The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. No money is being made from this fanfiction.

Chapter 10


It was a long day for Bulma she had been up all night examining and preparing blood samples. Now she was waiting in the office of her superior with a very strange letter she had received from the Prince of Saiyans, Vegeta. She had already tried to defend herself against the gossip that said she was in a relationship with Vegeta. Now she had even more damning evidence. Why would he send a letter to her? It didn't make any sense. He did say in the letter he was attracted to her, but then he also said he would kill her without a second thought. This was a monster that had been responsible for the slaying of her family. Not directly, but his invasion to the Earth had lead to her downfall in the past and her current mental issues.

“The Director will see you now.” The Secretary said as she looked up from her work.

Bulma hadn't heard the buzz or any call through but she had spaced out. She made a murmur of thanks and walked into the office.

“Cadet Briefs are you unaware of your new assignment. You’re to go to West City and investigate the ex-employees of Capsule Corporation.”

“I know that sir, but something came up.” Bulma handed over the letter; she had sealed it in a bag. “I thought I should deliver this first. It came today.”

“This is... from Vegeta?”

“Yes Sir.” “You still deny any relationship with the Saiyan?”

“I do Sir; there is no romance on my side. If you read the letter you can see the Prince’s feeling on the matter.” Bulma stood waiting as her Director and Chief read through the letter. His dark green face clenched as he read a few parts. Bulma guessed it was at the part that mentions Jones and only mentions. There was nothing to lead them to the killer.

“He’s baiting you to come to him.”

“That’s what it looks like to me too Sir.”

“Thank you for bringing this to me but tell me; where is the second page?”

“It’s in my room.” Bulma said guiltily. “It was only a picture; I thought the letter was the important part that you needed to see.”

“Understood, but I don’t like this Bulma.” Piccolo waved his hand for her to sit. “You are not in High School anymore. You don’t need to hide anything from us.”

“I’m sorry sir.”

“I’m glad it’s me that picked this up and not my superiors. They don’t believe the rumours of course but there are still doubts about whether you are fit to be an agent or not. You would do so much better down in one of our research labs.”

“I’d rather be on the field. Which is why once we’re finished I’m going to the first address and going through all the ex-employees as you’d asked.”

“I put you on this assignment to help keep your reputation. In this building gossip likes to spread and tempers have been known to flare.”

“I’m quite calm actually.” Bulma smiled.

“That’s partially why I’m worried. Go to a gym on your time off and beat the crap out of a sandbag before coming into the office. You've got a lot of aggression in you; I remember when you were a young recruit.”

“Gee, thanks...I think.” Bulma said, unsure if that was a compliment.

“By the way, this is a photo of the nurse that Vegeta savaged.” He passed it along the table.

“Sir... Dr Oolong was very kind to already show me that.”

“There’s also her ID and her  details in there. She still works as Vegeta's private nurse.”

“Do you want me to talk to the nurse sir?” She stepped forward and looked at the photos. One was of the wound and the others of the nurse in her state before the accident.

“I just think she looks uncannily like you.” Piccolo said lifting up a newspaper and turning round. “I would even bet you could pass yourself off as her and get into see Vegeta to ask those important questions one more time.”

Bulma stayed silent but she understood where this was going. Her heartbeat increased at the thought of doing such a thing.

“It’s a shame we won’t get to know what Vegeta knows. He seems quite determined to say it only to you.”

“A real shame Sir.” Bulma said taking the photos and ID from the desk. “It would be completely against the rules to do such a thing now.”

“Indeed.” Piccolo agreed. “If anything were to happen I would deny everything.”

Bulma walked out of the office clutching the photos.

“Just remember Cadet, don’t get caught and don’t forget that last page of the letter. It may not be any clue but it would not look good if you were found with anything of the sort if there was some sort of surprise search of Cadet’s quarters.”

There was a deep warning in that last part and Bulma knew that it wasn't to be taken light heartedly. If she assumed right then they really did doubt her and were going to search her room for any evidence to suggest she was in league or even in love with the Saiyan monster. She tried to hold back a laugh as she walked past the secretary. It was a ridiculous suggestion but then to others it might not be. The Alien Prince sickened her more than she could say. It wasn't hate but she had absolutely no love or sympathy for the human eater. She understood though that people have a nasty habit of believing what they heard rather than what they know. It was something that Bulma knew too well.

‘The humans can be so predictable, can’t they?’ The ghostly voice of Vegeta purred in her head.


It was pure instinct that lead Jones, instinct to breed, eat and sleep. It wanted to kill Vegeta it was the only goal it knew since it came here. That time was close, that time was so deliciously close. The smell of victory filled the air. It was going to be soon that it would hatch. The feed was almost ready, it just needed to eat and fatten out.

“Why does it refuse to eat?” Jones hissed and the spinning lump above him. He crawled up onto the ceiling and looked into the now dead eyes. It checked the stock’s life signs. It was still alive, but only just.

“Answer me human!”

“It tastes like shit.” Betty croaked. She liked it when he was annoyed. It meant she had done something to mess up his plans. She wanted him to choke on her.

“I can get you human food, I got you human food.”

“It’s rotten....” Betty gasped. ‘Doesn't this thing understand the simplest thing? You can’t eat rotten food, especially with maggots crawling across it.’ She threw up again as the memory hit her and this irritated the alien arachnid more.

“Filthy stock, it messes up my floor.”

‘It’s already a mess.’ Betty thought but she had no energy to say it. She had no more will anymore. It was just her and this strange creature that had no empathy no understanding of human taste or morals. She didn't know anything now except that her world revolved around this thing. The comforts of home were a faint memory and she only had her stubborn need to keep breathing that kept her going. Betty’s will had broken and the faint threads of hope she had were now gone. She was living on her instincts now and her world had shrunk to the small dingy place and her captive. The thing sniffed her face; she could feel the mandibles of his mouth caressing her body.

“Still not enough...” It muttered and swung down to the ground floor. The scared girl was suspended in a ball of web in the ceiling of what was a basement of a large house. Betty didn’t know this though; she only knew this as some sort of cave. Although the hidden human gadgets and junk did lead her to believe this had once been lived in. She focused again as it switched on the television. “You were a prize catch.” It chuckled as it saw the news story about her father the Mayor speaking about his kidnapped daughter.

“Daddy...” Betty whispered, a tear run down her face and she closed her eyes. She didn't want to see him. He couldn't help her.

“So we are moving the Alien Prince to an undisclosed location as another Alien has come in contact with him. It is nothing to be alarmed about and the threat is being subdued as we speak. Prince Vegeta is still in captivity and is very much under tranquilizers. He will not be causing anyone any harm. He couldn't even hurt a kitten.” The creature laughed hysterically as it heard this.

“Oh, monkey has been moved. Monkey will maybe tell me my secrets. We can’t let this happen oh no. It is best to hurry with my plans.”

“That is all we can let you know for now. My main focus is finding my daughter safe and sound. If anyone has any leads there is a large reward for any information that will bring my daughter, Betty back to me. I miss you my dear Elizabeth, we’ll see each other soon.” The TV was switched off and silence flooded the room.

More tears ran down her face and she choked on the hot salty water, it was impossible. Nothing could save her from this thing.

“It will be quiet!”

Something pierced Betty in the leg and she felt that now familiar buzz of the poison working. She fell unconscious still crying desperate tears. She didn't believe that there was any way out. She just wanted to fall asleep and let it all go away.


The guards of the new prison had been handpicked by the Warden. They were the most elite soldiers that had now retired and were looking for an easy job still following orders but with no real danger involved. This new mission however had that ting of danger that had excited the older men. This was HIM. This was the Prince of Saiyans! This was the murderer that most of the men could link to a death of some relation or friend. To put it lightly the Guards all disliked him extremely and did not have any thoughts to stop now. They followed his requests for music and food grudgingly but it had an air of defiance. His tray of food was thrown down and spilt; although most of it was still edible. The music was put on after a five minute silence and under no circumstance was Vegeta referred to as his majesty or even by the name Prince Vegeta. It was always “him” or “that Saiyan” in his presence and when the guards thought he was sleeping, “bastard” and “fucker” were used as his nicknames.

It was nostalgic for Vegeta. It reminded him of his first year in confinement with all the guards he had seen and eventually see sent away. Every one of them had used the same tactics and every one of the disrespectful ones had been dealt with. He was powerless they thought but their minds were such open books for him to attack. All he had to do was wait and find the weak one. He may be in a cage but Vegeta considered himself the hunter. He had the patience to wait for the moment and it would have to come soon.

Jones would be closing his net soon trying to trap the fallen warrior. He was a disgrace to the army of Freeza and he would be killed by Jones. The worst possible death for a warrior like himself; slain by a creature that he would flick away easily at full power. Now though was a different story and Vegeta was the fly being used to catch the spider. If it all worked to as he planned then he would reverse that situation. “Hey guys these are the weapons to use to restrain Vegeta!” One guard said holding up the large electric prong.

“We’re ordered not to use it unless he acts up.” The older Guard warned. One of the younger boys, Sid chuckled and ignored the warning. He walked over to the cage.

“Everything all right in there for ya?” Sid asked chewing on a piece of gum.

Vegeta didn’t reply, it was a stupid question. He ignored him and returned to reading the newspaper.

“Y’know you’re pretty rude for a Prince.”

This made Vegeta’s eye twitch but he did not look away from his reading. “Hey, I’m speaking to ya!” He reached in to prod Vegeta but his arm was caught.

“Sir, May I ask what you’re doing to my patient?” A woman dressed as a nurse and with a head bandage had appeared before Sid. He looked at the beauty and put down the weapon. He was sure there was a rule about beautiful woman interrupting a man’s false bravado.

“Miss, you have to wait, we’re still checking with Dr Oolong!” The Guard at the desk called out to the young bandaged lady.

She walked forward ignoring him.

“You can’t go in yet!”

“I’m afraid I didn’t have much time.” The Nurse said. “As I told you, I’m Vegeta’s nurse Marron Mont Blanc.”

“I got that, your ID checks out but I thought woman weren't allowed in here.” The Front Desk guard sighed but he seemed hesitant. The woman had seen what had gone on in the room and she seemed the smart cunning type of girl. She was the type that could make trouble for you if you pushed her the wrong way. The Guard had seen this type before and been burned.

“Would you like me to tell my superiors that your underlings were going to torture Vegeta for no good reason? I think he was being asked unnecessary questions that did not need any reply.”

The Older Guard flinched; she was definitely the type that was dangerous. Vegeta had folded up his newspaper and was sitting with attention watching the scene.

“I do believe Prince Vegeta looks quite comfortable in his new cell and would prefer not to be asked every five minutes if it was okay.” Marron sighed. “If he had any trouble I’m very sure he would not hold back to complain.”

“Sid, Bert.” Vegeta purred. “My nurse is here now. I need my check-up. You do want to know that the ki suppressants are working.” He smiled like a tiger baring his fangs. “It would be such a pity if they weren't and poor Sid was made armless as well as dickless.” There was a snap from Sid as he heard the insult and was about to lash out. Bert held him back and the pair retreated for a break.

“Miss we’ll be watching from the cameras. You don’t need to go in to examine him?” Bert asked nervously.

“He has a monitor here for all that.” Marron said touching the machine that the Guards thought was just a ki suppressor.

“I won’t be more than ten minutes. That’s all I need.” The door closed and the nurse stepped closer to the cell checking around her to make sure they really were alone.

“Welcome to my new home Cadet Bulma Briefs.” Vegeta said smiling.

“I don’t call this a home.” Bulma answered plainly. “I want to know how you did it, posting the letter I mean.”

“That’s not really that interesting.” Vegeta said. “I do like the disguise, that uniform suits you better than that airhead did. I see you even got a bandage on the correct ear. Her blood was too sweet. I think she ate too many cakes.”

Bulma unconsciously touched the bandaged that covered the ear. Nurse Marron was now in hospital getting a fake ear graphed to her head. It was thanks to Vegeta that it had been ripped off in the first place. “Spare me those details.” Bulma said. “You know why I’m here.”

“Yes. Of course.” “Then tell me what is Jones really?”

“You already know.”

“It’s a big spider.”


“One that wants you dead.”

“Correct again.” He smiled at her like she was a pet that had done a trick well.

“So tell me Vegeta how you knew about Jones.”

“Ah, now there is the gem of a question.” Vegeta said. “You’re asking the correct questions now. Although you do understand this does not come for free. First I want my payment from you.”

“You want to ask questions about me?” Bulma tried to hold back her shiver. “It’s not that interesting.”

“I think you’re wrong little Cadet. This is where we will disagree. I feel a great anger in you that you hold back. There is something you hide from the normal creatures on this planet. You have a mask just as I do.”

“Perhaps, but it’s part of being an agent I feel.” Bulma said coolly. “There is no need to show emotions in this line of work.”

“Then answer me my first question little Cadet. Your family were killed by one of my men, yes?”

“Yes.” Bulma shook slightly with anger. “It is my mission to come here and to hold back any personal feelings.”

“Although now people think it is different personal feelings.” Vegeta smirked tapping the newspaper on his desk. “I never read this type of thing but it is quite interesting about how big a company your father’s business is.”

“Capsule Corporation used to be the largest capsule company on Earth. We had the patent for the best design. No other company came close to our easy and safe capsule design though others followed.”

“How about now?” Vegeta said with a sadistic smile. “They’re perhaps only third or fourth on the market. It was bought by some other company and the patent was also sold along with it. There are other companies now that can make a cheaper capsule for storage of vehicles and other equipment.”

“Do you feel angry at the selling?”

“No, not really. I was only 15 at the time it happened. I was young and foolish, full of dreams of love rather than business. If I had taken over it would have maybe faded to nothing.”

“So the Princess never really got to take her rightful throne.” There was a something hiding behind his eyes as he said this.

“So tell me how did Jones get your attention?”

“He sent me a letter.” Vegeta answered simply.

“Where is it?”

“There isn't anything important in it.” Vegeta said. “It’s hidden very well in my cell. All it says is that Jones is here for my skin and I will die in 3 years.”

“He contacted you then so early?”

“Rather clumsily as it turned out, he posted it from that Capsule building.” Vegeta said with a tut. It was obvious he disapproved of such easily found methods. “Those buildings do have their own postal service, don’t they? The post mark was almost like an address for where he was.”

“I guess, he didn't know about that Earth custom.”

“Exactly, if that was me I would have researched everything.” Vegeta smirked. “Now it’s your turn again, tell me about your uncle that took you in.”

Bulma remained silent as she felt the danger that this conversation was leading. He was worming into her head, trying to mess with her mind. It was the only ammunition he had now.

“Don’t tell me he had his own little farm somewhere and took advantage of your young body.”

“Nothing of the sort.”Bulma said sharply. “The family was good to me. I had everything that I needed.” “You’re not there now, what happened?”

“Nothing much.” Bulma shrugged and looked at the ground. “It was better that I move out as soon as I could.”

“You ran away didn't you?” Vegeta guessed.

“Yeah, I did I was 16 when I up and left.”

“What was the trigger?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean there must have been something that made you snap and want to leave.”

“I might remember, but tell me Vegeta what does Jones need his victims for?”

“Finally a good question; let’s make it a fair trade then little cadet. My facts about Jones for your little trauma that’s hiding in your head.”

Bulma shivered and looked into those dark pools. She would have to recall that night that she had blotted out from her memory. It was coming back and in the distance she could hear the screams.


Author’s Note: For the third or fourth time this is a reminder that this story is NOT a ROMANCE!! I’m getting a bit bored with people asking that. As I’ve said it’s more of about the chemistry that the pair have got. If I did put B/V together in this it would be very dark and there wouldn’t be any sex scenes or kissing. It also won't be a healthy relationship of any kind and should not be envied. (sighs deeply.) Now onto my thoughts of this chapter; it came out so much easier than the last since we had a bit of B/V interaction, the rest should be easy to write.

Next we get to the conclusion of the B/V final interaction and we move onto Jones the spider alien thing.

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