The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.


Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. I do not make money from this story.

Chapter 24

The Wolves are Circling

North City at night was always alone, cold and dark. Especially in the winter when the snow was deep and random animals could wander the streets looking for food. People knew to stay inside at night, only the foolish wandered the streets at night for no reason.

Tien though was no fool and stepped through the streets in a deliberate fashion he was almost there. He had it! He somehow managed to do it! His heart was almost leaping out of his chest. He was just moments from his home. First thing tomorrow he would go to the bank and access the safety deposit box. The key had been mysteriously delivered that morning and Tien had come with the plan that day. He was amazed it had worked and he could feel the adrenalin rushing through him at the thought of all that money. He could finally get out of this frozen hell hole.

At the door he rummaged in his pockets for his keys. He jumped back as some snow crumbled down from the roof as he tried to open his door. He was partially thankful it wasn’t an icicle. ‘I just have to get out of this barren place, once and for all.’

As he walked in he was mildly surprised to see the light on in his house. “Hello?”

There was no answer and Tien stepped carefully towards the kitchen where the light shone. “Hello?” He repeated.

Without any answer and an obvious clatter of plates Tien unlocked his gun. He wished he had one of those ki negating guns but without it he would have to rely on his strength if it came down to it. The rummaging noise continued as he came closer. He didn’t want to make a scene, if it was Him, he had to be careful.

He kicked open the door and pointed his gun. He heard a scream and saw a foot flying towards his face. His girlfriend leaned over him her headphones still blaring. Her blue eyes staring down at him as if he was the devil.

“What the HELL Tien, you almost killed me!” She snapped.

“Sorry Launch.” Tien mumbled. “If it makes you feel any better you almost killed me too.”

“It does not!” Launch snarled and took off her headphones. “Why was I listening to this anyway?”

Tien sighed. He had blown it again. Lately his girlfriend had always been in her blond persona. She had a split personality which had got her disqualified from the FBI. She took her foot off his head and he was able to sit up and looked across to her. He didn’t want to start a fight, not now. They were so close to making the change to something good.

“Why didn’t you answer when I called?”

“I was listening to this drivel… Hold on, need to change it.” Launch mumbled and fiddled with her player.

“Well, I have some news.” He said, trying not to think about how he had just missed his chance to see the dark haired Launch. They always listened to different music, one sign that the other personality had been in control. If he had just walked into the kitchen like normal and not scared her into a change he may have found a sweeter person.

“You got a promotion.” Launch scoffed as she didn't really believe it. She didn’t look at him but started tidying up the cooking items her other persona had been preparing and replacing them with a large bottle of alcohol.

“Almost, I have a break in the case and I’m getting a large bonus.” Tien said. “We can move away, I’ll get a transfer, you can do whatever you want.”

“I have my favourite bar...” Launch said idly, “But if you have the cash, let’s sell this place and get a camper van, we can go drive around the country, somewhere a lot warmer. We could have a road trip adventure!”

“Your idea of a road trip involves robbing and blackmailing, I thought you quit that lifestyle.” Tien said.

“I never said anything about robbing, I got over that.” Launch said. “I was an FBI Agent you know, I was part of the system that kicked me out as I didn’t fit their ideal little picture! You too, you didn’t even make it in, though it didn’t stop you trying!”

“How they accepted you I’ll never know.” Tien moaned, he wanted to ask her about the blackmailing part which she hadn’t denied. He was tired and the adrenaline was wearing off, he really didn’t want to fight with her over the small details. “Pass me a glass, I’m joining you.”

“You don’t drink!”

“I do now!” Tien said. “We’re going to get a chance to escape this place and we’ll do it together, let’s drink to it!”

“Look, last time you drank you went on and on about your friend Chiaotzu!” Launch growled. She still passed him the glass and one for herself and poured a large helping.

“You’re all I got now girl, we’re going to make it!” Tien said. “No more thinking about the past and sorrow, we’ll make a new future!”

“Oh heck yeah, I’ll drink to that!” Launch said kissing him on the cheek. “Sorry I’ve been so snappy lately, I do love you really.”

“Well you didn’t try to shoot me.” Tien laughed as he sipped his glass. “I think you’re really improving.”

“Makes a change you trying to shoot me, huh?” Launch cackled. She downed her drink and gave him another kiss on his bald head. “I don’t mean it, I just get carried away.”

“I get that.” Tien said. “Glad you’re in a good mood for my news, shall we toast to getting out of this ice box?”

“Cheers!” Launch laughed topping up her glass again. “Central City might be good or how about the island south of South City… whatzitsname…”

“Very accurate, yeah,” Tien laughed back, his tension was easing. He wondered slowly as the alcohol took hold why he was so worried. He got away with it. Vegeta was none the wiser and he was just a few steps away from getting him captured and to have all the riches he could hope for. He partially hoped that a brighter environment might help his girlfriend and they can finally settle down and marry. No more fighting, no more war.

“I can maybe have my friend over,” Launch smiled. “You hold such grudges.”

“Maybe, we’ll talk about that later, let me first get my bonus first.” Tien said.

“Let’s go watch a movie and snuggle under the blanket.” Launch said hugging onto him. “The heater’s been broken since this morning. I’ve been really cold.” She seemed to be in a really great mood now. Tien grabbed his girl and led her through. For the first time in months they actually seemed like a couple. He knew it would all be worth it. The money, the love of his woman and the destruction of Vegeta.

As the couple sat in the safety of their home a dark shadow passed in the window. It was unseen and observing them, it had been observing them for some time, Tien watched his movie in peace, unaware as there was no power spike to alert his skilled senses. He drank through the night talking to his lover; certain of his victory and it made it all the sweeter with the knowledge that his vengeance against Vegeta would be complete.


It had been three days since Bulma had been sent away from her home. The taxi ride back there was silent as she refused to give the driver any answers but one word comments. He didn’t seem to notice who she was or was under orders not to ask. He had been sent by the company, this time the limo had been downgraded to a taxi. For Bulma it was a sign that she had no power over what was happening. The car pulled up to her house and she looked at the familiar scene.

“We’re here Miss Briefs.” The driver said. “No need to pay, the company will pay.”

“I thought as much.” Bulma said and gave her small thanks as she left the cab. The typical curtain twitching could be seen from her neighbours and Bulma tried to keep her eyes forward. She dreaded how much of the Neighbour hood watch and major gossips would be talking after her face being all over the papers; but her few days away in a hotel had helped calm her down. She wasn’t a walking bomb of hissing anger and fury about the injustice. Now it was simmering just below her ice wall and was under control. She was the Ice Queen again.

She kept her head up high and carried her bags inside her house. A pile of papers were on her side table at the door. The FBI had been here, she looked at one that seemed to have been unsealed and stuck back together. It didn’t look any different unless you knew what you were looking for. There was also a pile of calling cards from lawyers, press agents and a host of strange people. As Bulma sorted through the pile and put any cards in the “trash” pile, bills in the “later” and one for the “Urgent” pile. There was only one, a ticket from a missed delivery.

It had been left at a neighbour’s house, Mr Green. He was an old grump and would most likely grudge having to do her any favours. She pulled her suitcase into the room and dumped it down. The living room seemed to be untouched but Bulma couldn’t trust it. The mail being moved instead of in a pile on the floor was a bad sign. She had slept badly since Agent Magenta had come by to her hotel room to give her items a “check”, it was an obvious search and as an Agent on probation she didn’t have much say against it.

Bulma opened up a kitchen window and drew the blind down. The whole room was stuffy from not being lived in for a while. She wondered for a second if there were any listening devices in the house. It didn’t seem too disturbed apart from the mail.

‘I really am getting too paranoid.’ Bulma thought to herself and she switched on the radio to distract herself. She started cleaning up the stuffy house, that while still immaculate as she had left it, there was still a bit of dust around and she convinced herself it wasn’t for looking for any disturbances in that dust.

She had been cleaning for about 20 minutes when there was an angry thump at the door. Bulma switched off the vacuum and braced herself. She could guess who it could be.

“Good afternoon, Mr Green.” She said as she saw the short man glaring directly at her. His wispy hair was unkempt and his large hooked nose made him look like a brother of a wicked witch.

“Nothing good about it, here, your package.” Mr Green snapped. “I had to get up during one of my favourite shows.”

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience.” Bulma found the best way to deal with this guy was not to argue. He lived alone and found any excuse to shout at people for the smallest things. He was mostly harmless, really.

“Well, it’s not like I get paid to be your servant Miss Briefs.” Green snapped. “Seemed you got yourself into a lot of trouble.”

‘Oh, so you’re fishing for gossip?’ Bulma kept her cool and tried to not look as angry as she was becoming. “It’s a lot of trouble, but nothing that can’t be sorted out. You shouldn't believe what they write in the papers.”

“I've been reading the papers for 50 years and I always take it as a load of crap.” Green spat. “You keep your head up sunshine; you were just doing your job.”

“Thanks.” Bulma said. “Um, … do you want any money for taking care of my package.”

“None, I don’t take bribes.”

‘That wasn’t a bribe.’ Bulma retorted back in her head.

“Just be sure to take out your garbage, it’s starting to smell and you missed the delivery day!” Green snarled. “Almost took it out myself, but old Bob said just to leave it!”

“I’ll be sure to do that tomorrow morning.” Bulma said still wondering who Bob was and what to say or do as thank you. She let him walk away as she examined the package, it had been unopened and there were none of the usual marks to show it had been tampered with. She took it inside while reading the address and sender. It had been delivered to a few different places first and warning lights started flashing in Bulma’s mind. It had some familiar writing on it that made her gut clench.

She took out a camera and her kitchen knife and snapped a photo. She needed evidence before she opened this if it was from who she thought it was. A minute of slowly cutting the tape and seals and the contents were revealed. A light yellow envelope with “To Bulma”, written on it, caught her attention first. She took another picture, she could feel the heart in her chest going crazy. This was not the writing like the previous letter. It was scrawled in black ink like the front of the box. She needed evidence of her innocence in this unboxing and the photos she hoped would show the state of the box as she found it. She should be phoning a bomb squad or at least the FBI forensics. Though this time she wanted to see it all first before they came in and took it away.

Her hand slightly trembled as she took up the letter with a handkerchief. ‘I need gloves…’ She thought carefully. She really wanted to read it, it would probably infuriate her but it was the exact type of distraction she needed. Three days locked up in a hotel room had made her long for some action. She scrambled among her room as she tried to find any gloves that could keep her fingerprints from contaminating the box. After a short time she came back with some light latex gloves from her work bag.

This wouldn’t look very good with any of the higher ups. She knew this wasn’t the correct procedure but she was suspended. Technically she wasn’t obliged anything to the FBI. This is what she told herself as she cut open the letter with her knife. Her own mild anger at her current conditions blinded her from her usual common sense.

The letter had the same writing as the others and she held it up to read. She subconsciously held her breath as she began,

To Bulma,

I have read some interesting things about your current circumstance. Little FBI agent I have mildly followed your career in this veiled news that your common people still eat up. They have even changed my birth place as not from outer space but from some strange country I’ve never heard of. It is interesting that the sheep of you planet all willingly believe these lies. Even the lies that I read about your killing of that alien female. I know that race well; their spores are quite deadly when inhaled. You of course would have known that too and killed the Filth before she made her underhanded attack. The infant will not be missed, the male of the species can be surprisingly strong and fast. We called them Brench-Seijin.

Your defeat of that Brench scum was necessary for your own survival. Do not more the infant, the race were almost wiped out by my previous leader. You will not encounter them much, they are better off to be left to rot. Your own life must be preserved after all. You are a survivor, like me. I have sent you something to help your need for revenge.

Do not come to look for me. I have no quarrel with you, life is much better with you in it. The trash papers seem to continue to remember our mild contact together. It was a fond memory for me as your interference was the catalyst for my own escape. I am enjoying my life outside though you have no wish to hear this news. I have thought of you when I see the sky; it is as deep as your hair. Though I long to return to space, you should wish that we never meet again as I will kill you if you get in my way. Take these presents and use them for your amusement. It should become useful in the future as your current career becomes so uncertain and the Earth continues to be overwhelmed by these coming refugees. It is only a matter of time before we are all found by something much worse than me. Though maybe we will get away with it and fade into oblivion without seeing that fate.

As ever, I am the Prince of All Saiyans, bound by no-one but my own. The last of my kind, forever in your debt,

I remain,

Prince Vegeta.

PS. I couldn’t resist and added some drawings for old time sake.

Bulma let the paper drop, all her instinct of the contents were proven to be right. She read the letter again. It was unbelievable that the Saiyan would still think of her after three years. She wondered how this could be twisted by her superiors into her being in collusion with the number one enemy of the FBI. He had eluded all contact with her ever since her graduation. She had lived free of any fear that he would ever come for her. That he would be captured eventually as he was powerless, but not by her. The Prince however had eluded them all, he hadn’t been found for all this time and many suspected he may have found a way off Earth. Now it was clear he was still here, he was still a threat and he still thought of her as something he owed a debt to.

She peered into the rest of the box, two daggers glinted in the light. There were also some new shoes wrapped up in tissue. The bottom contained the drawing Vegeta had mentioned. She pulled up one and shuddered. It was a blue winged Valkyrie raising her spear high in a battle charge, the corpses of children and women under her feet. Their faces were all distorted and similar to Biscotti, some eyes were blank but some seemed to stare directly at the viewer. She felt her gut wretch as she felt tears come over her for the first time. She felt the weight of what all the consequences she had to bear. She could fight her war but it seemed that she had to destroy all that stood in her way.

“Damn him!” Bulma snapped and threw the box across the room spilling the contents. She couldn’t understand how Vegeta knew exactly what to do to bring out this feeling in her. She sighed out in anger as she reached for the phone, her cool completely broken from reading one letter and looking at one drawing. She tried to hiss out her anger as she finally did her duty and call her work. She looked down at the knocked down box and the scattered contents. It was a shame she could never use those, the shoes looked comfortable and made from good leather. The daggers also seemed like they would be useful as he said but they would all be taken away as they should. These gifts were not wanted and should never be accepted from such a monster as Vegeta.

“I hope you’re caught soon Vegeta, you cocky son of a Bitch!” Bulma spat wiping the angry tears from her face. She regained her cool and dialled up the FBI. She wasn’t going to take this pity gift from such an alien. If anything this may give her a way out of her situation and something she can use to her own advantage.


In the frozen North City a dark figure moved away from a dimly lit apartment window. It was Vegeta, his new prey had now been selected and seemed to be making their own plans. He could kill him tonight as he drunkenly slept but that would be playing his hand too soon. He needed to find out if everything about him had been exposed to the Police or even worse the FBI. He somehow doubted it as they would have been coming for him now. There was one other option and it would be a lot harder to escape. Detective Tien would need to live for a bit longer but it wouldn’t be long.

‘No long at all…’ He mused and he gave a mild thought to the package he had sent out a week ago to his supposed “Princess”. She should have received it by now and would be throwing a fit of anger, the anger she tried so hard all the time to keep under control. For him it was an amusing weakness that was unfortunately too similar to his own for him to get any real enjoyment from. He leapt onto a nearby roof and made his way back home as the storm continued. His own anger was beginning to boil over again and he was needed to make a release of it soon. All he needed was to make the correct preparations as it was going to be a glorious finale to his time in North City.


Author’s Note: Well the expected letter from Vegeta came! So did a whole lot of mess that needs cleaned up. Bulma is back home and finally feeling like she can maybe do something. Though how or if Tien is going to escape from Vegeta or if he and Launch are going to die will need to wait for the next chapter. This chapter was longer than normal as I really wanted to work on Tien’s character and the reveal of Launch being with him. That if anyone knows their DBZ aren’t surprised I’m sure.

Again, if there are any errors, spelling or weird grammar let me know.

Things will be coming to a head with Tien next chapter, it may take some time before the next update but I’ll get there. 

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