arranged it all on her low coffee table. She snatched a cute rabbit ornament and stuck it on top of a cup. It was a weird arrangement and one that was quickly destroyed. She brought down a baseball bat into the centre and let out a scream.

“I TOLD THEM!” Tears ran down her face as she just released all her emotions on this one act of destruction.

“WHY DIDN’T THEY LISTEN?!” She side swiped the rabbit and saw it hurtle into the wall. “WHY!” The crockery was all in pieces when she was through. She panted a strange metal taste in her mouth. She had bitten her lip in her rage. She went over to the small ornament and saw that most of it was in one piece.

She stomped down on it. “IDIOT!”

Bulma let out a large sob as the anger left and there was only the regret left. She was determined not to regret her actions but she couldn’t do it completely, she had messed up somewhere. She had been there at the time. She had a chance to keep things in control and she messed up. The only idiot was herself. She looked at the pitiful rabbit ornament. It was something she bought on an urge as it was similar to something her mother had. It wasn’t quite the same but it was something her mother would have giggled over.

If her mother had been here she would have just laughed off the mess she made and told her to go fix something instead. Bulma didn’t have that anymore, she had no mother and no urge to fix anything. She wasn’t the mechanical genius she used to be. She wasn’t a scientist now. She was only a warrior that couldn’t follow orders, she followed her gut instinct instead.

‘Just look how far this instinct got me.’ Bulma wondered to herself. Sure she had caught a mass killing alien psychopath on that skill but for the three years it had not really brought her anymore luck. She needed to get her focus back. She just followed her orders till she messed them up or tried to do what she felt was right. She was the FBI Ice Queen who showed no emotion on the field and did everything her own way.

Bulma wiped her blood stained face and wondered what the rumour club would make if they saw their Ice Queen now. She was covered in cuts and blood and crying uncontrollably. She was nothing like her image she had built up. She only let it out in the quiet of the house with plates and ornaments she bought from garage sales. She doubted she could put that down as her hobby. She somehow found the strength in her legs and forced herself to go for a shower. She took her whole clothed self in and tried to wash all the alien blood off. Her jeans became too heavy and she slid them off. She got undress in the shower as she felt the hot water slowly cleansing her thoughts. The tears still ran down her face but they mixed well with the shower. It was as if she wasn’t crying at all. Her dirty wet clothes were discarded in the bath tub, to be dealt with later.

She tried one last time to convince herself that she was okay but she gave up and hunkered down naked in the shower. She let the beads of water massage her aching back and she tried to clear her mind. This was only a small hurdle, she could do this. She would rise again like she always did. This didn’t have to go this way. She hardened her heart again and tried to breath. The calmness that she believed was her ice entered her body and she sighed as she could feel her strength returning.

Bulma stepped out of the shower and rubbed herself down. The blood was gone though the splatters on her clothes seemed to be there forever. Bulma knew she would be having another bonfire in her backyard just to annoy her neighbours. It made her smile thinking of how they would be moaning about it in their houses just loud enough for her to hear but pretending that they were trying to be quiet.

‘It’ll be fine, I’ll just take my grievances out of the Bakers-next-door rather than the crockery.’ She smiled to herself as she thought about how much passive aggressive things she could do to annoy them.

A hot cup of tea and a quick clean up and Bulma could feel the benefits of letting out her rage. She took her time clearing up her mess. It was knick-nacks from garage sales that didn’t match her style. They had only been bought with the intention of to be broken in her rage. She still had it just under control but there were times when her spoilt self wanted to have her way. It was a bad habit she’d taken up but it was keeping her away from the cigarettes and that was what really counted to her. When the stress gets too much for her it was her only release. She knew she needed to find a new hobby but it was a satisfaction that was hard to imitate. She made a move to switch on the TV but stopped herself, she didn’t want to know just now.

She moved instead to her CD collection and selected something more soothing and lay down on the couch. Tomorrow would bring all the mess that she had made, for today she would just try to cool her head and not think about it. The storm was coming and she would stand her ground and face it.

“Maybe they’ll listen this time.” Bulma hummed to herself along with the music.


Author’s Notes: Long time no see Vegeta! I hope no one’s too confused by my calling Vegeta Yasai during his interview with Tien. I wanted to show that he was acting in character. Bulma too is keeping herself a façade that she’s built up. This Ice Queen act of hers is hiding her real short temper that I made her show that she’s still not got some control of. I hope to explore that inner friction in later chapters and I hope I can do what I envision some justice.

Next chapter the storm breaks and we’ll see more of Detective Tien. He’s got a back story that needs fleshed out and Bulma will have her consequences to face.

Thanks to everyone that continue to read this and leave your comments. If you spot any errors let me know as I write this without a Beta.

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