The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I don't own Dragonball Z nor Silence of the Lambs.

Chapter 6

Things are Changing


For Bulma Briefs this had been the worst month in her life. She knew that she should be concentrating on her studies but this was not going to happen. Not when a mass murderer wanted to use her as a go between. She wasn't going to fool herself into thinking she was important here. She was just a flag to wave at the bull. She accepted that fact now though it only made her angry. She shook herself as she was reminded of that man.

She had ripped out the drawing and crumbled it up. 'That obnoxious man, since when had he been able to copy an old painting from Earth's history?' She thought. He had drawn her naked just to provoke her. He seemed to live off her anger, he always smirked when she snapped at him. That wasn't the reaction she was used to. People usually backed away when she starting getting angry. He just laughed like she was some sort of puppy. Bulma vowed to herself not to fall for his bait. She picked up the offensive paper and looked at it again. It was evidence, she couldn't throw it away no matter what her personal opinion.

'I guess it won't hurt to omit it.'

She remembered the warning she had received from Director Piccolo, no matter how obscene... she should not hide anything. Her hands shook, she did look beautiful in the drawing it was so delicately done. If she compared it to the previous drawings she had seen then thought his marks on the paper were thinner, as she said it looked delicate. Bulma wavered, she felt like this was meant only for her eyes. Not for others, not the pig or her boss, only her.

As she'd proven to herself she did understand the prince. It made her despise herself. Bulma knew her previous promise she'd made on the day her parents died. She wasn't going to give into her own desires. If she hadn't been running about looking for a mystery magic balls then her family would be alive. If she had just been there to force them to evacuate. She knew why her parents hadn't ran for shelter. They never gave a second thought for their own safety they had been soon laid back and easy going. If the Saiyans had arrived at Capsule Corporation she knew her mother would have just invited them for tea. The idea of running for your life didn't even enter into their heads.

They had stayed...

She had thought it was the Saiyans fault, but it wasn't.

She even thought for a moment, as she did now, that it was her fault.

'No, that's not it. The only people who were at fault were my parents. My parents were the ones that stayed. They would have had the choice to evacuate.'

She slumped down on her hotel bed, tears coming from her eyes. Bulma took one last look at Vegeta's drawing. Her heart told her to keep it, it wasn't for anyone's eyes but her. She held it tight and continued crying, her parents death seemed like it happened yesterday.

Bulma heard her mobile ringing and ignored it. She was only a messenger she wasn't needed.


This was the best month for Vegeta since he'd come to Earth. He sat flicking through his book, chuckling at a part he found funny. Since the woman had come the FBI had been bending over backwards to keep him happy. Though Warden Oolong was trying harder to keep him down in the dirt. It wouldn't be long the one they called Jones would make his move.

Vegeta knew he was at his most weakest. Now was the best time to strike him down. Jones was his enemy, It helped him as well, if they caught him before he could fully become a threat then he would live a little longer. He had to admit that the culture on the planet he named Dirt was much more interesting than he would let others believe.

He put down the History book, he'd had enough enjoyment. He could smell the pig coming. It slighted his good mood and made him snarl again. He hid his book with his foot and stood up. Even though he didn't respect or like the pig he still considered himself a solider. He would still stand to attention when a superior officer entered his presence.

He would stand for the pig, for now...


The FBI didn't know what to make of the message sent to the police. The experts couldn't confirm if the handwriting was done by an alien or human. It seemed like an impossible task. The only thing they did know was that the blood type matched Elizabeth's. They had taken DNA samples from the parents and were busy analysing and comparing the samples. It would take a few days for the results even with the labs working at full capacity.

Director Piccolo scowled and tried his cadet's number again. She wasn't at the asylum that was the only reason he could think of why she wasn't answering.

He held the phone to his head and finally heard a click of someone picking up.

"Eh..(sniff).. hello?"

"Cadet Briefs, Piccolo here. There has been a change in situation can you come to the city morgue I will meet you there and fill you in."

"Yes Sir!" Bulma answered.

"That's a better answer and Bulma whatever emotional problems you have at the moment please leave at the hotel room. You'll need a clear head for what I'm going to tell you."

"Yes Sir, understood."

"Very good, I'll see you in an hour then."

"One hour, okay. Goodbye Sir."

Piccolo cut the phone off, he hated them. Talking on the phone was such a hassle, he always liked to keep it short and to the point.

"Okay, whoever is not busy with work get me a coffee!" He shouted.

"Yes Sir!" A young man volunteered.

Piccolo looked at the copy of the note again. There was no doubt, this Jones was connected to Vegeta. It was confirmed, this just meant that any interviews with him were now at a higher priority. He shook his head and picked up his small phone again. There was a man he needed to tell about this straight away. This changed the situation with Vegeta immediately.


Warden Oolong stood looking at his prisoner with complete contempt.

"I don't get you Vegeta, really I'll be a man and admit that." Oolong said. "Here you are in a maximum security asylum charged with mass murder and destruction of whole towns and cities. Yet you're reading."

Vegeta said nothing, he could see the paper in Oolong's hand. It had to be his library check out list.

"Let's see, this one's interesting. The Art of the Renaissance Period you check that one out after the woman arrived. A murderer interested in Art?"

"I don't expect you to understand me at all," Vegeta sneered. "Though I bet all your papers you've written claiming you do makes an extra little bit of profit on the side."

"That brings me to these other books," Oolong said ignoring his taunt. "Frugal systems, some law books and a book on the Geography of Earth. As a casual observer it looks like you're learning about Earth so you can survive when you escape."

"That would be your assumption, is it?"

"Yes it is," Oolong snapped. "Also this last book sickens me, the anatomy of humanoids. I see you've returned that book and the page was bent over at the pages detailing the pig humanoid."

"That was the most fascinating part of the book." Vegeta said showing his fangs as he smiled. "Such delicate meat, it made my mouth water."

"Which is never going to happen!" Oolong yelled. "You're my little caged monkey. Trying to act smart and do some tricks for the pretty cadet doesn't really impress me but I'll let you into a secret. You are forever my prisoner. I will die of old age in full knowledge that you are still in a cage with drool coming down your chin thinking of the good old days when you had a young girl at your beckon call!"

"That is a nice vivid image."

"Yes, and what's more my lab boys have finally completed that serum they have been working on."

Vegeta stayed silent he didn't like the sound of that.

"It's such a work of art. We want to test it out today, that's the good news I came to say," Oolong grinned. He looked back down the corridor and shouted, "Okay bring the nurse!"

Vegeta stared at the pig who was gloating at him.

"What's with that face Vegeta?" Oolong asked. "Just wait till you see the nurse I found, she's such a uncanny resemblance to your only friend."

The nurse appeared along with a few security guards and it took a moment for Vegeta to adjust. At first he thought it was his little Cadet Bulma but the smell was wrong, very wrong. The hair and eyes were the same colour but the woman just looked at him blankly. There was no fire in those eyes, she had a vacant look and smiled at Oolong. It was really the smell that attacked Vegeta's senses the most. The woman had some sort of artificial fragrance on her, it stunk of flowers and chemicals.

"Warden Oolong, I brought your medicine for the patient." She said in a floaty voice.

"Good work Nurse Marron," Oolong praised her. "Now just wait a second while we get this monkey restrained, he's a bit of an animal but not like me."

The girl giggled and thanked the Warden. Vegeta curled his lip, this woman was a slut he recognised her type.

"Now Vegeta as I was saying, this serum will sedate all your powers."

Vegeta laughed not believing him.

"Look at this ki shield, do you deny we created this?" Oolong asked. "This is just one step further, it goes directly into your blood and attaches to your DNA structure that is responsible for ki control. It represses it and makes you into a helpless normal human. In fact it might even reduce your strength seeing as you use your little power in everything you do."

Vegeta stopped laughing and stared at the bottle.

"It may be permanent, the boys in the lab aren't sure of that one." Oolong said. "But we're going to find out once we inject you, won't that be fun?"

Vegeta kept quiet, this was not a good development.

"Okay guys, get the animal restrained." Oolong said to his guards.

The large men bowed to Vegeta, "Please step back Prince Vegeta." they asked.

Vegeta could tell they had been speaking to Mr. Popo. He did as they said and stepped towards the holes in the back of his cell. The two men came in and pushed him against the wall, then bolts came out of the holes wrapping around him. The prince grunted and continued to stare at the woman, her smell was sickening. He could see her from the corner of his eye. She was staring at him not in fear but in lust. She liked his body he could tell, her hormones were giving off what would be an arousing aroma but combined with the strong perfume turned into a clashing stench that brought bile to the back of his mouth. That woman was not coming near him. He didn't fear the injection he knew his Saiyan genes could not be suppressed so easily, it was the woman that repelled him.

He was strapped into the restraints and pinned against the wall. The guards stood back and motioned to the nurse to move forward.

"You're so short yet muscular," she chirped.

"Miss, please don't speak to him." The guard advised, he saw the look of disgust in Vegeta's eyes.

"No, Nurse Marron, make your patient as comfortable as you like." Oolong shouted from the safety of outside the cage.

"Of course Warden." Marron called back she came towards Vegeta unafraid. The woman was one of those airheads that never thought there was any danger. That men would do anything for a woman because she had a pretty face. "Okay darling, this won't take a minute."

She didn't notice the twitch of Vegeta's eyebrow as she said the word, 'darling' but he muted any objects he had.

She lifted the small bottle of pale green liquid, Oolong's miracle cure. Vegeta remained confident, he was a Saiyan prince it would take more than a chemical to stop his birthright. They hypodermic needle was stabbed into the bottle and Nurse Marron tapped it to get rid of the air bubbles. She smiled at the Saiyan, she didn't think he looked that dangerous. Especially as he was held down by steel restraints.

Vegeta's large muscles tensed and the needle tapped against the hard skin.

"Please relax, it will be less painful," Marron advised.

Vegeta grounded his teeth, her smell was stronger when she was close to him. The needle was forced into the muscle, Marron grunted it took all her strength to push it into his arm. Vegeta jerked with pain and lunged at the nurse. His fangs bared, he tore into her flesh, she screamed and fell on the floor. The Saiyan roared in triumph, the taste of blood was his again, so fresh. Yes, the woman was better as a meal than living.

One of the guards pulled the bleeding female to safety while the other flicked the emergency switch. Electricity cascaded into Vegeta's body and his small victory was lost. He slumped in his restraints as he fell unconscious, the screams of the woman making him smile. He felt as if it had been worth it.

"My ear, my ear!" Marron stammered, shock taking over her. The large guard lead her out of the high security. Warden Oolong watched the girl go, fear was obvious in his face.

"When that scum wakes up make sure he's fully restraint! I mean the works!" Oolong snapped. "Damn what made that alien bastard do that?"

"Sir, I thought you were an expert on him?" A guard asked innocently. His eyes hid his real contempt for the Warden.

"Shut up, did I ask you to speak!" Oolong yelled. "And wipe that blood off him it seemed to make him go crazy!"

"The Prince is already crazy..." The guard muttered under his breath.

"SIR!" A new guard appeared in the doorway.

"What is it, did the nurse say she was going to sue?"

"Uh... no it's not that, just there's a phone call from the FBI." The Guard answered.

"If it's that cadet it can wait."

"No Sir, it's from the Chief Director of the FBI, he said it was urgent."

"Oh very well, there's nothing more to do here now anyway." Oolong walked into the cage and pulled out the empty needle. "I've done what I've came here for."


In the city morgue, Bulma waited in a small room. She could feel herself being watched by the camera. The table in the centre of the room had an ashtray she tapped it thoughtfully.

"Have I kept you long Cadet?" Piccolo asked as he entered.

"No Sir," Bulma said, she stood to attention.

"You may sit Cadet. We might be here a while." Piccolo sighed. "The situation with Vegeta had changed slightly. Jones wants him dead."

"Huh?" Bulma was confused. "I don't understand, how do we know this?"

"Because Scalpel Jones was kind enough to send a letter saying so. He even included a sample piece of skin to prove he was who he says he was."

"We're not going to kill Prince Vegeta are we?"

"No, but now his profile has been made more of a priority and a Cadet being an interviewer would not look good." Piccolo said. "This is coming from higher up in the command. You'll need to be quick and go back to Vegeta and get the last bit of information that you can. Time is shorter than we thought now."

"I see."

"It gets worse, the Mayor is wanting to deal with the Saiyan Prince directly." Piccolo said. "He thinks he can appeal to his better nature."

"Prince Vegeta has a better nature?"

"I doubt it, but there's nothing I can say to convince him otherwise." Piccolo said. "I'm going to have to give you a meager job to fill in. I still want you on the case. It's not much but the body that you found has been identified as a Capsule Corps employee that stayed on after the takeover. It's just we don't know who that person is, no-one has reported missing."

"How do you know the body was from Capsule Corps?" Bulma asked.

"The ID chip that is implanted in the hand of every employee that worked in your father's lab. After the takeover that system was thrown out."

"It was my father's invention." Bulma explained more for herself than her boss, "He said his staff always lost their cards so it saved on making new ones. He was really just making it for himself. He was the only one that lost his card."

"That's right," Piccolo said softly. "Your father was a bit forgetful."

"Just a bit..." Bulma mumbled. "But won't ex-employees recognise me?"

"Maybe, it doesn't matter now does it?" Piccolo said. "We've listed as many men and woman who left the company after and during the start of the takeover. They're our best lead to finding where the alien went after it killed this mystery man."

"So the body was male," Bulma said. "But if there was still an ID chip wouldn't that give his identity?"

"Any information on the chip had been completely destroyed, we only knew it was a Capsule Corps ID chip because of the icon."

"So this is the only lead to the person's identity." Bulma stated.

"Right, there's a slim chance that this alien has taken the first victim's identity. The victim was definitely a Capsule Corps employee, just no one has died or been filed as missing. It's strange, we need to investigate it and it'll take a lot of footwork."

"So after I speak to Vegeta I'm going to be knocking on doors?"

"I'm afraid so Cadet Briefs." Piccolo said. "I still want you on this case, this isn't the end for you. You're going to make a fine Agent Bulma, you'd make your father proud."

"Thank you sir."

In a way Bulma was glad, she didn't like facing Vegeta. He was hard to get out of her head thought she tried to shake the odd feeling of disappointment. She tried to look forward to the dull footwork that waited for her. Something that would take her mind away from the Saiyan Prince that was able to get under her skin. Bulma lifted up her new assignment from her Director and gave her thanks. She had only one thing left to do now, visit the Prince and say goodbye.


"You've got a visitor Prince Vegeta," Mr Popo called out.

"Good I've been expecting her." Vegeta smiled.

"It's not Cadet Briefs," Mr Popo said. "It's the Mayor, please be on your best behaviour your Highness."

"Oh don't worry I will," Vegeta grinned. His fanged smile was hard to see behind the mask he was wearing. The new punishment for Vegeta for ripping off Oolong's favourite nurse's face. The Saiyan pulled at his straightjacket but it held him firm. It held him in a metal frame that was on wheels.

"Mr. Popo do apologise to the Mayor that I won't be able to shake his hand." Vegeta said loudly. "I did want to do so..."

"I'll let him know Prince Vegeta." Mr Popo said calmly.

The large guard left the Prince to collect the guest. Vegeta heard the clank of the shutting door and was left to the silence of his own thoughts. Things were starting to move now, the one named Jones must have made a mistake.

'He should have waited the fool,' Vegeta thought. 'Now, I am free to make a deal. You have given me more power than you realize. What an impatient idiot you are Jones, I can't wait to see what they'll do when they catch you.'

The door clanked open again and Vegeta heard the heavy footsteps of a fat man and woman. They smelled of fine rich things, they had money and power. They were the new tool given to him by Jone's mistake.

"Good Morning Prince Vegeta." The Mayor greeted him. "I am Mayor Walker and this is my wife Clara. I'd like to make a proposal to you."

"Indeed?" Vegeta said hiding his smile. "Please do go on, I hear we don't have much time."

"I would like to make a deal with you Vegeta for information about the serial killer that has my daughter Elizabeth."

"Would you do anything to get her back?" Vegeta asked.

"I would do everything in my power." Mayor Walker said firmly.

Unseen by the Mayor and his wife was a very large grin on his face.

"Then let us talk, Mayor Walker about certain conditions I have." Vegeta said. "If you can make these reality then I will talk."

Author's Note: Oh dear, what will Vegeta ask for? You'll have to wait till next chapter.

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