The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. I do not make money from this story.

Chapter 17

Preparation Time

Another morning had come to the FBI headquarters and Bulma Briefs made her way into the familiar building. She flashed her card at the Guard on duty who made a polite bow to her and she walked onto the elevator without even giving him a glance. This was her territory. She knew these floors like the back of her hand. She nodded to a few of her fellow agents and stood in the elevator. She wasn’t overly excited about her current mission but she knew she had to keep her temper. She didn’t have time to throw a tantrum over being placed in such a low position after so long in service and so many arrests under her belt.

She kept her case file close to her chest, it was her own work and not something she wanted to show, not yet anyway. She was to give a presentation about the Suspect in the prepping meeting. It wasn’t much that she was on duty as a character evaluation for the suspect. She knew Special Agent Tao didn’t like her and always made an effort to give her the worst feedback report.

She saw him entering the meeting room and he just gave her a sideways glance and continued into the room. He didn’t seem to want to even greet her. She followed in after him and was met by the others on the team. They seemed friendlier to her and she was quickly making introductions to everyone. She sat down at the front of the meeting desk near the computer. She quickly uploaded her files and prepared her slides while Tao had a loud conversation to his subordinate.

“We’re sure there are only one female on this team it’s probably for the best for you.” He said to the tall man with dark hair.

“Sir, I’ll be fine I was in the same graduation team as Agent Briefs.”

Bulma glanced up to see it was a familiar face, Yellow Belly was his nickname but she blanked at his real name.  He caught her looking at him and he tried to smile at her but his eyes suddenly turned away and he looked down at the ground. At least it was an improvement from when she knew him as a Cadet. He would always have to leave the room when a girl was present or he would choose the furthest seat from any girl. She could tell this was what Tao was talking to him about, she just wished she remembered his name.

A faint part of her wondered if anyone else had the same trouble, her own nickname was so enforced in people’s memories that sometimes people forgot her own name. She was the Ice Princess to new person she met or rather her old nickname the Princess of Saiyans. She was grateful that the previous name had died down and the Ice one was more popular.

“Well now Agent Briefs has graced us with her presence we can begin.” Special Agent Tao said.

Bulma glanced at the clock she was two minutes early, it was just after nine twenty-five and she was sure the meeting was arranged for half past. She bit her tongue and just smiled while placing her paperwork on the table in front of her.

“Quick round of name call for this team, I am as you know Special Agent Tao, in charge of illegal alien substance division. This is Agent Yamcha Mein, he’s my second in command. We all know Agent Briefs; she is assigned to give us character background on our target. She’s more use to homicide but seems they have been a little sparse of late.”

There was a nervous giggle in the group. They weren’t sure if that was a compliment or an insult. Bulma knew which and just kept her fake smile.

“For tech we have Agent Cello, also Agent Viola. We’re sure for them to be able to help with all surveillance.”  Tao continued. “Agent Jaffa will lead any arrest and Agent Hobs is here for medical. There’s a special reason as to this which is because of Biscotti.”

He gave Bulma a raised eyebrow and pointed at her paperwork. “If you please Agent Briefs, let us hear everything about this alien female.”

“She’s been associated with a number of homicide cases of late but she’s only been an accessory to the crime and let off with warnings.” Bulma switched on the computer screen and booted up her power point. If she had known she was going to be given no preparation time she would have come sooner. The picture of Biscotti was up and the others were greeted with a red faced woman with white hair.

“Her species is humanoid and has blended well into the populace but there’s been some concerns of late because of her blood. She’s got a dangerous spawning ability and it can lead to some dangerous lung infections if breathed in. She’s able to release some sort of spore that on her home planet would be like a mating call but for us it’s been something we’ve needed to put an injunction on her for. She’s legally not allowed to do this act but she is still capable of doing so even with a special collar placed on her. In a close range she could be a biohazard to the public and agents. She’s not to be taken lightly. Each time she’s been arrested she’s been with child and been highly protective of her offspring. She will use any means necessary to try to escape and will not see anything wrong with using her hidden ability as a weapon. Biscotti has got a bad habit of keeping bad company and they’re usually murderers and thieves on our top ten list.”

“What like the Prince?” An agent whispered.

Bulma continued as she tried to ignore the snide remark. “If a push comes I’d like to be the negotiator with Biscotti, she knows me and is less likely to attack. If anything she’ll think she can make a deal out of the situation. As far as I can tell she’s got no idea of how much trouble is too much. She’s one of the refugees that we have no place to send. If anything a peaceful takedown will be the best we can hope for.”

“Thank you Agent Briefs. I will let you know closer to the time if you’ll be the negotiator but first let us try to work with what we have.” Special Agent Tao said.

Bulma nodded and sat down. She pulled out her hand out sheets of the summary of her report. There was more she wanted to say but she was unsure herself of what the real task was. She passed out her notes and Tao continued with the facts of the matter.

“Biscotti is up to her eyeballs in trouble.” Special Agent Tao said. “Her new lover is a drug trafficker and is getting Biscotti to do the dirty work and being his main dealer; but we want to know how deep it goes. This suspect has got let off before because she claimed innocence to any knowledge of wrong doing, we want to get the facts on her before making the bust. She has to go down for this one, this is her last chance. We need to go into surveillance and get the evidence before we bring them and this drug ring down. The evidence we have just now are all circumstantial and rumours, we have nothing concrete that will stand in court. Biscotti could escape again if we come down on her now.”

“We will all assemble today at 1500 hours in West City Docks.” Yamcha said bringing up the map of the area. “We will go in separate teams to the meeting area and set up our surveillance there.”

Bulma looked on the board to see the team placement, it all seemed to be set up fine. She just wondered if it was going to go as well as she liked. If she managed to get this job done she might even get Tao on her side for once. She couldn’t let her temper show. This could be her chance for her promotion.


Far off from West City in the Southern islands a large island was covered in security and didn’t even let a fishing boat near the shore. This was the land that belonged to Dr Gero. It was his haven and no-one could come without his permission.

Dr Gero’s Estate was vast and covered hundreds of acres. His own personal house was at the front and gave easy access for his many doctors and nurses that came in to help keep him alive. His surviving business that he had made from the remains of the Red Ribbon Army was now a giant industry that leads the technological world. It had totally out shone the failing Capsule Corp which had gone bankrupt a long time ago. There was a gap in the market and he had taken in the shares and the sold technology. It was worth it as all the profits fell into his medical care and his plans for revenge.

At the back of the huge estate was the research for his plotting revenge. The previous time his army had fought Vegeta it was a complete joke. His Androids had been destroyed in mere seconds by Vegeta and his men. It had taken his best Android to destroy the weakest one but it had not been enough. The Prince had selected such suitable revenge for the death of one of his men. Gero had been ripped of his spine. His skin peeled off in the slowest way possible. All the while Vegeta just kept him alive for days as if he had all the time in the world. He had been humiliated constantly jibed for being such a snivelling weak man. The memories of that time haunted him and he knew he had to recreate his androids. He had to recreate his own body but not yet. He needed to know that Vegeta could be defeated. It was the only way he could be satisfied in a new body. He wanted to be able to make the final blow, to make Vegeta suffer as long as he has. It would be more than days though; it would be day by day, year by year of every single gasping hour Gero had lived past his intended death. He would keep Vegeta alive and suffering for a complete tit-for-tat for the same amount of time and more.

The most difficult part was capturing the Saiyan but before that Gero made his plans and his machines of intended revenge. They would be perfect, they would be monsters. Just as cruel and inhuman as the Saiyan. The Androids that he would create next would be brainless machines with only one thing on their mind. To capture and incapacitate the Prince so his new tortured life could begin.

The field was covered by trees and fenced off. In the centre was a dummy with strangely familiar hair. Gero was pushed up to his observation deck next to the field and watched as two boxes were wheeled in. As he found it hard to speak with such a scarred face he made a weak hand signal to let the men continue. Nurse Marron fussed around him to make sure he was in a stable condition. He was a walking open wound and being outside was dangerous for him. She secured the tent that covered him and protected him from the sun and falling debris that could fall onto his exposed flesh.

He hissed at her as she prodded him too much and she backed away with a yelp. This was the moment he had been waiting for. He gave a glance to the guard who motioned to the scientist. The man stepped forward.

“We have done everything you stipulated Sir.” Dr Frappe said. “I didn’t think it was possible, but your calculations were impeccable and seems to have done as you said it would.”

“Of course.” Gero coughed. “Just let me watch my creations that you made with your hands.”

“These two are made to be the ultimate killers.” Dr Frappe fiddled with the tall boxes to open them up. “All memories and feelings have been erased and they only care about making people scream.”

“Good.” Gero said, if he had lips he would be smiling. “I really want them to torture our target, the screams will be a melody of my own pent up rage.”

“They can do that fine…” Dr Frappe said moving quickly out of the enclosure. “I have some pigs for our practise.”

“I can’t scream like I used to.” He said with his husky voice. “I want to hear others scream for me.”

Dr Frappe had nothing to add to that, he was used to the sort of dialogue with his employer so he moved on to demonstrate his new creations. He made a motion to his assistants who were standing next to some grey boxes. They nodded their understanding and began to open the boxes, gas released into the air as the pressure was released. Two forms stepped forward out of the gas. They looked like ordinary teenagers. Their eyes were different though. They had a cool icy glare and seemed completely expressionless.

Gero coughed a laugh. He was pleased with the results and now he just needed to see them in action. He motioned to Frappe and he commenced with the tests. The wild pigs were released and ran around in the pen unsure what to do with their sudden freedom. The two figures watched silently until they heard the start of the classical music. They started to blur as they quickly went after each pig, pinning it down and slowly ripping its limbs off in time with the music.

The screams that called out where like music to Gero’s ears and he started to hum along to the tune that was in his head. It looked like his creations were a complete success, now all he needed to do was find the prey. Though with that it seemed he would need some bait. Though they did not seem to be completely perfect. They needed to prolong the kills more. He would need to see more print outs, they needed to be machines. They needed no emotions at all apart from inheriting his thirst for revenge. It would take more time but he could wait.


Deep in the Northern Mountains a large animal roared out in defeat as a punch from a small human landed on his jaw and dislocated his head from his spine. The giant beast let out another large roar but it was in anguish as it died. The man stood over it panting but with a accomplished smile on his face.

Vegeta sighed as he breathed in the fresh mountain air. It was something that was good about the North city. It was so close to the mountains and just as remote that it was rare that there were any visitors or new people. Vegeta in his own way enjoyed the physical work of the docks, though he had to use forklifts when he knew he could lift them easily by hand at his full power. The thing was he still wasn’t at full power and he didn’t dare push himself to set off any alarms. He knew that the FBI had him as their number one target and they would be on the look out for any large energy signals. They could have scanner technology by now, he couldn’t chance setting it off. He had to keep it suppressed and only released during his walks to the mountains. The one good thing about the planet was that there were lots of strange creatures for him to take out any of his frustrations. The large beasts were never really a challenge but at him suppressed power level he felt a thrill from fighting them.

He gave a low kick to the defeated bear that seemed to have thought he could take him on. These creatures never did learn, then again he never left any survivors to learn from their mistake at taking on the Prince. This left him to hazily think of his only survivor that he had left, the human woman Bulma. It was still a mystery to him why he hadn’t killed her yet. He had his chances, quite a few to be honest. She let her guard down too easily. Almost all of the people he had interacted with since his incarceration were now dead except her and that strange large man Popo. There was one other which he sort of wished he had killed but it just seemed to add to the fun. For one it would have been a waste, she had been one of the few to have called him by his correct title. She also reminded him of what he could never return to being. She was a dog for that military organisation, just as he was for Freeza. Though with the death of “Jones” as he had been called had sealed his own fate with Freeza. He was now an abandoned solider to the Freezer Army. That creature Jones was a minor creature for a minor threat. He wasn’t worth it in Freeza’s eyes and he never would be. That would be the monsters undoing and Vegeta would see to that. His goals were too far off now. He looked down at his pathetically weakened fist. He couldn’t even create a blast to destroy the bear that had tried to attack him. The body would just have to be left to be consumed. He pulled out a hunting knife and set to work. This was what he lived for, just a body at a time. All creatures that opposed him would be cut down, he just knew it would be a long fight ahead.

Little did Vegeta know that those very survivors he gave a passing thought to as he cut his prey; would soon come for him and make his current mundane life very interesting.


Author’s Note: Yes, Yellow Belly which was a character mentioned all those chapters ago vaguely by Launch and Bulma was actually Yamcha. I did have plans to have him have more parts earlier but I wrote it out as it didn’t fit with the mood. If anyone’s curious I can post a short summary next chapter but it’s not really important to the main story; which is slowly getting there though it’s still frustratingly set in three parts.

More on Bulma’s part next chapter.

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