The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I don't own Dragonball Z nor Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Chapter 8

A Sliver of Hope

The FBI headquarters was in chaos as news spread about Prince Vegeta. Bulma arrived back to the halls and looked at the scene in bemusement. Usually it was so controlled and everyone looked calm, but people were in a rush, panic on their faces.


"Launch!" Bulma cried greeting her friend.

"Thank goodness you're back!" Launch gasped.

"I wouldn't go that far," Bulma said. "I still have things to do."

"You're still on the Jones' case?" Launch asked.

Bulma shook her head. "Taken off that for obvious reasons."

"We think the Mayor has gone crazy," Launch explained, "But no-one has the authority to oppose him. He's got everyone in a mess."

"He's agreed to Vegeta's deal then."

"FBI is being brought in as back-up security." Launch said. "I guess as cadets we're not going to get involved but whatever little errands need done the cadets are being left with it."

"How's everyone coping?" Bulma asked.

"Well, Yellow-belly is missing. He apparently proclaimed to the boys that he would do something but when all the girls turned up he ran and hid again."

"Has he locked himself in his room?"

"Maybe who knows, we're all too busy to go get him." Launch sighed. "Other than that, the rest of the cadets are fine."

"I am still on the Jones case, but I won't see Vegeta again."

"I'm glad for a moment there I thought you might be falling for him," Launch said.

"Why would I fall for that monster?"

"I dunno just a thought that was all," Launch laughed. "Hey don't take it so serious, geez everyone is uptight just now."

"They don't think Elizabeth has long, maybe two or three days," Bulma said grimly. "Whatever Jones does to them in the few weeks that they're captive we still haven't found out."

"I can't figure it out either, no clues," Launch said. "I have no idea how this alien murderer thinks."

"Yeah, because he's an alien," Bulma bit her lip, something was wrong. "Y'know that's right Jones IS an alien. We shouldn't treat this like a simple murder case. We should be thinking outside the box. To look at this from the alien perspective."


"I've just got a vague idea that some clue might be hidden that's all." Bulma said. "Something Vegeta said to me, to think like an alien."

"You sure there's no feelings for that Saiyan?" Launch asked worriedly.

"Positive, I know he would rip my flesh off if he had a chance." Bulma said thinking of the nurse, she refrained from telling her friend she was already too stressed. "Listen I'm going to go down to the labs and check out something, you wanting to come?"

"Is this for the Jones case?" Launch said.

"It is actually. I just feel like I think we may have missed something."

"You're going into Scientist mode!" Launch cried. "I haven't seen you like this "

"It's been a while," Bulma agreed. "I haven't felt this curious about something since before my parents died."

"So this is the true genius scientist showing." Launch smiled. "I wondered when the Briefs genes would start to kick in."

"I'm not like my father." Bulma said darkly.

"Okay, talk about issues," Launch sighed.

"I do not have issues," Bulma hissed. She walked on to the labs, she hadn't done anything scientific for a long time but her mind was buzzing with an idea. Something she needed to find out. It was in a way because of something Vegeta had said and her mind tried to block out the rest of her thoughts about him. Whatever deal he had struck with the Mayor, it didn't matter. What mattered to her was to get some information on Jones and save Elizabeth. Vegeta was not the important factor in the case, he had knowledge about the alien but he had said that the facts were already there. There was something the other scientists had missed that was obvious to the Prince.


The Prince of all Saiyans looked down at Warden Oolong. He was annoyed but there was nothing to be done now. The pig had managed somehow to worm himself into the Mayor's good graces.

"Don't think you're going to be held in a luxury hotel in your little bait trap you're setting." Oolong sneered. "I have your cage set up so you won't feel homesick."

"How nice..." Vegeta said quietly but he decided to remain silent. Being quiet while the pig taunted him was probably more annoying for Oolong. He could smell the frustration, the venom. It was the sweetest smell that Warden could ever hope to have.

"Your pretty girl Bulma Briefs won't be coming to see you anymore."

Vegeta kept his gaze still not batting an eyelid.

"I bet you have so many vision of tasting her sweet flesh but that's all over. I've recommended that no woman shall ever step 10 meters near you. All your nurses and attendants are going to be male. You'll have to start fantasising about men instead."

There was still no reaction.

Oolong irritated by the silence tapped his pen on the clipboard. This got Vegeta's attention and Oolong smiled while clicking the biro.

"It's going to be a long flight, I hope you have packed everything... oh wait all you have to bring is yourself."

Vegeta lunged at Oolong, he was still strapped into the trolley but he swung at the pig knocking the clipboard and pen out of his hand. Oolong squealed and Mr Popo and some other strong looking attendants ran to his aid. Vegeta lay on the floor satisfied and a smirk on his face. The guards pinned him down and made sure he couldn't move again. Even with a mask and straightjacket Vegeta was considered dangerous. Oolong picked up his clipboard and kicked Vegeta in the stomach.

"Damn monkey!"

There was no sound from Vegeta, he didn't even grunt as the hard kick hit his stomach.

"Get the simian prepped for departure, we leave immediately." Warden Oolong said straightening his suit. "I don't want any muck ups."

"Sir, will I be going?" Mr Popo asked.

"No, we need you here Popo."

"But I could advise the new guards and attendants for Prince Vegeta."

"I know the routines, Mr Popo you won't be needed."

The guard nodded the words stung. Mr Popo had looked after Prince Vegeta since he came and everytime he was on duty not one incident had occurred. He felt uneasy as Oolong walked away. The sideways smile on the Alien Prince was enough to shake anybody. He pulled Vegeta up and dusted off the dirt from his outfit.

"I understand sir." Mr Popo said sadly. "Looks like you're on your own now your Highness."

Vegeta stayed quiet, not answering the man and only bowed his head slightly. The guard only stood watching his calm stoic expression, the Prince was an expert at hiding his feelings. The snake like smile he had seen for a brief instant had shaken him. He felt like this was a horrible mistake and the people that were going to suffer was everyone on this planet.

'There has to be something I can do...' Mr. Popo thought desperately as he wheeled the dangerous Saiyan to the transport that waited outside.


Deep in the laboratories of the FBI building Bulma Briefs finished with one of her many blood samples. All the blood of the previous victims had not been fully analysed in the autopsy, it was a discrepancy that Bulma couldn't overlook. The blood samples were old but Bulma knew if there was any trace of alien substances she could find them.

'After all I'm a genius,' she reminded herself. Her self praise had quietened down over the years and now had become a quiet inner voice. Her confidence was something she had thought to be unshakable.

She stretched as she put the last one for a certain poison into the machine for testing and stood up to get some coffee. She was living off caffeine and sugar, she was still fighting her inner urge for nicotine. They went so well with sugar and caffeine.

Just as she poured a cup her friend Launch burst in, she looked anxious. "Bulma!"

"What, I'm not finished, I told you leave me till it's time for dinner at least."

"No, this is important it's all over the papers!" The girl pushed what Bulma instantly recognised as the West City Gossiper, the rag newspaper that spread lots of lies about Prince Vegeta. She stared in disbelief at the front page.

A photograph of herself in highschool smiling innocently was next to one of the better pictures of Vegeta. (One where he looked like a human and not a murdering alien monster). The headline read: "The Princess of Saiyans"

"You've got to be fucking joking!" Bulma swore. She read further:

It has come to light that Ex-Capsule Corporation heiress Miss Bulma Briefs has become infatuated with her parents killer. Now acting as a temporary agent for the FBI, Bulma has sought out to interview the nightmarish monster Prince. We at the Gossiper believe her motives were originally revenge for the destruction of her parents estate which lead to the bankruptcy and her loss of fortune. The current owner of the rights to Capsule Corporation did not comment about this lewd action by Miss Briefs. The twenty year old is almost completed her training at the FBI and according to our sources she requested that her final training mission would be with Prince Vegeta. The Saiyan alien that came to earth and devoured nine people and destroyed hundreds and thousands of property. The Gossiper feels that Miss Briefs has lost her mind and would be unfit to graduate as an agent. She has fallen in love with the monster. It is well know that he holds a certain allure to the ladies while some find him the ugliest thing on the planet. Could Bulma be looking for some comfort in the cold alien's strong arms? Has she become mentally unstable due to the loss of her family at such a tender age? The Gossiper aims to find out. More on Page 4.

Bulma breathed through her teeth making a loud hissing noise. The reporter that had followed her yesterday had went ahead with his story even though he had nothing.

"It's not true is it Bulma?"

"Which part?" Bulma demanded. "It's all bullshit other than the part about my name and I'm the ex-Capsule Corporation heiress! Honestly, where's their proof that I asked to go to Vegeta? I was given this damn assignment by Piccolo!"

"Shouldn't you tell them that?"

Bulma laughed, "Sorry, no. This rag doesn't work this way. It was like this when my parents died and they tried to make me out as a poor innocent girl, I yelled in a reporter's face once and they changed the story to I was a bitch that deserved everything I got."

"Really?" Launch said quietly. "Sorry I didn't know I don't read this newspaper. It was yellow belly who gave this to me. He actually came out of his room screaming and well, he dropped it actually when he saw me."

"Nice reworking of the word 'give' you should be a reporter." Bulma scoffed. "Look, I know the truth and Director Piccolo knows the truth that's enough for me."

"Don't you feel angry at them?" Launch asked. "I want to rip the little bastard that wrote this and shove it down his throat."

Bulma smiled at the angry side of Launch, it usually appeared when she got worked up. "Yes, the thoughts do enter my mind but I'm not going to give into my anger. If I did I would be nothing more than a monster like Vegeta."

Bulma tried to force away the inner Vegeta voice that had appeared recently. 'We are so alike cadet, you should give into your anger.' She downed her coffee hoping to drown the voice inside.

"Are you really okay?" Launch said. "You look like you've got one hell of an indigestion problem."

"It's nothing, maybe I am a little mad but there's nothing we can do." Bulma said. "I'll continue with my work, come back later when it's near dinner time. I could do with eating something that's not sugar."

"Sure," Launch said kindly. "Good luck and hope you find what you're looking for."

Bulma waved and took one last look at the paper. It was a nice picture of her, sure with an added Princess crown but she did look good in anything. 'I just hope Vegeta doesn't see this.'

'Why do you think he'll get turned on?' The Vegeta voice asked.

Bulma cursed to herself and tried to focus on the work at hand. There were still many substances she needed to try and find. 'Maybe an overall element scan of the blood will tell me if there's anything unusual?' She nodded her head and prepared her next experiment. In a way trying to ignore the inner voice that was growing stronger and louder.


Director Piccolo was facing a large headache. He was not the one in complete command of the FBI. There were people of higher authority than him and he was facing such a person just now. To many people in the FBI he was considered God, but to Piccolo he was just father.

"Yes Kami, what do you want?" Piccolo asked trying to hide his disgust. "I took Cadet Briefs off the case. We're now busy because you authorised the back up of the Mayor's police."

"You didn't take her off soon enough!" Kami snapped. He threw the paper down on Piccolo's desk.

"So, it looks like there's a leak somewhere. I'll put bets on the insane Asylum."

"Possibly, but this kind of publicity could be avoided if you had sent someone else." Kami hissed. "Bulma Briefs is a too high profile to send to Prince Vegeta. The damn press love everything about him, they're eating this story up about him getting visits from the ex-capsule corporation Heiress. What possessed you to send this girl anyway, you knew who her father was!"

"Maybe I wanted her to prove she's more than her father's offspring." Piccolo snapped back. "Some people don't like always living under their father's shadow. Besides Bulma was the best cadet in her class, she was the most qualified for speaking to the Prince."

"Really and what information did she glean exactly?"

Piccolo pulled out a file containing Bulma's reports. "It's all here, nothing specific about Scalpel Jones other than he knew of him. She should be finishing her final report soon."

"That's good, then this little escapade hasn't been a complete waste of Elizabeth's time." Kami said coldly. "Vegeta is going to tell the Mayor what he knows and we have full authority to act on that information."

"Vegeta has been known to lie, what makes you think the Mayor can convince him to tell the truth."

"We're going to give him a legitimate offer not dangle a bait of a pretty girl." Kami said. "Don't think I didn't notice that Bulma is also the best looking out of her group. That had to count for why you choose her."

"In a way, yes I admit it." Piccolo sighed. "She's a pretty face but she's got brains and honesty. Prince Vegeta reacted to her like no-one else if this makes her a monster's bride then that's what we've created."

"Just understand a woman doesn't like to be used that way," Kami tried to explain. "Sure, she'll use herself that way but being tricked into being a pretty lure really aggravates a woman's need for vengeance."

"You're speaking from experience then."

Kami didn't reply and walked back to the door. "You're on standby till Vegeta gives us a name. I have a team of men backing up the police with Vegeta's new short term prison."

"I'd like to ledge my complaint on how I think this is a damn stupid idea."

"Noted and ignored, Director Piccolo. I'm in charge and I want Vegeta to tell us everything he knows. Keep the peace at headquarters when I passed there all the cadets seemed to be running about like headless chickens."

"Sir, all our field agents are on Vegeta duty."

"It won't be necessary. I've picked my own team to assist the mayor. You do as you're order and standby for your next mission. We're going to save Elizabeth Walker, she will survive this ordeal."

"I see Sir, we'll stand down and await orders then." Piccolo saluted and turned his back. "Whatever father wants father gets."

"That's it exactly boy," Kami said closing the door.

Piccolo restrained himself from making a childish face. He merely grimaced and wished the old man would either drop down dead or retire. He personally hoped for the drop down dead option. He picked up the phone and made a quick phone call to his second in command. Vegeta would be a second priority now. Scalpel Jones was a bigger threat.


Somewhere in very dark place, Elizabeth awoke to the sound that she had become to find comforting. The rumbling snore of the monster sounded like a jack hammer drilling but it was the sound of blissful peace. She knew this was the time she could try something to escape. That thing did not want her to escape alive. She tied the rope that held her slop bucket tightly around her hand. The small hole she knew was somewhere above her. Elizabeth knew now which way was up, gravity was a good way to help her. As she tossed the bucket upwards it hurtled back down twice as fast and always seemed to land on her hurting her. It wasn't much but the pain made her feel alive, instead of the numb void she was becoming used to.

Everyday as she ate more of that filth he fed her she felt more sluggish, more tired. It drained her of energy. Soon she knew she wouldn't have the will or ability to pull herself out.

'Betty Walker is not a giver-up!' She reminded herself. It was her little motto that helped her keep going. It was dumb and 'giver-up' wasn't a word but it made sense. She didn't want to quit on life, she wanted to live. She wanted to kick this son of a bitch's ass so badly it hurt. She swung up again and Betty felt a reassuring thud as it latched onto something.

She felt like laughing, her dumb plan worked! 'No, it's not dumb Betty, it's a wonderful plan. Now stop feeling smug and pull yourself up.' Her inner monologue reminded her and she obeyed. The girl yanked hard and dragged her body up. She had done rock climbing once when she was in the girl scouts. This was similar only there was no cute guy giving encouragement.

Elizabeth clawed her way up and felt in the dirty blackness. The top of the tunnel was sticky, she couldn't move very far. She lay on the ground breathing softly, she had made it! She was on top of the tunnel that the asshole had thrown her down.

'I'm gonna kick his ass!' She reminded herself. She sat up on her knees and crawled forward.

It was then she noticed, while she had been busy climbing the sounds had stopped. It was silent, the monster was now awake.

"Crap..." Elizabeth whispered to herself.

"Interesting choice of words little meat," Hissed the dreaded voice. "You're too early to come out yet, you haven't eaten enough. Ah well, if you really want you can stay up here with me."

Elizabeth pulled on the bucket line to use the bucket as a weapon. She wasn't going to let him take her. She was not a piece of meat! Elizabeth pulled hard again on the line it was stuck! She didn't have time to find out on what as she felt something wrap around her throat and lift her up. Soon she felt a cold sticky substance cover her and she was hanging in the air, suspended by what felt like rope.

"Let me down!" She screamed.

"No, it wanted to stay up here and here it'll stay."

Elizabeth felt her spirit break and the tears fell. The thing imitated her sobbing, mocking her.

'I want to die...' Elizabeth thought and her usual peppy inner voice grew silent and didn't give any encouragement. There was no hope left as far as this girl was concerned. In her last efforts for freedom it had killed the one thing she had left. Her hope that she was going to survive this.


Author's Notes: Um... sorry lots of inner voices in this chapter. This is what happens when you end up alone a lot. (You start speaking to yourself). Poor Elizabeth for a victim character I'm starting to feel a little sorry for her. (Just a little)


So next chapter will Bulma find what she's looking for? Will Vegeta tell all to the Mayor?

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