The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. I do not make money from this story.

Chapter 38

Unwanted Nostalgia

Mr Black was right about the reaction from Dr. Gero. The hissing and gurgling of his rage as he went into incomprehensible angry rambles left the butler with his head bowed as he let the rage of his master continue. One of the nurses was attending him and he was interested to see that it wasn't Marron for once. Mr Black only adjusted his tie and held onto the rest of his report. He had been prepared for this.

"Tell me we have at least some of the Hounds!?" Gero rasped desperately.

"Two have returned to us." Mr Black answered. "The other two have been destroyed and the remains have been dealt with."

"So what does that leave us with?" Gero snarled.

Mr Black understood this was a trick question, it was not meant to be answered. He remained silent and met the angry gaze of his master.

"We need to make countermeasures now!" Dr Gero snapped.

"I have begun that very thing." Mr Black said smoothly. "The Vegeta Buster Androids are primed and ready and we have found the very thing to lure Vegeta to us."

"It's her isn't it?"

"Our sources have told us some interesting interactions between the Agent known as Bulma Briefs and our target. He recently stabbed her as she got close to him but he didn't kill her. The FBI even became suspicious and took in a psychic to investigate. Agent Briefs has been cleared of any involvement with Vegeta but it has been confirmed that she is in danger from Vegeta as he has started to take some interest in her."

"He wants to kill her?" Dr Gero snickered.

"That would appear to be the case. His methods involving Agent Briefs aren't his usual killing ways, but the Bureau do believe she is in danger from being stalked from him and he sees her as a possession."

"These experts on Vegeta again. They didn't do so well the last time they had him in their hands." Gero scoffed but he seemed to understand what Mr Black was hinting at. "So she is something of interest to him? She does work as a good little carrot"

"Yes, the plan to use her as bait worked too well that they have retreated the agent to South City. An island far from the North and one that is hard to gain access to without a passport."

"So they've gone to hide their precious hidden gem away?" Gero said still unimpressed. His breathing was still raspy but he had recovered for the moment. "We don't want her to go to waste do we?"

"No Sir." Mr Black said.

Dr Gero chuckled deeply making him cough up some more blood. The nurse glared at Mr Black as if he was the cause but quietly attended to the sick man.

"I will make arrangements for you to meet with her then?"

Dr Gero couldn't respond well but he merely nodded. His trust in his number two was unmoveable.

"I suffer like this everyday and every drop of blood, every wince of pain I shall give back in return to Vegeta." Was what he had said to Black when he first met Dr. Gero and it gave him a comparison on his own anger against Vegeta was miniscule compared to the Doctor's. His vision of vengeance was almost inspirational to him. The nasty comments and rants, he took it all over the years and Gero had grown to appreciate him. They had a mutual understanding of the final goal of everything. Vegeta needed to die in the most gruesome way possible.


Bulma stood in awe at the South City Asylum for the criminally insane. It hadn't grown so much as shrunk over the years as the publicity of Vegeta's escape had taken its toll. She got out of the taxi and adjusted her skirt. Viola was right behind her. The building had increased its defences since she'd last been here. The road into the place had an ID check on everyone and the gate surrounding the place had increased. Bulma forced herself to smile as she saw the welcome party coming, a few random guards by the looks of it. None of them she recognised at least. She was also silently fuming at not being able to get a rental car at the airport. Viola had insisted that they didn't need one this time and that was the end of it. She had pushed her guard duty authority on the matter and Bulma was helpless to argue.

The taxi driver took his money and made a swift exit. The stories about the Asylum still hung over the town and he had been nervous to come here.

"If we'd taken a rental we could have saved his stress level." Bulma mused as he watched him speed away. Viola only scoffed a laugh and didn't take her bait. She had her sunglasses on and was in a good mood.

"Let's get to work, we're on a mission." She reminded her.

It had been Piccolo that had given her an increase in authority, Bulma was under her lead according to the Deputy Director and she had to follow her lead. It was a stark difference of the partnership they had in North City. Viola seemed to love it and was keen to show her worth to Piccolo. As soon as they'd stepped off the air-car and gone through passport control she'd seen the change immediately.

"Nice to meet you both." Viola said to the guards. "This is Agent Briefs and I'm Agent Viola."

"We've been expecting you the Warden would like to see you." Guard 1 said while Guard 2 stood behind watching them.

They were guided through the gates and as Bulma showed her ID again she was given a familiar view as the building came into view. Part of the hospital part had been knocked down and there was a pile of rubble but where Vegeta had been held was still standing like a monument surrounded by more fencing and guards. There was strange netting hanging over the roof of the building. It took Bulma a second to realise it was camouflage to hide the building from any planes or air cars coming overhead. The radar tower to the side made it seem like any unwanted air craft would be taken care of.

They stopped outside a new building that seemed to be the main security and a large and very familiar man came out to meet them.

"Mr Popo!" Bulma gasped. "You're still here?" The large man smiled at her and held out his hand to shake hers. Viola stood back and Bulma turned to introduce her. The man hadn't changed but Bulma was amazed to learn that he was now the Warden. He had been there when she'd met Vegeta. He'd warned her about the rules and thanks to him she felt that she had made progress where others had failed. The man may have been a simple guard but he had more understanding of the way the Asylum inmates worked that it made total sense to her that he was now in charge.

"We don't have many guests these days." Mr Popo said as he pulled up a chair from another room so they could both sit in his office. Bulma looked around apart from the location change from Warden Oolong's office it seemed simpler and slightly cosier. The previous office had been filled with the pretentious Oolong's certificates and framed newspaper clippings of his previous successes. This room was bare and of those and the only things around were interesting cups and decorations.

"Seems comfortable enough." Bulma said as she sat down on the offered chair.

"This place has changed a lot since Vegeta has left. It's become a Death Penalty prison so all the worst ones have been slowly taken care of."

Bulma didn't reply to this news mulling it over in her head if she should say she's glad or if that was a terrible thing. Viola reacted for her and she just stayed silent.

"I never heard about this!" Viola said visibly shocked. "I thought we were going to reform them and send them back into space?"

"Even space doesn't want some of these guys." Mr Popo said grimly. "It wasn't my call but after Vegeta escaped this place was marked to be downsized. There have even been many wardens changing over the years, I'm really just appointed. This place is pretty much unwanted."

"But, for it to be changed so… I never imagined." Viola gasped.

"Only 6 are left." Mr Popo said he gave Viola a sad look. "Don't take it too hard my dear. The FBI have many reasons for why they do these things. The Earth is only a pebble in the ocean that is the Galaxy and there's even more beyond that. We've been doing our best to hold back the flood of newcomers."

"What if more illegal aliens come that are deemed too dangerous to enter Earth." Bulma questioned. "It seems a bit strange to get rid of the only prison for the worst offenders."

"That is not for me to decide, I'm sure the great Chief Director will have some ideas that will meet the needs." He said and was silent for a while as Bulma and Viola were left deep in their own thoughts. Bulma seemed to be the braver one and had another question but Mr Popo raised his hand and just gently shushed her.

"Now, this is not why you're here though." He said with a smile. "A little chat about the future of South City Asylum is not a happy tale and I was informed by your Director that you require some information about our most famous inmate."

"Yes, we're also under the understanding that we're going to stay here?" Agent Viola asked. Her chirpy smile seemed to have gone and she looked more concerned.

'Now you know why I wasn't happy about it.' Bulma inwardly thought. 'I did not want to come back to this hell hole.'

Mr Popo stood up and called another person in. "This is the Chief guard, Mr Tofu. He's got the keys to the mansion you'll be staying on. If you'd like to follow him Agent Viola, he'll show you where to go and to get you the keys."

"Isn't that the old Warden Oolong's house?" Bulma asked.

"I have no need for such a large house; it's part of the FBI South City Headquarters now." He explained. "The previous Warden used it all for himself but I think it's under better care when it's used by everyone. I do stay there but only in one room, that's enough for me."

Agent Viola nodded and walked out with Mr Tofu as the door shut Mr Popo seemed to spin on his heels and turn to Bulma with a big smile. "Now, I shall give you something special Agent Briefs."

"Um…. I'm not sure I follow you." She smiled back nervously.

"These are for you." He said, bringing out a roll of papers. "I have sold a lot of Vegeta's goods over the years, I'm ashamed of that as we're never paid that well. These drawings though, I could never sell they were confiscated from Vegeta a long time ago before he moved to the temporary cell in West city."

"His drawings?" Bulma took the pile. "Is this all that's left for us to investigate?"

"No, I left a box of things that are left over but all his manacles and straightjackets were things that held more value." He said. "The drawings might sell but they're perhaps a way to look into his mind, I feel they've got more value that what they would be sold for."

"I never thought you as an appreciator of the arts." She said randomly unrolling one to take a look as Viola walked back in. She looked over Bulma's shoulder.

"What's with all the orange and red?" She commented.

"It's one of his favourite colours." Warden Popo added. "I had to buy a lot of red chalk for him over the years."

"Thank you for these." Bulma said as her hands slightly shook and she tried to hide it by putting her hands down onto her lap. These drawings were not the investigative items she had hoped to find and she was getting flashbacks to finding the mailed drawings of herself. She could see his thumb prints on a few of them. The side of her stomach was beginning to sting and she was trying her best not to think about him.

"We've had a long journey so we're going to go freshen up in our rooms and perhaps come back here in the afternoon." Agent Viola said patting Bulma on her back. "You're looking a little pale Agent, maybe best to let you rest."

"I was just discharged from hospital. It's probably a good idea." Bulma agreed and she stood up and shook Warden Popo's hand again. "I'll take care of these drawings, thanks for saving them."

"I hope they'll be of some use, there's a box in the mansion with the rest of the leftovers from Vegeta but I'm afraid they may not be that useful."

"It'll all help." Bulma said as hopefully as she could. She knew she was just here on a wild goose chase to keep her out of trouble but she couldn't quite explain that to Mr Popo. He seemed to really want to help their investigation.

"Do you need to lie down?" Viola asked her as they left the tiny office. Bulma shook her head and gritted her mouth.

"I just want to get to cataloguing all this evidence, let me work and I'll be fine." Bulma said. She truthfully didn't want to sleep as she knew there were some nightmares brewing in her mind. The more she avoided sleep, the more she could avoid those waiting dreams. She somehow doubted as the corridors and smell was bringing back the hidden memories of her visits here. The old Warden's office now seemed to be a large staff room and Viola went back to speak to Chief Tofu to get clearer sense of the directions. The man seemed only happy to escort them to the premises.

"Warden Popo lives there too but you ladies will be in a different area." Chief Tofu said calmly. "I think there aren't many men that are staying the night there this week. It's separated into three parts now."

The outside was too bright and sunny and Bulma shielded her eyes from the sun, she barely took in the change to the buildings. The shadow of the mansion loomed over her.

"This place is huge!" She cried out. She'd never gone to this side of the Asylum before and she was sure Oolong had made sure she never did. This was a total abuse of power if it had been only the Warden that had stayed here.

"The FBI wing is all yours; there are no agents other than yourselves that have come here recently." Chief Tofu said. "The Barracks is at the back of the building called the South Wing, Mr Popo and a few other high level staff stay in the East Wing. There is also housekeeping staff that will know you're there, everyone should have clear ID."

"I'm not worried, I know this place is secure." Agent Viola said.

"You'll have full run of your own kitchen so you best take care of your own meals," Tofu said as he opened the door and lead them through to the entrance of the West Wing. "This place will be pretty much all yours. I'll let you know if there are any agents coming in to stay, but it's just the two of you."

"Thanks very much Chief." Agent Viola shook his hand. "We'll be taking up a lot of your time this week as we raid your old files."

"Just to warn you that may be hard with Warden Oolong's old files." He warned them. "The corrupt idiot had so many dodgy deals that a lot of the Asylum's data was erased or covered up. I just want to put it out there on record I was only a guard at the time."

"We'll take note of that." Bulma assured him. She could tell there was still a lot of left over damage from Oolong's reign. She didn't want to say the real reason that they were just wasting time to keep her out of harm's way but she felt responsible in a way for bringing up the man's worries. It was stressful in any long established place whenever an investigative team came to enquire. She'd seen it before and he was making sure to let himself be free of any blame. From that clue though Bulma guessed the Asylum had more than Vegeta's secrets to uncover. 'This might be more interesting than I originally thought.' She kept that thought to herself and let the worried Chief go.

"This really was a mansion." Viola breathed under her breath. "I wonder if they have a pool?"

"I just want a quick shower to be honest." Bulma sighed. She wished she could be so positive but she was secretly dreading sharing with someone again. At least with North City she got a hotel room all to herself.

"Okay, let's choose our rooms." Viola charged up the stairs with an inhuman speed. She was more of a warrior than Bulma gave her credit for. She slowly followed her up and tried to keep herself upright as she was really starting to feel the fatigue taking over. There were over 4 bedrooms and Bulma was quick to choose the one with the en-suite bathroom. It seemed to suit Viola as she had the room with the largest bed. It wasn't as luxurious as she thought as they had been obviously stripped down to just the basics but it was enough for Bulma and she landed on her bed with a faint sigh. She finally let go of the sketches she'd been clutching on to and tried to block out the growing screams in her head. Vegeta's voice was faint but she was sure she could hear it in amongst the background noise of her troubled mind.

'Seems like you want to cry…' He seemed to be saying and Bulma shook her head to see only Viola standing over her.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, just everything's catching up on me…." Bulma said weakly. "I need to rest for a bit." It wasn't him, it couldn't be.

"It's fine, take your time. I'll just start bringing in the suitcases from the front."

Viola was gone and Bulma had silence again except for the murmuring voices in her head kept talking. Bulma tried to push the sketches off the bed, sure they were the source but the hissing voice got louder as she closed her eyes. She forced back her tears as she let herself inwardly shout. 'Just leave me alone!'

'I'll be waiting...'

She sat up sure she would see him but it was finally all quiet and she tried to compose herself before Viola returned

'That damn psychic messed with my mind and brought it all back!' She inwardly fumed as she thought about how she had been warned there may be some side effects to the Psychic examination. The lingering paranoia and her own mental scars were something she'd learnt to cover up and deal with but now it felt that not only had she been sliced open physically but mentally inside her mind as well.

She scrambled into her purse for her medication and tried to reason away the buzzing noise she could still faintly hear as her head continued to throb. All she really knew was that this stay was going to feel longer than it would be. Being in the same place as Vegeta had unnerved her stability to say the least. Usually nostalgia was something welcomed but this wasn't anything like that at all.


Author's Notes: So here we are back at the Asylum and it's all changed. Viola might get a bit annoying as she tries to stay in charge and keep Bulma from being too impulsive. Though the mental scars that are going on inside Bulma will be building and she really needs someone to back her up. No Vegeta this chapter but we'll see what he's up to next and only a little bit of Bulma as she checks the Asylum for any clues, if any. I may have missed an opportunity to explain more back story with how the Asylum works and the Space Station, I'm sorry, but there's something else coming soon that will cover it all. Bulma is only a lower rank agent and she won't be able to find out everything by following her around in the story.

Next time we will follow Vegeta and the tension will just keep on building.


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