The Silence of the Monkeys

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Chapter 42

Analyse the Truth

In a small laboratory in South City Asylum, Bulma looked down at a note she had found. It had to be by Vegeta when he was imprisoned there. The dark dungeon that she had sworn never to return.

She had peeled off the plastic protecting the crumbled piece of paper. She recognised the writing as Universal language. To most it might look like a form of random symbols or a code but it was an actual language.

A small memory was stirring as she looked at it. Not just her rusty understanding of Universal but of the existence of this letter.

She pulled out her small laptop from her bag and a pouch holding her file dongles. It had all her old reports and even video evidence from previous cases. She unlocked the tiny secure pouch and took out the oldest one. It was simply marked with a V.

As she loaded up her equipment she tried her best to translate the note.


You will die.

Lord Freeza has called for your death.

Time is your enemy,

So am I.

I grow stronger as you lie weak.

This planet will be purged for the glory of Lord Freeza.

You shall be drained dry and feel a death fit for a weak traitor.

All glory to Lord Freeza.

The letter wasn't signed but had a strange mark that looked like a small leg of an alien monster.

This was a warning message from Scalpel Jones, the alien arachnid that had tried to kill her. The thing had been huge but as Vegeta had told her it was growing, becoming a high level threat. It would bypass the shield and satellite scanners that protected the Earth from surprise invaders. The low level monster could slip through and grow more powerful as it ate more humans.

Her laptop was up and she quickly logged her first impression of her translation. She then accessed her old dongle typing in the password and checking for that particular file.

Her report after visiting Vegeta for the last time. She had told him things about her past and he... Mentioned a contact from Jones.

This was it! It wasn't important now but she could imagine how much it had been needed. She took a look at the paper. It was office letter paper, a company address and logo were in the corner. It was from South City Capsule Corporation. Things made sense now but she couldn't see any use for this now.

She took out her headphones and listened to her old voice recording. It was taken just after her last meeting with Vegeta.

This is recording 35 in the Jones case by Cadet Bulma Briefs.

She could hear the slight tremble in her voice.

"I have returned from my unofficial interview with Vegeta so this cannot be used in any prosecution. I must stress my concerns for the treatment of the prisoner. He is kept in a secure location but the guards protecting him have a great disregard for his wellbeing and may ignore basic safety regulations when dealing with the Prince. A report has already been sent about my concerns to Director Piccolo.

I have a confirmation of contact from Jones to Vegeta. Jones is a confirmed Class A danger for Earth. His interest in killing his victims is to drain them and to build power. Once he reaches his final form he has the ability to destroy cities. First his target is Vegeta. An unknown agent of possible higher power has sent this alien to us. The low power of his egg form should have evaded our satellite scanners. He seems to be able to control a human host in his infant stage and during that time he taunted Vegeta with his arrival.

Vegeta has given me some proof of his contact with Jones. A letter was sent to him from his first host who is a confirmed Capsule Corp employee. I saw the return address printed on an official envelope. There was unfortunately no letter inside, perhaps another bargaining chip for Vegeta to use.

We need to focus on previous employees…"

Bulma stopped the recording and opened up the photo files. A grubby looking envelope, the writing style that had a strange wiggle to the penmanship matched the letter perfectly. She would still send it to the experts for their analysis which would only confirm her theory.

There was something else in the letter that disturbed her. The name of leader or head alien, whatever the system was. Lord Freeza was something to make a clear note of. It sounded alarms in her head, a name she'd heard from other aliens. If she remembered, Vegeta said that he wasn't interested in Earth but what about now? The amount of refugees, this Freeza was not working on a small level. Perhaps the Force 1 agents on the space station were aware but she needed to provide all the details. Even if this was old news to them.

She opened the newest files on her laptop. She had one photo that almost took the whole image of the Dragonballs. She bit her lip as she struggled internally. This was evidence, important evidence. She sighed to herself as she decided to test her idea on a neutral party.

She began to type up her initial report on the prison cell and letter. A slightly out of date evidence that cooperated a closed case but gave a new thing to worry about.

A knock on the door made her look up. Warden Popo was carrying more items as he let himself in.

"I found some more of Oolong's stash. He recorded your conversations with Vegeta too."

"Wonderful." Bulma said in a slightly sarcastic voice. She had no real urge to fully listen to them again. "Thank you for bringing them. The other letters, drawings... I suppose they've been sold."

"Nothing gets past you Agent Briefs." Mr Popo said.

"I do my best." Bulma gloated a little, her ego raising up through her mask.

Mr Popo glanced at the work she was doing. "Going over old ghosts?"

"This whole place is filled with them." Bulma sighed. "I never thought I would ever be back here."

"Some things were never really catalogued as they should have been." Mr Popo said. "It wasn't anybody's job, we expected the FBI to send people to do it for us."

"It's strange that after his escape they kept this place operational."

This prison was built for the sole purpose of keeping the Prince. Without him the prisoners that have been here have been executed or transferred.

"So your job will finish soon?"

"I have an offer for another place, I'll be fine."

"Good to know, you survived being with Vegeta for 5 years Mr Popo; how did you do it?"

"I was polite, that's all." He said shrugging. "I never gave him any hassle or treated him like dirt. Those guards in West City did that and he came after all of them."

"Ever think he'll come after you now?" Bulma asked.

"No Ma'am, I expect him to stay away. How about you?"

"He said hello when he had the chance, gave me a nice warning slice in my belly for getting too close."

"I heard about that. He was only being a snapping dog, if he wanted it, you would have died that day."

"So a snap in my gut instead of my throat?" Bulma shuddered.

"He likes you in some twisted way. Not sure if it's exactly the romance the papers are saying but there's something about you that makes him consider you his property."

"Really? How so?"

"Remember the prisoner next to Vegeta's cell?"

"He threw some sort of mix of shit and cum at me..." Bulma hissed. "I remember him fine."

"He died the next day, swallowed his tail into his mouth and choked on it." Mr Popo said grimly. "Vegeta was spotted whispering to him all night. It was considered assisted suicide."

Bulma's face showed her disgust. "He only did that because he could, it wasn't for me."

"Just be careful, he's a trained killer. The lack of strength doesn't seem to stop him."

"I'm well aware of that, he sliced right into my stomach, I don't think he likes me as much as you're saying."

"I've seen a lot of possessive types coming into the prison over the years, sometimes they feel if something's their property they can do whatever they like to it."

"I'm not an it." Bulma said.

"To him you are..." Mr Popo said. "Be careful."

"I know." Bulma almost growled clutching her stomach. "Actually, on a different note... We're finally collecting all of Vegeta's evidence from his past kills. There's quite a few things missing that should be here." She wanted to change the subject and was pleased at the uncomfortable look she got from Warden Popo.

"I wasn't always in charge."

"But you were the care taker of the equipment in the high offenders section. You had full access to the mask for example that was on sale a few years ago."

"Was it?" He seemed to be sweating as he tried to act ignorant.

"Old records of unauthorized sales show a user name of Mr-P... It's not going to be hard to trace the e-mail address of the seller."

"Fine... I did sell some things but they all went to one person."

"Dr Gero?" Bulma asked and he nodded. She wished it wasn't him, he had harassed her for years after the first incident with Vegeta. "Thanks for the confirmation. He just can't get over his hatred for Vegeta."

"Did you know what he did to the Doctor?" Popo asked "The details are pretty gruesome."

"I don't know the full details, reports to just say he was the lone survivor."

"During the purge a small army in the North called Red Ribbon joined the fight against the invaders and their forces were destroyed. Dr Gero got it the worst, his machines had taken out the weakest Saiyan and as revenge Vegeta burned him alive tearing his skin off. He gave him enough life force to survive and come back to fight him again, build better...he was told."

"So one of the Saiyan invaders was killed by Gero?" Bulma said shocked.

"The total invaders were only three and what happened to the other one is all conjecture as the only ones that do know is Vegeta and whoever defeated him. Be it an early form of the FBI force 1 agents or something else."

"Off the record Warden, but was there anyone you would recommend to ask?"

"Your Chief, Piccolo would be the best to ask." Said the Warden in a soft voice. "If we're talking off the record Agent, then I would advise to keep your distance from Gero. He's been driven mad by his injuries and need for revenge. He knows about the third Saiyan's fate but I wouldn't ask, he would want something in exchange."

"Sounds familiar..." Bulma sighed. "Say, hypothetically speaking, if there was something you found supernatural, like reference to a myth. Would you take it seriously and tell anyone?"

"We live in a world where people can fly and fire beams of energy. I'd say anything is possible."

"Even if it would cost your reputation? Hypothetically speaking of course." Bulma tried to say as smoothly as possible.

"Stand by the truth." Warden Popo said clearly in a crisp over emphasized tone. "Believe what you see, not what you're told."

"I'll consider your advice, thanks."

The warden made a small bow and left Bulma to finish her report and for her to finally have a clear view of what she needed to do. She felt that her conversation with Mr Popo had been what she'd needed. Her old demons had unfortunately been re-awoken and swirling in the back of her mind.

'Tell me about your father...' The voice taunted her. Why did she have to recall that? If she could have one wish she did know exactly what it would be.



In Central City Refugee camp, the darkness of night was broken by the roving spot lights from the guard towers. The place could play at being a safe little village to temporary home people from all of the universe but at night it showed how much it resembled a prison.

Vegeta crept along the edge of a wall confident in his previous scouting. Finding blind spots were easy when you didn't need to worry about the ki scanner. The Section 2 area was more like regular houses, built by the residents over the years. It held mostly non humanoids, the insects and reptiles that couldn't pass as an Earthling. If you weren't a type of mammalian species then you had zero chance to acquire Earth visa. The passport card ID that all the weaklings came here to obtain.

The largest building in the centre of Section 2 was the FBI training and re-education area. Next to that, the second largest was the Mayor's house. A day of easy search and listening to others had been all it took to find the giant cockroach. His security was low during the night since the Camp had a curfew it applied to his guards as well. They would be inside but not as many as during the day. His mental scan of the building gave him an idea where each guard was. Two large power signals on the ground floor and one in the top floor. Batta's annoying low energy was dormant in the back room. They were cuffed like any other high level fighter. The two he'd seen beside Batta had bracelets and collars. That showed how strong they really were, he couldn't go directly up against two of them.

He slid in by the side of the building. It had a narrow alley separating it from the other closely packed simple houses. There was mud and discarded rubbish that rustled a little as moved in amongst it. He pushed against the opposite wall and wedging himself between the gap and he began to climb upwards.

A light flickered on above as a drone scanned above on patrol. Vegeta could only stay still to avoid detection. The high pitch drone buzzed away unable to see directly into the gap but its ki scan sensing nothing had been satisfied. Vegeta continued to climb up till he reached the top and pulled himself onto the roof. A small skylight was open to let in the warm Summer air. He peered inside to see it was a richly decorated bathroom. The strong energy signal wasn't so near so Vegeta forced open the window further and easily made his way in. It was one of those rare times he was grateful he had a smaller frame than most Saiyans.

The toilet area had two separate types, one for humanoids and another for insectoids. The self proclaimed mayor had been making sure his home was suitable for his position. He didn't care how much it cost the rest of his people living in far more basic residences.

Vegeta clutched his thin knife and chipped off a jewel from the mirror frame. It seemed real. He pocketed a few more for himself and slowly opened the door.

A large green muscle man was asleep on the chair outside what must be Batta's room. He couldn't kill the guard, his lost energy signal would alert the other guards and the main security monitoring the high level restraining cuffs. He took out a tool from his belt. He was expecting him to be awake but this worked even better. He injected the sleeping drug into the already unconscious guard. He grunted and tried to swat the mosquito he was imagining away. Vegeta ducked back into the bathroom as he waited for the drug to fully work. He came out slowly and placed his hand on the alien's bare skin. He could sense the power coursing through his veins. He took just enough energy to rip the doorknob off and tensed for any reaction. He stopped touching him and the power dissipated instantly.

A few days of encounters with weaker aliens in the slum area of the camp had been good training for him to adjust how much he could siphon off without raising himself to a threat level. The first time with Garlik had been too close for comfort. The spike in ki brought 2 guards to investigate the power surge, if it happened in the more guarded area he knew that he would be outnumbered.

A few ropes around the bodyguard's feet and hands secured him as a barrier with a small present for anyone who tried to break him free. With the blockage finally in place, Vegeta made his was inside Batta's room. The low vibration from the insect and mild murmurs told him that he was asleep.

He clutched his knife close and pulled a long rope wrapping Batta onto his bed. Another shorter rope with a cloth gagged him from screaming about what was to come. His sleeping drug didn't work well on this species. He would need to be silenced the old fashioned way.

Vegeta smiled as he took out a set of long 6 to 8 inch pins. He knew exactly where to place into the nervous system to render him paralysed.

The first pin slid down in between the abdomen joint, a second soon followed at the end of the abdomen leaving it stretched out and still. A few slices on the back broke his exoskeleton leaving a small gap for two more pins to be pushed in. A slight gasp from his subject told him that he was now fully awake. His strong back legs were quickly pierced and were left useless, splayed out. Vegeta came to the front and saw his eyes wide pleading at him. The antennas twitching were sliced off with a small chuckle before the last pin was thrust into his head.

Vegeta sat at eye level to Batta. The insectoid looked back blankly, his mind now just a primal rush of survival unable to focus on the face of his attacker. His back wings almost broke free but Vegeta's pressed his hand onto his face pushing him down and ripped the offending wings off. A surge of ki lit up the room but soon disappeared as the thin knife sliced into the side of his upper back. The hard exoskeleton was slowly peeled away revealing the pulsing veins and muscles. Some of the muscles were attached to the exoskeleton including the heart. Vegeta stopped himself from pulling any further. He sliced down into his guts checking his subject was still blinking. The gag was getting dirty from the insect bile and vomit but it could still breath. He cut some more on the exoskeleton loosening it from the muscle but still slightly help by a thin muscle and tedons around the heart.

He bent down to speak in a low voice making sure he spoke in the Universal language.

"This is for the humiliation insect..." He whispered, "You are scum only worth dissection for science."

He took some long elastic around the flap of loose exoskeleton and attached it to the door making it taut.

It took 5 minutes to raid the room of all valuables he needed and erase his presence. The high alien tech batteries and other illegal items were hidden in his room rather than the stock room. It had been a small risk that they would be here but Vegeta knew it was worth it. The Mayor, like any good sneak had an escape hole. A secret exit that hadn't been that secret to the community. It led to the back ally behind the building. The tunnel was slightly narrower than he expected and he struggled to get his goody bags out but managed to fit himself through. It was a shame he wouldn't see the moment the door opened but the cuts he'd given Batta guaranteed his death. The outside of the building led him back to the small ally he could squeeze through and he was soon safely out of Section 2. It was buzzing with drones and guards flying over checking for high ki signals and movement but none of them really had heat sensors.

He took it slowly and soon he was back to the unguarded slum area that had curfew as well but only a few drones and guards came to check the area. He had a lot still to do before he could be ready to say goodbye to this stain on the Earth. The night wasn't over, he had to get ready to leave before dawn. As he was sure he'd made a whole lot more mess he had other plans and promises to keep.

'Have they placed you in a little cage, Bulma? Maybe it's time to be broken out.' He thought as he stared at the moon in the night sky.


Author's Note: This is not a mistake, I really did update so soon! I had a bit of a backlog of stuff written so the next one might not be as quick. I actually really got into the dissection of a locust so that may have pushed me to write it from a more evil type of view. I don't think I could do it in real life though, I'll leave that to the Biology classroom. Well, I made Batta as dislikable as possible so we won't feel too bad for him when we see his final scene. Yeah, he's still alive, barely.

Next chapter the storm in Bulma's head is pulling her down and Vegeta's going to move onto a new place.

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