The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make money from this story.

Warning: There will be some strong language and scenes not for the faint of heart, you were warned!

Chapter 15

Unsettling Conclusions

In the local hospital of West City Bulma Briefs was in a private room and making a slow recovery. She was amazed at her own daring and wondering whether it was bravery or stupidity. To settle her mind she resolved on thinking that it was a little bit of both. If she hadn't gone in the girl, Betty would have been killed. If she had gone in and failed she could have been killed as well. It wasn't something she was proud of no matter how much praise she got from her Director, friends and tutors.

It seemed to her that it had been an empty victory. She had got lucky, that was all. She had an intense time battling the venom and smoke inhalation. Not to mention the wounds that the creature had made were deep and painful. It had involved some stitches that Bulma knew were going to leave a scar. Her inner vanity was simply too hurt, she would never wear a bikini again but she could be thankful she was alive. There was a knock at the door and for the second time that week Bulma was faced with a stern looking Director Piccolo.

She sat up and tried to hide the pain as her stitches pulled with her movement.

"Bulma is it okay?" He asked. He seemed to have brought paperwork instead of the usual fruit or flowers. "The doctors have been saying that your body is reacting well to the anti-venom."

"I know. I think I should be out by the end of the week." She smiled weakly. "I'm getting sick of looking at these walls. I really just want to get back to my studies."

Piccolo stayed silent for a second and wondered if she was just trying to keep herself busy. He could see her looking directly at him and decided it was just the way she was.

"So you know by now that Vegeta has escaped." He sighed. He put the paperwork next to her bed. "This is really just a witness statement that I'm asking you to make. Both for Jones and Vegeta. The Jones one we've already got your unofficial statement but just write it down. Take your time I don't need it till next week."

"Why for Vegeta?" Bulma asked, she really couldn't escape him. The newspapers that were scattered across her bed were covered in stories about him. She couldn't avoid him and for some reason she didn't want to. She had even had press people that had tried to visit her but they were quickly sent away with no comment. She wasn't that important of a news story since her capture and killing of Jones hadn't been made public yet.

"We now think you're one of the last people still alive that may have seen Vegeta." Piccolo said grimly. "We just need a statement about everything you talked about and whether he left any hints."

"I guess the video camera's captured my visit." Bulma sighed; her disguise hadn't been that great.

"There was no sound recorded." Piccolo said, frustrated at the incompetence that just kept on showing up the more he investigated. "The cameras that were installed were the original ones from the building. They hadn't even bothered to equip some extra ones when setting up Vegeta's prison cell."

"It was made at the last minute." Bulma said remembering how fast Vegeta had been moved from South City Asylum to the Court building in West City.

"Still no excuse." Piccolo said. "Although that's not your worry, Cadet Briefs. As of next month you'll be completing your graduation. Then I can finally call you Agent Briefs."

"It's got a neat ring to it." Bulma sighed complacently. She always had an issue with her name, but it seemed better with the Agent in front.

"You're one of the first to graduate without doing the hard obstacle course; we've passed you by your outstanding merits."

Bulma felt at least grateful for that. She doubted she would be fully healed to be able to do the final physical test. There was an awkward silence as Piccolo had run out of things to discuss.

"Sir, I need to know." Bulma said. "Is Warden Oolong among the missing?" She knew she hated the pig but she couldn't stand the thought that he was amongst the casualties.

"I'm afraid he's a missing person but he had survived the Court building incident." Piccolo said. "He's been on the run since Vegeta escaped and hasn't been heard of since."

"I see…" She said dully, there was nothing more to say.

"I also have a message from Elizabeth, to say thank you." Piccolo said. "She wants to come meet you with her family if possible. I said I would get your permission first."

Bulma had a vague memory of Elizabeth or Betty as she preferred to be called; screaming obesities at her. It would probably be nice to get a nicer memory of her.

"I can't see the harm, so long as they understood why I left Elizabeth in the hole for so long." Bulma said looking down. "I wouldn't want to be made to blame for anything. I did what I did for a good reason."

"I believe she has calmed down since then and has accepted all of your decisions." Piccolo said. "We managed to find her in time before the building got too badly burned. She was quite safe in the separate cellar room that she was in. As you know they will make their more public statement next week and they want to sing your praises."

"They really have to do that?" Bulma asked. "I was enjoying the peace and the lack of my name in the papers."

"I have informed them to keep the praise to a minimum." Piccolo said. "I honestly would have announced it along with the statement that Elizabeth had been found safe. It was thanks to you going in when you did that saved her. She was certain that he was getting ready to kill her when you interrupted."

"I guess." Bulma said, she was still unclear about how she had escaped the cellar. She had been enclosed in that small room, in the dark and with flames all around her. She had fainted from the venom and as far as she knew no-one knew she was in that exact place…unless Betty had told them. There were just too many holes and Bulma has spent many sleepless nights trying to figure it out.

"I'll leave you be." Piccolo said as he saw her going silent and thoughtful. "We'll need those reports by next week so take your time. You should be out of here by then."

"Trust me Director, I have a lot of time on my hands." Bulma said. "I'll contact the office when I've completed them."

The large man stood up and Bulma gave him a slight smile. She was still too weary to be really happy. It was times like these that she missed her parents. She would give anything to be annoyed by her mother again. To have her next to her fussing over her while her father would be nearby with his happy carefree way, probably playing with his cat and getting told off by the nurses for bringing the little guy in. Her friends from the Agency had been and given her support but it hadn't been the same. Even her roommate Launch had been kind to spend some time but everyone else were too busy with the final exams that she was gratefully skipping.

The Director left as she stayed silently thinking, she didn't even look up as he shut the door. Even when her friends had come Bulma had been too exhausted to be cheerful or even slightly social. She took a short glimpse at the papers. It was weird to see Vegeta's name in print. As far as the main press were concerned she hadn't been involved in anything. Next week there would be the press release that would sing her praises but Bulma wasn't looking forward to it. Her luck with the press had always been bad; they always seemed to just print what they wanted to help sell. Especially that low brow gossip types.

She sighed again and tried to rest. She didn't want to think about it but she was stuck in the bed looking at the walls and feeling really blue. There was another knock on the door and Bulma turned to see if it was another guest but noticed it was just the nurse and opted to save her stomach pain and stay still.

Her own thoughts were not really on graduation but just circling round the things that had happened in the last month. She slipped back down into her bed and let herself fall back into a deep sleep.


Bulma knew she was dreaming because she was back in that house. The basement lair of that thing. It was where she never wanted to return. She turned in the blurry surroundings as smoke filled the room. She knew where the exit was. She had imagined her last moments in this place over and over. She had stabbed that arachnid and set him on fire. She had thought of Elizabeth and how she had done something right for once. She had saved someone. She didn't regret anything. The ground became like thick tar grabbing at her feet holding her down as the smoke got thicker.

Bulma tumbled down as the tar began to cover her. It was slowly enveloping her and she accepted it as she felt herself getting more tired. She just wanted to leave, to wake up. This wasn't happening, not again. She wasn't dying in a tar pit in a fire in that basement. She could hear the high pitch squeal from the thing. It always upset her, she heard it every night. It was like the screams of the monkeys once more, her childhood torture coming back to taunt her.

"You did seem to make a good job of this Cadet." A voice said to her in the darkness.

The voice blocked out the high pitched death call of Jones and she could see the silhouette of a man. Hands grabbed her and she was pulled up out of the goo. She rested her head her lungs burning because of the smoke. She couldn't breath the tar was covering her face. A hand wiped away the tar and she felt for a moment safe. Bulma knew she was being carried outside. This was what always upset her. This figure would appear and save her and she was sure it had to be a paramedic or another Agent. All until he wrapped his hands around her neck.

"It would be so easy to kill you now and no-one would know."

Bulma couldn't answer him but she looked up into the darkness. He seemed to be a cloud of smoke, she could never get a clear shot but she just knew and she would try to say the name that came to her lips. 'Vegeta…' It never came and she was left in the cold as the warm hands left her neck and she was lying on the wet grass. The wetness making her colder and she shivered as the sounds of sirens surrounded her.


The young girl woke up with a jerk from her dream. She had knocked over her water and the bed was soaked with cold ice water. Bulma pressed the button for the nurse and tried not to cry. It had to be a dream, he hadn't come for her. It was impossible. It was like the tar in her dream, just a symbol for something that she could write long essays about and get an A. However she was never telling this to a shrink. It would be just be too crazy. She had felt safe in his arms. He had been her Knight, her Prince that had come to save her. He was a killer, she knew that. Even her dream reminded her by making him threaten to kill her. Yet he had let her go. There was no way it happened like that. She looked across at her paperwork. She'd need to write it all down before the medication made her forget and turn it all into a muddled mess. She had to make sure she wrote down the reality and not the dream.


One Month Later


The Exams came and went and Bulma Briefs had managed to attend the last week of her training. It was now the time of Graduation and Bulma had to deal with another press interest in her. It had been small in comparison with what had happened with Prince Vegeta. It was really more interest in how Elizabeth had survived. The girl had managed to get some good counselling and was making some excellent progress. Bulma was in a way jealous, she wished she had the same done for herself but she was now far too twisted for that. She had her work to focus on. There were more cases turning up and now the whole of the planet were on the look out for the most notable refugee of them all. The Prince of All Saiyans. He was still at large and more disturbing was the amount of aliens that were now coming out of the woodwork and making the FBI a very much in demand service for the world.

Bulma adjusted her new suit and tried to give her best prayer to her parents. She looked over to her friends and especially Launch that sat next to her in the assembly hall.

"I guess we need to listen to the speech first." Bulma said. She hated being at the front but she was getting the honours awarded to her in the year. "I refused to give any."

"I think you should have Bulma, people really want to know what you think." Launch said. "You're getting the nickname, the Ice Princess."

"Well, that's better than the Princess of Saiyans." Bulma joked, the title had finally become one to her now. "I wouldn't know what to say in my speech other than, 'Sometimes you get lucky.'"

"If you say so." Launch said though she thought differently.

The Director stood up and he gave his speech. It was short, enough to let everyone know that they had done some good work. It moved so fast, Bulma was walking up as her name was announced first and she could hear the applause almost coming quite loudly from the men's side. Bulma tried not to make eye contact but the yelling from the male idiots in her class made her turn and give a little bow. She would have loved this treatment 5 years ago, now it was just annoying.

Bulma had only just sat down when a receptionist came over. "Agent Briefs, there's someone that would like to speak to you."

"Oh okay." Bulma said. She wondered if it was Betty, the girl had been an avid pen pal to her for the past month but her letters were slowing down. She had told her it was her graduation today, just for something to say. She didn't know if the girl genuinely wanted to keep in contact or if it was orders from her therapist.

The award ceremony continued and Bulma gave Launch a quick hand signal to let her know she was going out for a bit. She wasn't needed now other than the final photo shoot with the diploma. She followed the woman out to the reception area were the phone was being kept. Bulma took it into the room in case it was Betty. She wouldn't like to publically speak to the Mayor's daughter with all the people moving through the corridor.

"Hello, this is Agent Bulma Briefs."

"Indeed, it should be Agent Briefs now. Congratulations on your graduation."

Bulma froze as she heard the voice from her dreams. He was there in real life. It was him. "Vegeta?"

"So glad you remembered me." The Prince said.

"How could I ever forget?" Bulma's mind was racing; she needed to get a trace on this call. She needed to keep him talking.

"I wouldn't try anything, I have an encrypted line… it would take you far too long and I only wanted to say something quickly." Vegeta said, quieting down her need to get help.

"Then tell me." Bulma said.

"I was going to say that I was so proud of your efforts." Vegeta purred, his voice was so smooth but it had that dark undertone. "I did think you would die from the creature's bite but your weak human body did seem to come through after all."

"I got better."

"Indeed, I also wanted to mention that now you're a full fledged Agent don't bother coming after me." Vegeta said his voice was now becoming much deeper and threatening. "I would kill you if it ever came of it."

"I know that." Bulma said. "I will only follow what orders I'm given so I can't make any promise."

"We really are similar." Vegeta laughed. "I wonder if you'll ever get to break out of your little dog kennel? It is of no matter, I am quite far away and I have no intention of coming for you."

"I feel relieved I guess." Bulma said. Her legs were like jelly, she knew she would have to keep him talking, maybe get some information from him. Everytime he spoke she remembered all her dreams and nightmares that she had been slowly sealing away in her mind.

"You should be, I had many an opportunity to kill you but it seems more fun having you in this world." Vegeta said. "Now please excuse me, I have to meet an old friend for dinner."

The line went dead and Bulma quickly went through to the telephone operators. "Any way to trace this call?"

"No, we'd need to get the records; you'll need to go to a different department." The receptionist answered.

Bulma cursed and she headed back to the Assembly room. She wasn't in any mood to deal with this. It was going to be her day today, she was graduating and getting made Honour Valedictorian, not that she took that offer up. This was her day, not Vegeta's but in one foul swoop of a phone call he'd turned it all around. She made her way through to the front row of seats and to the one person that needed to know now.

"Sir." Bulma said quietly to her Director. "I think I have something I need to discuss. It's him."


Vegeta hung up the phone. It was quite hot in the jungles and his new suit was getting stained. It had seemed like a necessary thing to do, the little girl was a hidden tiger. It was still unbelievable she had managed to take down that arachnid. He would be sorry to see her skills go to waste if she ever tried to fight him. He was no easy push over as that 'Jones' was, even as depowered as he was he had decades of experience. He was born to be a warrior, a hunter.

"What do you mean there are no more car capsules?" An angry pig ranted. "I want transport to the local hotel and you primitive people have no buses!"

"We have these bike capsules."

"Fine fine, that'll do." Oolong snapped and handed over his money. He glanced around the crowd, not wanting to make a scene. He never saw the short man in the back with the blond hair and the fine white suit. He looked like some tourist and Oolong just blanked him out. He wasn't what he wanted to be afraid of.

It would be a great mistake to think that, but for Oolong it was already too late.


Author's Note: Well here's my conclusion to this arc. Yes, I am continuing and I will just continue from this story and not make a new one. It seems a lot easier than having two separate stories. Plus if I go by the way the next book was worded the next story would be called "Vegeta". I don't think that would pull in anyone since how many fanfics are there that are probably called that? I'm guessing hundreds so I will just stick with updating a new arc on the end of this.

If anyone knows the books they'll understand where this is heading and my no romance words could be eaten but do you really think of Hannibal and Clarice as romantic? I'll just go along with there will be a far darker attraction and that will not be happening until much further on in the next arc. You all know it will be coming but I'll decide if I want it to go the movie way or the book. Add your thoughts if you like; I'm always looking for input.

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