The Silence of the Monkeys

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Chapter 33

A Lucky Escape

The Snow Festival in the centre of North City had come to an abrupt stop as stalls began to shut down. Someone had been attack and no-one were taking any chances with the latest murder that was still in the news. People were flocking away out of the Snow Statue area and heading for a safer place.

For Vegeta he wasn't far enough away, he was cursing his own weakness. He licked his hand that had held his knife. Bulma's blood was like nectar to him. She was so much more delectable than she had smelt. It would be a pleasure to cut her down a piece at a time. He only had to get that chance again and to do that it was necessary that he retreated for now. Bulma had seemed to be trembling in his arms, her cool mask slipped in that moment and she was a pawn in his hands.

He inwardly scolded himself. He had got a little out of control for that one moment. He had been watching the Police station when he had seen her exiting and driving away in her car. He had only intended to follow her and find where her hotel was. It hadn't been his plan to touch her but he had seen her panicking in the car park. Her weak body almost tempting him to slice her open. It had been his own temptation to play with her that had him in this position now.

The little FBI dogs of Piccolo were after him by the feel of the energy and shouting behind him He hurried his pace up and kept his hands in his pockets to hide the blood stains. He caught a glimpse of one of them and made a sharp turn hunching over to hide himself amongst the people. He had not expected Bulma to carry some sort of tracking device, they had come to her in this mass of crowd too quickly to be anything else. He had made sure to get rid of her pesky gun which could damage him. He hadn't expected there would be anything else for him to worry about.

Yamcha was almost upon him. The other agent Bramble was a tracking expert and wasn't going to be fooled so easily. He turned following Vegeta's footprints in the snow.

"Over there Sir!" Bramble snapped pointing in the direction of Vegeta. "Suspect is below average height, wearing walking boots."

"Good work Agent." Yamcha praised the tall man.

Most of the people were aware of an incident in the centre of the snow display and were trying to move away. However, one person moved through against the flow with a dog pulling at the front. A small clearing had been made where the Agents were trying to herd the people back to the car park or the main street and look for Vegeta. He pushed through his one focus was clear. The two agents didn't see him till the hound jumped up.

Vegeta was aware of the danger and had already moved backward into the crowd, the android dog was something that he had seen before. They were easy enough to trick if you got enough people around you and the Snow Festival had given him enough targets to spread his scent around. This he was prepared for ever since he'd inspected the police station in the morning. The attack had gone unnoticed by a normal passerby but it had caught his attention and he knew the hunting squad was here. His old friend Gero had come to try to collect him again.

The robot dog was confused by the lack of scent that it could pinpoint and was taking into his second back up which was power levels. Yamcha and his other friend were generating a power level that the robot hound saw as a threat and it lunged at Yamcha.

Bramble moved in and kicked the dog to the side, the pair went into battle stance and the android pulled off his jacket and stepped forward standing beside his dog.

"Show us your power." The android said as he felt the stand off between two FBI agents and the possible target of Vegeta. Android 6 was not going to let the objective get away; Vegeta had to be in the crowd. He switched his vision into an energy level detector. He quickly analysed the two, they were not at the level that Vegeta was expected to be but they would be difficult to beat for him. Android 6 was not a fully combat Android like 7 was, though he could fight. He signalled for back up, a silent beacon that took only a nano-second for him to set off. They were nearby, the confirmation was sent just as soon as he sent it. Android 7 and 4 were not far away.

"Sir, you are interfering with a FBI investigation, please step back." Yamcha warned.

"F-B-I?" Android 6 sneered, the dog was making some mechanical barking. It knew Vegeta was nearly. "What is this F-B-I to me? I am no alien."

"This guys off his nut!" Agent Bramble shouted and charged into an attack. He kicked the Android in the groin expecting him to wince down so he could grab his head but the android only dodged back out of his grab and kneed the large agent back into the crowd.

"You are the ones interrupting my investigation!" Android 6 snapped and commanded his hound "SEEK!" The Hound moved off from attack mode and started sniffing towards the crowd.

The strength of the Agent's kick hadn't affected Six as much as he thought it would. His confidence in his ability to fight the Agents was rising. The continuing transmission in his head from his Leader that they were on their way furthered his bravado. He kept his guard up and looked directly at the large man that had attacked him. He was weaker than him, he could take down the agent

"Agent Bramble, I trust you can handle him, I'll get the dog." Yamcha ordered his subordinate. He leapt onto the dog pinning it down and stopping it from running into the crowd; but the robot started trying to shake him off and bit at him.

Android 6 swung his fist and knocked the Agent to the side the large man landed into the crowd.

Vegeta was there in the heap of people and reached out to push the Agent pack towards the android. He rolled to the side covering himself in the snow and acting as if he was injured and merged back into the mass of people. The added scent onto Bramble alerted the dog and it swivelled out of Yamcha's grasp and snapped at Agent Bramble.

"Oh, you Fucking persistent beastie!" Bramble cursed at the snapping hound turning his attention away from the Android. He left an opening and he was knocked back to the ground by a swift punch from Android 6. Yamcha leapt between Bramble and the hound and hit it to the side but his jaws had clamped on. Yamcha inwardly grumbled as he knew what he had to do. It would get him into a lot of trouble but he needed to save his agent. His hand glowed and a ki blast smashed into the dog breaking it in two.

"Thanks Captain…" Bramble huffed. "I feel a bit weak…"

"Stay still Bramble and save your strength." Yamcha said to his crouching Agent. "Seems that they're part of the same group that attacked the Police Station." The enemy were obviously robots of some kind, Yamcha had assumed as much and the dog wasn't organic either. He had felt the hardness of metal rather than muscle. He wasn't sure if it was the extent dog's ability but he couldn't take any chances. The people though escaping to safety were still too near for the Force 2 fighters to really break loose. He had enough control to shock the dog and make it look like a gun. He went into an attack pose and swung his fists forward aiming at the Android.

Six dodged out of the way his inner sensor scanning his attacker. The power levels seemed to be rising to dangerous levels. He kept on moving back and dodging as the Special Agent continued to go on the attack. His punches getting faster that he was struggling to locate the direction.

"Error 501…" He said as a fist collided with his face. The other Agent grabbed him from behind and got him in a hold.

"Got ya!" Bramble chuckled.

Six elbowed the large man and he struggled to escape the hold.

"There's no way for you to escape Bramble's grip." Yamcha said. "I'd like you to answer some questions."

"No…no… not now… I had them… please Seven…" The machine stuttered looking away from Yamcha.

Bramble looked confused and blankly continued to hold tight squeezing the neck of the Attacker.

"Agent!" Yamcha shouted. "Let go!"

Bramble did as he was told and he yet out a yell in surprise. Just as he did that the head of Android Six flew up into the air exploding. The small boom knocked the 2 men back as they were able to defend themselves. The people that were still around were hit with the shrapnel and there were a chorus of screams and more panic as what seemed like a large firework lit up above them.

"Ah…I knocked his block off!" Bramble gasped in amazement and slammed down in the snow. The crowd that had gathered to watch the fight now fled in unison away from the explosion in panic.

Vegeta took this moment to run quickly, he'd seen the other android in the opposite side. It had simply been watching the fight rather than joining in. He needed to escape in the mass of fleeing people before that other Android noticed him and the FBI went back to their tracking. He guessed it was the adrenaline, but he could feel a small surge of energy in him and he outran the crowd and took a turn into an alley. He assailed quickly up the building and continued over the roofs only stopping when he knew he was far enough away. He was finished with North City. He needed to leave as soon as possible. He knew it was dangerous but the thrill of the hunt had been too much for him.

Vegeta licked the last of Bulma's blood off his hand. The sweet taste was now sullied with dirt. He had marked his prey at least and he could feel that she would still come back to him eventually. They were now bound in a fate that neither of them could escape. The closer Bulma got to that truth the sooner she would come looking for him. He had been impatient but for now he would have to settle with mildly marking her. He was sure that by confronting her today he had resurrected a few memories within her.

'Let me take up all her thoughts.' He inwardly sneered. 'I won't be satisfied until she hates me with every fibre of her being.'

He took one look out at the fire spreading out in the Event space and disappeared into the shadows.

The two FBI agents had taken the small explosion to their faces and were lying on the ground. Yamcha sat up to check on Bramble who had been badly burned but seemed to be alive.

"Agents down, middle of the display. The target has escaped." Yamcha yelled over the radio.

"Captain, I did what I could." Bramble coughed but was patted on the shoulder by Yamcha.

"Rest easy, we were out numbered after all." Yamcha looked back into the crowd. He was sure he had seen a man standing and watching the fight. He had stuck out; unlike the frightened onlookers the man had been staring emotionless at the fight. The person had gone now but he knew it had to be an important. Their mission was ending in a total disaster. He had hoped this mission would have let Bulma a way out of her current situation but as it stood she was much worse off.

Yamcha sighed and waited for the helicopter to come. As the once crowded streets emptied it revealed the blood and shattered metal flung around the area. 'Oh man, this is going to be one hell of a clean up to do.'


Android Seven and Four were the last of the Android Hunting team left. They were down two Androids and two dogs. Seven did not see it as a disaster as his main objective had been completed. He had kept the evidence of the Androids a secret and had ignited the self destruct. The only thing left were the hounds, he had no control to destroy them, he needed to call Commander Black and inform him. They had failed at capturing Vegeta but his current appearance had been updated in the memory banks. The last transmission from Six had seen to that.

"Four, prepare to leave." Seven instructed his last man.

"Yes Sir." Four replied. He did not like how this had turned but he couldn't go against his superior. It had been a succession of error inducing situations after another. The main protocol had been withheld that Dr. Gero's work was kept secret. That was the main motivation for Android Seven. For Four it was that Vegeta needed to be subdued and each time they had come close Seven had over ruled everything and went with his own annihilation plan. His team mates had been wiped out by their own self-destruct bombs that were triggered by Seven.

Android Four feared more than anything that he would be next and his own survival had exceeded everything. The lost lives of his team mates and the loss of their chance to catch Vegeta had been overcome by his own self protection. His electronic mind was filled with error logs and he knew he needed to get back to his control console to get the unnecessary data erased to ease his conflicted mind. It was the only way he had survived for so long.

He ignored Seven as he began a one sided rant about the importance of destroying all evidence left and he went to attend to the hounds. They were half android and had a canine mind, one that needed mild stimulation. Four kept with his protocol and gave the dogs the required 4 pats each.

"These Hounds need to be returned soon." Android Four said more to himself.

"Then you should return the Hounds." Android Seven said sternly. "I must however let Command Black know of the other two hounds that have been captured."

"They blew up…" Four said.

"The broken parts still remain, I shall track them down, you must return with the remaining two to our home base." Seven ordered. "The vital data must be purged out of FBI hands, those are my orders." His eyes glowed dimly and Android Four understood in that moment that Seven's protocols were a lot different than his own. The orders were not the same, for him it was to capture Vegeta but Seven seemed to be working on a higher level to cover up any sign of Gero's involvement. He was the strongest fighter amongst what remained of the Android forces.

"What if you get caught?" Four asked.

"That is why we need to split up, if I am caught you must exterminate me."

"Detonate your bomb?" Four confirmed. "I hope it doesn't come to that."

"We are machines; we have no need for hope." Seven told him sternly. "We are failures as we hold on to these irregular programming that has given us these unnecessary human-like emotions."

Four nodded, he knew his own was fear and that he was not good alone. Seven's last orders would be hard for him to do but he could manage if he was able to hide. An all out attack was pointless with him along. He had shown that at the Police Station when he had been unable to do anything but stand behind Seven. He loaded the two hounds into a stolen car they had prepared earlier and got ready to leave. He could hear Seven making the phone call in the background to Black. There was just something very wrong with Seven, even coming from a faulty robot as himself. He secretly shared Six's distrust of him as a leader but he understood the strength was what he needed.

They had failed for maybe the last time and the Home Base he was returning to was maybe not going to be so welcoming. Android 4 left in the car unsure of what his fate would be in home base but in part he was glad he was getting as far away from Android 7 as possible.


Bulma awoke in hospital in a familiar Ward. It was the one that Launch was in that the FBI had bought for this occasion. She looked across to her friend's bed but the curtains hid any hint that Launch was awake or even able to talk to her. Bulma winced as she sat up the side of her stomach were she'd been pierced was bandaged and obviously been stitched up. She tried not to move too much as every small twist in her body brought the stinging pain and the memories back to her. The room was dark and she must have slept through the day. A small box was next to her bed and she gingerly grabbed it.

Inside the box were her cell phone and other devices that were all switched off. 'Well at least I have my work that still follows me wherever I go.' Bulma put them all back and settled back down in her bed. She gingerly pressed the nurse bell and waited. She wanted to know what had happened. The door opened and she was surprised to see Agent Yamcha come in along with the nurse. His face looked slightly red and he was bandaged up.

"Bulma!" Yamcha called out and then coughed. "Agent Briefs, so glad to see you're up."

"How are you feeling?" The nurse asked.

"Sore." Bulma winced as she let the nurse adjust her bed so she could sit up and let the nurse check her over.

Bulma gave a faint smile to Yamcha and just focused on the nurse who was checking her stats. "I'm fine… I just needed some sleep."

"Looks like you'll be out by tomorrow, we'd let you go now but the FBI have rented out this ward, you might as well use it rather than a hotel." The Nurse said. "We had to give you some stitches so don't move around too much."

"I see." Bulma said.

"All you need is some good rest and to be back home soon." The nurse said and left the room. She didn't know the full story of course, Bulma wasn't sure she really could go home. She wanted out of this frozen hell of a city. It had only brought back bad memories.

Yamcha waited till she left and sat down beside her. "I've kind of got good and bad news."

"Oh great, has Vegeta regained his powers or something?"

"No…." Yamcha shuddered. "That would only be only bad news. The good news is that Deputy Chief Director Piccolo will be here soon."

Bulma brightened up, that was good news.

"The bad news is he's bringing Special Star Agent Beri with him."

Bulma tried to hide her smile, 'What's with the stupid title in the name?' she thought but said. "Who?"

"She's part of the Psychic Division and has been called by Chief Director Kami to scan your mind."

"You're joking…" Bulma gasped. She'd never met Special Agent Beri but now she said the name in her head it did seem familiar. "Why can't I just make a basic statement, don't they trust me?"

"I'm afraid this is your second run in with Vegeta and he hasn't kidnapped you or tried to kill you so you're very much under suspicion." Yamcha explained with a lot of regret in his voice. "This is coming from the higher ups. They need to check your involvement with Vegeta."

"I have no involvement with that murderer!" Bulma snapped. "He tried to stab me!"

"He could have killed you but he didn't, they want to find out why." Yamcha said. "Look, this is the best way to prove your innocence. It's intrusive, but it's the only way to be certain."

Bulma groaned and felt a dread in her stomach. She'd never had a full psychic examination before, only mild ones to test for sensitivity during her training days. "I suck at psychic anything." She moaned.

"Me too." Yamcha smiled. "You've been asleep since this morning. Me and Agent Bramble also got into a bit of trouble…"

"With Vegeta?" Bulma asked.

"No, not him." Yamcha said. "There was a robot in the crowd that was after Vegeta as well. We ended up clashing so we never got to find where Vegeta had run off to."

Bulma tried to smile back but she shifted in her bed and a sharp pain from her stomach that reminded her of why she was here. Her attempted smile turned into a sneer as she was reminded of Vegeta. He probably stabbed her on purpose so she would continue to be under suspicion. She just couldn't escape him so she might as well hunt him down. She zoned out as Yamcha continued to talk to her but all her focus had turned to what she would do about Vegeta.


Author's Note: This is a strange chapter since it's split with the action from the last chapter. There's also very little Vegeta and Bulma. My OC's the Androids are taking over a little as their part in the story now is important. I have a lot of OC's in this story since there are more roles than what fits actual Dragonball characters. Though this chapter Yamcha had more than a few lines and he got some action, so go Yamcha. Though I think any romance with Bulma at this point is very slim. She seems more focused on catching a certain Prince and that's exactly what Vegeta wants, that manipulating bastard.

Thanks to the kind reviews that were more than a few lines. I think this story as my little baby project. I should post up all the plot notes I've made but there would be spoilers everywhere as I've worked out all the background of this world. Any kind words keeps me motivated as this story needs to veer a little away from the Hannibal plot a little just because the world of Dragonball is a lot more magical. As ki fights and psychics exist in this world and we'll find out next chapter how that works with another OC coming next chapter.

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