The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I don't own Dragonball Z nor Silence of the Lambs.

Chapter 7

See You Soon



In South City Mental Institute for the Criminally insane, a deal was being made. It was not on the books, this wasn't how he wanted to go. Mayor Walker hoped to negotiate with the mass murderer Prince Vegeta but the caged alien only chuckled behind the mask that hid his expression.

"Damn it don't you care about anything?" Mayor Walker screamed.

"Oh I care, but only about myself." Vegeta said. "I know Jones's real goal and your daughter is just a tiny part of that. An insignificant spec to such a being with higher goals. I know because I am such a being myself."

"Listen you..." The Mayor hissed.

"Temper, temper Mayor Walker." Vegeta scolded. "Let me ask you something, is your daughter a virgin?"


"Has she fucked anyone Mayor Walker, you're her father, you should know."

"How dare you!"

"Has her little prom date with Billy, the boy across the street got her into sticky fumbling making her moan out as she experiences such pain and ecstasy for her first time."

"I don't have to listen to this." The Mayor said shielding his wife and walking away.

"Hold on Mayor, isn't it Jones you want?"

"Yes, and I can see you're not going to talk."

"Oh I can talk but I can offer much more than that."

"What could you possibly offer."

"Myself." Vegeta said simply. "Jones wants me, I know he wants to kill me."

"We're not going to release you to fight the monster." Mayor Walker snapped.

"I'm not suggesting that." Vegeta gave another hidden grin from behind his mask.

"Then what are you suggesting?"

"Use me as bait," Vegeta said. "He can't reach me here, I'm too buried. Set me up in a place of your choice with hidden security and let him come to me. Your daughter will be back and safe before you know it."

"That's sounds dangerous." Mayor Walker gulped. "What if he were to kill you and escape."

"I doubt he can," Vegeta sneered. "Let him try. That is my offer, take it or leave it."

"I'll talk to my people," The Mayor said bowing. "I'd like to say it was a pleasure speaking to you Vegeta but it hasn't. I will telephone you tonight about any arrangements I can make. If possible I want to start soon. My daughter doesn't have much time."

"No, no she doesn't," Vegeta agreed.

The Mayor stared at the monster in the cage and lead his wife out of the dungeon. She was white and silent, dumbstruck by the presence of the Prince.

"C'mon Clara, I'm sorry I brought you along,"

The woman shook her head and grabbed her husband's arm. "No, I'm sorry I couldn't help or say anything," Carla whispered. "Just promise me you'll do what you can to get my baby back."

"I promise," Mayor walker whispered back. "Just lets discuss this outside, we don't want him to know how desperate we are."

The security doors slammed shut and Vegeta who had heard every word simply leaned back and sighed contentedly.



Bulma knew this would be her last visit here. After this, it was no longer in her jurisdiction. She had been taken off the Jones case and reduced to footwork meant for police officers. It was nothing but humiliating. She couldn't hide the fact that she was suffering mixed emotions from this. One part of her was thrilled at finally being free of talking to the murderer, another would miss him he had become part of her routine. Their conversations were always more interesting than anything else she had. He was so intelligent, she had never met an intelligent man that had been interesting to her.

The Saiyan Prince was a mystery that she wanted to crack, he had hidden secrets about his defeat. How was he captured, what was his connection with Jones? She felt that she would never find out. As she entered the large gates she could hear a scrabbling from the main office. Warden Oolong burst out of his office, furious and looking directly at her.

"Can I help you Warden?" She asked as politely as she could.

"What the hell are you doing back here?" Oolong screamed. "I'm not just some turn key for you to use when you like Miss Briefs. I'd like more information about your visits to the alien scum!"

"I thought you found out your own ways," Bulma said under her voice looking at a camera.

"What, speak up woman!"

"I said you'll have to find out from my headquarters, I am not at liberty to say." Bulma said courteously. "My Director will be able to relay any facts we've found out about the Prince."

"I can't take these visits anymore Miss Briefs," Oolong spat. "I've waited patiently so far but now I'm going to make some changes!"

"Whatever you think is best." Bulma said bowing and walking towards the dungeon. She didn't understand why Oolong was always upset, she was after all only following orders.

"Wait, I should warn you!" Warden Oolong said waving something from his pocket. "He's been under special punishment but I've just released him."

"Special punishment?" Bulma asked.

Oolong was smiling as he held his prize photo. "Yesterday we were applying some medicine to our Prince. I thought I should warn you now he's loose from his mask."

"Please, just tell me." Bulma sighed. She didn't like this sense of drama Oolong was trying to build up.

He thrust a photograph into Bulma's hand. "This is the nurse from yesterday, she's having her skin grafted as we speak, she's scared for life. She has a remarkable resemblance to you don't you think? I believe he was acting out his own fantasy of what he wants to do to you."

Bulma's hand shook as she looked at the photograph, the nurse with the blue hair did have a similar features to her. It was slightly hard to see past the blood and the fact she was missing part of her face.

"Makes you think, just when we thought beauty had tamed the beast he did this," Oolong grinned glad to see Bulma's paled face. "Just remember who you're dealing with."

"Is that about you or Prince Vegeta?" Bulma shakily asked.

"Both," Oolong warned and snatched the photograph back into his pocket and walked away. He seemed to keep it like a trophy.

Bulma could feel bile rising in her throat. She was really glad this was her last visit now. She went into auto pilot and walked down the now familiar corridors to the cell of the Prince. She greeted Mr Popo with a quiet voice.

"He's just out of his straitjacket Miss Briefs, he's exercising at the moment." Mr. Popo explained. "He'll be a little irritated at being disturbed."

"I don't have time to wait till he finishes," Bulma said as she stood in front of the large cage doors.

Mr Popo nodded and pressed the button to open the first security door.

The door slid shut and the second door opened. Her heels clicked as she walked down to the last cell. She could hear some heavy breathing, it didn't stop as she got closer. She stood in front of the Prince's cell and stared at the sight. Vegeta was doing push ups but with one finger. He was sweating and making low growling noises as strained to move his body.

"Excuse me ,Prince Vegeta," Bulma said softly.

"You're excused Cadet." Vegeta gruffly replied and stopped with a loud sigh. He cursed under his breath and grabbed a towel. "You've interrupted me at an inconvenient time. I am finally free of those bonds and able to test the limits of my abilities after that serum the swine applied."

"A serum?" Bulma asked, she sat down on the floor, she had come unexpectedly and there was no chair like last time.

"Yes, one that supposedly limits my ki abilities permanently." Vegeta sneered, "I thought you would have been told about that."

"There are many things I'm not told about.  I'm not Warden Oolong's favourite person at the moment." Bulma said. 

"I think I have that title Cadet." Vegeta sat down on the floor opposite Bulma. "Though you are right about not being told a lot, you are so ignorant of many things."

She looked around the cell, ignoring his taunt, unsure what to make of the news. If that was the case then the nurse must have been administering the serum.

"Are you ready to tell us more about Jones yet?" Bulma asked. "Have you looked at the case file?"

"Yes, I believe it's possible to find him from the facts in that file."


"He's not smart, the idiot sent a threat to the police to kill me," Vegeta chuckled. "As if he would rather let the humans do it than himself. That was lazy, he's slipping up."

"You think he's making mistakes?" Bulma asked.

"You did know about the letter and slice of skin sent to the Police?"

"Yeah, I heard about it today but how did you know?"

"I've been having an interesting chat with the Mayor," Vegeta smirked. "He's probably able to do more for me than you are."

"That's very possible, you know this will be my last visit here then."

"Yes little cadet." Vegeta smiled. "Do you feel sad? Will you miss me?"

"No," Bulma said in a dead pan voice.

"I'm also a little curious, did you find my drawing?"

Bulma's face turned bright red and she tried to find the words she wanted to say that didn't include swearing.

"I found it disgusting that you see me that way," Bulma choked.

"Every male that looks at a beautiful woman pictures her naked." Vegeta said still smiling.

"Did you imagine that nurse naked as you bit her face off?" Bulma asked shaking with rage.

"That vile wench was only chosen as my nurse because of her similar looks to you. Her smell was so revolting in comparison, she was needed to be taught not to get so close to the monsters of this world."

"I don't think she ever will again."

"No." Vegeta said simply. "No she won't."

"Would you like to tell me more about Jones Prince Vegeta?" Bulma asked. "We don't have much time."

"No, tell me more about you Bulma." Vegeta said. "What did you feel as you found my drawing of you naked."

"I was frightened, then very angry," Bulma said truthfully. "I wanted to slap your face."

"Is that right?" Vegeta chuckled. "You know if you tried that you would die?"

"Yes, but I always follow my instincts."

"As do I." Vegeta said. "We have a lot in common you and I Cadet Bulma."

"No we don't," Bulma disagreed.

"Oh but we do," Vegeta said. "More than you think."

"I wouldn't think we had anything in common," Bulma said.

"Normally I would think the same as well," Vegeta replied. "But my years in this box has made me more reflective."

"Perhaps you could put that strong perceptive skills to use and tell me more about Jones."

"He is more of an it, the thing doesn't have a gender. It's asexual, not a single person that was taken was a specific gender or race." Vegeta explained. "It has no concept of the differences, the cattle for him are just stock, ingredients in his final transformation."

"Final transformation?"

"Yes, it is weak just now the same as me but as it progresses it shall become almost as powerful as a Saiyan." Vegeta said, "Maybe not as powerful as me in my prime but rather one of my underlings."

"It will be able to shoot large energy blasts that destroy towns?" Bulma asked.

"Without a doubt but it's target will be South City, especially me." Vegeta answered. "It is on a mission to kill me, I've been captured by a weak race; to die this slowly and humiliatingly is punishment. If I was at full power and free I could crush Jones like the bug that he is."

"If you knew it's goal was all along why didn't you say?" Bulma demanded.

"Where's the fun in that?" Vegeta shrugged. "Now tell me more, what about your father. Was he an officer in the law are you following in Daddy's footsteps?"

"No, my father was a Scientist, a genius inventor." Bulma said. "He was the cleverest man in the world. His inventions had helped so many people."

"Why didn't you follow his work?" Vegeta asked. "Or was it because you were too stupid?"

"I'm a goddamn genius as well!" Bulma snapped. "I just... I just don't want to do science or inventing. I-I'd rather hu-hunt criminals of Earth."

"There was a lot of hesitation there." Vegeta analysed. "There's a reason you're not in science, what is it? Did you make a bomb that blew everything up?"

"No nothing like that," Bulma sighed. "I've said enough, tell me about Jones. What kind of alien is he?"

"A spider," Vegeta smiled as he saw Bulma's face. "A really big fucking spider."

"But the victims didn't have any webbing or drained like a spider would."

"The first victim was drained remember." Vegeta said arching his eyebrow.

"Why was that?"

"Who's to say, but it's certainly where it started." Vegeta said. "The little hatchling was so young and inexperienced."

"Why is it needing body parts?"

"I told you for it's evolution into a stronger being."

"That doesn't make any sense!" Bulma moaned.

"It's an alien, why would it follow your logic rules. You've got to think differently, stop viewing this case through the eyes of a human," Vegeta said. "What happened to you after your parents died. Where did you go?"

"I went to live at my Uncle's." Bulma said. "But after two weeks I ran away."

"Why?" Vegeta questioned. "Did he try to rape you? Was he forcing you to perform sexual acts?"

"No nothing like that." Bulma said sadly. "My uncle was a good man. I just had many issues over the death of my parents. I ended up living alone."

"I see so you became a loner." Vegeta smirked. "Interesting."

"I was 15. I was old enough to look after myself." Bulma said.

"I was able to look after myself at 5." Vegeta replied. "We do have a lot in common."

"Why do you keep saying that?" Bulma asked, she was getting annoyed at him.

"Because it's true." Vegeta stated. "You have the same character as me though you hide it well. That's why you understand me."

"I don't understand you at all Vegeta."

"You knew I had drawn a naked picture of you, even back then," Vegeta taunted. "You expected the worst but in denial you tried to prove it wasn't."

"You're not making sense,"

"Think about it Bulma, why did you look at that picture?"

"To see what you had drawn." Bulma said.

"What did you expect."

"A dead body," Bulma lied.

"No, at first what did your instincts tell you?" Vegeta asked looking at her intensely. "I can tell when you're lying so don't do it again."

"I thought... I thought you had drawn a naked picture of me." Bulma admitted.

"So why did you look?"

"To prove that I didn't know what you were thinking," Bulma said through her teeth.

Vegeta chuckled, "You see we are so similar!"

"I don't kill people!" Bulma snapped, "I don't rip a woman's face off because she annoys me. I am nothing like you!"

"So cold." Vegeta sighed. "But you're right you're a good little girl that never does anything wrong."

Bulma nodded, "Right, nothing like you."

"Cadet Bulma Briefs, let me say this to you." Vegeta stood up and came close to the plastic. "You follow orders, you never question them but one day soon you will make a decision and everyone will be against it. It will change everything and the ball that you started rolling down the hill won't stop."

"Becoming a fortune teller?" Bulma laughed.

"Maybe, but only because fate always turns in the same way." Vegeta explained.

"That doesn't make sense." Bulma complained.

"Have you shown my drawing to your boss yet?" Vegeta asked.

Bulma blushed and shook her head. "I-I don't want to."

"Not following an order?" Vegeta sneered. "Afraid he might have erotic thoughts about you."

"It's not that I just, I just know it's not important to this case."

"You're own decision is it?"

"Maybe..." Bulma breathed.

"Run along now little girl." Vegeta said smugly. "Our time is up and you have a killer to catch."

"I won't be back here," Bulma said dryly.

"It's okay, I don't need you as a liaison anymore. I've been talking to the Mayor I think I can negotiate with him." Vegeta said. "You will not be missed."

"I won't miss you either." Bulma declared.

"Ah that blunt honesty..." Vegeta sighed. "Maybe I'll miss that. Goodbye Cadet Bulma Briefs, you know we have unfinished business you and I."

"I don't think we do Prince Vegeta," Bulma said sitting up. She looked him in the eyes, he was still trying to find a reaction to his closeness but she wasn't spooked by his actions anymore. "Goodbye, I hope you get what you want."

"I always do," Vegeta smirked watching her leave. "See you soon little Cadet."

The large security doors slid open with a loud rattle and Bulma left the cell room. She sighed with relief. It was over for her. The case for her was finished. It was only petty footwork that was left. Bulma glanced back and swore she could see his nose up against the glass.

It wasn't really over, he was inside her head now. There was no-one that had affected her in this way before. It wasn't love Bulma knew that. It was nothing sexual, Vegeta just had that magnetic personality that pulled her in. Someone that could challenge her and make her think on her feet. No man had ever come close to that. No other woman for that matter. If he was a real human living in Earth she may have admitted to having a crush.

'It's just not like that though,' Bulma thought as she walked upstairs. 'He's just so mysterious yet I know how he thinks. He understands me, nobody has ever understood me before. I was always considered a loud mouth genius heiress, I'm more than that. He can see who I am and that scares me. To think that if pushed far enough I could become someone like Prince Vegeta. We are alike, just life took us down different paths.'

She woke up from her self reflection by the slamming of Warden Oolong's door. She shook her head and continued out the doors. She was glad to see the last of this hell-hole. Bulma only regretted not getting more information from Vegeta. He knew who the killer was. It was his only card and he held it very close to his chest.

The outside of the Asylum was the same as she came in. Strong men in white uniforms guided straightjacketed criminals who mumbled to themselves and didn't seem to be in the same world. Only this time there was something different. A large van parked near hers didn't fit in. It looked like it would fit better outside a music hall with roadies pulling instruments out of it.

Her heart froze as she saw two men come out of the van and smile at her. She grew slightly suspicious and checked she had her gun in her jacket.

"Miss Bulma Briefs?" called out one of the men.

"Yes, can I help you gentlemen?"

"I do hope so," The man grinned like a piranha.

"Uh-huh?" Bulma unclasped her gun holder. "And who might you be?"

"Oh sorry, I'm Yajarobi of The West City Gossiper."

Bulma tried to hide her repulsion, the newspaper was nothing but a rumour spreading cheap rag.

"What do you want from me?" Bulma asked.

"We just want an exclusive on why the ex-heiress of Capsule Corporation is doing visiting the Prince of Saiyans who destroyed her future fortune." He said rolling it off in one breath. "We got a tip-off and would like to know all the details, is it for revenge, have you fallen in love with him? C'mon Bulma give us the scoop."

"There's nothing to tell," Bulma said trying to hide her anger. "I'm an FBI agent working under orders, I'm afraid I can't tell you anything else."

Bulma unlocked her car, Yajarobi continued talking while the other man who hadn't given his name took photos.

"Is this related to Scalpel Jones?" he interrogated, "Does Prince Vegeta have any clues on the case?"

"No comment." Bulma slammed her door shut and quickly fastened her seatbelt.

"Does the Mayor want to deal with the Prince?"

Bulma started her car, the man stood in front of her still speaking.

"Do you know how long Elizabeth Walker has to live?"

Bulma shifted into reverse and drove backwards over the grass barrier. She speed round turning towards the exit and drove off rapidly. She breathed when she left the building and was finally free of the grounds. The obnoxious reporter was far from her view but still in her mind. It was obvious to her that Oolong had called in the press. He was furious with her and the Prince. This was the petty act she expected from him.

Bulma hoped she would never have to deal with the pig ever again. All that was expected of her now was to wrap up the footwork and go back to the Academy to graduate. Elizabeth Walker's life was out of her hands. It rested in the killer Prince Vegeta and whatever he was bargaining for. Bulma felt powerless again, she felt fifteen lost and abandoned living on her uncle's small laboratory. There was nothing she could do for Elizabeth, she was the helpless teenager.

She tried to hide her thoughts and concentrated on driving to her hotel. Bulma bit her lip and kept trying to ignore it. A trickle of blood rolled down her mouth and in the back of her mind she could hear screaming.



Next chapter, Bulma is doing some sleuthing and Vegeta is getting more abuse from Oolong! Ah that darn piggy.

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