The Silence of the Monkeys

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Chapter 40

An Island paradise

On the South City Asylum Bulma looked into every room of the mansion that was to be her home, she secretly hoped would be only for a few weeks but Piccolo hadn't really specified exactly how long it would be.

All she knew was that the Warden's mansion was far too big to feel comfortable. It reminded her of Capsule House but a much older styled place compared to her parents' modern tech filled house. After the warden had been removed, any excessive decoration had been removed but there was a gaping space or marks on the wall were paintings had once hung.

The previous wallpaper was still there but was painted over. The marks of what would have been some elaborate design were now only faint texture on the wall.

Some of the furniture remained and seemed out of place. She sat down on the fancy mahogany chair while faintly listening to the chatter of Viola as she was in the other room.

It was as her fellow agent had said her first mission without any other superiors watching over her. For Bulma she felt like they were no longer partners but senior and junior. Despite being younger, Agent Viola was a Force 2 member; she could fight and hold her own against most threats. However Bulma was a mere Force 3 Investigator and Viola was under instruction to guard her. It was clear to her that she was just here to investigate any substandard data left behind about Vegeta and catalogue it.

She had a basic data entry job while Viola relaxed in the tropical heat. She saw the agent emerge from her room clad in a bikini which just confirmed all her suspicions.

"I saw a pool outside, might as well take advantage. Do you swim?"

"I still have this nasty cut, best not." Bulma blushed. She imagined her previous self jumping at such a chance. It only made her feel mild frustration. "I might burst my stitches." She added to cover her ambiguous face. She felt such a mixture of emotions as she went from embarrassment, frustration and slight irritation.

"Oh, right... Just rest up here. I want to check out the swimming pool." Viola tried to laugh off but seemed to be embarrassed herself too as she was reminded that Bulma was just out of the hospital.

"No problem, I can get started on the filing."

The dark haired girl made her exit and left Bulma with her roll of papers. They were all Vegeta's old drawings. The task of cataloguing all of them made her head ache.

She rifled through the equipment cupboard before finding a camera she could use. She unrolled the drawings and started laying them on the floor, using some leftover ornaments as paper weights.

The pictures themselves were weird as they were all abstract, only shapes and lines. She remembered how some of his pictures on his cells had intricate details and featured either blood or corpses. The one that was burned in her mind was the naked one of herself. As if she was a goddess of Venus rising from an ocean of blood and bones.

That one should be in the FBI's storage safe from any prying eyes. Other similar gory images would have been sold. These seemed worthless as they never would be considered as works by Vegeta. If anything they looked like art she might find in a modern art gallery and not even take a second look at.

For Bulma each drawing gave her a small chill as she touched it. The knife wound in her gut stung and would ache with each one she them flattened out. She never showed any psychic abilities so she instantly dismissed any weird feelings she was experiencing as just trauma that her own mind was bringing upon herself. By being in this place again where she had first met the monster and looking at something of his, just made her skin crawl from the anxiety.

She tried to set the camera directly over but she couldn't get the full drawing in the frame. She stood up and tried again but it wasn't quite right as she still couldn't get it in the frame. Bulma considered standing on the expensive looking chair but changed her mind. Her aching stomach would probably get worse.

She walked up the stairs and looked down but she doubted she could make the photo flat. It took a few minutes of arranging the pictures on the table and going upstairs to the balcony overlooking the dining room before she was satisfied. It wasn't perfect but it would do until they could be scanned at the HQ.

It felt better being further away from them as well. Her imagination was making her believe that they had some sort of aura. She could zoom in and get a nice flat image for the record.

Bulma paused after the first photo was taken. She noticed that when the images lined up beside each other there seemed to be a connecting theme.

'Not just a theme... No, it can't be...'

She came down the stairs and checked the edge of one drawing. It came up right to the edge. His previous ones were mostly in the centre with a border. She took two similar ones and lined them up, they matched. Her whole body shivered with chills as she felt her instinct taking over.

Each drawing she took and found similar lines and shapes on the edge.

'It's just some sort of giant puzzle.' She gasped inwardly.

She ran out of space on the table and she pushed it back to the side of the room as she filled the floor with drawing after drawing. They could all be linked up but there were some missing. It wasn't exactly clear as she crouched over them.

'What exactly was he trying to do?'

She walked back up the stairs and peered back down. She turned her head, sure that it was the wrong way round and things began to click together.

There were at least 6 orange circles and a green snake that wound around them. She guessed there was another circle in one of the gaps from a missing drawing.

"No way..." She gasped to herself. It's just a myth. But this was something she had believed in before. It was something that she'd given up and literally buried in her past.

It had been her teenage adventure when she'd been full of hope and dreams about boys or strawberries.

'The bastard, he knew about the Dragonballs!' She inwardly said and raised her camera to take a full image. As a whole the drawings became an image she had seen in the books she had researched. It wasn't a snake but a dragon curled over 7 orbs. It was far too incredible to believe, but here it was staring back at her. It brought back some memories she'd tried to forgotten.

As a teenager, Bulma had found only one of the balls and she had started her quest and on the road when the Saiyans had attacked. She had been forced to return home but Capsule House had been destroyed, there was no home. She'd been utterly traumatized by the destruction that she had buried her single Dragonball in the wreckage of her home. It had been a type of funeral for her family.

Those magical balls had taken her away from her home on a mad hunt. She should have been at home to drag her parents to safety. She knew how stubborn they could be. The balls were a fake dream; reality had shown her that it was far too easy to shatter her dreams.

As she stared at the vague orange spheres she felt her past guilt coming back to taunt her. She still believed that it was her fault her parents had died.

She could hear the splashing of Viola from outside as she climbed out of the pool. She jumped down the steps and gathered up the drawings.

'Don't let her see.' She heard herself thinking and she piled them up on the table and left one on the ground. She felt like she couldn't let anyone else see this.

'Not yet... I shouldn't expose this till I'm certain. Otherwise I will be a total laughing stock.' Bulma thought convinced that this was still some stupid dream she would wake up from. She could see Viola outside the window drying off from the pool. She began to try to look busy, unsure why she felt like she was being caught.

She snapped a photo of the one she had set up just as Viola walked in.

"Wow, that's a lot of drawings." She commented looking at the pile. "Need any help?"

"I'm fine." Bulma answered biting her snide remarks she wanted to add to Viola pointing out the obvious. "Only issue I have is taking photographs, just one is far too big for me to fit into the screen."

"Looks like it might be better to scan them at HQ instead."

"Good plan." Bulma agreed and started to roll them back up. "I might just number them and write each one. It's a shame; I thought some photos would help."

'It's certainly given me an eye opening moment.' Bulma thought.

"You look pale Agent, might be an idea to go get some rest." Viola said gently. "The pool has done wonders for me. Take it easy we don't need to sort all this mess out immediately."

"I guess so." Bulma sighed. "I did check out of hospital yesterday."

"You'd never believe it the way you're moving heavy tables and running up and down stairs."

"You could see me?"

"You were making a big fuss over these chalk drawings. I couldn't miss it. That's partly why I came back."

Viola was dressed in a dressing gown and her hair was in a wrapped towel. It seemed to Bulma like she had rushed a little as the towel wasn't as tight as she usually saw her in when she shared a hotel room.

"Yeah, every thing's fine, I was only getting too involved in taking the perfect picture. Although I think you're right, I need to use the HQ's equipment."

"I never took the mass murderer as an artist. Not sure what you could find in his sketches."

"There are a few psychologists back in the Force 3 team that would love to analyse this." Bulma explained.

"Okay, I'll go get changed and help you seal them up for HQ. I might get water on them as I am."

"I should be able to do it, thanks." Bulma said, she'd come so far setting up for the photos and it all seemed like a waste of time.

'It isn't though, I have this clue about Vegeta that I think he set out for me to find. How is that even possible? I need to ask Warden Popo for more details. Why did he give me these specifically or is there no reason other than to help the investigation?'

"I'm going to seal them up flat and mark the pictures in order."

"Doesn't seem to matter, they all look the same to me." Viola shrugged. "If you're sure Bulma, I'll get changed and back to writing our report on North City."

"Sounds fun."

"I will be back in that pool by the end of it... I've no idea where to start."

For the first time that day it sounded like she was asking her for advice.

Bulma gave her best smile and said, "I would start with the murder of Detective Tien and go from there."

"It all sounds so crazy once you write it down though."

"Trust me, what you saw was nothing compared to me. Bulma said with certainty. 'You could have saved yourself a whole lot of trouble if you'd done it all daily.' She inwardly thought but only said. "How much have you done?"

Viola blushed, "Only the murder facts, which I got from you."

'You're the bane of Force 3,' Bulma snarked inside her head. 'So many Force 3 agents' time and energy are used up to finish your paperwork.'

"How about reporting backwards?" She said instead, biting her tongue with this woman was becoming a bad habit.

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Report today's arrival, then our departure from the hospital and work out day by day from there. Flip it into the correct order once you're done."

"Oh! Good idea." Viola said sounding relieved. "I thought you meant to type it... Ah nevermind. I need to get started."

She tried laughing her embarrassment away as she went up the stairs and Bulma laughed with her until she vanished from view and the fake smile from Bulma disappeared as Viola did.

It wasn't unusual for a fighter level agent to be terrible at any paperwork. It gave Bulma a small assurance that she was Investigator class for a reason. She found the more she worked with the Force 2 agents the more frustrated she became. If she had any aptitude for combat she was sure she would be better than anyone on the Force 2 team that she had met.


It took most of the morning but Bulma had finally tagged and bagged all the remaining pictures. A cold nagging in the back of her mind was telling her that what she had found was too important to hide. She needed to check on a few things back in West City as she was sure there was more to this myth.

The Dragonballs couldn't really work, if they did so many bad things that had happened could be wished away. It couldn't be that easy could it?

Her youthful self hadn't thought that hard about it, but now she felt she had to research this more. What were the limitations? Could people be erased or brought back to life? Could time be rewound? If that was true, then had she missed her chance back when she was younger?

Her head was buzzing with all these questions that she jumped when Viola tapped her on the shoulder.

"What's up?" Viola asked. "You look like you've seen a ghost."

"I have bad memories of this place. This was where I met Vegeta for the first time." Bulma sighed and let the awkward silence hang for a moment till she added, "It was the second worst thing that has happened in my life. It's where my career really started which I should be grateful for but it came at a price."

"I get it." Viola said. "This island used to be my home, not South city but a little town that's now a crater. The Saiyans completely destroyed it."

"So there are bad memories everywhere." Bulma said her smile twisted as she fought back she fought back the tears. She was surprised at her own emotions, her mind was stirred up by the secret she had discovered. "There are many things in life I'd want to do differently."

"Ah, I have no regrets about my own actions." Viola said coldly. "Just the actions of others. I wish I could reverse time sometimes."

"I wish…" Bulma sniffed. "I.. I think I reached my limit for today." She was starting to shake from the shock. "I'm going to take a nap."

"No lunch? I was going to see if this place had any kitchens or staff meals."

"Well, with security so tight I doubt we could get any pizza delivery."

"Listen, you've pretty much finished here, just get a rest and I'll see if I can get some food."

"Sure, if that fails there's always the kitchen in the mansion."

"Okay, but don't complain if it's just a cheese sandwich. I don't really cook."

Bulma laughed a little and picked up the previous evidence packages she'd made. The drawings she had once thought as a time wasting activity to keep her busy and away from trouble had given her something more than she ever expected.

Viola watched her go before going into the kitchen. She didn't open the fridge but took out her phone instead.

"Watchdog reporting... Subject B is exhausted from the injury and seems emotional. Possibly due to the psychic scan."

"That's to be expected. The voice answered. How is the file work going?"

"Sorry, mine might take a while but Subject B has completed the first task despite her lethargy. We may need to increase the work load or she may end up investigating the previous Warden."

"That can't be helped. Questions are going to come up whatever she looks into the asylum, Warden Oolong made too many mistakes. They would be impossible to hide."

"Subject B says the drawings are of no importance. They're only suitable for psychological analysis."

"Well, that's nothing we're looking for. Keep an eye on her and let us know when you're moving back to West City. Report back only if Subject B has any information on the main Target."

"Understood, Watchdog signing off."

Viola checked the area again using her energy reading skills checking for signs of life. The faint weak signal of Bulma was above her and almost invisible to her. Nobody else was in the building. She had checked before as she went to the pool. She could scout out the mansion's surroundings. It was sheltered from the main facility but was close enough to walk to. The cliffs behind were a natural barrier behind the building.

It was her job to protect Bulma especially from herself. The woman had a way of finding trouble. She placed her phone back into her pouch and proceeded to check the cupboards.

Upstairs, Bulma shifted uncomfortably in her bed as she tried to process her own thoughts unaware of anything that Viola was doing. She was struggling with the idea of possibility being able to fix all that had happened, Vegeta had known about them. He had known of the Dragonballs and their power. She could bring it all back, everyone that had died and finally defeat the shadow of Vegeta that always seemed to be around her.


Author's Notes: Well, there we are. I don't know why but for some reason all my Dragonball stories end up going to the power of the Dragonballs. Probably as they're an easy way out. I will say this, it's not going to be an easy task at all. They do have their limitations as Bulma will find out.

What's going on with Viola will be revealed soon too, so hold on to your pants.

Next Chapter, we follow both of our heroine, Bulma and anti-hero, Vegeta.

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