The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. I do not make money from this story.

Chapter 20


Another day drew to a close in North city; the heavy snow storm was just starting and was probably going to be continuing all night. A scruffy man got out of his car, pulled a woollen hat on his bald head and ran to his house. Detective Tien had returned home from his day of interviews at the docks. It hadn't really thrown out any leads but there was something about the new foreman that was giving him a strange feeling. This was what the Police always called their gut instinct. He sighed as he saw a note from his fiancée stuck on the fridge door. He guessed she'd be down at the bar as usual. His lack of any funds to get them out of this hell hole of a town was starting to drive them apart.

He needed a break and to get his transfer confirmed somewhere sunny like the South islands or even a dead end village down south. Anywhere south would do him fine. He adjusted his hat, the heating had been switched off and it would take a while to heat up. He walked through to his study and switched on the PC. There were some small reports he could get done in the morning but he had to check something. Tien prepared his coffee and settled down in his comfy computer chair, wrapping himself up with a blanket.

The police intranet was easily accessed from his PC making some of his paperwork less of a hassle. He didn't need to do those interview reports today but he could just start writing it up. The coincidence of two men working for the same company and being found dead in the wilderness was too much for him. There had to be something going on even if it was some stupid dare that went wrong. He spent a while looking at the files of the men that had died. There was nothing outstanding about their deaths really but the amount of missing dead people had been too high recently. The amount of missing reports had increased and it was always with no real trend, all genres and creed of people were missing. The dock workers were his current only link that seemed to connect to something. He just didn't know what. His attention needed to be elsewhere and he decided to send a message to his girl. 'At home, when u coming home?'

There was a pause as he waited for the return and after a minute he gave up. She was obviously ignoring him; he clicked back onto the internet and kept looking over the same files. He went to the FBI site, he needed to drag himself into his work to forget. They had updated their site with a list of most wanted refugees. It was strange how the number one was that damn alien psycho. That killer was responsible for the changing world he now lived in. The main public knew little about where these refugees came from but Tien knew thanks to some links he had to the FBI. He knew that for some reason Vegeta was unable to go on his killing spree again and so had gone into hiding. He had not escaped the planet, there was no way he could get past the current shield that surrounded Earth. It was what was keeping the current immigrants in check but it also kept those going out in complete control too. There was no leaving or entering unless the FBI deemed it suitable. They were the ones really controlling everything and Tien hated them for it. It didn't help that he had been rejected from the FBI selection process 8 years ago when it started and had been forced into law enforcement instead.

He looked across to his photo by his computer. It was a picture of his younger days when he had been training under his master and where he had met his best friend. Those days were past now, Chao Tzu was dead and gone thanks to Vegeta and his small but devastating invasion. He needed to honour his friend's death and continue with his fight against these invaders. He had given up on getting into the FBI their methods and psychological evaluations always let him down.

He stared at the picture of Vegeta, he knew those cold black eyes well. The picture of his smirk just for the camera, as if to say he knew he would be able to escape and kill them all. He shut down the browser in annoyance and rubbed his temples. His head was throbbing and he could feel another killer migraine coming on. There was something in the back of his mind clicking the pieces together but they just hadn't linked yet. Tien had no idea how close he was to figuring it all out but he wasn't quite there yet. He was thinking too much about other people's interviews and his partner worries.

He called it a night on his work and went to get his dinner that was sitting cold in his fridge. All he needed now was to get that break and show his girl that they could finally move out and get married. Then he could get all the things he wanted to buy for her. He could buy back her love, there was nothing Tien would do now to keep his only companion with him now. He just knew these missing people cases were just the ticket he needed.


The next day in West City, Bulma Briefs drove up to her Head Quarters and wondered why there was such a crowd outside. She felt her stomach tense as unease crept over her. This was not a usual press day, this was because of that incident. She tried to drive past to get to the parking lot but a sharp eyed reporter spotted her and tapped on the glass as she slowly made her way past. Bulma didn't wind down the window she let the reporter shout through the glass.

"Agent Briefs! Any comment about the death of an innocent mother and child?" The woman yelled at her. "Why are you still working here?"

Bulma drove on. 'Innocent mother?' She was fuming, her temper was about to explode again. She needed to get past them and into her work, just what was going on? She pushed her car through as slowly as she could but the crowd had now realised it was her and started to pin her in. She knew it was too late to try to escape to the back entrance. She stepped out of the car, awkwardly parking it in a bad place. She pushed through as the cameras flashed and the endless chattering echoed around her.

"Tell us why you did it!"

"We need to know!"

"Daily Jupiter needs a scoop, please let us have an interview!"

She ignored them all as it seemed to merge into one large noise. The guards came forward and tried to shield her as she kept muttering "No comment." The only thing that can be said at times like this. She wondered how this had been leaked in such a short time but then she had ignored the news all of last night and had a stayed in her room listening to music. As she reached the safety of the Reception Hall she stood panting to recover for a few minutes. She could feel the glare of everyone around her and looked up quite shy.

"Sorry, seems I cause another ruckus." She said embarrassed and inwardly angry that she had to apologise. She tried to keep her head up and walked on to her meeting. She had to remain as the Ice Queen it was not just a mask anymore it was her armour. The inside of her was a swirling mess as the sense of dread became more intense. There was no way an undercover mission should have been exposed as soon as this. She wished she knew were Director Piccolo was but his phone had been on answer machine all of yesterday.

The long journey to the top floor of the FBI building was quick as things started to swim around her. The whispers of gossip were starting to get to her and the dread became stronger. She had been in this situation before when Vegeta had escaped. Though then she had the support of her friend Lunch. She silently wondered if it was time to go take a trip away and pay her a visit.

"Agent Bulma Briefs, I have an appointment with the Chief Director." She said to the Guard at the elevator.

The Guard nodded and let her enter. Chief Director Kami's office was on the top floor and was only accessible by one guarded elevator. She had only been up there once a few years ago. She never forgot how long the elevator took. It always took so long to get there. She silently wished it was just Piccolo's office instead. With Kami she always had the feeling he wouldn't tell her the hard facts. He seemed kind but cold at the same time. At least with Piccolo, no matter how scary and serious his face got he always told her the full truth.

The elevator stopped and the doors opened to reveal the white office. It felt much cleaner and more sterile than the rest of the building. It didn't seem as if many people came here. The woman at the desk who seemed to be the secretary motioned for her to sit down. She didn't even need to say anything. The cameras surrounded this place and Bulma only found a place to sit down in the waiting area.

She tried to calm herself and bring back the cool façade she needed. Bulma knew that the reporters should not have known about this incident already unless there had been a leak. This could be the end for her. She looked down at her phone and saw all the missed calls, all from numbers unknown. She switched off the phone. It looked like she'd need to find a new phone as well.

"Agent Briefs?" The secretary said. "You may enter now, the meeting is being called."

Bulma murmured her thanks and walked in. She'd taken down multiple dangerous aliens before but now it seemed that she was facing her biggest challenge. She mused that she would even prefer if it was Prince Vegeta waiting for her than what was in there. Inside Chief Director Kami sat at the centre with Special Agent Tao to one side and an unfamiliar female agent with sharp eyes and short purple hair.

"Take a seat." The woman said. "We haven't met before, I'm Special Agent Violet."

Bulma nodded, she didn't feel the need for pleasantries. The woman wasn't even holding out her hand for a shake.

"We'll get down to the main issue here, which you must be aware of." Tao said.

Kami had not yet spoken or even opened his eyes to look at her.

"I have an idea, but…" Bulma tried to find the words, her mouth was so dry. "I-I haven't watched the news or returned any calls since yesterday. I was too much in shock."

"You shot an infant Agent Briefs." Kami said in a deep and disappointed tone.

"It was in a cocoon, I was more concerned about Biscotti's spores."

"Her spores were not really a problem at all." Tao said. "She has had the spore sacs removed. She only had the hand needles as a form of self-defence."

Bulma looked at Tao, he had a slight smirk on his face. It clicked into place for Bulma; he knew Biscotti's updated information all along! 'That asshole!" She inwardly cursed.

"Agent Briefs, you failed at your task of being an advisor for the undercover operation." Violet said to her. "You were not ordered to make any move forward as Biscotti knew you. You were a risk to the operation and needed only to give your opinion on the suspect. As it turns out your advice was certainly out-dated."

"When did she have the spore sacs removed?" Bulma asked trying to keep her voice calm. She could hear sharpening blades as she felt herself getting closer to the chopping block.

"She needed the spores removed to stay in the civilian area." Violet explained. "Otherwise she would have been only a resident of the Sanctuary. It was done 3 months ago."

Bulma nodded, she thought that Biscotti had escaped the Alien Containment Village, nicknamed the Sanctuary. It was well known to her that Biscotti hated that place. The alien female had been screaming at her before she died how she wouldn't go back there. The Aliens though called it the "False Sanctuary" which was in a way true, it was just a prison disguised as a village.

"We know you acted in the best wishes of the civilians." Kami said. "Though there were innocent casualties. The infant's shooting was seen by some people on the street. They managed to film it with a shaky camera. It has spread like wild fire across the media."

Bulma nodded, she was starting to understand the fury of the reporters at the front of the building now.

"You have left us no choice Agent Briefs, you are officially suspended from duty starting from now. Please relieve your gun and badge now."

"What?" Bulma asked. "No, trial?"

"There shall be a trial at a later date." Kami said. "This is just a formal meeting to set things in motion. I would ask of you to attend the press conference and make an official apology to the family of Biscotti."

"Sir." Bulma acknowledged and took out her badge and gun. She wanted to protest, that Biscotti had no family but she felt she had no right to say that. She had killed the only other family the alien woman had. She placed the gun down along with her badge and kept her head down looking at the desk where they lay. The first blow to her career had been done, she was finished. Her short 3 year career was never going to recover from this. All she could hope for now was some office work in some back room somewhere. She could feel the tears forming and bit her tongue to try and stop it. There was no use having a cry in front of these people.

"If only Piccolo were here now." Tao sighed. "You were his prodigy, I'm grateful he's away in the space station just now. He'll be unable to see the state that you've become."

'Oh, gloat you ass, go ahead.' Bulma hissed inside, whatever tears she feared would fall stopped as her anger rose. 'No wonder Director Piccolo wouldn't answer his phone, this is too good a timing to be real.' Piccolo had always been the one that would back her up when she'd come across the bureaucratic barriers that people seemed to throw in her way. She never seemed to be good enough. There were just so many things that were too good a coincidence.

"We have written a speech that you are to read." Agent Violet said. She pushed forward the paper.

"What if I don't read it exactly?" Bulma looked down at the simple piece of paper with suspicion.

"We want you to read it first and change anything by my authority only." Violet said. "I do warn you that this will be taken as evidence in your trial, so read it through carefully and sign at the bottom."

Bulma's stomach clenched in anger and stress as she reached for the paper and read it. The apology was vague enough but she scribbled a few words out that made it seem like it wasn't an accident. She sat quietly checking it over and over till she finally decided and handed it back signed. It wasn't like she had much of a choice.

"Thank you for your co-operation Miss Briefs." Violet said making a hinted stress at the now ex-agent. She was no longer 'Agent Briefs'.


The News Conference was called and a world wide televised news broadcast was made. For some people up in the cold North City this was a nice break for the normal slog of the day. Just to see what those crazies down South were up to. For the Foreman of the Docking Yard he joined his men around the small TV in the break room. Vegeta sipped on his coffee as they made the announcement. He paused in his drinking as a familiar name.

"We're joined here live to hear a public apology from the now suspended Bulma Briefs. The once heiress of the Capsule Corporation has once again found herself in the frontline of a scandal. Only three years ago she was suspected of having an affair with the World's most dangerous criminal Prince Vegeta. She was cleared of all charges of aiding the criminal's escape but she still is subject to many conspiracy theories around his notorious escape."

Vegeta took a seat and put down his coffee.

"That's the bitch that was with that damn killer!" One man snapped. "Makes me sick thinking of how she got away with it for years."

"Quiet Joe." Vegeta hissed. He really didn't want to have to kill another co-worker.

"Agent Briefs was seen yesterday morning in an FBI shoot-out that went horribly wrong. An innocent woman and child were killed in the drug raid and Agent Briefs was filmed as the main aggressor in the attack."

A wobbly and out of focus video was shown with a giant mosaic hiding the victim. Bulma's face was zoomed in on and frozen as she fired her gun. Vegeta seemed to notice how her hair had grown longer and was able to go into a ponytail. From the wobbly film he could see how she had become a competent fighter now, if not unbearably weak still and needing hand weapons to fight.

"We're joined live as she makes her announcement…."

The scene changed from the still frame to a conference hall and on stage was a panel, the blue colour drew Vegeta's eye and the camera too focused on her someone off camera talked about the tragedy. The camera went to that person who seemed very old.

"We at the FBI are aware of the public safety at all time and we were doing everything in our power to protect and serve."

Vegeta zoned out from the vacant speech and looked across the room, some men had gone back to work, loosing interest while others stayed. Vegeta thought about the red mosaic he had seen on the footage. It had obviously been a very dangerous type of alien she had been fighting. As usual the reports failed to mention the race but Vegeta could make a guess.

"I am aware of my actions and I apologize to the family of Sable Biscotti, she was not an innocent but she was under surveillance for drug trafficking. She was only to be brought in for questioning about her current activities and no firearms were meant to be used. I acted on my own indicative to take on Miss Biscotti as I believed she was armed and dangerous. I was wrong in that assumption and I accept my punishment of suspension for my shooting of Biscotti. The infant involved was hit by a rebound shot and was alive at the time of the shooting. We did everything we could to try to save her life. It was unfortunately not enough and she died later in hospital. I will be accountable for her death as well and I will have a full hearing in the FBI court."

"I guarantee that will be rigged too." Joe huffed. "She's going to get off Scott free again."

Vegeta gave the man a glare, "Break finished 5 minutes ago…"

"A'right" Joe and the rest of the men made their escape. They preferred to stay on their new foreman's good side.

Vegeta took one last look at Bulma; he lightly touched the screen as he saw her desperate face reading off the card. Those weren't her own words, the script was too obvious. She had been thrown to the wolves of the reporters to save the image of the FBI. This was a typical gesture in any civilization and she was just blindly following orders again. They needed a scapegoat and Bulma was a perfect match. He switched off the television and made an inward decision. It was time to make contact to his little lost princess, whether he saved her or damned her, he was still to decide.


Author Notes: If anyone has read Hannibal or seen the movie you'll know this isn't the end for Bulma and her career. I still need to decide if I'm going the way of the movie, book or some weird twist of my own. I never planned on having Vegeta in this chapter but I thought it fitted well enough though it made this chapter longer than I planned. The next part we'll get further into Dr Gero's plans as I have not forgotten about him. There's also the new menace of Tien for Vegeta to deal with.

This universe I've created for this Silence of Lambs/Dragonball cross is much more centered in a weird version of the Dragonball Universe rather than the more reality version of Earth. So that's why there are giant bears, and the strange city names.

Final note, I would also say that I have been watching the new Hannibal series and I liked it but I felt there were a lot of misused Red Dragon quotes in the wrong places. I don't know why that particularly bugged me, but I liked it overall. I doubt I'll add any of what I watched into my story as it's all stuff to do with the guy before Clarice, no spoilers as it has some nice twists that change the way the book went. It's worth a watch; just beware people that read the book. I made a fuss every time I noticed something taken from Red Dragon in the wrong place; I should have watched it without worrying about that. (Well, I am a fangirl.)

As always, thanks for everyone's kind reviews and if you spot any mistakes let me know and I shall try to correct them. We're still a long way from Bulma and Vegeta meeting again but you know it's going to happen. Let's enjoy the twisted journey getting there!

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