The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I am not making any profit from this story. The original characters are not based on anyone in real life.

Chapter 3

The Abandoned Building

The Asylum was still in chaos as Bulma left her mind racing. She had just avoided an inquiry from Warden Oolong. It was obvious he was annoyed at the questionnaire that she had retrieved from Vegeta and now there was the riot in the main dungeon. That only added to the annoyance the pig had towards Bulma. He had tried to stop her leaving but he had been called away to help clean up the mess. She would hear about it when she returned to FBI headquarters near West City. But for now she was free in South City where she had to go on a mystery hunt.

Why she trusted what Vegeta said she didn't know. He was still the man-eating murderer she had condemned like the rest of the population. She hated him for what he was and had done. There was no redemption for someone that didn't feel any remorse for his actions. He took pride in it, also the fact that he had revealed so many truths about himself. He had said he was the only survivor of his race, he somehow didn't count the mystery Saiyan. This was something new. Vegeta had never told anyone before. It was assumed that there was a planet of Saiyans somewhere just waiting to pounce. Also he had mentioned the mysterious Saiyan and how he thought like a human. In truth he had told her more than anyone, Vegeta trusted her. This was the fact that suddenly dawned on her as she drove to the east of the city.

There were so many questions she wanted to ask but she guessed this was as much as she was going to get from him. Warden Oolong still had his spy camera and Vegeta didn't want to say too much. It was obvious how much contempt he held for the pig. She looked out the window of her car searching for the building. She felt stupid looking for something Vegeta had told her to, but it was her only lead. She wanted to help solve this case. It wasn't a matter of anything that these young people where being kidnapped and taken somewhere to be tortured. The case file on Scalpel Jones told her that much. Parts of bodies where missing from the victims but it was always something different. Bulma couldn't understand the killer's mind, the motivation and need where something she couldn't spot. Other cases like this it would be sexual or fantasy fulfilling, but not this one. There was something cold and clinical about the way it had all been taken care of.

She slammed her foot down on the brake this was it!

The round building of an abandoned Capsule Corporation facility loomed down at her. She felt a pang of homesickness but tried to let it quell down. She couldn't trust her inventions anymore. She needed to be more than just an inventor; Bulma wanted to become a force to fight these aliens. With the FBI she could do that and if she could use her genius to help then she would give them it. She walked up to the building her gun secluded under her suit jacket. If there was Scalpel Jones inside she could take him down now!


Betty Walker opened her eyes and wished for freedom. She didn't know how long she had been down in this dark dank hole but she wanted to go home. She wanted her mommy. What she wanted was to be somewhere that wasn't here! The silhouette of the monster that kept her appeared above her.

“Eat.” It hissed.

She couldn't tell if it was male or female. She was a prisoner, she couldn't tell how long it had been, weeks maybe days she didn't know. Food was thrown down on top of her with a messy slop noise. It did this three times a day. It would throw food at her and expect her to eat it. It tasted horrible, she suspected it was drugged. Everytime she got so hungry that she would want to taste the foul slop she fell unconscious.

“Let me out of here!” Betty cried. “I wanna go home.”

“Don't we all,” The stranger said sarcastically. “But it will eat now, no demands from stock!”

“I'm not stock!” Betty yelled, her voice starting to crack, “I'm a human being.”

“The Stock will eat then we'll start to take.” It said mysteriously.

“What the hell…” Betty whispered as she kicked the slop away from her. She hated the muck and didn't want anymore. She hated the thing, whatever it was.

“It will EAT!” The dark creature said. All of a sudden the frightful scene was interrupted by a faint knock.

“Stay silent!” It warned. “HEY, HEY, I'M DOWN HERE! HELP ME!” “It will stay SILENT!” It threw down a cylinder that spewed out purple gas. The frightened girl coughed and spluttered, her voice completely gone. The figure hunched across as the knocking continued. It picked up its disguise and made its way to the door.


Bulma knocked again, the Capsule Corporation was no longer operational but the building might have new owners that had security guards on patrol. It was better to check she decided. Besides it was only a faint lead from the Saiyan Prince, for all she knew he could be sending her straight into a trap. She gave a final knock, the night air starting to chill her; she was getting really fed up. The shutter finally juddered and opened.

“Hi, Bulma Briefs FBI.”  She said in her most confident voice and holding up a card.


The creature looked at the card held out to him. “Flower delivery?” It asked, his disguise mask crinkled slightly as it tried to comprehend. “I didn't ask for any”

“Well sir, we have your address here.” The Deliveryman said putting his ID away.

It squinted at the print, “That's across the street.”

“Oh I'm terribly sorry.”

“Hmph, that's okay.”

“Have a nice day sir,” The Deliveryman said as he ran to the correct address.

“Filthy flowers,” The creature hissed and closed his door.


“FBI?” The security guard asked.

“Yeah, I'm checking out a lead.” Bulma said. “Do you mind if I have a quick check of the building?”

“I dunno,” The Guard said scratching his head. “Not sure if I should be able to let you in without the right authorisation.”

“Well, I could go back to my head office in West City and ask for the authorisation but that would take another day and it really is just a quick check.” Bulma said fluttering her eyelashes.

“Okay,” the guy said giving in as if she was a child asking for candy. “Just let me come with you.”

“Sure, I don't mind.” Bulma entered and took out her pocket torch from her bag. (It is well known that all FBI agents should have a torch.)

“This used to be an old laboratory for the Capsule Corporation, say Briefs that name does sound kinda familiar.” The Guard said.

“It's a really common name.” Bulma lied. “There's tons of Briefs in South City.”

“I didn't know that.” The man said.

“What's in these boxes?” Bulma asked. “I thought all the Capsule Corporation equipment was taken away.”

“This is just left over junk that no-one wanted.” The Guard said. “I don't know why they need it guarded 24 hours but it pays good money.”

“I see.” Bulma glanced into the nearest crate. She spied another one close by that looked like it was almost open.

“Are you sure it's okay to do that?” The Security Officer asked as he watched Bulma opening the box.

“Oh it's fine, it's already open see.” Bulma said. “I'm just nudging it to get a better look.” Bulma moaned disappointedly as she saw all the box contained was rusted Bunsen burners and microscopes.

“Aw gee is that all?” The Guard asked.

“Looks like I should check the next room.”

“Do you know what you're looking for Miss?”

“I know when I find it, sorry I never caught your name.”

“Dave Burns.” He held out his hand but Bulma just smiled and carried on.

“Nice to meet you Dave, this must be awfully lonely in a place like this.”

“Not really, eh do you mind if I go make a quick call?” Dave asked. “It's time for me to check in with my Head Office.”

“Sure, I won't touch anything.” Bulma said still smiling her eyes focused on the box. As soon as he was gone Bulma ran over to the crate and moved the lid, she peered inside hoping to find some hidden secret. All she could see was empty capsules. `Great Bulma good detective work.' She sarcastically said to herself. She picked up an empty capsule and pressed the button, it made a faint hissing noise but it was broken as she suspected. It was crates of broken empty capsules. She kicked the box and went over them all, just to check. They all had the same label on them `default stock.'

She glanced around there wasn't anything worth protecting here. If this was just a warehouse filled with faulty and out of date capsules then why hadn't they been disposed of? Seeing as her father's company went bankrupt five years ago, she still remembered a lot about it. She had been making all her preparations to take over after her father retired but the Saiyan attack made sure that wouldn't happen. At 15 she had been orphaned and left to stray. She wiped her eyes hoping to wipe away the memories that this warehouse was giving her. She couldn't let herself mope on the past anymore. She was doing something about it. She was a FBI agent ready to take on all those murderous aliens that took lives away.

Bulma leaned on the boxes as she kept looking around the place. Had Vegeta sent her on a wild goose chase? One that he would taunt her about when she return to question him. She felt like such a fool trusting one of those murderers. Bulma moved into the next room, the boxes although looked the same as the one in the previous room had one thing missing, the Capsule Corporation logo. `This has to be it!' Bulma beamed proud at herself. She pushed at the largest box; it was huge big enough to hold a small car. Which wasn't right as any large equipment should be contained in a capsule. Bulma got her crowbar and worked away at the hinge. It broke off and with a loud clatter the box completely opened. The Security guard Dave came rushing in to see what the noise was about. Bulma shrugged and batted her eyes hiding the crowbar behind her back.

“Silly me I nudged it and the box almost exploded!”

“I never told my boss you were here but I could get into serious trouble…” Dave warned.

“Don't worry I'll have the correct paperwork round by tomorrow…now what's this?” Bulma turned her attention back onto the mysterious object and was amazed. It was a space ship, a huge round space ship. The design was similar to that of the Saiyan invaders but there was something different about this. There was no Vegeta stamp as she had come to call it, the crest of the Saiyan Prince. All of the Saiyan space pods had this crest on it. Vegeta denied that it had anything to do with him but it was all over his clothes that they had recovered. He was the only one with the crest on his person.

“So this didn't come in the same group as Vegeta?” Bulma gulped, she drew closer looking for clues.

“Miss I wouldn't really want you to touch anything…” The Security Guard warned.

“Your company has been hiding Alien technology without the FBI knowing about it. I wouldn't worry about just your job Dave.” Bulma sighed. This was quite a serious matter. The Space Pod looked in better condition than the other Saiyan space pods. She clicked a few buttons on the side and the pod opened.

'Yes, it is the same as Vegeta's and his bunch of savages.' She looked down at the abandoned clothing, the armour that Vegeta and his crew wore on their first visit. This space pod hadn't been opened; it had only been boxed and put into storage.

“Well done Dave Burns for letting me in,” Bulma said. “This clearly means that we have some charges to file against your employers.”

“Oh no…” Dave groaned.

“I'm sure our offices are always short of a security guard or two.” Bulma smiled. “I could put in a good word for you.”

“Could you?”

Bulma nodded.

“Then I'll leave you to it miss, I really need to tell my boss now.”

“Remember, I've got all the proper paperwork!” Bulma winked. She let her flirty facade drop as soon as Dave scurried off. Bulma didn't know what to do; it was completely out of her depth. The only thing she could do was look for more clues and call for back up, asking for the paperwork to come on the way.

She picked up her phone and made the call, luckily her boss was in late. Director Piccolo was surprised at her announcement that she had found an alien craft. But he was quick to pick up that she needed forms and red tape cut as soon as possible. This may be tied up to his case or it may not. Bulma wasn't 100% sure either way she had managed to find something thanks to the murderer, Vegeta's help. Athough this could have been a huge coincidence, Bulma didn't believe it for a minute.

She stood back from the craft as she hung up her cell. This was what she joined the FBI for, sure she could have been in the labs but this fieldwork was worth it. Coming here and finding something like this! She checked about the rest of the room it smelled quite strange almost as if someone was growing mushrooms. But there was something else a much muskier smell. It was coming from the back of the room. Bulma move towards it the stench getting stronger as she covered her mouth. A sheet was covering whatever was in the corner. Bulma lifted it up carefully her gut clenching as her imagination went wild. The sheet was whipped off and revealed its secrets.

The young cadet gasped as she saw the remains of a dead body. A human body, one that had been there for at least 3 years maybe more. 'It looks like a mummy from a museum,' Bulma thought, 'But how could something like this be in an old Capsule Corporation building?' She kept looking at it her morbid curiosity wanting to know more. She could see moisture beside the cadavers mouth. She wanting to know everything about this person's death. Along the side of the wall she saw strange burn marks that outlined the victim. 'Had this person been burned alive?' She wondered but marked it off the list this was not the corpse of a burn victim.

“Oh my god....” Bulma turned to see the shocked face of the Security guard, “Lets get some air Dave...” Bulma said to him. She was starting to feel nauseous the adrenaline was wearing off. She leaned against the wall as she felt her way along to the exit. As soon as the cool night air hit her Bulma buckled over feeling her stomach churn. Dave the security guard had left her alone as he went to light up a cigarette.

“Do you mind if I have one?” Bulma asked weakly. “I'm trying to quit but I can't not just now.”

“Oh yeah sure...” Dave handed her over one from his pack and gave her his lighter. Bulma took a moment to place it in her mouth and then sparked the lighter. The thick smoke filled her lungs and reminded her she was alive. She took a deep breath of the cool air and handed back the lighter. She felt her hand tremble as she tried to puff on her cigarette. The bitter taste became soothing for her though her lungs felt like they were on fire. Her mind was racing as she tried to bring everything together. The body, the spaceship, Scalpel Jones and Vegeta. In some way these were all connected. As much of a genius as she was she wasn't sure if she had the mind to solve this case. She didn't know how to figure out how people worked, she couldn't figure out this killer. She needed Vegeta's help to see into the mind of this murderer.

Whoever or whatever Scalpel Jones was, Vegeta knew. He had seen or knew aliens like him, he knew of the motives of the drives to kill. This wasn't out of sexual pleasure, revenge, wrath or anything as simple as a normal killing. She sighed and stubbed out the cigarette, she wished she hadn't smoked it now. The taste of nicotine was in her throat and she felt like having a drink in a bar. She stood up and tried to get her professional manner back. The flashing lights in the distance told her the reinforcements were arriving. As soon as she got the body report she knew what she had to do, she had to see the Saiyan Prince again. She needed Vegeta.


In South City Asylum Vegeta looked up to his tiny barred window. His acute Saiyan hearing could make out the sirens. Even though he was dulled by the restraints of his cell this bought a smile to his lips and he continued with his deep blue picture. He swept a blue/green chalk adding hair to his figure. Yes, this was getting interesting for him. He looked up to the camera and smirked.

“Tell Bulma I hope she found it.” He said knowing full well Oolong would hear. He continued with his figure drawing a dark black being added behind the figure, making it seem like a looming shadow.

“Yes, Bulma is very interesting...”He whispered. “Maybe even my key to escape and revenge.”

Author's note: Well there you are chapter 3, not much from Vegeta but then he'll have more next chapter. Do wait till then!

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