The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I don't make any money from this story.

Chapter 11

The Screams of the Monkeys

There had been no doubt in Bulma's mind that it would come to this. By entering the prison once again; she had to face his most personal questions. His threat was there he wanted to know what her darkest thought was. He knew she held it back in a cage deep in her mind; just as he held his darkest thoughts for all to see. He saw through her mask that had taken her so long to cast over herself. She wondered though if it really was because they were so alike that he could see this. Or was it another mind trick made by Vegeta, his power now only lying in these words and barbs that he used.

“Is some girl's trauma really so interesting for the Prince of all Saiyans?” Bulma asked, she tried her last stand.

“I find you interesting, isn't that enough?” Vegeta gave her a slanted smile. “Tell me or I don't say anything about Jones as you've come to call him.”

“I understand.” Bulma said but in her own mind she didn't, why did it matter?

“What set you off from the safety of your uncle's house? You left suddenly why?”

“I found something that I shouldn't.” Bulma explained. “They were scientists like my father and I thought I would be safe there with my inventions. I made something I wanted to test out but it never came to fruition. At the time I still had confidence in science that it could be used for good. That was until I found out what type of science my Uncle did.”

Vegeta remained silent but she had his attention.

“It was only one month after I had moved there and I was finding it hard to sleep. Something kept waking me up in the middle of the night. It gave me nightmares. At first I thought it was just the shock of losing my parents but one night I was awake working on my invention when I heard the same sound from my dreams. It was a high pitched scream, like nothing I'd heard in the daytime. I thought it might be a trapped animal but it wasn't coming from the forest around the house it was coming from the research building.”

Vegeta stayed silent and let her continue. The words seemed to flow from Bulma as she let out something she had never told anyone.

“I followed the sound it was so loud now. I couldn't figure it out. It led me into the laboratories and into the basement. The screams were so loud I had to cover my ears. It was coming from monkeys, cages and cages of monkeys. They had tubes and shaven parts; I'd never seen anything like it before. All those animals were for my Uncle's experiments. All of them were screaming in agony because of science. One of the animals had somehow got out and was screaming loudly. He had been shaved and some chemical was burning on his skin. I managed to grab him somehow. He tried to bite and scratch me he was such a stupid monkey. I gave him a bath and decided that we would escape together. I took the chance to start my search for my experiment. It was a stupid dream of mine, a thing of legend.”

“A legend...?”

“It's not important.” Bulma said quickly. “I never found what I was looking for the stupid monkey I took with me broke my radar and I was caught long before I had a chance to fix it.”

“Radar to find your dream legend?” Vegeta contemplated, it wasn't a question expecting an answer. “So after that you were banned from your Uncle's home.”

“In a way, I couldn't stay with his experiments and the monkey was killed. I'd even named him Sun Wukong after the monkey king of legend.” Bulma struggled to speak clearly. That monkey had been annoying but it had been her friend for a short time. After it had learned not to bite and scratch her. “I never forgave my uncle. I didn't think that science could be so cruel; that you could use helpless animals to test your experiments on. The monkey Sun Wukong in the legend couldn't die but this monkey did.”

“That's not the legend you were chasing.”

“It doesn't exist. As I said it was a teenage dream. To find something that can grant your wish so easily without any real effort; it's all a fantasy.” Bulma said sternly. “I've learned to live in the here and now and not to put my hopes onto any easy way out.”

“I agree.” Vegeta said. “Do you still have the nightmares?”

“Yes, they've never gone away.”

“Maybe it's reminding you how you gave up on your dreams.”

“Very likely, it was because of my running away that I gave up all my rights to Capsule Corps. My Uncle sold the rights as soon as he could. I was no longer the scientist heiress and I was glad, I want nothing to do with science; but I have new goals now.” Bulma said. “I want to see Jones caught and that girl saved. Tell me what you know.”

“Nicely deflected, I will tell you what I know.” Vegeta said. “It's not that much really. I'm an orphan as well, everything I knew taken from me. I am the last of my race; they have been destroyed when I was a child. I have lived my life working for a being, a monster that rules the central universe. To escape him is not easy. He rules a large army and conquers what he feels is a useful planet but he uses his army to purge any useless planets of weaklings. I've been one of the army that would make the attack.”

“Then there is someone more powerful than you out there.” Bulma said shocked.

“Be grateful that this dirt ball of a planet is on the edge of the universe and has no tactical advantage. Our interest here was to find our missing Saiyan warrior who had been sent here as a child. He was a traitor and not what we had expected so as punishment we did the job he should have done and started to purge this world of all its weakling inhabitants. Call it really a force of habit.”

Bulma couldn't hide this disgust in her face. This didn't put off Vegeta but made him smile quite cruelly.

“We were all defeated however and you know the rest. That traitor who is now no longer a Saiyan is hidden on this planet; settled down with a wife and child. It's amazing that our superior species can breed with such inferior stock.”

“What about Jones?” Bulma said ignoring his attack at her species. She did want to ask more about his defeat and this other Saiyan but she would miss her chance to ask about Jones. This was a game of 20 questions she couldn't mess up now because of her curiousity.

“I am now a disgraced warrior as I've said. Jones is an insult to my skills to be sent here. My previous Leader has disowned me and has sent this alien insect to attack my weakened state. It does it slowly, building up its body, taking in fluids and information from the inhabitants on the planet. It first arrived in a Capsule Corps building as you know and took on the identity of one of the staff. I received the letter shortly after its arrival. It was taunting me, letting me know that death would be waiting for me in 2 or 3 years. A death that would be made worse as I would be drained by the bug and my life-force taken slowly; it would make me watch as my body withered and died. If it catches me in its web I will die the most humiliating death a warrior could have.”

“So it can take on a person's identity?” Bulma asked she needed the main facts quickly.

“Yes to a point, it can make a crude copy of a body but if it wants to get at me it will need a stronger body to break in and take me away.”

“Will the girl be the last piece?”

“Possibly, its letter to the police seemed to be in a way to taunt at me. It must be close to fruition of its battle body.”

“Battle body?” Bulma exclaimed.

“Yes, it won't be as powerful as me but it will have enough power to destroy a few cities. It won't last long, bit of a Frankenstein creation really, but long enough to get through all this.”

“Anything else?”

“I want to hear your feelings.” Vegeta said. “I want to know how you find it so frustrating, when you know something is wrong but you can't do anything about it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I would kill to rid me of my frustration. You however seem to seek Justice by the more boring way.” Vegeta smirked. “Isn't it twice as frustrating knowing something is wrong and you have no power to do anything about it?”

Bulma's lip quivered as her freshly dug up memories ran through her head. He was doing this on purpose to agitate her. “I live with it Vegeta, I live with the screams. How can you live with your screams by making more?”

“The noise drowns out if you make more.” He smirked and held up a piece of paper, it was an envelope. “You'll need this.”

Bulma stepped closer. He waved it close to the cage; she'd have to reach in to take it.

“You need to start from the source, here...” He offered the envelope. Bulma couldn't resist and went to take it, ignoring her survival instinct that it was a trap. She was pulled into the cage and Vegeta's face was so close to hers. She held her breath as she waited for death trying not to flinch. It was her mistake for trusting him. She could hear him intaking the air his nose so close, his lips almost touching her skin. His grip though was very weak, almost the same strength as a small child and she broke free amazed at how easy it had been. He only kept that cryptic smile on her face.

“You'll need what I gave you to find Jones.” Bulma looked at the envelope, it had a scrawled address. She placed it in her bag and backed away from the cage. Her legs were starting to shake from the shock. She could still smell his sweat on her and was sure he had almost kissed her; although it was probably more likely to be a bite. She had expected to have died at that moment.

“I've told you all you need to know, everything is there for you to work it out. You just need to find him now, the clock is ticking.” His eyes glanced to the security monitor that showed the view to the elevator. There was a small and distinct person getting off.

“My time with you is over.” Said Bulma quickly recognising the Warden and so called Doctor. “I'll find Jones myself but not to save you Vegeta.”

“I plan to live.” Vegeta smirked. “You should try that sometime. You've let your dreams and real goals escape you. You have no idea how close you were...”

Bulma wanted to say something back but she bit her tongue and hurried. She hated not getting the last word but now was not the time for any of her previous ego. She was also fighting back the tears as she had recalled her past. Her hopes that had been shattered so easily were now gone and she had her work now. She partly wondered what Vegeta had meant but she tried to shrug it off and focus on leaving by the stairs.

She made it in time as Warden Oolong passed by barely missing her. It became a blur as she passed through security and she heard the screams of Oolong as she left. He found by the cameras that she had been inside. She tried to block it out and went to her car and drove off. No-one had stopped her going out the gates and she kept checking to see if she was being followed. Bulma took off the ear bandage and placed it in her bag along with the illegal ID of the nurse she had impersonated. It was she had to admit a bit of a thrill to get in and out so easily; although it made her dread how safe Vegeta was held there. Not because of Jones breaking in and taking him away to kill but of Vegeta escaping before that happened.

She pulled over as she felt she was a clear distance. Her breaks came to a screech, the sound echoed in her mind reminding her of the recent mental scar that had been unearthed. She forgot everything else and gave in to her need to cry. The screams echoing in her head as the constant stream of hot tears poured from her eyes.


Director Piccolo was prepared as his secretary told him she had a very angry Dr Oolong on the phone. He smiled a little, he guessed as he was angry that Bulma had got away safe. “What do I owe this pleasure?” He said in a monotone voice, he knew it would be no pleasure.

“Mr Piccolo is it?” The Director made his reply without wanting to correct him too much. The pig was angry enough. “One of your cadets has been in my personal prison I've made for Vegeta.”

“I don't know how that happened.” Piccolo lied. “My cadets have all been very busy lately with this Jones case.”

“I am speaking of that little tart Bulma Briefs!” He ranted. “Just because she's an ex-heiress doesn't mean she has full rights to trample on my parade!”

“I thought this special prison was for Mayor Walker to bait the Jones, not for your own parade.” Piccolo replied.

“That's....that's not the point.” Oolong stuttered. “I mean that she was banned from coming to see him. They had some un-monitored conversation! I want to know what she was talking about!”

“It couldn't have been Cadet Briefs she's in West City investigating some link to the Jones case. It's very basic detective work, something that needs no interview with Vegeta. Are you sure you have her ID on record?”

“I have video proof!”

“That's not enough; do you have a log of her entry?”

“No of course not she was in disguise!”

“Then how do you know it was Cadet Briefs?”

“Vegeta has been in a strange mood since it happened; only that woman can make him do that!” Oolong snapped.

“I'm very sorry to hear that.” Piccolo said. “If you find anything to it, please let us know. We want to give as much co-operation in catching Scalpel Jones.”

“I think you'll find that it will be me that makes the break through.” Oolong sneered. “No matter how many underhanded tricks or floosies you throw at him. It will be ME!”

The line went dead and Piccolo put down the phone. He had a bad feeling in his gut that something would happen with Vegeta in the hands of that Warden. “Miss Bell?” He called through to his secretary.

“Yes sir?”

“Order the emergency Alien escape team to be on stand-by.”

“Understood.” Piccolo sighed and swung his chair round as he thought deeply. The nagging feeling still wasn't going away. Somehow it felt like it was already too late.


Bulma managed to recover her composure and raided her bag for some tissues and a notebook. She needed to jot down everything she could remember. She went into her usual pocket where she kept her pen. It wasn't there. Somehow she found one in her glove compartment and wrote down what she now knew. It wasn't much but the most she could understand was that even if Jones was a huge spider; it could take on a person's life. The worker she would be looking for would have left CC very suddenly and would have made no contact to the outside world.

This narrowed down her list and Bulma went ahead and scored out some names that she knew were still alive and working in other companies. She was feeling better already now she was making herself busy. She knew she could look at what Vegeta had handed her now. She looked at the badly written address. It had been posted to Vegeta 3 years ago. She checked the post mark closer and could see the recognisable CC logo. She opened the envelope and was not surprised by the fact that the original letter was not there. She didn't think Vegeta would have made it THAT easy. She held her breath as she saw the paper was Vegeta's drawing paper. She opened it to see that it was a picture of Bulma again. This time she was dressed in a strange costume. It was disgusting but in a way it was more disturbing. The strange lettering at the bottom Bulma noted was Alien standard which she was quite good at. She read it as “Princess Bride.” In the background she could see a blur of a figure that reminded her of the alien Prince. She felt sick in her stomach and resisted the urge to crumple it up. She would be in trouble if she didn't own up to this.

Bulma pushed the paper in her bag and vowed to burn it. What didn't exist anymore couldn't harm her. She rubbed her arm; it felt like it was burning. It was where Vegeta had grabbed her. She pulled her sleeve jacket to look closer and saw a red hand mark the same size as Vegeta's hand. She cursed the Prince and tried to push the thoughts of him out of her head. Her time with Vegeta was over. There was never going to be another chance to see him again and she was going to do everything in her own power to make sure that happened.

That was her final visit. There wasn't going to be any more interviews. It was the last, the final. All she had to do now was find the girl or at least help to narrow the suspects. The clock was still ticking as Vegeta said, it was all going to be over if they didn't find Jones now. If what Vegeta said was right if they didn't catch him before his new form hatched then they were going to be facing another destructive alien. What would it do after killing Vegeta? She knew it would turn to destroying as much as Earth as possible. It wasn't just Elizabeth's life on the line now. It was the whole of Earth.


Deep in the bowels of the basement, the creature stirred. The prey was finally fattening up.

“It's making good progress.”

The unconscious Elizabeth couldn't reply. The creatures improvised IV drip was attached to the girl and going directly into her bloodstream. It was a high glucose formula that was working at preparing her body for the last part that he needed. This time it would be ready and nothing would stop it! Prince Vegeta would die by its powerful hands. All as his Lord had told him to do!


Vegeta looked up at the ticking clock and smelt his hand again. The fine perfume of the woman's scent was quite distracting but it was now time for his move. His time to rise again would come.

“Here's your meal, your...ahem.. Highness.” The Guard said as he entered with the Monkey brains soup Vegeta had ordered.

Vegeta fingered his new toy in his hand as he saw the Guard getting closer. If all went to plan then it would be in just a few moments. He smiled and tried to hold off his laugh.


Author's Note: Oh I am a tease! I know I said no romance but I couldn't resist that last moment in the caged room. Evil LOL. It's also quite a cliffhanger as all three threads are slowly winding to a climax! I swear the next chapter will be soon! Although if you've seen the movie you'll know what happens next with Vegeta! I will try to make some changes so it's not completely copying the book/movie! Also Jones is an original creature as I couldn't find a DBZ character that fitted the creature I wanted.

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