The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. I do not make money from this story.

Chapter 22

Suspicious Minds

Tien shifted in his car and looked at his watch. He needed to go into the station and sitting out on watch on Hoang all day had been a complete waste of time. He needed to come back and track him when he was doing his so called hiking. Mr Hoang was the right height, and body build. Everything else, even down to his thin eye brows were different. It just seemed those dark brown eyes seemed so familiar to him. It brought back all the memories of his friend, Chao Tzu. He had died in the Saiyan invasion 7 years ago. All Tien had been able to do was to watch his friend die as he sacrificed himself.

He shook himself free of these thoughts and started up his car. It was now early afternoon. He could go back to hand in the last of his paperwork and get back to his stake out. As he drove his car to the junction to exit from the dock areas. He took one last look back to the Yard and thought for a second he saw a shadow in the window. His old fighting skills flared up as he thought he felt a power surge but it was gone in an instant. The energy was perhaps a passing monster or worse. Tien wasn’t so sure and he stared at the junction for longer than necessary before he drove away. His whole being was at a buzz. It was a feeling he hadn’t felt for a while and his suspicions kept building up inside him. If he was a man on the run, wouldn’t he find a way to change his hair, face even eye colour?

It all seemed possible but it would be harder to prove. They were all suspicions at this point. The death of his friend was still a bitter pill in his mouth. It gave Tien the motivation to continue even if he knew he would have trouble waiting for him for extending the investigation into these “accidents” at the Dockyard. It was one company with two recent deaths and one man that gained from both of them. The previous foreman Shanks, found in the wilds ripped apart by wolves. The other worker from the Docks Bernie Venison found half digested in a dead bear. It was too bizarre a coincidence that he felt they had to be connected. They were from the same company, a similar time frame of death and found in close proximity in the mountains. One had supposedly gone for a secret meeting with his mistress; his wife was desperate that it was kept hushed up. The other had had a sudden hiking trip with other co-workers. Both happened while Hoang had a solid alibi.

Both times he’d been on the other side of the mountain in a campsite. All while being in the company of Mr Yama, an old man that was the owner witnessed that Hoang never left during the night. They had some sort of poker tournament. He had gone to Yama first when he started the investigation, just to tick the box of having checked on the alibis of any suspects. It was only now that he wanted to go back and ask that old man some more questions.

The detective arrived at the police station and before he went in, he made a quick note on his notebook. If he was right then he would need to do this carefully and by the books. At some point he would need to bring in the FBI to take down Vegeta. If it really was that flesh eating monster. He paused to calm his temper and his stomach from retching as his past started to cloud his vision. He needed to keep those memories dulled and focus on his motivation. He wanted Vegeta to pay for what he did. He felt how much they had let everyone down by allowing that monster to escape. It was under their supervision that it had all happened. The alien was loose because of them and their need to catch this Jones creature. One that seemed to have died in a fire. He was unsure what to make of the claims that the traitor Briefs had been responsible for it.

Tien always read a weekly magazine called “The Karma Times”. It told him more than any newspaper ever could. It had been the only one that had mentioned the full horrors of the alien invasion and everything that had followed after that. He tucked his copy up along with his newspaper and made his way into his office.

Inside it was as quiet as always. There never was much action in North City and everyone considered this place to be a nice retirement place to be. There were very low crime and only recently had the increase of disappearances been something to just give everyone a minor headache. For Tien it just showed how lazy this whole force was. He wanted to go to where the action was like in West City. That was where he needed to be. Not in this backwater hole full of hicks and wild animals.

He switched on his desktop and got himself a coffee. He passively talked to his colleagues being sure to avoid talking about his case. They were more concerned on working overtime on the weekend. In the North City precinct it was always quiet so they never needed a full force as with other places. Tien longed to see the actual bustle of a real city precinct. He needed the excitement more than he knew. This job was more relentless with the paperwork.

He sat down at his workstation and being the dreaded work. He needed to hurry, he had left most of his work that he could at home but there were still things he needed printed off and signed for his boss to see. It was such a waste of his time. Out there the Prince of Saiyans was walking free under a pseudo name and everyone around him none the wiser. How they could not tell his false smile and evil in his eyes was beyond the Detective.

As he waited for some reports to print he clicked to the internet. He checked around him but most of his co-workers had been doing the same for the past 2 hours. Tien instantly went to the FBI page and to the top most wanted list. Vegeta was still at the top. As Tien looked at those eyes again he was reminded of his suspect. They were the same shape only a different colour. It still sent a chill up his spine as he looked at the image. The site didn’t mention any reward just that they were looking for any information about the missing killer. A flashing advert popped up at the side. At first he ignored it but it mentioned Vegeta. He clicked on it and clenched as he saw another window opened up. He secretly hoped he hadn’t got into a viral site, his boss would have a field day with that.

The page loaded with a picture of Vegeta in his bite guard mask. Underneath the image it mentioned a reward for the smallest of information. This peaked Tien’s interest and he read on. His worry about the site he had wandered onto disappearing as he carried on reading about the need to capture him alive. Vegeta needed to be captured alive for any full compensation to be paid. They seemed quite focused on the one thing Tien truly cared about. That there would finally be justice served towards this beast of a man. Not like the FBI that had let them all down before.

The detective sat at his desk reading the details carefully and jotting down notes in his notebook. It seemed that Tien had finally found one real way to get out of this dead end place and finally enact the rightful vengeance against the murderer and cannibal. He would sell his alien ass for the highest bidder and not regret anything. The vengeance for his friend and all the hundreds Vegeta killed would be finally his to bring down upon him. His hatred for the killer was so deep that he was unable to control his actions. He put the number into his top pocket and began to finish off his work. He would call this later tonight, his decision made in one instant swoop.

Vegeta would finally get what was coming to him and he would have the money to get out of the city and the high stress job.


In a hotel in West city Bulma lay down in the soft bed waiting for her tears to come. If this was her 8 years ago it would have been a full tantrum and most of the FBI HQ would be in ruins. Now she could feel like she had become her nickname of the Ice Queen. She would keep her cool and not let them see her tear streaked face. This wouldn’t be a repeat of when her parents died or when Vegeta escaped. Last time the papers jumped on her connection to Vegeta and they were trying to do it again. She just couldn’t avoid the shadow of the alien. Though now she just felt like a husk of her former self. She was really becoming Ice in mood and character.

She looked at the table to the letter she had just received at the front desk. She wondered if it was Director Piccolo with some instructions. She couldn’t trust the phone lines as much as she wanted. If there was some form of corruption in her Bureau then she couldn’t rely in the usual way of communication. She ripped it open and sat up on her bed to read. Her hands started to shake with anger and her Ice that she thought she was becoming soon became her fire.

Dear Miss Briefs,

I will get straight to the point. I do not want to flatter you with any false sympathies or give you any critic for you actions. It is in my interests to simply give you this small hope of escape with your failing career. I have always need of staff. I have offered you many times a lucrative deal to participate in my data gathering of the Saiyan Prince. I know of how upright you have protected your government Agency. You have never been one to be bribed at all no matter how many zeros I added to my offer. You are truly an outstanding worker and very loyal. Though how has this loyalty been paid? I see nothing but disownment. Even a little stool pigeon gladly gave out your address to me to track you down. I sent an invitation to come to my house. I hope you will agree and bring anything that have that was something of Vegeta’s. I am an avid collector as I have such a unique past with that Beast of a Prince. Or will you finally tell me of your true relationship with him, I would pay as much as possible for you to be as explicit as possible. I could help you retire for life even if you did not work for me.

Think about it.

In your current situation, money will soon become an issue. You do not have your Daddy’s funds to save you now and your knowledge could be put to waste in some guard duty.

I remain, as ever fully expecting your reply,

Dr. Gero.

Bulma felt herself burning up as her anger took hold. ‘How dare he?’ The man had absolutely no taste. He had hounded her for information about Vegeta since her graduation. She had been glad this past year of the lack of letters and phone calls; she had hoped he had given up on her. He must have bought his way to getting her temporary address, the stool pigeon he mentioned could be anyone in the FBI. She had only been here one night. She checked the envelope again, it had no stamp. It had been hand delivered.

Bulma ripped the envelope in two with a determined action and threw it on the floor. She knew she would have to pick it up and sent it into the office to be reported, but for now it could lay on the floor like the trash it was. She slumped onto the bed and threw her arms back. She felt like a prisoner in the hotel room. She couldn’t risk going outside now, even if she disguised herself. Gero knew she was staying here and her room number. If anything she should get herself moved but he wasn’t really a threat.

He had, despite his deep obsession with Vegeta, been non-violent with his actions. He was only on a low threat watch list on the FBI because of his information on the aliens but in his own way he helped the FBI were he could. Dr Gero was not someone she wanted to ever deal with. She hated his existence; he had survived Vegeta’s attack on his science base and somehow had drawn strength from it. He was barely alive and yet he had more drive and support for the FBI in the way he sent in sponsorship and technology. Bulma had no idea how far his influence went and was now starting to wonder about it. She would find out tomorrow when she planned to report his letter. For now she could only sit and watch the TV or slowly pamper herself with a long bath. She knew the wait for her story to cool down would be a long one. She had no plans to take up Gero and his request for her help. He never needed her help, he just wanted to amass more people under his control.

She still had her pride despite being suspended from the job she loved and with no clear escape. She felt her anger recede and the ice covered her heart again. She needed to think coolly about this and work out what she needed to do. If anything she needed to speak to Piccolo as soon as she could. Though that would still hold a problem since he was still away on a long mission. For now all she could do was keep under the radar and wait it all out. The frustration and helplessness she felt had a stinging familiarity. She was reminded of when she had been a teenager and had lost her family and fortune. This was something she had hoped she never would feel again.

She placed the letter on the desk and dumped a few other papers on top so she didn’t have to look at it. Though she knew it was there. It would be a long few weeks of this fate that had been thrown her way. Bulma didn’t want to believe in fate anymore, she wanted to be the one that took control. She sat some more on her bed and meditated to try to keep her cool. It was going to be a long couple of weeks for her. She could find her way through this even though it looked like she was now lost in a very dark tunnel and being carried away by the river of fate she kept telling herself she didn’t believe in.

‘We can survive this again.’ She thought to herself as she could feel the tears she’d been denying all morning coming back to the surface. This time she let them fall and she let herself weep. In the darkness in her mind she could hear a deep and shadowy voice as a memory replayed in her mind. The last time she had seen the Prince that now eclipsed everything she did.

Vegeta was behind the bars and had looked straight at her with that unflinching glare and asked. "I want to know how you find it so frustrating, when you know something is wrong but you can't do anything about it."

"What do you mean?" Bulma questioned.

"I would kill to rid me of my frustration. You however seem to seek Justice by the more boring way." Vegeta had said. "Isn't it twice as frustrating knowing something is wrong and you have no power to do anything about it?"

Bulma's lip had quivered as she gave her answer. "I live with it Vegeta, I live with the screams. How can you live with your screams by making more?"

"The noise drowns out if you make more." He had smirked showing his fangs.

She had meant it at the time, she just lived with it. Now as the tears slid down her face she began to wonder. She began to think that even the manic babblings of a killer trying to get into her mind was making sense. That maybe now was the time to make some noise.


Author’s note: So we get more of Tien’s motive and the letter is revealed. No sign from Vegeta about contacting Bulma but that may be coming soon. (hint, hint.) Though we got a flashback from Vegeta as I copied what I wrote all the way back in chapter 11. Interesting it’s come back in 22. Total coincidence.

Anyway, the story continues as we bring it all to a head and we get closer to a reunion if it may even happen. Thanks to everyone for your comments, I really appreciate them and again if you spot anything let me know and I shall try to fix it. Next, someone needs to watch their back.

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