The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, Silence of the Lambs or Hannibal.

Warning: Gore

Chapter 26

Flight of the Crane

Gero Industries is the world's number one electronic company. It is what made Gero all his money, most of which he invested into the hunt for Vegeta. His passion for machines and war bots were made into ones specially meant for what he wanted. Mr Black watched the monitors as he did as he was ordered. The hounds that Gero wanted released were in every way hounds, but 100% artificial. They could be controlled from the control room but they needed to be monitored. They had a bad habit of attacking anything in their way.

They were sent into the helicopter and he programmed all 5 of the dog like robots into sleep mode. They would hunt down any scent of Vegeta, they would blend in enough for most people to think they were someone's pet and not pay the dog androids any attention as they were on the hunt. That was the plan, it sometimes didn't work but it just meant they needed to be kept on a lease to a point. Two supporting Android soldiers were sent with the hounds. They were only Scout level; they did not have the full confidence that this really was Vegeta. The Scouts were only ordinary humans with a little modification to help with their eyesight and communication. They had no orders to kill, just to let the dog Androids do their work. If it was the Saiyan Prince he would be found and neutralised by the dogs. Though this time it was almost certain. For Gero that meant everything.

The Red Ribbon Army that was once the main drive of Gero had been disbanded years ago. They were destroyed by the Saiyans, Gero was tortured and made to watch as most of his creations were shattered before his eyes as he lay there burning. The Prince had only stood back and laughed, the haunting taunts of the alien scum kept Gero awake at nights as he listened to the bleeps to his ventilator. He lived for this moment and he would see Vegeta in the same pain as him, hopefully worse.

The old man watched from his bed, the security camera picking up every moment for him. The monitor flickered as the helicopter took off into the air. Dr Gero said nothing and focused on breathing, he was still alive as he burned with the need for vengeance.

"How long till they get there?" Gero snapped impatiently.

"Maybe a day, might take a while to catch a scent." Black mused. "Low temperatures don't work well with these models."

"For now a Scouting party is enough, ready the main collective team to get ready on my command."

"We will be waiting and ready Sir." Black saluted.

"The Saiyan will be found and he will pay!"


Vegeta at the time was feeling the time counting down. He was on a timer as he could feel his identity had been released by the Detective. Fortunately for him, as he found out the man was greedy and had paid for one of his ransoms instead. He looked in the case at the amount Tien had been carrying. Yes, it was a lot of money. More Zeni than any common detective could ever dream of having. He had been following Tien all of yesterday, ever since he left with the evidence. It was the end of his time in North City and Vegeta felt it was time to go out with a bang.

"You should wake up," He said slapping the side of the bald man's face. "You wouldn't want to miss this view, the aurora is quite beautiful at this time of year."

He saw the drugged Detective struggle his head to the side. He couldn't speak not with the tape across his mouth but then that would just spoil Vegeta's fun. He held up the money bag.

"Quite a lot of money you took out from the bank…"

Tien looked back defiantly; his disorientation of where he was couldn't blind him from who his captor was. He pulled at his ropes but he couldn't feel his body he was numb from the neck down. He mumbled through the tape gag, "I'll KILL you!" The words were too muffled to be heard and Vegeta only smirked at the last ditch bravado.

"I sort of like you in my own way." Vegeta said. "Perhaps we met at the final battle, but you see I would have no memory of that event. It was just another annoying insect in my way for me, while I was the big giant crushing your world."

Tien wanted to retort but he saved his breath. He had to focus his ki, he needed to break the bindings.

"I see you have a warrior's training." Vegeta said. "It will be of no use for you now, your body is still numb from the anaesthetic."

The wind whistled blocking out the rest of Vegeta's speech and Tien could see were they were. The docks were below and they were high up on one of the towers of a crane. He couldn't see clearly but it seemed like Vegeta had tied him there.

"I wanted to thank you for the money, it will be most useful for my road trip I have planned."

Tien looked down at the bag, the bag he was sure he had cuffed to his hand.

"You seem a little confused…so I shall make it simple for you to understand." Vegeta sighed. "I'm taking your money, your life but I am prepared to spare the woman if you'll tell me who you sold me to. I have a lot of enemies, it's hard to keep track."

Tien remained silent and he just stared at Vegeta, 'He can't kill me, I have a chance.' He thought to himself.

Vegeta moved forward, "I'm going to remove the tape, you can scream as much as you like. It's too high up for anyone to hear you or even care." With one smooth motion the tape was swiped away and Tien gasped for breath. He spat towards Vegeta and hit his shirt.

"You still plan to fight I see." Vegeta taunted. "I wonder how you'll do that in your position."

"You have no idea what I'm capable of!" Tien shouted. "I am a student of the Crane school!"

"So that's why you have such an interesting false name?" Vegeta asked. "I couldn't find much on you going back for 4 years, you just appeared…"

"That's my own business." Tien hissed.

"Well, your business is my business for now, as your life is very much in my hands." Vegeta said in a low voice.

"Then just do it." Tien said.

"So you want your pretty little double personality girlfriend to die too?" Vegeta asked. "She's an interesting one… such a nice catch you have there and you were busy being all proud of her. I would have broken her neck as soon as she tried to raise her hand to me. You were under a lot of domestic abuse, perhaps you liked it."

"Leave Launch out of this!"

"Don't you understand yet, she is very much involved. As soon as you made the decision to sell me to the highest bidder her life became forfeit. Her very existence is held in the balance of whether you will tell me. If you do, she lives. If you do not, you die, she dies and I move on to the next town."

"No, wait, you can't…" Tien panicked, he tried to bring up some more ki, he just had to break out of this paralysis.

Vegeta held out a key. "This is your spare house key, you kept it in the kitchen along with your spare car key. I broke into your house last night while you were cuddling with your bimbo. I don't need it but I could go pay her a visit just before I leave with your money."

"How did you get that money?" Tien snapped, he had feel of his shoulders now, they were alive with stinging pain. He had to push past and just build up more ki, he could push Vegeta off the tower and take him with him.

"You're short a limb," Vegeta explained waving something bloody in front of him. It was tossed down to the ground. "Now tell me the name of the Bounty hunter or I might start moving to your other limb to make it symmetrical."

"You're a monster, you only torture humans, and you deserve to die for everything you've done!"

"You seem to forget your predicament." Vegeta moved closer and brought out a knife. "I don't use my fists anymore, not after what's been done to me but you see, even the strongest fighter is only the muscle. Everything can get cut and destroyed by even the weakest if you hit just the right spot." The cold blade edge dug into the side of his neck.

"You'll get nothing from me! Let Launch live she's innocent!"

"I doubt that, no-one is truly free from guilt, I bet she's done something she regrets, and dating you would be the top of her list once she finds out what you did. This is blood money you have here Detective. It comes at a cost, of someone's life, I feel that I do not want it to be myself, so you must go." He was behind him now and Tien could feel more stinging pain. He was feeling the start of his left arm's pain at the amputation. He needed to break out to find some time. He was on some sort of trolley and being pushed forward.

"I got the number off the internet. It was a Bounty site run by Gero Industries…I need the money, just let me live and I can let you have it all, there's more to come!" Tien cried.

"No deal Little Crane, your time is over."

Tien scream as he tried to power up for one last burst, he heard a laugh from Vegeta as he continued to push him forward. "That's it! SCREAM!" Vegeta yelled. "Let out all your power, let me see it!"

The ki poured out of Tien as he let one last attempt to break out of his bindings. His aura flared around him the ropes burned as he was tossed over the side of the crane. However he was still bound by metal cables that were attached to the crane, his body jerked backwards. The white aura flared and his skin was on fire. Blades had been embedded under his skin were ripped out by the intense heat of his power surge. His neck snapped from the jerking action as his body was suspended from the crane his aura flare disappearing as a shower of blood descended from his body.

There was silence as the roar from Tien was gone and only the creak of the supporting cables that held his captive body in a pose. The way he was hung he looked like a man in the middle of a Crane Kung Fu pose, blood showered down from his arms as if they were his wings.

"It's a work of art." Vegeta said as he climbed down. The wait had been worth it. The unsubtle irony of hanging a Crane from a crane pleased Vegeta in a way that would make him laugh about it in years to come. This was his best work yet, he was going to leave this city with a bang.

'Now all that's left is Bulma.' Vegeta mused over one his other loose ends.


West City the next Day

Bulma Briefs, unaware of what was happening in the rest of the world, made her way to the FBI headquarters and ready to face what her Director Piccolo would say to her. She hadn't been to the office for more than a week. The one thing that had changed was the lack of reporters outside. There were only other Agents coming in and out of the building. She kept her head down not wanting to make eye contact. She knew where she needed to go, she just had to head there without running into her previous co-workers. The front desk staff looked up and smiled as she came up.

"Director Piccolo wants to see you straight away Ms Briefs." The Receptionist said. "Please make your way to his office, he's expecting you."

"Thank you," Bulma said and tried to hide her bemusement. She was still under suspension, she didn't think that this package she received would be so important as to rush her to her Boss's office.

She was escorted into the main building as a guard walked with her up into the main office area. It felt different from the last time she was here; when she had been given her suspension and was walking through the office. People were staring as she passed and there was a low murmur of gossip. This time everyone seemed far too busy to even notice her. Bulma was partially glad but her still surviving narcissistic side was slightly objecting.

When she arrived in the now familiar office of Piccolo his door swung open just as she arrived.

"Thank you Guard, you're dismissed."

The man that had walked her here in silence bowed and left and Bulma continued to feel confused.

"I have good and bad news for you Agent." Director Piccolo said sharply.

"Sir, I'm sure you know, I'm suspended at the moment."

Piccolo didn't answer and instead threw her old badge on the desk. "You're currently being reinstated as of now, we have no time."

Bulma stepped forward and picked up her badge. The cold metal was reassuring but she was still very confused. "Sir, I didn't think you could work miracles, why?"

"We have an emergency situation, Vegeta has been spotted!"


"We have sources that have told us a bounty hunter has reported Vegeta in North City and to make it worse a body has shown up this morning that has a bit of a mystery about it."

"Do you think Vegeta is responsible?"

"He's a key suspect as the person that died was the bounty hunter." Piccolo growled.

"I thought he was powerless…" Bulma was in shock, the news rushing into her head as she tried to figure what this was building to.

"We need to have you on a plane and to North City by today." Piccolo said.

"Are you sure I'm the right person?"

"We're sure, I'll tell you now that you're being put in as bait."

"Again…" Bulma said in a low voice.

"We're not letting you go alone, a group of agents are preparing at this moment and you will be part of their team."

"Who's the leader?" Bulma asked and secretly prayed that it wasn't Special Agent Tao.

"It's Special Agent Yamcha."

'Oh Yellow-Belly, great.' Bulma thought internally but was mostly relieved. She knew that she could get along with him at least and he wouldn't be trying to screw her over. She felt like she could trust him a little.

"I'm to go today?" Bulma asked confused.

"We're under a timer, investigate the death and see if you can find any clues to his whereabouts." Piccolo said. "Get equipped up and borrow an overnight bag, we want you to leave asap, there are other people coming after Vegeta too."

"Who exactly?"

"That's confidential, just know that the real bounty hunters are moving in, if you find Vegeta do not confront him. You are not in our Assault Force."

"So the fabled Assault Force One will be making an appearance?" Bulma questioned. The only fighters on Earth trained to take on major Alien threats like Vegeta. It was a Fabled section she had dreamed about entering but was always sent on the investigative side.

"No, we're strained from an incident on the Space Station; there will be only the main investigation team only." Piccolo explained. "If anything, Vegeta should still be subdued by the ki represent medicine that was given to him 3 years ago. Our key staff in the Science Division was responsible for it and quite confident about the use. According to him it should have permanently restricted his ability to use ki."

Bulma nodded, not sure what to make of it all. She needed to mentally prepare herself for going out in the field again. Some things other than her own personal drama had been going on and Piccolo seemed quite distracted by it.

"I suppose those reports of his ki treatments are confidential too?" Bulma asked.

"Not unless you wanted to join the Science Division."

Bulma grimaced and shook her head.

Piccolo gave a dry laugh, he never did give up asking that question. "Go immediately to briefing room 6. They're having a meeting as we speak, I'll send a message to Special Agent Yamcha about you being on your way."

Bulma grasped her badge and bowed her head to her Boss. "Thank you, I'm glad to see you back."

"It's been a tough few weeks for everyone." Piccolo said. "Just take care, you're back on the Investigation squad, you're not to take down Vegeta by yourself. You just need to confirm if he's there and the rest of the team will take care of that."

"I understand Sir." Bulma said. "I'll get to that Briefing then."

'I know I'll be told the same thing.' Bulma thought to herself.

She made her way down the floors to the room. Nobody paid her attention as she moved through the corridors. All agents seemed to be in a rush and it made sense that there was a trace of Vegeta found. He had been so well hidden for three years. His ki medicine had done a good job for suppressing his power and making him less of a threat it also made him invisible for any of the power scanners the FBI had. Vegeta was probably aware and using it to his advantage.

Briefing room 6 was slightly open and everyone inside were silent, they seemed to be waiting for her.

"You're here Agent Briefs! Close the door!" Yamcha said and Bulma shocked by the sudden address and did as she was told.

Yamcha seemed much more confident than she last saw him. He still didn't look her in the eye but he was up at the front of the desk with computer ready to give the presentation. Bulma sat down and made a quick glance around. There didn't seem to be many members she was familiar with. She saw Agent Viola, she knew she was in the Most Wanted Department; they had the most interest in this.

"Let's make this quick." Yamcha said bringing up the projection. "A Police Detective from North City has been killed, we don't have the full details on the death yet, that's were the investigative side comes in. We need to get there today and get as much details as we can. A reliable source has stated that this Detective was currently selling information about Vegeta being in the city, we believe that Vegeta is responsible for the death but we need to get a team there to confirm. Agent Briefs and Viola are on the investigative side, the rest of us are on as back up. We can't make a move unless we scare Vegeta away. He's probably in hiding in North City and going to move away soon once the heats down. We need to keep the heat and draw him out."

He pointed to Bulma.

"That's why you're here Agent Briefs, we're not going to lie, you're our bait and we need you to just be in the main Investigation Team to try to bring him out of the woodwork. You're one of the best investigators we have and you have enough combat training, though Vegeta's methods have changed. He now seems to use blades and I would not discount the idea that he would steal any guns to use as well. He is not to be confronted at all, defend yourself if you must but the main Attack team will be waiting to take him down."

'I knew it…' Bulma thought. She nodded to Yamcha not confident that she wouldn't give a snide remark.

"We need to make a move, the plane leaves in 2 hours to North City, get suited up with trackers, weapons and body armour and meet on the air strip. Also be sure to have an overnight bag ready for a few days, we have no idea how long this will take. We need to secure Vegeta alive, those are the orders from higher up."

As the Briefing ended Bulma could feel her heart racing, this was her chance. She was out of one terrible situation and into another but here was her moment to try to shine. She would help take down Vegeta and bring him back to his cell. She could finally be free of the stigma of being an accessory to his escape and he could go back to being a prisoner.


Author's Notes: Goodbye Tien. You tried your best but we'll see the final state of him next chapter. It should be no shock that his death was coming.

The Space Station thing and Freeza is really just a background detail, so no-one pay much attention to it. Freeza is staying out of this story but will be in the background as a threat. It's to bring to the front that Bulma really is just a small solider while all these much bigger events are going on behind her. Maybe they'll be brought in at some point but not till much further down if Bulma and Vegeta survive that far. They're meeting is coming closer though so look forward to that, the tension is building for this very reason.

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