The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make money from this story.

Warning: There will be some strong language and scenes not for the faint of heart, you were warned!

Chapter 13

Hunt the Hunter

The helicopter swerved around as the crew of FBI agents all set up for direct confrontation sat in silence waiting for the drop. This was what they had been trained for 5 years for. Since the evil aliens attacked the Earth and almost purged the planet of all life. The original title of the Bureau was the Federal Bureau of Investigating Alien Aggression Against the Earth. That made the abbreviation FBIAAE, which was very quickly shortened to FBI.

Kami overlooked his men that sat in the main part of the helicopter. They were all nervous and he wanted to say a kind word to help, but he fought against it. He needed to be aloof to help lead the men he could not show them any soft emotions. He hadn't always been such a hard person but he had found it much easier to put on this mask. Even when in front of his own son he could not let it slip. Kami had a duty to protect and watch over the Earth and he was going to do that no matter what; even if it sacrificed his own relationship with his son.

"How is Director Piccolo's position?" Kami asked the Communications officer who was ready with his radio.

"Not yet Sir, the Director has taken 10 of our men into West City after Vegeta." The soldier answered.

"I can't believe it just when we're closing in on Jones he does this." Kami hissed through his teeth. The men did not have any authority to answer and stayed silent. It was perfect timing from Vegeta; he knew that the distraction of catching Jones would make the FBI lessen their watch on him. It was a brilliant strategy to give that letter to Bulma at that time. All the information they needed was on that envelope. They could trace where it had come from and follow the link. The alien had taken up a human identity and that could be traced so easily. They still didn't know exactly what kind of alien they were up against but with all their anti-ki equipment the size and powers wouldn't last long.

"Be ready for anything Men." Kami said thinking aloud. "We don't know what we're fighting really other than it's a giant spider. Prepare for the worst."

The men answered with a quick affirmative and returned to the silence. They needed to focus to get ready for whatever was going to be thrown against them. It wasn't worth thinking about the other trouble; that Vegeta the killer of millions was now loose in West City. No, it was best to focus on a small serial killer of a dozen people. Best not to think of any mass murderers at all when they were going towards another killer.


Piccolo sighed a deep 'I thought as much' sigh and listened to the Captain of the personal Guard. There was chaos in the building that had once held Vegeta. Ambulances, fire fighters and Police all ran about looking for something to do. Director Piccolo looked at his small army of 10 men and wished for more. This was not something he had prepared for really. He knew Vegeta would be trying to escape. That he would take the advantage of being moved to a less secure position. What he didn't expect was that they would have made it so easy for him.

"There's no need to be crying over the incident now and trying to place blame." He snarled at the arguing Captains of the Security, Police and Fire Fighters. "I want detailed maps of this facility and specifically the sewage systems! Where do they come out? Is there a Treatment Plant that he will get caught up in? Get me these answers now and secure the perimeter so no press can get in to hear about this. No one say a damn word to them until we get the official statement organised! If we're lucky we can catch this alien before there's a full blown panic!"

The men and woman around him listened and saluted. This was better to have someone shouting orders rather than listening to random orders from different Captains. The Captains too were glad in a way that the strain had been taken away. This was not their fault; it was the FBI's it was better if they took charge now.

The small group of FBI agents ran towards the last position of Vegeta and surrounded the area. Piccolo made a quick view of the chaotic mess that had been left. The lock had been easily picked by Vegeta and he found in the cell the very plans he had been asking for. There was a reason Vegeta had been making efforts to be moved here. He had the damn blueprints in one of his library books.

"Damn clever of you Vegeta." Piccolo said in small admiration. "No real power level but still enough to escape and kill like these ordinary humans."

"Sir?" One of the Agents seemed confused by his words.

"Don't worry about it." Piccolo said, "Just concentrate about the situation at hand."

The agent saluted and continued to scout around the room.

'There's clearly nothing here anymore. Vegeta's had this planned for a while.' He checked the stamp of the book; it came from his original Prison library. 'He's planned this for quite some time and we were all too stupid to underestimate the Saiyan.'

He threw the book down and focused his mind. He needed to think quickly, if they didn't catch Vegeta soon he would destroy everything he and his father's Bureau had built to protect.


In another part of the city far down in the Industrial quarter away from the hectic noise of the city; a lone figure sat panting on the edge of gutter. The dark form was hunched over vomiting out the bad water he had swallowed. It had been worth it though. His silent training of holding his breath had all been worth it. He wasn't used to this weakened state; he could have swum that length a lot quicker at his peak. He could have escaped by ramming a huge hole in the wall and flying away. That was far from his ability now. He was feeling the limits of a body suppressed of power for 5 years.

Vegeta crawled along the embankment and rested his back up to look at the night sky. The stars sparkled back at him and for once he had a view he could feel he could enjoy. Even the smell of the open water pipe with its foul unclean water was an odour he could enjoy. It wasn't the stale cell air he had been breathing for 5 years. No this was the air of freedom. He was in every mind to make sure he stayed that way. He had timed it right though the length of pipe from that State Courtroom to the Industrial Water Works that was a good 30 minute swim. He had worked it all out perfectly.

Now he had to hope that the clues he had given would clear up the last mess left. The creature sent by Freezer to kill his weakened state. The Lord of the Galaxy would trust him to be dead soon and he would be free to grow more powerful to rise up to his rightful throne. He held his breath and tried to muffle his laugh. He wanted to bellow it out loud but the humans would be after him soon. It wouldn't take a genius to find out where the pipe led to.

He cast a sad eye up at the moon and wondered about Bulma. It wouldn't be long till they found that Spider scum. If he was lucky they would find it before it got to evolve to its final form.

'If not, too bad for Earth, they'll have another massacre on their hands.' He grunted back another laugh and tried to hold back the full echo. He had to move and he wobbled onto his feet and slowly limped away being careful to mess up the footprints as he walked. He wanted a more exaggerated walk to make it seem he was in a worst state than he was. He looked across the area and saw a dim light nearby. It was a dim light of a parked car, his ride out of the hell he had known and a big step into the freedom he was becoming very used to.


Bulma Briefs was unaware of the chaos in the centre of the city and after a long afternoon of chasing down people that were no longer at any of the addresses, she was slowly feeling she was losing her mind. 'It's as if this was out to just waste my time, not one former employee is at the same address.'

"Well here we go, Mr Mustard, let's see if you're still where you say you are." She rang the door and waited.


Meanwhile at the exact same time...

FBI agents had surrounded the small house that was the last address of a certain employee who had posted the letter to Vegeta. This was the last clue that had been the nail in the killer's coffin.

Kami watched from the van as the disguised deliveryman with a hidden gun moved in first as Scout. A hand signal was issued and the Scout pressed the doorbell.


Bulma checked the address it was the right place this time, 444 Mortimer Drive. She rang the doorbell again and huffed impatiently. This would be the last person on her list after this it would be South City and checking the addresses of all the ones that had moved. There was a thump from behind the door as something moved. 'Great, bet I got someone who was in the shower. Boy, are they not going to be happy to see me.'


A shadow loomed in the window of the door and snipers aimed at their target. They had no idea what to expect other than it was a killer. The door rattled open and a face grimaced at them.

"I didn't order any flowers."

"I'm sorry Ma'am I was told this address, are you Mrs Mustard?"

"Who? No my name is Baba!" The old woman hissed. "Mustard used to live here but it was 3 years ago. She died and I inherited the house as the son didn't seem to want it."

"The son?"

"What's it to you? What are all these questions?" She snapped. "Why is there a man standing with a gun on my begonias! Hey you get off my lawn!"

"Move in... as FBI!" Kami ordered. This couldn't be a mistake! It had to be correct; they'd piled all their bets onto this place being the killer's assumed identity.

"I'm sorry Ma'am we're FBI."

"Do you know how long I toiled over those flowers, you get off them already. Oh my stars, there's someone in my Cherry tree as well!"

"Get as much information as you can and get ready to check the next address!" Kami shouted. This was not going well. He couldn't let two murderers escape in one day. It just wasn't possible that fate could be this cruel!


Bulma cricked her neck as she looked down at the old person peering past the door.

"Is this Mr Mustard's residence?'

"I haven't heard that name in yearsss my dear..." The woman lisped. She had a strange way of speaking and was making Bulma shudder a little. "The young man moved out when hiss mother diedsss."

"Do you have a forwarding address?" Bulma asked.

"Perhapss, please wait..." The figure fumbled as it turned awkwardly and Bulma fought her urge to help the struggling woman. The dress seemed too long for her and just seemed to drag on the floor. She glanced into the door and saw the horrid state of the room. It was in total disrepair, the cobwebs hung down low and she saw the rusted box that the woman shuffled through seemed to be collapsing as well.

"The mothersss addresss is in Ssouth ssCity..."

"I see." Bulma held her breath and continued to look around. There was something incredibly off about the house other than being just some strange old lady's home. The sink and dishes seemed to be completely unused. In a reflex action Bulma unclipped her gun. There was no sign of any recent cooking or any sign of use in the room. The dust and lack of footprints on the floor seemed unusual as well. It just didn't seem like someone had walked through it with human feet.

"How long have you lived here Miss...?"

"3 yearss..."

"I see..." Bulma reached for her gun. A spider now swung down from the ceiling and crawled into her ear.

"I have foundsss it!" She exclaimed and her clawed hand showed the piece of paper.

"KEEP THOSE ARMS OR WHATEVER THEY ARE RAISED!" Bulma shouted, her adrenaline rushing into her body as she aimed her gun at the creature's head. Now she could see in the house and the thing wasn't hiding behind a door or a funny head scarf she could see how wrong it looked. It was just a light skin wrapped around something else that moved in an unfamiliar way.

Something shot out at Bulma's eyes and she winced back. She had no time to lose this was Jones! She fired some shots and heard a thud as it hit the wood of the door. The thing had escaped! Bulma pulled out her phone and dialled quickly. It had moved down into the dark basement that Bulma hoped did not have any escape routes.

"This is the FBI, please state the emergency."

"This is Cadet Agent Bulma Briefs at 444 Mortimer Drive West City! I request back-up! I have the suspect for the Scalpel Jones case in my sites and I am making an arrest!"

"That is not advised Agent Briefs you do not have authority for such an act."

"I don't have time for this! It's Scalpel Jones; this is his real address, get as many men here and I'll try to keep him in the basement."

"Understood, you're in his house now. Please do not endanger yourself, I'm currently issuing assistance and help should be there in 10 minutes."

"I'm not sure if I can last that long, I've no idea if the basement is secure."

"We understand and units will be on the way. I have called the police and they should be there first."

"Okay thanks." She hung up the phone before she could get the "Stay safe Cadet" message that she cut off.

Bulma knew that she wasn't a full agent and that a full agent wouldn't have as much difficulty getting authority to take down a suspect. She pushed those thoughts behind her and kicked the door that the creature had gone through.

A dark stairway leading down greeted her and she cursed under her breath. This thing had escaped; she noticed the splatter of green blood. She had clipped it at least. It was injured and crawling away for safety. Bulma pulled out her mini torch she used for her keys at night and wished it was brighter. If she had time she could have waited for back-up and guarded the entrance. However the shot had been fired the hunt was on for Bulma and she was not letting this alien monster out of this house! She had no idea if it was able to find an escape route in the basement and she didn't have the will to wait to see if there was.

The steps down into the basement were dirty and covered in webs. She stepped through the thin silk as the daylight behind her got dimmer. She could hear some muffled screams and she followed the noise. Bulma found a large web hanging a humanoid shape. There were tufts of hair and eyes glaring at her from the wrappings. It was Elizabeth! She was alive!

Bulma pulled at the mouth and watched the girl gasp for breath.

"Get me out of here!" Elizabeth whispered.

"I have to take down the suspect." Bulma answered. She wanted her to stay quiet. She wished she hadn't removed the wrappings now. "I need you to do me a favour and stay quiet a little bit longer. Help is on the way."

"I've been waiting for over a week in this hell!" Elizabeth snarled. The sight of another human being was making her regain some strength. "Just get me the hell out of here!"

"I can't do that yet..." Bulma said averting her eyes. The girl was pleading at her. She could save the girl and wait for the back-up but... it could get away. "This place isn't secure yet, you're safe where you are."

"I'm dangling in the middle of the fucking air you Bitch, get me the hell down!"

Bulma didn't answer as she heard scuttling in front of her. Jones was still around. She hoped that was a good thing.

"I'll be back." Bulma said. "Just stay calm, help is on the way." She wanted to say that she didn't want to be lumbered with an obviously injured civilian that could endanger herself even more.

"Fuck you!" Elizabeth squealed. Her voice was cracking. "I hope it bites your head off because I'm next!"

Bulma signalled to her to be quiet but Elizabeth had turned frantic with fear. There was nothing more she could do for her; until the real help could arrive. Bulma swallowed as the abuse continued from Elizabeth until she was sure she had run out of energy. She clicked her torch off and crawled forward. The weak yells from Elizabeth still continued but Bulma found a way to block it out. The very real threat from the alien was in front of her. There was no time to worry about any name calling.

The room she walked into was completely dark and her finger lingered on her little torch. She had no advantage here Bulma was walking into the parlour of the spider.


Author's Note: It's such a terrible cliff-hanger but this is the best place to stop so I can build up the fight next chapter. Bulma will be facing an unknown alien enemy without any back up. Yeah I know the thing speaks like Gollum but how else is a spider with a very bad skin disguise going to talk? I promise I won't let it say "My preciousss" I swear!

I need to re-edit all my older chapters since the format has changed, everything has been messed up! >_< I will try to get this edited as soon as possible. Next chapter should be soon.

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