The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. I do not make money from this story.

Chapter 25

The Price of Greed

Morning in North City and for once it wasn't snowing. Tien had made his way from his car and checked his back. He had a great night with Launch and had slept really well. He had woken however by a nightmare of being stabbed from behind. He shuddered from the memory and tried to focus on his task at hand. It was simple; all he had to do was to go into the bank with the safety deposit key he had received in the mail and place the evidence. If it was accepted, then he and Launch would be rich and set for life. He knew his girl wasn't the most honest of people but part of her was. If she knew what he was doing, who it involved, she wouldn't be as happy about it as she was this morning. Her split personality was part of what made dating her exciting but he knew both sides of her would not like to be lied to.

It was only a white lie, he told himself. It was something that all couples did at some point in their relationship. He vowed it would be the only thing he would ever lie about and would never let it spiral out of control. Maybe, once it was all over he could come clean, face her wrath for a few years and let all the money buy back her love. That darker side of Launch loved money, she would easily be bought back and her softer side would forgive him eventually. It was what he had convinced himself as he walked towards the grey building of the bank.

The bank was opening for business, Tien would be obviously late for work but this was far more important. If it all came together then he would be able to quit his job and go be a private eye somewhere in a south island. They could live their lives out in the sun rather than this constant snow.

He came out his inner thoughts to check his surroundings. The light was still quite dull, the North City winter was always this harsh. The street lamps were starting to flicker off though and he could see the usual amount of people going to work. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary apart from himself. He knew his bulky coat and beany hat didn't match the smarter people going into the bank with him at the same time.

The bank clerk he spoke to lead him through the back to his box number and stood and the door waiting for him. Tien looked around, he was alone and only the camera above him seemed to be watching. The box though was in a blind spot and no cameras seemed to be focused on this box. It had been chosen for a good reason. He slipped his plastic bags of evidence out of his coat pocket and placed them in the small safe. He clicked it locked and returned to the clerk. It was all done in moments. His heart was thumping loudly and he was a little breathless. He hadn't felt this exhilarating since he had been training with his master and his best friend.

They used to be painful memories but his heart through the chaos felt glad, he had made his revenge the only way he knew how to. He was never going to be as strong as Vegeta and a direct fight was useless against him. He had no idea how much power he had gained back from his imprisonment. He didn't need to risk it. He didn't have to confront him in a fight, he could get him taken away to have God knows what done to him; and get money in the process. The usual empty feeling of revenge could be sated with the gift of gold. He didn't have Chaotzu anymore but he had the love of Launch, she could help him forget.

He made his way into the main hall of the bank. He let his old half forgotten fighter skills take over and he scanned the crowd for any power levels. They were all normal humans from what he could tell; businessmen and women in suits and huge warm coats, only a tall lumberjack standing in line appeared to have some strength about him but none like his own. There was no-one hanging around or being suspicious. It all seemed perfectly normal, now all he had to do was go to work and act as he usually did. He would need to close the case on the bear mauling case and try to erase his involvement with Vegeta. The alien scum would be getting a very nasty surprise soon enough and Tien could rest easy at night knowing that the evil killer faced rightful justice. He smiled as he left the bank; everything was finally working his way.


A phone ran in an old mansion and a tall dark man picked it up.

"Gero Residence, Black speaking."

"The delivery has been made, Mr Black."

"Excellent work, how was the bank, was our little pigeon followed?"


"I mean the police detective…Tien." Black sighed. "Was he followed out of or into the bank?"

"He left the bank alone and entered alone."

"How are the samples?"

"There are two pieces, one had a blood sample I could use the tester you gave me. The blood sample has given a positive result. The blood is Saiyan."

"We'll need more tests to check the identity but I think we can assume we've hit the jackpot." Black smiled. "Let the reward be deposited and return with the evidence."

"I understand, Sir."

"Dr. Gero will be pleased with your results Android 8 and will not be placing you in any of his test areas for the foreseeable future, finish the mission and return as soon as you can."


The phone call ended with a click, sort and to the point. The Android was a failure product but it always did as it was programmed; only it would never kill. It was defected but wonderful for doing such minor tasks. There had been a few times when anyone claimed they had found Vegeta it was useful to just send Android 8 to scout it out and report back. He looked almost human in a suit and with some basic training on spying he made an excellent Scout. There had been so many failures and false reports over the years, Vegeta's bounty was a tempting lure for con artists. This time it had actually had some positive results.

Mr Black felt confident as he went up the stairs to the bedroom of his master. He would soon be closer to reaching their goals. They had to move fast though before their prey had any chance to escape. He could see Dr Gero agitating in his bed as the nurse tired to get the skinless man to sit down. His rasps and gnashing of his teeth intensified as a smiling Mr Black entered.

"Se Ne-s!"

"He's trying to ask, what's the news?" Marron translated. "He's been like this all day. His lips aren't working so well and we tried to get him to use the machine but he…." Black held her hand and gave it a rub which stopped her frantic explanations. There were days when Gero was not well mentally and physically but he was too stubborn to rest or take any of the medical advice. He'd seen it too many times before.

"I understand." He said. "We have news and it's good. So far, the test has been positive. It looks like we've found him."

"Ge' 'im, ssen' the houn'ss"

"We sent out the hounds Sir." Mr Black said. "But not immediately, Vegeta will be caught. I shall make all the arrangements. More tests will be done but we'll send in the second scouting team to confirm what condition the Prince is in."

"I wansss… 'im aliee…"

"You want him alive, we all want to see that alien bastard to suffer for what he did to us, please rest and leave it all to us." Black repeated the words he knew Gero was trying to say. It seemed to calm him but the sharp glare from his eyes continued.

Dr. Gero though finally settled down and closed his eyes, his raspy voice sounding slightly content and across his burned ripped skin a horrendous smile broke out and he began to chuckle.

Mr Black left one last glance to the Nurse who seemed thankful; she had her hands full and made no further attempts at talking to him. She returned to her work of placing cooling palms on the burnt skin of Dr Gero and tried to keep him from cackling too much. The sound of his frantic gasping cackle echoed through the large mansion as Black made the frantic preparations. Vegeta was so close to their grasp, they had to get him this time. Revenge was all that the Gero Corporation was made for, no longer a Red Ribbon Army but re-imagined for the world and for trying to get to the Prince. This was finally their chance! The Hounds would be sent and their prey would be caught. He would finally pay for everything he had done!


The Police Station of North City was quiet as usual. Many officers had become compliant to the desk job style that kept them in the warmth and out of the cold mountain winds. Not many men did patrols unless they had to. Local people seemed to freely come in to talk to the officers about little details of what happened in the day or if there was anything they needed to investigate. It was freer than any other city Station mostly because it was so quiet.

In amongst all the noise of the local chatting, Tien finished his report on the computer. The Bear attack case was officially closed and seen as a mountain accident that coincidentally happened to two people from the same company. If anyone were to ask about it in years to come he would be far away and miles from being connected. They would be coming for Vegeta soon. He had been sent a small note in his office mail that had a hidden message.

Dear Detective Tien,

Thank you for connecting us back with our long lost father. We shall soon reunite with him before he disappears again. I wish I could give you a reward but we are grateful for it all. Expect to receive a cake very soon as our thanks..

Timmy and Jenny.


That was all he needed to read to know his deposit was going to be delivered soon. His cake was on its way and the "father" would be taken away to receive his own reward. He could wash his hands clean and start anew. He got up from his desk and made his way round the office saying his goodbyes.

Tien didn't think he could wait anymore. He had to go check the box. The codeword at the end, he had been told to have half delivered and the rest would arrive soon. He needed to check. The good thing about being a detective was that he could step out of the office any time and it wouldn't seem suspicious. He'd been out of the office most of last week on Vegeta watch and he was almost caught up with his paper work. He didn't want to really continue without the real assurance that the money was in the bank. He could take it home for Launch so she could start with the preparations. She wanted a camper van to tour the world; he could give her the money for it today. They needed to be out of here as soon as possible. The hunters would be coming soon for Vegeta and it could start another Saiyan purge or the fight could level the whole city. They needed to get out and to a safe distance, far away from Vegeta and any danger.

He made his way through the office passing his co-workers and acting as if he was going out for another part of his job. He gave a quick glance to his Chief who was sitting in her room busy on the computer. She would be the only one that could stop him now and he made his way out without her noticing. The drive to the bank in the dimming light was good. He put on the radio and hummed along. It was some cheesy Country rock song that he usually would change instantly. He let it play and he drove along to the bank. He parked his car and went in. The bank was quiet as usual, most of the business being done in the morning. He made sure he got a different staff member and was escorted to the security boxes.

He made his way to the box and opened it up. The vile and plastic bag was gone and in its place was a briefcase. He opened it up his back hunched over so the staff couldn't see and he was please to see a large sum of money. He checked underneath, it was all notes, it was all for him. This was only half of what was promised! He really couldn't wait till they sent the rest but he wondered if he could have a chance to come back. A scrap paper on top said, 'The other half is due in a few weeks after DNA testing.' He shoved the note in his pocket and closed the case. It was everything he could have wished for. He put his handcuffs on the case and around his wrist. The case wasn't going anywhere, not without him knowing about it.

He made his way out of the small room and checked the bank visitors. There were hardly anyone there, the staff seemed bored and were looking at the clock waiting for closing time. There was no-one watching him. They were all busy in their own worlds. He said his goodbye to the clerk who had helped him and made his way out.

Tien got into his car, he felt inside his coat where the security box key was. He would need it again soon. He didn't know if he could wait that long. Once he got all the money he and Launch could make plans for their future and he could hand in his notice. He could say goodbye to the mountain frozen town that held him prisoner for years and finally see a hot sun again. He may even go back to training and finding some inner peace.

He started the engine and switched on the heater. It always took a few minutes to get over the steam inside the car. He leaned his head back and slowly wondered why the car was steamy before he got in.

A sharp pain erupted in his neck and his eyes swivelled round. Someone was in the back of his seat!

"Shh, it'll all be better soon little crane." Vegeta whispered in his ear. "What you're experiencing is shock as your body is taken over by the sedative I've just injected you with directly into your spinal column."

Tien tried to pull at the hand and needle in his neck but his world was starting to spin and he found no strength as he pawed against the hand. His body was tingling all over as if he'd been sitting the wrong way and he could hardly move his arm.

"It's quite quick acting you'll find." Vegeta said. "Look at your eyes so full of questions, you thought you were clear? Home free as you Earthlings say? That I could let you walk into my office and take away my blood and skin and I wouldn't notice? I've been following you ever since Detective… you every move, your every act of love. Your perfect little wife and happy job of working at a desk all day. Your little sing-song in the car, I don't think you should ever sing again. You have such a boring life no wonder you want the money from the bounty..."

He couldn't answer. Tien's tongue had become so swollen in his mouth he was finding it hard to breath and he gagged as Vegeta forced open his mouth. He was still talking to him as he put him in the passenger seat. He couldn't hear, he couldn't see. Hands moved over his body as he was safely buckled into the seat. The feeling too was becoming numb and he could only focus on his breath. He had to stay alive, he could fight Vegeta. He had to now! This wasn't about honouring his dead companion anymore it was about his need to survive.

'I'm going to kill you!' Those vengeful thoughts pounded through his spinning head and what light he could see finally became pitch black.


Bulma was unexpectedly shaken by the delivery from Vegeta. She didn't expect to get any of the items back from the FBI by reporting it but she didn't want them. She had thought of the monster on occasion or she had a nightmare that involved her going to that asylum again. This time he was filling her thoughts. She was alone with no work and the idea that a minor experience could shake her so much was disturbing to her. She didn't like Vegeta, she hated him. He was the reason her whole world had changed, his very existence had made it so she would be an orphan at 15 and without a home to go to. He was part of the reason she had entered the FBI to ensure her situation wouldn't be repeated again.

She was shaken from her thoughts as the doorbell rang. She knew it would be the FBI, she opened the door in confidence and tried to freeze her smile as she saw Agent Viola.

This was the agent that had scolded her at the site because of the baby. The woman's cool blue eyes looked at her with less judgement than on that day.

"I was asked by Director Assistant Piccolo to come and back you up." She said.

The name of Piccolo sent Bulma into a small pang of safety, she wanted to trust this woman. "I have the box all wrapped up."

Bulma welcomed her in but tried to keep up her guard. She couldn't trust her completely; the warning that something wasn't quite right within the FBI was still in the back of her mind. Agent Viola came into her house, she seemed to be waiting for invites to enter, her body language was much better than the last time she had seen her. The small alien baby that died because of her had been in her arms, she had been the agent that took the injured to the ambulance. Her previous irritation at Bulma's coldness towards the death of the babe still vibrated in Bulma's mind. She felt like she should feel ashamed, as if Viola was the real caring agent she wanted to be when she was 17.

"This is all?" Agent Viola asked as she took out some plastic gloves and bags and started sorting out the contents of the parcel.

"I may have contaminated it; I didn't know it was from Him until I fully unpacked it." Bulma tried to explain.

"It's fine, it's been 3 years after all. You couldn't have expected it, I think no-one did." Viola said her voice soft. "We have Vegeta's other taunts sent to other places. This seems very similar. The post marks, everything matches up to what we've seen before."

"He's sent other things?"

"I mainly work in the Most Wanted Department." Viola explained. "I've seen all of Vegeta's notes that he's sent, there's never a single address and they'll all be fake. This is the first time he's sent one to a house."

"Well, the Press did think it was a good idea to publish my address." Bulma sighed. "I really like this neighbourhood, looks like I'll have to move."

"Do you think he'll come after you?" Viola asked.

"No, it's more about the Vegeta Hate Squad, or some random crazy… I'm a sitting target here for those people." Bulma sighed again. "Vegeta would never come here, it's not his style."

"You sure you're not his Princess?" Viola gave her a sly smile to see her reaction. Bulma just looked back in horror. "Sorry, bad joke." Viola quickly apologised.

"It's fine…" Bulma said in a dull voice. "I've heard it a lot before… I'm used to it." She wished she wasn't used to it though and really wanted to kill the rumour.

"I have a message from Assistant Director Piccolo," Viola said changing the subject as she saw how uncomfortable Bulma had become. "He said, 'I'll be back tomorrow', I'd expect a phone call."

"Thanks, I hope this stuff gives you some clues to work on." Bulma said.

"I'm amazed you haven't been sent to my department yet, you could lend us so much insight since you've actually MET him." Viola said shaking her hand. "I apologise for what I said at the Fishing Market with that baby. You did what you had to."

"I could have done things differently." Bulma admitted. "The damage is done, but thank you."

"I'll just try to finish this packing up and see myself out." Viola said.

Bulma sat down flicking through the TV unsure what she could do to distract herself from her thoughts. This was not something she needed to think about. If she let Vegeta invade her mind she would be back to when she was a trainee and feeling helpless against him. She was helpless now but all for different reasons and Vegeta being out there and how he knew her address was something she wanted to quickly forget. She could see a small way out but she had no idea how a real opportunity was about to arise.


Author's Note: Well, there is the inevitable for everyone! Sorry Tien! He's in a lot of trouble now! I may be spoiling things by saying it won't turn out well but I think that is a given. I have a huge back story to this Alternative Universe but that will be slowly be revealed. The Space Station being one of those parts and you'll find out more soon.

Real life again raised its ugly head so that's why there was such a delay. I tried to make up for it by packing in as much as I could in this chapter. So that's why I wanted to get a bit from Bulma in at the end. More to be revealed soon enough as things are about to kick off!

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