The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. I do not make money from this story.

Warning: Slight gore

Chapter 27

Cold Killer

The same day Bulma had went to the FBI to have a discussion with her boss she was rushing back home to back an overnight bag for an assignment. It was just too crazy! She couldn't believe that Vegeta had come out to the public like that, his letter must have been a pre-warning. She wished she could remember exactly what it said but the main warning had been clear. 'Do not come to look for me.'

'Well tough, I'm coming to find your ass and help bring you in!' Bulma thought as she pulled out her empty suitcase and started packing. She was going to find him and bring him to justice. She knew how much of a killer he was. Millions of people were dead because of Prince Vegeta. He deserved to be imprisoned for life. She used to doubt whether he deserved to die, though now she was sure he did deserve it but it would be too easy. He needed to put forever in prison away from that blue sky he said he loved. Bulma finished quickly and made her way out to the company car still waiting. She had to pack lots of winter clothes. Where she was going it was colder than she was used to. She knew a few people in North City though they might not be welcoming. She would spend all her time at hotel that the company would provide and she would probably have no time for socialising.

She smiled awkwardly as she thought about how she never really had time to socialise outside of work. The horn of the car outside beeped loudly to hurry her up and she was rushed to grab her winter coat and try to find her gloves. She hated being rushed so much but they had a schedule to keep. They had no time to loose the killer was still in the city. The trail was hot and they had to find him no matter what. She was going straight into danger, she had been warned not to do this. She couldn't let it go. Vegeta was part of her life now and she needed a way to get him out. The best way was by having him captured.

She locked up her house and clutching her bags made her way to the car. Viola was standing waiting for her. She was going to be with this woman for a few days and Bulma forced herself to smile. She didn't need to make her an enemy and she hated how she had a bad start with her. She had been at the shooting with the baby in her arms screaming at her to be more human. It hadn't hurt at the time but now she was feeling the guilt of the situation.

Bulma tried to relax her face so that she wasn't frowning as she entered the car.

"All set, though I'll need to buy some gloves and hat."

"We'll get some at H.Q." Viola confirmed. "I need to pick up some as well. This is such sort notice but we have no choice."

"We'll do what we can to catch him." Bulma said. "There's always a chance he's left town."

"We can deal with that when it comes to it." Viola said driving down to the FBI airport.

The FBI building just outside West city had to have its own airport. It was full of only private jets and helicopters for the Agents use. Bulma had hardly used it as it was only for the Force One agents. The investigative side had to use the normal public transport. She knew that for her it was a chance to really get back her job. This could prove her wish to be part of the team. She had been set up and this was a way out of the trap that had been set up. She wanted to trust Viola, Piccolo said she could. She needed someone to trust just as much as she needed to get her job back. At the moment she was feeling like Piccolo was the only one out there that had her back.

Fifteen minutes of a silent drive later Bulma was looking out the window at the private airport. The team were gathered waiting for them. She didn't like being the last to arrive. As an agent there was no such thing as fashionably late.

"Glad you made it!" Yamcha said smiling at them both. He blushed and looked away as they both smiled back at him.

"We need to get a few things from the equipment room." Viola said. "What's the weather in North City just now?"

"Heavy snow." One Agent piped up. "You make sure you have all the thermal wear you want."

"I got you Mikan." Viola replied. "I just hope all you guys have left some warm undies for us girls."

Bulma felt a little envious at her ability to quip back without sounding like a bitch. She kept her envy inside and just smirked at the guys. They were all members from Force Two, the second hitters from the FBI. They were not their strongest fighters but they could handle themselves more than she could. They were also highly trained by Kami and knew how to handle much more powerful weapons than the old ki represent pistol that Bulma had.

She checked her pistol and grabbed some more ammo while in the equipment room. There were thankfully plenty of black gloves that would do the job to keep her hands warm. She had no need to play in the snow of North City. She just needed something that would stop her fingers from freezing.

"You won't need so much ammo." Viola said. "We're only the investigation Team."

"This is just a precaution, I'll feel safer." Bulma answered. "I may need some thermal underwear though…"

Viola laughed and passed over some bullet proof armour. "That's the thermals we'll hopefully not need."

"Yeah, same as the bullets."

"I know." Viola said. "I know this is your first mission back from the incident, but we'll find out who messed up the investigation reports."

'It was Tao…' Bulma thought but kept it inside. They never believed her, it was enough that Viola said this. "I hope so, my career lies on the line for this."

"You're a good agent Briefs, don't let this stumbling block let you stay down."

Bulma nodded and patted Viola on the shoulder. She was feeling better about working with this woman. She could feel a little joy for the first time in such a long time. They walked back to the private plane that was warming up the engines. The roar was quite load and Bulma could hardly hear the instructions from Yamcha. He ended up pointing to the plane and a few men shook their head laughing at the new Special Agent. Bulma let out a little snigger as well. In this moment she could feel her ice heart melting just a little. Even with the most daunting task ahead of her, Bulma felt that she could truly be a part of this team.


The jet with the android hounds was coming close to North City. The team landed outside the city in the plains before the imposing mountains that circle the city. The storm had forced them to land in the fields. The men came out dressed in casual clothes with the robot dogs on leashes. They pulled as they tried to get a scent.

"This is going to be hard work." Android 4 mumbled flipping her hair back.

"I hope not." Android 3 grumbled back.

"We'll do what we must for Gero." Android 7 said strongly. The men were all artificial humans, none of them were strong enough to be considered in the Front line of action but they were allowed to exist if they looked after the hounds. The pets of Gero that were built with the intention of capturing Vegeta.

"We need to walk don't we…" Android 6 sighed.

Android 7 looked down the field and towards the road. "We will acquire a vehicle."

"That's why you're the leader." Android 4 chuckled.

"Shh… I need to radio in to Black, as far as he knows we're in the city!"

The androids all nodded in agreement and the message was sent. They were loyal to Gero but only when it suited them. The 4 walked through the snowy field to the road. The hounds pulling on their leads. The beasts were on a constant track and hunt for Vegeta. They were tools made by Gero for one mission only. The dark bodies and lean bodies like a Doberman but with an undocked tail. Their larger mouths were not like the breed and there was a slight discolouring around the front of their face. The low glow from the eyes gave away their mechanical nature but for anyone that looked at them they only looked like large Doberman like dogs with a bit too much energy to be safe.

The first car that stopped to give the group some assistance did not survive the encounter.


A few hours later and the private plane entered North City air space. The turbulence was bad and the Agents were all strapped into their seats and praying to whatever Gods they believed in.

"Apparently we just missed a huge storm." Mikan said. "We're just getting the tail end of it."

Ugh, it's enough for me." Viola said.

Bulma nodded, she preferred being in the pilot seat but she hadn't flown since she was 16 but she never had an actual license. She didn't have the riches anymore to buy planes on a whim. It also didn't match her goal of being in the FBI.

The plane shuddered again and she clicked her tongue trying not to give into the panic. It was easy to feel like that when you're not the one in control. The window was a pure white from the cloud as it skimmed past.

"Ready for landing!" The pilot called out over the intercom. The whole team were already strapped in and ready way before his call.

"I hope we survive…" Yamcha gasped. He was sitting in front of Bulma and he could hear his whispering slightly panicking voice. "I haven't even dated anyone yet…"

'That is surprising…' Bulma thought. She could at least admit to going on dates, actual anything more than that was another matter. Her cool demeanour made any relationship hard work for her. She could probably count the amount of dates she'd ever had with one hand. Though she knew they all didn't go anywhere because of her own stubbornness of living for anything other than work. She was an Agent first before anything and this mission which could be her last was her one way out. If she died now in this plane she wouldn't regret anything. She would only regret not finishing her mission.

'I want to live the rest of my life with no regrets.' Bulma thought as the plane made a wobbly touch down.

The team cheered and they seemed to sigh in relief. Bulma found it funny in a way that they were scared of crashing but she supposed she had been a little worried as well. She glanced out the window; the ominous mountains were hidden behind a sheet of clouds. She had been to North City a few times but it had been sunny then. Bulma switched on her phone and wondered if she should message her old friend.

"Agent Bulma, Agent Viola, we'll let you take a taxi from here to the hotel." Yamcha said as the plane made its way down the runway. "We're going to be close but not in the same hotel. If you want to communicate you'll need to do it via e-mail. In an emergency you have to radio us for help. We'll be keeping our distance but will be monitoring you all."

"So if I see a blip in the energy readings I shouldn't worry?" Bulma asked. She held up her small device that was attached to her belt. It was made to scan for energy readings and made from alien technology.

"We're not that powerful…" Yamcha blushed. "We're under orders to stay low and off any radar." He scratched his head and looked away. He seemed to want to say more.

Bulma thought it was a little cute for a second and turned away her own face turning pink. She couldn't forget what he'd said on the plane earlier. It made his character a little clearer than what she had originally imagined. She coughed and tried to cool herself, she was talking to her superior; she needed to keep it professional.

"We understand Special Agent." Bulma said. "Viola and I will keep in touch, we're start the investigation as normal."

"Just be sure not to set off our Scanners." Viola called back as they disembarked off the plane. "That goes for you too Mikan, I scanned you at 100 that one time."

"Agent Viola, we'll behave." Mikan scoffed and waved them away.

"Is it me or are you purposely flirting with Agent Mikan?" Bulma whispered to Viola.

She giggled in response and said nothing. Bulma could tell by her grin that she enjoyed working with the guy at least. She wished she could say the same for working with Special Agent Yamcha. It was just pure awkwardness with him.


After checking in at their designated hotel, they quickly made their way to the crime scene. They were lead into a police car and driven down to the docks. There was quite a crowd that had gathered when she arrived at the place she could see why.

At the top of a huge crane for loading boats a body was still dangling. His arms out stretched by ropes in an odd position some sort of blades were hanging from the ropes along with the ripped skin it looked like wings. For a moment Bulma thought it was a grisly beauty and had some art to it but she had to remind herself this was a human being up there.

"Can we take him down now?" An officer asked.

"Have you taken photos of all the scenes as you found it?" Viola answered with another question.

The man turned and spoke to his officer to confirm what they had done. "It seems so, all angles and every small crumb of possible evidence has been bagged and tagged."

"Then let's do the humane thing and take him down, he's already lead a crowd of people here."

"Need to inform everyone what to say to the press too." Bulma added. "What is the FBI's official response to this?"

Viola checked her notes. "We're not to mention HIM, but we just say it's a possible one off kill by a crazed man, we have a suspect in custody."

'What a complete lie.' Bulma thought and held it in. "I got it. I'll accompany the body to the morgue then."

"I can stay here, call me if you have anything." Viola said. "We need to meet up at the police station later."

Bulma nodded her understanding and looked up to watch the crane move the body. Viola made it clear that she was fine with doing the clear up. She avoided looking at the body as it was taken down. The face and everything about it had become quite disfigured and frozen.

"Don't you think it's strange that Vegeta did such a public execution?" She asked Viola.

"Execution?" Viola questioned. "I never thought of it like that, I guess, he was insulted by this man reporting him for the bounty."

"Maybe… I just feel like this was a public execution, like an old style hanging with flair."

"Or maybe he wanted to get someone's attention?" Viola asked.

Bulma stared back at Viola speechless; she knew what she was implying but she couldn't think of a come back. She just silently mouthed, "No." while shaking her head.

Viola didn't quip back and left to go to the noisy crowd of press that had gathered. It made more sense that they should split up, the death had cause too much of an uproar with the locals it needed to be smoothed over. Agent Viola was the best choice since she wasn't a public figure as Bulma had regretfully become. This didn't seem like a normal killing by Vegeta but then this was the first one recorded after over 5 years. The body was moved down slowly and Bulma waited by the hearse for them.

It took another five minutes of the coroner instructing the policemen how to wrap up the body. The 'feathers' were delicate and some of the scraps of skin had ripped as it had been moved. They needed more bags to keep it all in.

"All set to go!" A policeman called.

The wrapped body passed by and Bulma got into the car with the coroner. "I hope you don't mind the company, Agent Briefs." Bulma said flashing her badge.

"I know who you are Agent, I was informed you would be coming." The coroner said. "I'm Chu-hi Lime, I only need you to make notes so you can make your own report for the FBI."

Bulma gave her affirmative and pulled out her notepad. She looked down at the cadaver; it had been wrapped up into a plastic bag.

"Just to start, while we're on the way, has the body been identified?" Bulma asked.

"He was a good man, Detective Tien Crane, been on the force for more than 4 years." The Coroner sighed.

Bulma's pen froze on the pad as she was halfway writing the name. It was too familiar; a faint memory was alerted in the back of her mind and painfully came to the front.

"I know this man…" Bulma said. "He's my best friend's partner…" The coincidence was too much for Bulma and she was reeling with the idea of what she needed to do. The confliction within her to do her job and to let her friend know in the most painless way possible. 'Is there even a way to let this be less painful?'

Bulma's mild curiosity to message her friend had now changed to something she needed to do. "Excuse me I really need to make a call before we go."

"Don't be too long, I want to get this over with."

Bulma's hand was shaking; she needed to phone her friend Launch, what could she say? She wasn't even sure if she was allowed to continue the investigation. She needed to call Piccolo as well. She could feel the dread in the pit of her stomach as she searched her phonebook for a long unused number. It looked like she may have a reunion after all, in the worst possible circumstance. She took deep calming breaths and dialled the number.


Author's Note: Well things are coming to a head. The Androids 4-7 are not mentioned specifically anywhere but that they were past failures in canon so I thought it would be fine to add some numbers to them as they hunt down Vegeta.

Find out next chapter more about Vegeta's side. Sorry, there was no room for his sexy ass as Bulma really needed to go on her journey and have time with her team-mates. Also we should note for those that read into things too much on the romantic side… Yamcha and Bulma aren't going to get any development on that side. I'm just keeping it awkward attraction on either side.


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