The Silence of the Monkeys

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Chapter 41

The Forgotten Room


In another mansion, far from South City a sick man listened to his chief Scientist.

"So due to the changes in the main android's bodies they have yet to reach maturity mentally."

"Why is that a problem?" Gero snapped.

"Their biological bodies are small but strong. That's not the issue, it's more about how they moralise any orders. They see no difference between killing a human and an insect."

"That's exactly what I wanted, fool. A child's mind has no morality compass. It's something that needs to be taught."

"We run the risk of them developing into psychopaths."

"My last android 8 was a failure because it lacked the killer instinct, even orders it will disobey if it involves taking a life, it's totally useless!"

"But Sir... These beings are part human too."

"That's why they will be the perfect killers. No remorse, no empathy. Just perfect killing machines."

"This causes problems when we try to program them to only kill Vegeta. They can't differentiate between a Saiyan or a human."

"What real difference does that make?"

Dr Boxer sighed and tried to reason with him. "It means they could start targeting our own men if they can't find the target. They already ripped apart a pig we put in for their training program."

"I don't care, I want them contained and trained up to focus on Vegeta. Stop putting useless distractions in and keep using the photo of him."

Dr Boxer bowed and said nothing else. It was useless fighting with the man. He inwardly planned to be as far away as possible when the 2 monsters were finally released. They weren't instruments of revenge, they were more like ones of chaos and destruction.

However this was exactly what Dr Gero wanted. His eyes gleamed as he resisted laughing evilly. His plan was getting closer and closer to fruition.

Dr Boxer left bowing his head down as Mr Black opened the door for him.

"Any news on our hunt?" Dr Gero asked his head servant.

"So far the bait is being held in a secure place and is being kept busy."

"They know how close they got to almost loosing her. She was gutted like a fish I heard, find me photos I want to see his work."

"I will see what I can do." Mr Black said. "On the topic of the little rabbit, she is being watched by one of our best spies. Any movement, no matter how minor will be reported."

"Just be sure to bring the summary." Gero joked.

"Popo is not answering our calls for assistance so I think he can't be depended on."

"He has the job he wants now and any money problems are gone. He was only using us for an easy cash flow, not for revenge like our other contacts. Let him be for now. We have what we need from him.

"He has information about us though. Mr Black warned. Perhaps he needs to be silenced?"

"No, it is of no consequence... Besides it might help bring the little rabbit to us. Leave me now... I wish to rest... Check up on that Chief scientist of mine... Be sure he follows my request. I want my newest androids to be absolutely remorseless.

"Certainly." Black bowed and left the old cripple to his raspy breathing. He signalled to a nurse waiting outside to go in and attend to him.

Dr Gero was good at gathering his help and spies, every single one of them wanted Vegeta dead. He wasn't alone. For Black this had been years of abusive servitude that was soon to come to an end. His revenge and also freedom were interlaced. Bulma Briefs or rabbit as she had now been named was crucial to it all. He had confidence in his contact, they were a family member after all.


The Central City Camp was a hidden place surrounded by security officers and electrical fences. The large hologram shield covered the refugee camp from the outside.

It was a temporary shelter from some but for many it was a prison.

For Vegeta it was a perfect place to stay as everyone else ignored him and tried to stay out of trouble. The drainage pipe he now slept in wasn't comfortable but it was out of sight from the guards. He had managed to plug the small leak redirect the flow of the water into a smaller pipe. It wouldn't hold but it was a good temporary measure.

During the day he hid there sleeping and snuck out in the night to forage. Today though was the first time he dared to go out in the daylight. It was early morning and the grey market had just started.

It couldn't be called black as the guards were in full knowledge of the place. It wasn't an illegal market only one that had a trading area of unwanted rations or possessions that could be sold or exchange. Most of the refugees had any dangerous items confiscated but they sometimes still had some old things from outer space.

He scanned the goods, it was a lot of mish-mash but he recognised a few things. For Vegeta they were mostly useless. All he wanted was some rations, basic food and hopefully one specific item.

He showed his watch to the vendor.

"How much food and water can I get for this?"

The bug alien gave him a stare. He was speaking in the Universal language from Freeza's Empire.

"You should speak the Earth language, not the Cold Empire's one."

"Bad habits are hard to break." Vegeta snorted. The bug seemed to be a wannabe Earthling. He had no chance with his inhuman features. "Just give me a deal."

"Three bags and a bottle of water."

"Add in some batteries and we have a deal."

"I don't have any Earth batteries."

"Didn't mean those... The stock down there, I can see them or should I call a guard?"

"Now, now, no need to be hasty friend."

"Just being an honest citizen." Vegeta leered.

"It is a good watch. An authentic Earth brand. Just let me examine it."

Vegeta grudgingly handed it over and it was gone in a second. The Saiyan snarled and grabbed the antenna of the insect.

"I'll give you one chance to return it."

"Seems you lack any kind of strength, or shall I now call the guards?" The shop keeper smugly said.

"I would rethink your actions as you will pay for it all with your life." He threw the small amount of credits and supplies to Vegeta and slipped out of his grasp. "A weakling like yourself has no bargaining power. I on the other hand am the Mayor of section 3. He had hovered up using his clipped wings. This was attracting the attention of the guards. Mayor Batta at your service, long time merchant and now leader of my people."

"Nice to meet you," Vegeta said in a flat tone.

"Now begone, stop speaking in the tongue of the Universe's enemy and learn some respect."

"As you wish." Vegeta hissed. He couldn't fight him in the enclosed and observed space. He took what was thrown and made no more threats. Inwardly he was a roaring fire of rage. This Mayor would need to die but he needed to wait till he was ready to leave. A being of this high a status would be noticed when mysteriously dying.

The Garlik creature's death had caused a stir for a few days but he seemed to be a known trouble maker and his death was declared an internal alien dispute. He gave one last look at the bug gaging his power level. He wasn't that powerful, Tien had been stronger but there were others from the same species as Garlik behind him. Unofficial bodyguards from what he could tell. All with a good fighting aura but with the familiar repressed ki bands. For most people this would be too great of an obstacle that they would give up or try something foolish. For Vegeta he saw an opportunity to try out his power. That moment however was not now, he needed to make a tactical retreat. His pride had long been pushed back for his own survival's sake. It just made his wrath build, his revenge, his frustrations they would be released in a controlled and calculated manner rather than the explosive way he did before.

"See you next time." He said bowing, slipping into the Earth language.

"Keep an eye on him." The Mayor hissed.

"But Sir, his power level wasn't anything at all."

"Perhaps he's hiding it, he spoke like a Freezer Elite."

The guard walked towards them. "Do you need another warning? You swindled that humanoid and flew!"

"He was asking for something illegal. I would rather you watch him not me. He almost took my arm off!"

"I doubt it. His power level was well below 90."

Mayor Batta sneered as he checked the entrance scanner gate the mysterious humanoid had exited from. The power level over 90 was always displayed in the overhead panel for the guards. Even someone who could hide their potential power had trouble keeping the score below that. The humanoid had no strength but he had still been able to pull him down by surprise, he needed to be watched though he wouldn't be informing the guards.

"I think I will get back to work." Batta said shifting his body into a bow." His body was mostly exoskeleton so his bow was a 90 degree dip. The guard looked down without any reply and returned to his own station at the gate entrance.

Vegeta had already moved to a safe distance. He had been watched by the guards but not followed. His power level always let him slip past. They had a familiar scanner on their heads that was fused to their helmets. It was all technology that had been taken from his old Scanner equipment, he knew how they worked. The combination of gate scanners and the guards own personal ones made walking freely with a high ki signal impossible. He was never thought of as a threat. He didn't want to be upgraded to a instigator or trouble maker. It was almost time to move on again. His preparations were almost complete.


Bulma awoke to see the concerned face of Agent Viola looming over her.

"Time to get up, sleepyhead! best eat and get your strength back."

"Are we supposed to be meeting the warden today?" Bulma gingerly sat up trying not to look at Viola. She pushed her late night reading of myths and legends to the side.

"I think we were going to get a tour of the cell today."

"I'm dreading it." Bulma admitted. "Most of my nightmares are linked to there."

Bulma swung herself out of bed as Viola left the room talking about changing into a suit rather than the bath robe. Bulma didn't mind the loneliness. It gave her some time to wake up and frantically collect her thoughts. She needed to find out more about the Dragonballs, they seemed like a key piece of information. She could find some facts in old reference books but it made them seem further out of reach. They were something Vegeta had known about but hadn't told anyone. She felt like this secret was too big to hide but she couldn't write it in any report. She really needed to speak to Piccolo and figure out what to do from there. The past few days had been like a form of limbo. She had no control only following orders from Viola as she catalogued anything related to Vegeta. It was all work she felt should have been done a long time ago. It felt like everything she was doing was a distraction. Things that were meant to keep her occupied.

She had slept but it had been restless and she had woken up often. She felt like bugs were crawling all over her body. She couldn't shake the feeling that Vegeta had left those drawings for her to see. It was a selfish thought, one that she had no supporting evidence other than her gut feeling. She really wanted to build up her courage to tell Viola what she'd found, she was getting nowhere from reading her Mythology books. It would be the first step before telling Piccolo at least.

After 20 minutes and a strong coffee later the pair were out of the mansion and heading to the main building.

They had found the mansion to be a large house for two and had limited themselves to just a few rooms to keep the place feeling more homely. Though Viola still insisted on going for a swim every morning. She had a regular training regimen that she would use to get out of the endless filing they were supposed to be doing.

The strong sunshine made the dull uniformal building that looked like a large grey rectangular cube seem slightly appealing. Flowers were being planted around the building and the guards who seemed quite free were making themselves busy with the work.

"Strange, isn't it?" Viola said "Everyone has so much time to focus on the decoration now."

They were greeted by Warden Popo who stood by the door. "Ready to see the main cell?"

"I heard that there's a ki dampening field around the whole high security area."

"You're currently training for Force 2 I take it." Warden Popo said gently. "The effects are temporary. It shouldn't effect your ki generating ability."

"I actually just got promoted to Force 2." Viola said proudly.

"Oh I see." Popo said blankly. He was smiling gently but it seemed he wasn't too impressed.

"Are there any high level prisoners at the moment?" Bulma asked. With or without Viola she dreaded walking down that long corridor with the jeering audience.

"Currently, we're down to just a few in a different part of the prison. We're going to shut down soon. We have a new facility opened in the space station."

"That explains a few things." Bulma said as she thought of the gardening guards and extreme training they had been doing for the past few days.

This was the first time since she arrived that she was entering the main facility. The main reports and filing had taken longer than she thought as she had lower stamina than usual. The central hallway was still as dark as she remembered. Even with the added Summer sun, the enclosed space and tall staircase in the entrance hall made it dark. Warden Popo took them past the stairs and into a side door. It was one of those thick metal security doors with a key pad and card. He unlocked it and held it open for them.

Bulma knew the route well. Down stairs after stairs till you came to a barricaded guard post before another caged door. The dull dusty single light bulb hung sadly above them. The guard post where she had talked to Mr Popo many times was empty. The Warden slipped into the tiny office and released the door lock.

"I need to wait here to reopen the door so take the cell key. It's all yours." He said sitting down at the desk wiping off some grime from the desk.

"Looks a little nostalgic with you there." Bulma said.

"Honestly, I'll have nightmares tonight for sure." Popo said in a low voice.

Bulma nodded silently agreeing. She had dreamt this walk many times and now it was flashing in her mind a faint recollection of bad dreams and sleepless nights as she struggled to overcome her fear of this place.

It's exactly as I imagined. Viola said staring into the dank empty cells. It's much creepier without anyone inside like there's only ghosts.

"Trust me, it was a lot more creepier filled with those monsters. They all snarled or babbled at you as you walked past."

"This is it?" Viola gasped as she saw the vastly different cell. The high plastic cell was white and spotless.

"Damn, looks like it's been stripped. Viola said looking at the single bed with no blanket, toilet and tiny sink. A filing cabinet that had been installed for passing mail and documents to Vegeta was now an empty space.

"No this was it." She looked up to see the familiar security camera whirling round to view them. "There was something here but it's gone now."

"I feel a little weak with these repressing barriers up."

"I can go in, just wait outside. I doubt there's anything." Bulma took out her camera and snapped the inside of the cell. There was a flash as the plastic wall reflected back. Bulma unlocked the door and took another inside shot.

She looked across to Viola who was flat against the wall clutching her head. Bulma resisted the urge to make a cruel remark. She wasn't being much help. Her so called superior and bodyguard had grated on her nerves since the start of their investigation.

"Why don't you wait with Warden Popo?" She said instead of her, 'You total waste of space.' floating in her head.

"Ok…" She quickly agreed unaware of the daggers Bulma gave her. She turned back to the room and tried to compose her anger.

'It's what makes you so exciting.'

She looked around the cell, she could hear the familiar voice taunting her still, following her around. Inside the cell she could feel how Vegeta must have looked out from his perspective. The lights shone down almost blinding you from seeing outside. It took a few minutes of blinking and staring down before the retina burns stopped.

Bulma made a few more shots inside and then inspected the bed. Underneath was a solid foam mattress supported by wood. No metal springs or screws were used. It looked uncomfortable and she took a quick seat to confirm her suspicions.

Nothing hidden in the bed. She rapped on the boards underneath but it was solid. The sink was next, a tiny one she'd seen before in cheap hotels. The pipes were covered in plastic covers hiding any bolts and had been touched but mostly untampered. She looked at the camera as it swung round the room. The bed and sink were always in plain sight. It was only the toilet in the corner that was hidden for half a minute or less.

She moved onto the toilet to inspect it thoroughly. Thankfully it was clean and unused. The water at the bottom seemed stale from the lack of use. She took out her flash-light and shone it down the bowl. There was an unusual flicker as something caught the light.

'Damn... Why here?' She cursed and went to her briefcase. Her clean rubber gloves and evidence bags were taken out. 'Always in the worst places…' She cursed again as her gloved hand groped into the wet tube. She managed to grab something and she pulled it out. It was a plastic bag that was thin and covered in some dregs of excrement. The contents seemed untouched. She gagged on impulse and moved the evidence into one of her own bags.

The rest of the room, flooring and walls were clear after her further checks. In some small miracle she had found another clue to the mind of Vegeta.

She returned to Viola and the Warden as they gave her praise. Her own mind was spinning again.

"How did you know?"

The security camera... Bulma said. "I just imagined if I had anything to hide there was only one place out of view for a short time that I could use."

Viola watched the TV screen showing the shot of the cell. "Right, the toilet is out of sight for a minute."

"I need to examine this." Bulma said holding up the bag. "Is there a sterile examination room here?"

"Yes, but it hasn't been used in a while."

"Shall I take some photos of the rest of the facility?" Viola asked. "I'll just get in your way."

"Yeah, that would be a great help." Bulma said handing over the camera. After a few days working on archiving with the woman Bulma understood how much she hated the real work of sitting down and writing it all up.

"If you would like to follow me." Warden Popo said kindly. They went back up to above ground floors. The sunlight felt more welcoming as the dark hole of the cells were left behind in the darkness. Bulma could feel her heart beat becoming normal with every step she took back into the light trying to ignore the taunting voice from her memories.

'Goodbye Bulma Briefs, you know we have unfinished business….'


Author's Note: Going back to the past, some loose ends tied up from the first arc. Although for Bulma it's only making her feel like she's going round in 's all working up to the next time they'll meet.

Sorry for the delays my old pirate version of Word stopped working on my new computer so I'm onto a free version and away from the pirate stuff. It takes a little getting used to but it's pretty much the same. I partially wrote this on my phone and edited on PC so if you seen any errors, let me know. Someone asked me quite rightly why Bulma didn't tell Viola about what she found and I'll get onto fixing that from this chapter onwards. I just imagine Bulma has an issue with this younger, stronger woman being her superior so it might take her a while to tell her something so outrageous. So I'm adding more hints to Bulma's relationship and feelings towards her. For adults imagine working with someone younger and annoying and they're your boss; for those still in school imagine having to do some group project with some so called genius who's terrible at their part and ignores everything you say as they're the elected leader.

Thanks for all the positive reviews and I aim to keep going, it may be a while till the pair finally meet but I like building tension.

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