The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make money from this story.

Warning: There will be some strong language and scenes not for the faint of heart, you were warned!

Chapter 14

Enter the Parlour

It was needless to say that Bulma Briefs was incredibly aware of the danger she was in. She was also aware that this was not a normal situation. If she let this alien escape now it could reach its final form and reign terror and slaughter across Earth. They could not afford another tragedy like the Saiyan Massacre. The screams from Elizabeth still echoed behind her that seemed to reassure her that there was someone with her. True the girl was tied up in some weird web but she was there. She needed to get rid of Jones before she had any chance of taking her down. This needed to be done before anymore people suffered under this creature's murder spree.

The darkness that welcomed her as she opened a door deeper into the basement sent a chill up her spine. Bulma kept her gun cocked and ready to release at any sign of moment. The dim light from behind her seemed to grow weaker as she walked further in. Any windows from the side of the house had to be blocked up. This thing liked the dark and it was a fair bet that it could see in the dark as well. She had her small handbag sized torch but it wouldn't help. It would only blind her and lead the creature directly to her.

Bulma tried to keep her breath shallow; she didn't want to pant so hard that she showed her position. It was probably too late as she heard the door slam behind her. It was totally pitch black now and the musty smell of a long forgotten room full of dust and cobwebs filled her sense of smell. She felt for the edge of the wall and kept her back against it. She didn't want to be surprised from behind and she silently cursed every time she shuffled along the edge and banged her foot against anything.

The buzzing from the insects that fluttered in vain against the blackened glass was rumbling in her ears. Her careful footsteps creaked against the floorboards. The blackness was now all enveloping and the faint hiss that seemed to be mocking Bulma made her even more aware of her danger. This was not the sensible thing to do but she needed to catch him, she needed to take Jones down so this nightmare could be over.

Bulma was a fat juicy peach in the alien's eye. It watched her as she entered; the human was an appetiser for its next evolution. It would suck out her marrow and devour her flesh before she got a chance to shoot that useless weapon she held up high. It was a pathetic primitive gun that could do little damage to its far superior body. It had time; it could toy with this prey. The fleshy young flesh would taste sweet in its mouth.

She walked unsteadily past the creature; her foot feeling the ground as if she was a new born lamb. Her hair brushed past its eyes and it smelled the scent of her sweat. It could hear the pounding of the young woman's heart as she searched for a sign of where it was. The alien found some amusement in the audacity of this human; that this little creature with no power level could even harm it in any way. This was the closest it had ever come to the law; it had always managed to stay clear of authorities. There was something amusing with the idea of having a small game with this helpless and foolish human female.

It let out a hiss and it was amused at the human frantic turning at the slight noise.

"I am armed and I have full authority to shoot on sight!" Bulma shouted. Her voice was steady and strong but she shook as she held her gun. This was nothing like the training she had been receiving. There was no back-up or an instructor only a meter away watching her and ready to give advice. She was desperately alone and Bulma could sense how much she was over her head with the situation.

A scuttling noise near where the hiss had been let Bulma know it was on the move. She was being watched and it hadn't attacked yet. Bulma knew that this meant it was either evaluating how much of a threat she was to it or that it was just playing a game with her. She shuddered in dread as her gut told her that it was most likely the last one. There was no way such a creature that was here to destroy Vegeta could consider herself as a threat.

She had an idea of where it was but she was unsure how her ordinary gun would work against such an unknown beast. She had a slight understanding that this was similar to a spider but how much was it similar to an Earth spider she had no idea about. This fact and the darkness she was swimming in kept her senses screaming of the danger she was in.

The screams in her mind increased as something hit her leg making her stumble. The hissing increased and she shot out towards the direction she could feel it moving to. There was a flash of blinding light as the gun fired and a glow of eight eyes stared back at her. There was a sickening thump as the bullet found something soft and fleshy.

"You triesss to hurtsss usss."

Spots sparkled in Bulma's eyes as her eyes tried to adjust to the light that had dazzled her. She shot another bullet but this time there was a 'ching' sound as the bullet hit something metal. She cursed under her breath and knew that it was only a matter of time before it retaliated. The hissing echoed around her in a raspy gloating laugh. The monster had been hit but it was only a flesh wound. It was nothing compared to the pain it was about to inflict on the weakling human before it.

It drew closer as Bulma threw her gun around in panic, she could hear it all around her but she couldn't tell from which direction. Her trigger finger shook on the cool metal waiting for the moment to pull. She held her breath in fear that she could miss the vital sound with her own loud pants. The faint scurry noise of what she imagined had to be what a spider sounded like if she was an ant. She flicked the switch on her torch and pointed it directly at the noise. Eight eyes flashed red at her in the darkness as it was blinded by the sudden light.

Then the beast leapt on her, it was in slow motion for her as Bulma fired her gun in rapid succession. She felt its jaws on her arm and cried out in pain. The furry legs pinned her down; she fired her last bullet towards the large bulky body that towered over her. There was a sickening splatter and she felt her face being covered in a mess of goo that had to be whatever major organs that were now scattered around. Her torch had landed on the floor and light shone across the monstrous body. The light shone on something bright and with a large red danger sign. It was some sort of flammable gas, she reached out and knocked the can over. The contents started flowing out towards her and the monster still writhing on top of her. Bulma kicked hard into the wound that she had caused, there was more sickening squelching noise as she shattered open the soft insides. She rolled to the side and went into her pocket where her cigarettes and more importantly her lighter were. She thanked her bad habits as she clicked it alight and put the flame down into the liquid. She singed her hand and she backed away from the billowing fire that sprung up.

Bulma used the last of her strength to get up and move further away as the flames encircled the screaming alien. It tried to follow Bulma to bring her into its fangs and into the fire but it was too late for it. The large body had begun to burn and the flesh wound was slowing it down. The fine hair on the creature was like tinder to the flames and it engulfed the beast. It lurched up in an attempt to get to where Bulma was but it was now blinded by the light and missed by mere feet.

There was another hideous squeal from the thing as it gasped in a sudden death throw. This could not be his demise! It was almost complete; it was almost the perfect killing machine to take down the now weakened Prince! The bullets though small had gone into the abdomen where his softer underbelly was exposed. The fire was burning its flesh and was now reaching its essential organs.

"Lord… Freezzaaa….forgive meeee…" It groaned and spat. The weakling human that had taken it down wouldn't have long to live, there was no way the human could escape the basement in time. It gurgled a hiss of satisfaction. It could die knowing that at least the woman would soon follow. The giant spider let out a slow sigh as it finally crumpled to the floor leaving an exhausted Bulma Briefs.

She staggered to her feet but her knees wobbled, unable to support her. The main danger was away but her heart still raced and tears streamed down her face. Her lungs were slowly being choked with the thick smoke that was filling the room quickly. She couldn't believe that she had done that and she winced with pain as her arm twitched from the bite. She could smell the stench of the creature now as it cooked and it was overwhelming. She gagged and tried to crawl away from it. There was no way for her to know the actual exit or the way she had come. The light that the fire provided was blocked out by the smoke as the junk from the previous tenants caught on fire as well. Her head began to spin and she could hear the shouting of the kidnapped girl.

"I got him Elizabeth…" Bulma gasped but her voice was too weak to be heard by the terrified and furious woman in the other room. As far as Elizabeth was concerned she had been abandoned by this FBI agent and was left to her death. The shouting led Bulma to her but her energy was gone and she could only reach the edge of the door where the girl shouted. Bulma knew she had left a message with her office, they would be coming soon.

"My back-up…where are you…?" Bulma sighed and her eyes rolled back as she fell unconscious.

The blur of colours and smells assaulted her in her dream. It was as if she floated above it all and light soon dazzled her eyes. She could hear the screams of Elizabeth; she could smell such a strong scent of sweat and smoke. She nuzzled into something warm and comforting and very familiar. It carried her safe above it all away from the monster. It made her feel secure and she clung to the warmth but it soon so cold as she felt the hard ground and her wound woke her up. She was being attended to by a medic who was poking her very painful arm and burns.

Bulma glanced around and could see she was sitting outside on the ground. Her arm was bleeding heavily and the medical staff around her were quickly trying to wrap her up and put her on a stretcher. She managed to mumble a few answers to the questions being asked by the emergency crew. She was confused and she tried to get her bearings pulling the mask off her face.

"Why am I outside..?" She groaned but no-one could answer her.

"You're going to be fine, Agent Briefs." The medic assured her as she was lifted up. "We got here just in time by the looks of it."

Bulma couldn't comment as the oxygen mask was placed over her again to help her breath. She managed to grunt. She saw in her blurred vision the house being surrounded by officers. She couldn't stay awake anymore and slowly fell back under. The chaos raged on around her as the survivor of Scalpel Jones. The FBI officers that had been drafted in on helicopters at the last minute to give the back-up that Bulma needed had arrived too late but just in time to get the media attention. The one person that could explain it all was away in the ambulance and the men and woman left were only able to make small comments that the situation had been contained. A shaking and still bound Elizabeth had been pulled out of the building with the camera's flashing. The traumatised woman was escorted into the emergency vehicle and her head covered from the prying eyes.

Piccolo arrived just as she was being put onto the ambulance and made a quick check with the staff that she was okay. For a horrible moment he had thought the distress call had been about Vegeta and that he had started his rampage but all was still quiet. The monster had appeared to have disappeared. Whatever trail that had been left at the sewer outlet had been well masked. He had left his men searching the area as he came to check up on Bulma. The other men that were with the Chief Director Kami were in another city, the back-up almost didn't reach her in time. The full city police force had closed down all routes out of the city but he knew that with this incident as well they were stretched to their limits.

"Where did all these reporters come from Agent Pistachio?" He demanded.

"Sorry sir, we didn't have the back-up, all main team members were out on duty." Agent Pistachio explained. "I just got here myself but the police were the first on the scene because of the fire. The media seem to have been tipped off from the Police or someone with connections to the Police. The damage is done now."

"Any sign that the alien escaped?" Piccolo asked.

"None Sir, the small fire has now been brought under control so we're searching it now." Pistachio said. "We think we may have a body, it's like a giant crispy bug. We're waiting till we get the cover of the tents till we bring it out to the van."

"That's good." Piccolo sighed. "At least we got one of them. I want that place cordoned off and under full FBI jurisdiction! This has been no common house fire!"

The Agent `saluted and ran off to speak to the Police that were trying to contain the now growing crowd. Piccolo only had to reflect slightly on his instinct that made him put Bulma Briefs on this case. He knew she was nosy enough to be an Agent but she really did surpass his expectations. She had an amazing amount of luck to be able to go up against such a creature with only the most basic of training. She had been at first just a front to fool the Prince into speaking to them but somehow it had worked and unfortunately that had led to his escape. It had been manipulated all by that Prince of Saiyans and now he was loose on the Earth as his power would surely return to him.

'It's now only a matter of waiting till he makes his move; I doubt we can catch him before that.' Piccolo sombrely thought to himself.


Far from the city limits it could be said that the Prince was also thinking of the same thing. He was now much weaker than he thought. As he was out of the influence of the Ki restraints it was becoming clear that the chemicals that were also pumped into him had been effective. He glanced into the pick-up cabin where he could see the homely couple that had picked up the lone hitchhiker. They had no idea that they were harbouring a fugitive. If they did find out Vegeta knew how much more work it would be to make them silent about it. He ran his hand through his now blonde and short hair and adjusted his hat. It had been a sacrifice to destroy his once proud haircut but this was about survival. It had been a rule that had been drilling into him since childhood; once the Saiyan hair was cut it would never grow back. He had managed to sweep it down into a shorter pony tail and once he had left this couple's truck he planned to change the colour and make it even shorter. His only pride he had now was staying alive so he could get closer to his own goals.

It had now been a whole 12 hours since his escape and he had as much use as he could of the time. He listened to the faint engine and as the couple listened to their droning country music he could phase that out and silently keep his plans fresh in his head. He had researched the human culture well and as long as he was as weak as a human he would have to act like one and hide like a hidden thorn.

"Excuse me Son; this is as far as we can take you." The Old man said. "We're turning off here to our farm."

Vegeta jumped off and looked at road ahead. "This will do fine, thank you."

"Such a polite young man, you're a rare breed."

Vegeta smiled and tipped his hat. "I believe I am."

"If you keep going along this road you should come up to the village of Korn." The man said.

"I think that will do fine, it's been a while since I did a long hike."

The pick-up drove off down a side road and Vegeta was left to his own thoughts again. It had crossed his mind at killing the old pair but it was an unnecessary death, it may lead to a clue as to which way he left West City. It had been so easy to slip out a small road and find the highway, completely missing any road blocks and checks. He needed to get away from the Chaos that the now dead Jones and his own escape had left. He smiled at his new found ability, he had found it hard to use it in the jail but outside away from the cell and restraints he found the energy flowing around him. This was the so called ki sense that the Warrior that had defeated him had used. This was something that needed no technology it was something from within. It proved to Vegeta that he still had his innate abilities; he still had the chance to recover and find his vengeance. Even if for now his body was weak his mind was still active and able to use something beyond all the humans.

He walked on down the road a free Saiyan and his mind full of all the wonderful possibilities that lay before him.


Author's Note: Am I finished? No, this will be continuing. We need an update from Bulma and Piccolo and also probably from Vegeta who is on the road to freedom! (I have the song "Road to No-where" stuck in my head with this image!)

Next part will either be the epilogue or an epilogue of this arc and on with another. I haven't decided to finish it next chapter or to just carry on following were this story leads. I have a few ideas and feed-back is always welcome. I will decide by the end of the next chapter. So no cliff-hanger this time but a small conclusion. Shocking!

My next update, whenever it will be will be sometime…not going to say when as real life has a habit of getting in my way.

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