The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. I do not make money from this story.

Warning: Slight gore and annoying OC making her debut.

Chapter 34

Special Agent Beri


Yamcha gave a slight worried look at Bulma before he left to check up on his other team members. The entire investigation had been a complete disaster and most of it was down to those mysterious Androids that had attacked. He was so sure they had almost had Vegeta. He had no doubt about his subordinate Bramble's tracking skills. If they hadn't been interrupted he could have found him in the mass of people.

His next concern was Special Agent Beri. He knew her very well as she was a regular in the Force 2 teams and would always make her presence known. She had also been the one that had helped hypnotise him to conquer his fear of women. He owed her and she was such a person that would always remind him what she had done for him. He went into the small waiting room that had been converted into their small mission room. His fellow Agent Bramble was sitting at the table looking troubled at the paperwork he needed to fill out. He saw Yamcha come in and the large man struggled to stand up to salute. Yamcha waved him to sit down and joined him at the table. His time in the army had made Agent Bramble treat him like his Captain which Yamcha didn't mind, it was a nice nickname.

"So how are you doing Agent Bramble?"

"Fine Captain, except for this broken arm and these second degree burns." The large bandaged man sighed. "I kind of smell like a barbecue."

Yamcha laughed and turned his own attention to his paperwork. "I wish we could just fight and let others do this." He sighed.

"Agreed." Another agent said in the corner. Agent Cassis was the Communications Agent and was know for having a strange superiority complex. He respected Yamcha and was happy to serve under him but as Yamcha found on a constant basis this didn't stop him giving some sarcastic comments. "I would offer to do all that for you Special Agent, but I believe that would deny you the pleasure of the forms."

"Ah lay off Cap you bum fluff!" Agent Bramble snapped back.

Yamcha didn't respond and just tried to focus on his paper. He was worried about how Bulma would react to Special Agent Beri. The strongest Psychic that the FBI had. She had joined after Bulma had graduated so she had been safe from meeting her in Training as Yamcha had done. In one way it was good as her ability was able to subdue his fear of women and helped him graduate on the other he now had a strong fear of Beri. So much so that she had hypnotised him to say Special Agent Star Beri every time he mentioned her name.

"So are the rumours true, is that woman coming here?" Cassis asked.

"You mean Special Agent Star Beri,?" Yamcha said and inwardly hated himself as he saw the smirk on Cassis' face.

"What was her name again?" He sniggered.

Yamcha shook his head refusing to reply and he saw Bramble getting red in the face.

"I told you to lay off the Captain!" Bramble snapped which only got a mild shrug from Cassis.

"Yes, yes, my friend." Cassis smirked. "We best stay in the Mission room for now if that woman is indeed coming here."

"Nothing wrong with Special Agent Beri, she's bonnie!" Bramble argued.

"I think nothing of her appearance other than a glimmer; the pink alien is nothing more than fooling with all the Force 2 squad."

"When Special Agent Star Beri joins our team she's a great assistance to us." Yamcha said. "But I agree, let's stay in the Mission room for now till Assistant Director Picollo calls on us."

"No doubt for a meeting." Cassis scoffed and stood up with his cigarettes. "I shall go to the smoking area and see if she's arrived."

'More like he's going to make sure he's no where near her.' Yamcha thought to himself. He wished he could do that himself but she would be sure to hunt him down. He gazed back at the paperwork and wished he really had warned Bulma better.


The front of North City Hospital was busier than usual as two guards rushed after a hooded figure who had just stepped past without answering their questions.

"Excuse me, Ma'am, we'll need to see some ID."

The small 4ft woman continued walking and going towards the elevator. The taller of the two guards had lost his patience and pulled at her arm to make her turn. "We need to see your ID, Ma'am."

She turned her eyes flashing for a moment and the man smiled. "Very Good, carry on."

"Wait a minute…" The other guard said but she also looked up to him, her eyes sparked and he nodded smiling with a similar expression as his friend. "I see, thank you for your time Ma'am."

"I need to see the FBI wing, which way." The Woman ordered.

"Third floor Ward 25." The guard answered.

"ID indeed," She scoffed under her breath and carried to the elevator.

The Guards stood there dazed for a minute before a tall man came and placed his hands over their eyes. "I'm terribly sorry." He sighed.

Director Piccolo easily removed the hypnosis and made a low inward growl. He hated having to come up behind Special Agent Beri. She had no control over her powers and had the ego the size of the Moon. As much of a powerful Psychic as she was Special Agent Beri couldn't be let loose without some sort of supervision. It was better when she was on the Space Station, she had no where really to go but here it was too simple for her to leave if she wanted. He classed her as a Level 8 danger to Earth and if it wasn't for his father's insistence he would have held her incarcerated for life if he could or even had her executed. She could manipulate weak willed people and if pushed control stronger minded individuals. Thankfully she saw no benefit in ruling the Earth and her mind control was limited but it still made Piccolo doubt her a lot. Her way of dealing with people was worse than his own.

He saw the Guards shake their heads and wake up, they returned to the front desk where he hoped they wouldn't file a report. He had enough of this clean up already but he wanted to come to make sure Bulma was kept safe. He was responsible for her in his own way. Though no matter how much he pushed her to move into the science division she wouldn't budge. At least her investigative skills were the better than most he couldn't argue too much with her.

He entered the elevator as Beri stood there waiting for him. "You didn't need to remove it." She huffed. "It had a time limit."

"Those Guards have a job to do, how long would they have stood there dazed for?"

"Maybe a few hours." Special Agent Beri shrugged.

Piccolo tutted and held his tongue, he knew she could feel his anger about it and she just didn't care. She would be dangerous if she was left alone. She gave him a flash of a smile and walked towards the Ward that Bulma was held in. Piccolo had hoped to protect Bulma from this side of the FBI but his father had been adamant. She had come in contact with Vegeta and lived. It made no sense, she should have been killed and he wanted a full investigation on her.

As they entered she saw her wince in pain as she tried to sit up to attention. Her face was even paler than usual and she had been warned at least by his coming as she didn't seem surprised. Special Agent Beri went straight to work and touched Bulma on the hand to greet her. It was her way of starting a psychic bond. There was nothing he could do to stop this psychic interrogation but at least he was able to come to observe. He could protect Bulma in whatever small way we could.

"I assume you've been informed of my coming." Beri smiled at Bulma who looked at her in confusion. "Yes, I am an alien… how nice of you to notice."

"Agent Bulma, we need to give you a full psychic exam to take as much information as we can about your contact with Vegeta." Piccolo explained.

"I understand." Bulma said shaking her hand free from the small alien's grip. The violet eyes of Agent Beri glowed slightly making Bulma feel even more apprehensive. If it wasn't for Director Piccolo's presence she would be running for her life right now.

"Have you any latent psychic ability I should know about?" Beri asked.

"None, Ma'am." Bulma made a quick reply.

"Then this should be easier for me and harder for you." Beri said. "I mustn't fight my psychic probe, that means you need to relax and let me ask questions which you must answer honestly. If you try to hide something or lie I will try to force it out from you and it will give you quite a migraine."

"I see…" Bulma whispered slightly looking at Piccolo who gave her a nod. He should have given her a reassuring smile but that wasn't his style. A nod was the best she could hope for.

"Now, we need to see the mighty Prince Vegeta." Beri smiled. "I shall dream walk into your memories while they're still fresh, this may bring back any physical pain you experienced. It's a strange side effect."

The alien woman continued to explain while Bulma got deeper into her feeling of dread. She had no proficiency at psychic ability and had failed any tests they'd done with her. It had been something she had no understanding of. How could you use your thoughts in such a way? It made no sense to her.

Beri guided her to place both of her hands out flat and she put her own hands on top. The words Beri said as she begun were purely alien and could have been just babbling words for all they were worth. As the chant continued Bulma felt the room around her disappear and she was dragged into the darkness.

"Take me to the point before you meet the Saiyan in North City… Take me there Bulma."

Bulma thought hard and she was brought to her rental car. The cold bite of the snow shocked her slightly as she looked around. The world seemed similar but it was blurred in places.

"This is your memory world Bulma, things will not be exactly as they are in the real world." Beri's voice called out from behind her. "Explain to me what you were thinking here."

"I was being followed." Bulma said. "There was a car behind me, it hasn't changed direction for five blocks even though I've turned a few times."

She turned the car into the parking lot and unclipping her gun from its holster. "I decided to face them…" The car passed by harmlessly. "But it was nothing…" Bulma repeated her actions of slapping herself and getting out of the car for some fresh air. She watched the driver that had been following her. She knew it was an old lady but her memory had recreated her into a blob of blue and grey. "There was no threat and I was just tired…" She made the action of reclipping her gun.

Bulma breathed out into the cold air her mind had brought back. She turned on the smooth ice and fell down again. "That's when he was here and gone in seconds."

A giant black blur caught her and mumbled something then left just as quickly.

"STOP…rewind!" Beri snapped appearing floating above her. The world fell into a rewind as the alien waved her arms angrily. "Is that REALLY how you remember him?"

Bulma was frozen mid fall as the large black mass held her upright.

"This blur?" Beri scoffed. "And what did he say?" Her eyes glowed as she worked through Bulma's memory the blob became more human shaped but it was still in shadow.

"I didn't see him…." Bulma gasped as she couldn't move mid freeze. "I only saw his shoes… I was looking down." The blackness of the Vegeta memory's feet reformed into solid walking boots.

"What did he say to you little human?" Beri hissed.

"Be careful, one wrong slip and you could break that pretty neck of yours." The voice boomed out clearly. Bulma felt her heart repeat the same shock she felt hearing that voice again.

"Pretty… huh?" Beri smirked. "I guess he does have a soft spot for you."

"If you can call it that." Bulma said frustrated. "I had to follow him once I knew. I could see the back of his head."

The memory world flashed brightly and Bulma was unfrozen and back in the crowd chasing a man wearing a cap. "I called for back-up but I needed to keep on top of him."

"Are you a fighter?" Beri asked. "What benefit does this have?"

"I just needed to chase him down." Bulma muttered. "It was our only chance since the investigation to catch sight of him."

"You're very impulsive." Beri said. "When did you see him clearly?" The memories of snow sculptures, people and Bulma seemed to whirl as she tried to bring back that memory.

She stood in front of the towering Snow Queen and she winced as she felt the hand again coming in to grab her. She felt the knife slide in under her shirt and coat scraping along her skin. The sting of pain shocked her and she gave out a gasp.

"Oh, yes, pain is a worthy memory tool." Beri said. "I will be sure you feel it all to get the best understanding. So I can't really dull the pain you're going to feel. You're changing the memories by reacting this way. I told you not to resist."

Bulma whimpered as she was held back the world paused again as Beri worked her way around in her mind world.

"He's still all dark, didn't you see him?"

Bulma couldn't answer all the words she wanted to say were curses. She looked up and the dark shadow face formed into a clearer shape. First the eyes gleamed out looking straight at her then the skin tone returned and she could see his full face. The deadly stone cold eyes leered directly at her.

"So he dyed his hair blonde? Even his eyebrows? Interesting." Beri said. "He does look quite handsome though he's too short for me."

"I don't think he's dating material." Bulma croaked in objection.

"What did he say to you?" Beri waved her hand returning the time.

"Let's not make a scene little agent, you're useless when you're not behind a gun." His arms had wrapped around her as if she was in a hug but she was held with a blade digging into her. "Now don't shout or you will be gutted."

"My back-up is on their way." Bulma answered him falling into step with her memories.

"But we're only lovers out on a walk my dear." Vegeta sighed ignoring her threat as he led her to a more quiet part of the display. "It's best to cuddle up when it's cold."

"I don't like your form of cuddling." Bulma snapped. She was trapped again in his grip and she felt the weight of her gun dropping to the snow. His moment had not been so smooth and he'd cut her slightly with his movement.

"What do you want Vegeta?" She asked him again.

"It's too soon to reveal it all now my little one." His deep voice hinted. "I just wanted to say hello since we're only passing."

"I thought you wanted to kill me…"

"The thought has crossed my mind but I have such a more interesting plan for you." He said his face so close to hers she could smell his natural odour. "Be a good girl and keep your head down. There are others that may be more dangerous than me out there."

Bulma felt tears coming back as she remembered her full helplessness.

"That's a nice face you're making, you should do it more often." Vegeta breathed on her as she felt his tongue lick up one of her stray tears. "Your smell is too tempting than you know, I could gut you open right here and now."

"Leave…" Bulma panted. "Leave me… alone…."

"I can't do that little agent, we have a connection now." Vegeta purred in a low voice. "Till we meet again Bulma. I know we will, I'll make sure of it. For now it looks like your little toy on your side has attracted your white knight."

"AGENT BULMA!" Yamcha shouted out and Bulma looked round as she was dropped to the ground. Vegeta seemed to disappear into the crowd of faceless people and she let the world become a mass of blurred colours around her. Beri reappeared and froze the world again. Bulma kept crying as the pain in her knife wound continued. She had to relive one of the worst moments of her life and Beri was flying around making notes.

"He licked you!" Beri shouted astounded. "You sure he's not in love with you?"

"What kind of twisted love is that?" Bulma coughed.

"What is this connection he speaks of?"

"I don't know… please the knife wound…."

"Yes, yes." Beri sighed and returned Bulma to her normal state and erased the world around them. They were in darkness again as Beri hovered over her. "Now, answer me, what is this connection?"

"I don't know." Bulma repeated. "It's something only he's thought of."

"You remembered his voice very clearly." Beri mused.

"It's in my nightmares…."

"Yes, well. I can see you have a nasty stalker situation on your hands my dear." Beri finally smiled at her. "I do believe you're innocent of any collusion with the enemy."

"I'm glad it was worth it then…" Bulma said as the tears continued to stream from her face. The blackness became bright and she was back in the whiteness that was the hospital ward. Director Piccolo was by her side checking her tear stained eyes. Bulma could only give a faint smile back before fainting with exhaustion.

"Well, she sure is an interesting one." Beri said.

"She's one of my protegees." Piccolo said proudly. "She's never going to be a fighter but she has more intelligence than anyone else in the current investigation force."

"Just so you know, that little star of yours is being hunted." Beri said sternly. "I recommend you take her far away from here or anywhere Vegeta could find her. He wants to do more than just kill her, I don't know exactly what but he seems like he could do anything to her."

"Exactly what I was afraid of." Piccolo sighed. "Maybe the time is soon to tell her everything about the FBI."

"That's your call not mine." Beri shrugged. "Now, if you'll excuse me I have some Force 2 Agents to go play with."

Piccolo let her be and looked down at the exhausted Bulma. He feared he'd taken his bait method too far and now he knew the fears were totally justified.

"I'm sorry Bulma." He said under his breath to her.


Author's Note: Special Agent Beri is an OC I made up based on a random race from DBZ. She's a strong psychic but a weak fighter. She won't take over the story but she had to become the main focus of this chapter as she's the only one that could retrieve Bulma's memories and finally get her put in the clear. Though now it seems Piccolo has noticed he's gone and messed up by putting Bulma in danger. Yes, Vegeta is going to come for Bulma and it won't be a pretty sight.

Sorry for the delay, I had real life hit me hard again and now I finally have a breather I could focus back on my story again. Next time we'll find out what's happening with Vegeta as he makes his escape from North City.

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