The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. I do not make money from this story.

Warning: Slight gore

Chapter 30

Grief and Pain

The second storm to hit North City was coming to its climax. Everyone with any sense had stayed inside. Bulma however was cursing herself for her lack of judgement. She was closely followed by her fellow officer Viola who was also cursing under her breath as they arrived in a taxi. They entered the small bar clutching to their jackets.

"We could've changed the day…"

"This is Launch's workplace." Bulma explained. "She's usually asleep during the day."

"Surely, she's not working after everything that happened?"

Bulma shrugged, She knew she would be doing the same, throw yourself into your work and focus on other things. She thought Launch would be the same but she saw the taller woman slumped over the bar where she was suppose to be working.

"That would be what I would do, Launch however…" Bulma approached her unsure who was in control. She was aware of Launch's split personality and had leant the hard way not to surprise the mean side of her. "Launch….it's me… Bulma!"

The blonde swung her head round her green eyes sharp and deadly. "Good, give me the dirt!" She grabbed Bulma by her shirt and dragged her to her face. Bulma looked back at Viola who was moving to get her gun out.

"Launch let go… I'm not alone…."

The drunk woman kept held of Bulma and her attention moved to Viola. "Who's this?"

"FBI Agent Viola." The tall woman introduced herself, she took Bulma's shirt and released her from Launch's grip. "I'm the babysitter."

"I thought we were going to be alone." Launch snarled under her breath.

"This is the only way we can meet, it's not my choice but it's better than being in a police station and having interrogators listening and recording our full conversation."

"You're going by the books then…pfff." Launch scoffed. "How boring. I'm so glad I left that Dog House." She gave Viola a determined look slowly going up and down trying to figure her out. She came to some internal conclusion and went back to her drinking.

Bulma sat down on a stool next to her. "I need to make a report, you're being investigated." Bulma said. "I'm here now as a friend first. It may end up as official interviews later."

"So this isn't official business then." Launch snapped. "I was hoping you'd give me the first suspect you have that killed my Darling."

"We have ideas that nothing conclusive yet."

"That means ya got the prime suspect but y'all can't say shit!" Launch announced.

Bulma looked around, the bar was thankfully almost empty but it was still not the best place to have a private conversation. She couldn't mention Vegeta at all as this was still being kept quiet.

"I can't tell you." Bulma said. "Director Piccolo's orders."

"OH!" Launch reacted quite violently to that name and slammed down her glass. "HIM! Of course it's Mr-you're too unstable for the FBI-you're OUT-Piccolo!"

"That's not his name and you know it." Bulma said. "You need to cool down and we'll talk again."

It was clear that she needed to speak to Launch when she was sober; it was more time wasted on the case. Bulma stood up and patted her friend on the head. She shook her hand away and turned her head. Bulma sighed and went to leave when she heard a clear small sneeze. This was followed by a large bawling yell.

"Don't leave me too…. BUUULLLMAAA!" A dark haired woman clamped onto Bulma and she was suddenly reunited with Launch's kinder side.

Bulma hugged her back. "It's okay, we'll get the SOB, don't you worry."

"He- he's GONE and now I have nothing…" She kept crying.

"Can we take you home?" Bulma asked her kindly. She wasn't so shocked at this transformation; she'd seen it many times before. It was mostly the amount of grief she was seeing that was giving her flashbacks to her own past traumas. She gave a look to Viola who had sat back in shock.

"Shall I call a cab?" The other agent asked.

Bulma nodded and continued comforting her friend. "Keep telling yourself it's not your fault, okay?"

The woman sobbed and nodded her head. "I could have stopped him from going… he had some sort of plan… some sort of big break…. I should've known."

"You couldn't have known."

"We've been in such a rut and I'm such… I was such a Bitch to him every time I saw him… he was so happy about whatever it was…"

"He never said what it was?"

Launch shook her head looking up and wiping her tears. The alcohol was taking effect on the brunette; she was weaker in this form. She slumped forward a little. "I feel so sleepy."

Bulma helped her keep standing. "Just so you know, we do have a suspect… but keep it to yourself."

"Lips are…sealed." Launch slurred and rolled her head.

By this time Viola came over the cab was on the way.

"Looks like I need to see her home." Bulma said.

"I shouldn't leave you alone, Piccolo's orders." Viola said. "I left you alone at the mortuary and look what happened."

"Yeah, I have no idea what he was thinking." Bulma replied.

"I'm alone, all alone…" Launch started to sway as she fell deeper into her grief.

Bulma gave her another hug and grimaced as she inwardly wished she could tell her friend everything. They needed to catch Vegeta soon, the sooner he was taken in the sooner she could help her friend get closure.


The alien in question though wasn't too far away. In a small lodging in the city centre, Vegeta was preparing his departure. The room had been rented out for the week under a different name. His old place was now cleared out and abandoned. He had planned to leave North City and make his escape much sooner. He had already taken too long but the chance to interact with Bulma had been too enticing for him. Vegeta knew he had been careless with his pursuit of Bulma today. It was an opportunity he couldn't resist.

He went through his items checking each one. He had to travel light and take everything he needed in a duffel bag. The night was coming soon and a huge storm was raging through the city. The weather made it so he couldn't leave yet. He'd wasted too much time playing cat and mouse with his prey. He needed to rest for now. He couldn't return to his original home, it was too easy to trace who he really was. Yasai Hoang was now dead. He had to find a new persona.

He had checked into a boarding house making sure it was far enough away from Bulma and her FBI team. He didn't want to be accidentally found. He wanted to keep the advantage of being invisible. He only had the advantage while she was unaware. She was weak but still carried a weapon that could immobilise him on sight. Last night had been exhilarating with the death of Tien. He had felt like he had power again, the stronger human was a puppet in his hands. The way he had dangled perfectly was too good to be true. He had stayed to bathe in the glory of the death. No longer did he need to hide his kills by giving them to bears or eating them.

He wanted to taste nothing of that three eyed freak. His blood had smelled bitter as it spilled in a fountain around him. The memory was etched in his mind and it was more glorious than any of his thousands of other killings. This had taken pure skill and planning. It was a total thrill of the hunt. The blood he did want to taste was not that far from him now but she was protected. The little prey would need to wait and he needed to escape the attention he had brought.

For now he had to prepare and change everything about himself visually. He looked at the packet of red hair dye. It was going to change the blonde to red and add some extensions. He checked over the other items he had on the bed. There were new coloured contacts and a different style of clothing. Tien had known him before somehow and with the amount of agents that would be backing up Bulma there was still a chance there were others like Tien not too far away. He needed the power of surprise and if they could recognise you it would be over for him. He could not directly fight anyone of a higher level than a normal human. He double checked his blades; years ago he would have scoffed at the idea of using such tools. Now they were necessary for his own survival.

The storm rattled the window of the bathroom and he could hardly see the street below for white. Tonight was not the time to hunt or escape. He would leave Bulma one last message if he could. He wanted her to fear him as her life was going to be his to control.


Android Three was out in the storm dragged along by one of the hyper android hounds. The robot beast had got a scent so even the large Android struggled to keep control as it pulled on the metal lead. The tall Android was a reject and as such was not made for fighting. He secretly wished he wouldn't find Vegeta even though the hound would be doing the capture. They Android Hounds were built to capture people alive, more specifically Vegeta. They had been used on trails before in small towns, Three knew exactly how quick they could grab someone and tie them up with ki restraining shackles.

All it needed was to bite onto the person and the capture programs would automatically get to work at subduing the victim. There was a small risk that the person could be injured by the bite or maybe if they were strong they might not let the hound get a chance to bite. This was what Three really wanted to avoid. He was programmed for fighting but he knew his limits. He was a reject for a reason, he was made so long ago that he felt a relic compared to these newly made hounds they were relegated to handling. He felt his joints creek and groan in the cold weather and it was only a matter of time before he was broken beyond repair and would be scrapped for spare parts. He did not fear death only Gero's command that he was useless.

"What now?" He said as the hound jerked him across the road. A colourful car, perhaps the city's taxi. He couldn't tell the snow was blurring his vision. He would need to switch to heat vision. He pulled back the dog to try to listen. All he could hear was wind whistling loudly and maybe a female voice.

"This is your place?"

"I don't wanna go…."

The dog tugged hard and Three could hear several beeps from it that sounded like the dog was preparing to take down a victim.

'I don't think that's the target.' He thought but if he could get a hostage that knew the whereabouts of Vegeta that may add to his usefulness to the Dr. His vision gave him three red figures that had got out of the car and were going to a house. They hadn't seemed to notice him as one of the women seemed in some trouble. Two of the females were helping the other walk and had propped her up.

"Terrible night for walking the dog…ha ha!" A girl laughed as he got closer.

"He's full of energy." Three tried to explain and he slightly panicked. His vision had become stuck on heat and he rattled his head to try and correct himself. 'No, don't break down now! Not here!'

"Are you alright?" One of the sober one's asked.

"Just c-co-cold…" Three murmered and his hand lost his grip as the error code continued shutting down his body. 'Can't… move…'

The hound was loose and Bulma cried out as her bag was snatched by the hound. Launch yelled out in anger as her friend was attacked and she threw her fists onto the dog's head. "Gettoffa ma friend!" She drunkenly raged at it.

Viola tried to hold the enraged Launch back but her blonde violent side had come out and she was much stronger than the woman expected. The hound spat out the bag, the smell of the target was on it but that was not a humanoid.

"Target miss, self protection mode activated."

"That thing just talked!" Bulma shouted, "It's a robot!"

"Get out of the way!" Viola said trying to pull on Launch but she was kicked backwards by the shorter blonde and she fell backwards into the snow.

Launch tried kicking the robot mutt but she quickly regretted it. She yelped in drunken pain and rage as the dog bit down hard on her leg. There was a loud snapping noise as her bone cracked under the pressure. Bulma grabbed the chain that the Android had dropped but she felt her strength was no match to pulling this dog down and she had to let go before her arms were ripped off.

Viola jumped forward out of the snow her fighting skills kicking in. She may be weaker than the Force two operatives she was working with but she had some skill as a fighter. She quickly tried to remember her training and charged up some ki to connect a punch with the head of the dog. It only made things worse as the dog ripped through Launch's leg and it snarled as it lunged at Viola. Launch was on the ground sobbing tears but her rage was now past all cause of reason. Launch roared in furious anger catching the hound by the neck while it was in mid jump and she flung her head into the beast's torso knocking it down.

"For Tien!" She cried and was amazed when the robot limped back obviously hurt.

Viola swung her leg round to knock the beast back even further.

"Self Protection mode failure… error…" The hound said. Bulma watched it carefully, the noise wasn't coming from the mouth of the dog, it was from the collar around its neck. She didn't hesitate as she pulled out her gun and shot the flashing light on the dog's collar. There was a spark and the hound's eyes seemed to flash red.

"The weak point is the neck!" Bulma said.

This was enough of a hint for Viola as she also drew her gun and fired in the same area as Bulma had done.

A drunk Launch let out a laugh as the hound's head rocked backwards and flew off its body. The laugh soon turned into hysterical sobs as the shock and adrenalin wore off and she could feel the pain from her leg.

"Use the panic button!" Viola snapped. "We need to get back up now!"

Bulma nodded in agreement and pushed down on her gadget on her belt. The small ki sensor had been unable to pick up the threat from the robot dog. Bulma examined the man that had been with a dog. He appeared human, but that could mean anything. To be safe she put her ki restraining handcuffs on him and rolled his large body onto its side.

"Well, not to put too dampener on things but I think we did okay…" Viola said out of breath. She was tending to Launch making sure to wrap up her stump to stop the bleeding by applying a tourniquet. "Sorry, I couldn't get the dog to let go…"

"Is…. Is…alright…" Launch gasped. She was feeling terribly sober now. "Just need to rest a little…"

"Keep your eyes open." Bulma ordered. She was busy finding something to keep the mauled leg in. "I want you to live for me!"

"I got nothing… no more…" Launch sighed.

"From what I could tell you made an excellent FBI agent." Viola chatted to her softly. "Those were some fierce moves you've got."

"I could have been ….in….Force Two if I really had trained hard ….or been sane." Launch laughed sadly.

"Might even try asking for a job back." Viola said. "There's a shortage of capable fighters like you. There might be a chance to get taken back."

"If… I live… I might try… " Launch gasped.

Bulma stayed quiet as she used snow to pack the leg up in. She had felt her uselessness again as she had been unable to draw any strength at all. Both these girls had demonstrated to her the use of how good ki control worked. It was something Bulma had always failed at, she would be always Force Three investigator till she retired at this rate.

She heard the beeping on her phone and quickly answered.

"We're on our way to your location now." Yamcha said in an urgent voice. "Are you okay? Is it Vegeta?"

"No, just something… else." Bulma said. "We have one casualty and one suspect, no main target. Come quickly we need emergency treatment."

"Understood. Just light a flare and we're going to drop in as soon as we see it."

Bulma cut off the call. "Help's coming." She rummaged in her slightly tattered bag and found a small stick flare. It sparked up.

"There's so much blood." Launch mumbled.

Bulma sat down next to her slightly shivering as her coat was being used for the leg.

"It's going to be fine." Bulma said. "We got it under control."

Launch nodded silently her strength to even form a word was leaving her.

"Keep it together, help's coming." Viola repeated to her.

As she said that Bulma watched wide eyed as Yamcha and two other FBI agents flew silently down beside them.

"The Calvary's here." Yamcha said looking round. "What is that?" He pointed to the black mess of bolts and half a dog shape.

"A robot, get someone to wrap it up as evidence against this suspect and bring him in."

"Contacting the local hospital." Mikan said as soon as he saw Launch. "Keep her talking… she's too quiet."

"We know…we're trying." Viola hissed at him. "We're just a bit tired now, right Launch."

"So…tired…." Launch slurred as her head nodded down.

"Mikan's the trained medic; let him have a look at her." Yamcha said. "What the hell just happened here?"

"I tell you what I think did happen." Bulma sneered as she looked at the pieces left over from the dog. "There's more than just us looking for Vegeta."

"Get that suspect under guard at the hospital then, he's a key witness." Yamcha ordered.

"Look at Yellow Belly… all full of orders…." Launch tried joking but she could only flop over as Mikan checked her leg was securely bandaged.

"Nice to see you too Launch." Yamcha blushed as hearing his old nickname. "You're not looking so good."

"Bit… drunk too…" Launch sniffed. "Could even say… legless…" She softly giggle but gagged as it made the pain worse and she clenched over instead.

"Try not to make her laugh Special Agent." Bulma lightly scolded.

"I…I didn't…" Yamcha objected and turned away his blush getting too out of control. He didn't like being so close to all these women. Bulma just smirked at it finding it totally adorable.

The group of agents soon got the scene cleaned up and a large heli-plane came down to pick them all up. Once they were done the street was cleared of all signs of their activities.

"So lucky this happened at night." Bulma said. The need for secrecy was very important in the FBI.

"Only lucky thing about it." Viola agreed as the craft lifted them up and onto the hospital. "I really need to get back to training."

Bulma silently agreed but knew she still didn't have the skills she wanted no matter how much she trained.

The five agents rode silently to the hospital Android Three lay unconscious inside the plane wrapped up next to the shivering traumatised Launch. No one seemed to notice the small light flashing on him under the blankets. It would be an important fact that they would all miss until it was too late.


Author's Note: Such a rollercoaster of a chapter! I hope the pacing of it was okay for everyone. I wasn't sure if I could get the confrontation would be too much but I think it added an exciting conclusion to this chapter. We're not yet at the confrontation between Bulma and Vegeta we're all waiting for but it is coming. I tried to add more to this chapter about Vegeta's feelings for Bulma. As I said this is not going in the way of romance and whatever Vegeta is feeling it's not going anywhere nice.

Force Two of this Universe's FBI do have high level fighting powers but it's no where near the same level as Goku or Vegeta at full power.

Next time: We're off to hospital and we'll see what's happening with those androids.

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