The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. I do not make money from this story.

Chapter 29

The Storm Builds

Bulma returned to her temporary desk her eyes wide as she looked at her partner Viola. She was boxing up all papers from Tien's desk and gave her a nod as she passed. Bulma looked around the room, he had been here. Vegeta had been in her bag somehow. She had only left her bag outside the cubical for maybe a few minutes, did he have his speed back? He had to be long gone by now. He was crazy taking her down in the middle of the Police Station. He had to know she was bait. She had to report it, but not now. The men and women working around her didn't need to know. The normal Police ranks were to be kept unaware of the appearance of the Saiyan Prince.

The whole part of this being a killing by Vegeta was pretty much confirmed by today but it would probably never be revealed to the public. Bulma tried writing down in her notebook, it just seemed so insane even written down.

He's here, he's in the Station. He knows how this place works. Could it be because of he was stalking Tien?… then what about Tien's home life…

Bulma paused with her writing of her memo. She had hit the nail on the head. Vegeta's power was gone, but his hunting skills had not. He was a fully trained warrior, more than anything he had enough survival skills to stay under the radar till now. She picked up her small ki detecting device. It was pretty much useless if her theory was right. She needed the lab technicians to inspect Tien's body for any residual ki and have more examination done to the knife marks. It was weird as if the knives had flown out of his body.

"All done here, Agent Briefs." Viola said as she stepped up to her.

Bulma smiled but she couldn't bring herself to, she passed her notebook to Viola with a small message. 'V is here!'

She saw her face grumble into confusion and panic. She looked back at Bulma to see if she was joking. Bulma just gave a wide desperate look.

"I'm done…" Bulma said quietly. "I think what I saw is long gone."

"We need to get back to our hotel and report in." Viola said sternly. "Are you 100% sure?"

"There is no doubt in my mind, I never saw him but… I have proof." Bulma answered.

"I'll get an agent to come here and keep watch then." Viola said picking up her phone. "We need to try to subtly sweep the area."

"Agreed." Bulma said. She wanted to add how he would be following her rather than staying where he'd shown himself. As Viola made the call Bulma focused out, she was just the bait after all. It was the same as the first time she was put to the Criminal Asylum. She had been a fresh faced recruit to tempt Vegeta in playing cat and mouse with the little naive girl. She was a lot more jaded now but it was happening all over again. She felt like she was out of the loop and not being told the full story. The nagging feeling kept going as Viola stepped away and lowered her voice to talk to the person on the phone.

"It's done." Viola said. "We need to go to our hotel and hold a conference call."

"Right." Bulma said as she followed the tall woman out the door. She gave one glance back behind her half expecting to see a smirking apparition. There was only uniformed police that ignored the agents as they left. It made Bulma realise how easy it would have been for Vegeta to wander around here. If you fitted into the Station they didn't even question you being there.


Vegeta was high above them on the roof looking down as Bulma left with some strange green hair woman who also seemed to be an Agent. The chase was on and his prey had been alerted. It was careless of him to have come in contact with her so soon. She was a temptation he couldn't resist. He didn't have the speed but he was still faster than her because she was daydreaming. He had been lucky she had been particularly ditzy and not even noticed him getting so close. He was amazed she'd even left her bag out for him to take that little talking machine she had been using. She was making mistakes and he would take all the advantage.

It wouldn't be so easy after all. Her partner seemed to be scanning the area with that darn machine they had. It was useless of course as he was now so low levelled that he could hide amongst ordinary people and not stand out. His strength was low but he had more skills that he had found good use for. Human bodies and even animals had so many weak points, if you pushed them in the right direction their own strength could be used against them. It had been how he had killed Tien with his own ki. The knives had been embedded in his body as he was unconscious. He had placed them with great care following the lines of his energy lines. If you focused you could learn to read someone's power level. If you focused even more you could see how the energy flowed through their body. That flow could be manipulated, it could be a way to find the point were these energies merged and you could use that energy against them.

He had been experimenting for the past few years with how far he could push it. No matter how hard he trained, his own energy never rose. He had needed a new way to fight and he had found one that required a different approach than he was used to. He had learned patience, something that needed more strategy rather than just charging forward.

He listened as the pair spoke to a taxi driver. His Saiyan genes had not let him down with his other senses. His hearing, sight and general stamina were still higher than any weak humans. He could easily hear the conversation above the noise of the street. He made a mental note of the hotel name and turned to leave. Even with his care and low power levels, he couldn't chance the fact that they would now be looking for him here. He would not go to her hotel; she was obviously being guarded to lure him out. His chance was gone but this was not the time or the place.

"Later, Agent Briefs." He whispered to the wind. "We'll be meeting up soon."


In the hotel half an hour later, Bulma and Viola sat round a large monitor to make the call. Bulma was trying to wonder why her gut was twisting so much. She had got careless and now she had to explain to her superiors. This was supposed to be her chance to redeem herself and get her position back. She really didn't want to explain everything that had happened.

She set her Dictaphone down on the table, ready to replay it. She couldn't explain her real apprehension.

"I've made all the arrangements. Director Piccolo wants to join as well as Agent Yamcha." Viola explained. "Hopefully the signal is clear enough, we have another snow storm coming."

"Any updates from the Police Station?" Bulma asked even though she knew the answer.

"There was no sign of him. The Saiyan is long gone from there." Viola said as she typed into the panel. "Setting up the connection, do you see us Special Agent Yamcha?"

"Um… yeah, hello Agent Briefs."

Bulma restrained a giggle as she heard Viola sigh and gave her a sideways glance. The man's face was beet red, Viola knew how much of a crush the guy had on her.

Another screen flickered and Piccolo appeared on the other side of the screen. "Good to see you Director Piccolo." Bulma said.

"Let's keep this short, what's happened?" Piccolo asked ignoring all formalities.

"Sir, Vegeta has made contact with me." Bulma said straightening her back. "I did not see him directly but he left me a little message on my recording device."


"I left my bag unattended in the Ladies restroom near the morgue and I believe he took it at that point."

"Is there any way he could have taken it before then?"

"It's all numbered in sequence, the last message was from him. I don't know how he got it back into my bag or when he took it but it must have happened after I'd finished the autopsy report in the morgue and when I got to the office with Viola on the first floor. I was only in the cubicle for a few minutes and I can't remember if I heard anyone come in at the time."

"Does this mean he has his speed back?" Yamcha asked.

"It's still possible… I'll ask all our scientists." Piccolo added.

"As an additional note the autopsy of Detective Tien, his death was possibly caused by a combination of being hung and having his flesh flayed by knives. All the knife cuts were made while he was alive. The labs will need to do a full analysis of any residual ki but it was a death by a higher powered being. I can't confirm it was Vegeta as we've never seen him make a kill like this. I have made the arrangements to have the body moved to our labs."

"So, it's safe to assume he's not at full power?" Yamcha added. "If he was then Tien would have just been burned into dust."

"There were signs of ki burns but that may have been from Tien himself."

"He was a warrior, it's very likely." Piccolo said. "He's a drop out from the FBI. We can't add this to the official report for the police but he was unstable and not a good team player. He was rejected despite his higher fighting abilities. If he had been more controlled he could have become one of the Special forces."

"Did you know that this was Tien when you sent us?" Bulma asked.

"He's changed his name but I suspected it was him. From the photos I've seen of the crime scene today I can confirm that it's him." Piccolo said grimly. "He couldn't have been taken down by a weakened Vegeta unless he was using more underhanded techniques and taken by surprise."

"From the first autopsy report I'll be sending to you Sir, this is not an ordinary fighter's death." Bulma said. "I'll give my preliminary report by the end of the day."

"Very good." Piccolo said. "I need you to understand Bulma that you are only here to investigate and lure Vegeta out. The tracker for high ki levels you're wearing is equipped with an alarm, Agent Yamcha and his team are ready at a moments notice to come to your aid. You are to assure me you will not talk or engage Vegeta alone. Even with Viola's back-up, he is not someone two investigative Agents can take on. You need the Fighters to back you up and even then you're only allowed to give support."

"I understand." Bulma said. She wanted to give some joke back to him that this was the 500th time he'd reminded her of her low standing in the FBI. "I do have one request though…"

"What is it Agent?"

"My friend and ex-FBI Agent Launch is involved in this. Her partner was Tien, I'd like permission to go see her."

"I remember her; she's rather unstable as well." Piccolo said. "If you go to meet her take Viola with you. She'll complete the official interview with her. Launch may have seen something that can help the investigation. Also be sure anytime you're outside you have the tracker device with you. You're our main lure to Vegeta and we want you to act as you normally would on an investigation."

'Like a worm on a hook.' Bulma thought.

"I will follow your orders Sir." She replied with solid resolve. Bulma knew she had only one chance to keep her job. Vegeta's message was suppose to make her doubt herself. 'Did you give up your dream?' He had asked her. As far as Bulma was concerned he was just taunting her. All it did was make her remember why she joined. It was to bring down aliens like him and return peace to the Earth. Her dream was still very much alive.


A group of three large men and a smaller one entered North City followed by four large hounds pulling on the leads. They were all artificial lifeforms, the strange yellow glowing eyes of the travellers had a low glow. The snow storm had returned though and the people in the city were too busy getting shelter to pay them any attention.

"It's too cold Four!" The taller one moaned. "Why didn't we stay in the car?"

"Because it's not ours." Four explained, for him it was the one time too many. "I've told you we need to start our mission and not get caught. Driving into the city crawling with police with a stolen car is illogical Three."

Android Three nodded and still shivered, "I want the heater back."

"I understand." Six said punching Android 3. "Stop being a dummy, Gero will really make you into scrap."

"We all ready are considered scrap." The leader Seven snarled. The shorter male gave his companions a glance. "The hounds can't smell anything in this storm, we need to go to the meeting point at the old HQ and hole up there."

"Yeah, but where exactly is that?" Four asked.

"I have the map." Six said lowering it down to the shorter Android. "We need to move to the west of here."

"I wish we'd had some GPS upgrades so we didn't need to rely on maps or cars." Three sighed.

"You're in need of more than a GPS upgrade." Six snorted.

"The hounds are going crazy, they can't pick up a scent at all." Seven sighed as he pulled at his large artificial beast. "We need to get into shelter and switch them off before they go out of control."

"It's too much of a pain if they do." Three said. "Do they need a reboot?"

"We all do." Seven said. "Let's move, we've wasted enough time. We need to contact Black and give him an update. Our mission is clear we need to track down Vegeta."

Everyone nodded, their main programming was focused on one thing, find and capture Vegeta. The keyword was said and all the robots eyes slightly glowed as they moved towards their hideout. They knew they did not have much time but with the storms they were confident that Vegeta wouldn't be moving either. They had to move as soon as it stopped and then he would be hunted down to be delivered to Gero.


After a long meeting Bulma finally got some peace and retired to her room. All paper work had been done, faxed stamped and sent off. The investigation would continue according to Piccolo and she was free to meet her friend. She had made arrangements with Launch to meet her at her favourite bar. She hadn't warned her that Viola was going to come along too. Bulma had just wanted to meet her off duty and try to find out how she was. It had been so long since she'd seen Launch that it would maybe be a bit awkward. So much time had passed between herself and Launch that she knew things had both changed for them. They weren't the same people they were back when they were roommates together as Trainees. They had such different lives now, she wondered if she could find a connection with her old friend again.

She checked herself in the mirror and a small pang of her vanity surfaced. She wanted to change her clothes, put on more make-up, at least some more accessories. The girl looking back at her in the mirror seemed so plain and different than the teenager she had been before the Saiyans came. It had all started then, not just when Vegeta had escaped and she became blamed for it. Her childhood life was too distant now. She had new goals and she was going to keep to them.

'I've still got my looks though.' She mildly smiled at herself as she noted with pride how she still seemed a beauty. She looked at the watch and made a quick call to Viola. She was as ready as she ever was to meet up with her old friend. She just hoped that she would be in a stable enough state to tell her something about her side of the story.


The Androids gathered in a small abandoned warehouse marked as Gero Inc property. This was their main rendezvous and they were behind schedule. The leader Seven gathered them around a small screen as the hounds were chained up and deactivated to recharge.

"Mr Black, we have arrived." Seven announced on the video call. "We are all ready and willing to make a start tomorrow morning."

"NO!" A rasping voice snarled and a dark shadow loomed behind Mr Black. "Get out there now!"

"There's a storm, the dogs are unable to smell anything." Seven explained.

"We have no care for such excuses…" Gero snarled.

"Get a hound and do a sweep of the murder area." Black explained. "Go in shifts if you have to but get the hounds tracing the scent as soon as you can."

"But it's a blizzard!" Three moaned.

"I don't want to hear anymore excuses… you're all scrap… if you don't…do it." Gero gasped at them. "Find him…"

"You heard your orders. Report back every 3 hours of an update. Vegeta will be getting ready to leave the city unless he's already done so."

"This is the worst timing…" Six mumbled.

"Get to it!" Mr Black ordered.

"SIR." They all shouted and the call was cut off.

The androids stood upright and started moving, they instantly did a quick paper, scissors, stone to choose the first Android to go out. Three made a groan as he lost and took up his hound switching it on.

"I'll be back in an hour looking like a snowman." He sighed.

"Remember Gero wants him alive." Seven told him as the reluctant Android left with an overexcited hound.

The wind continued to howl and batter the dilapidated building. The storm continued to rage as the night came on North City. It was going to be a long night.


Author's Note: More tension building, more teasing of Vegeta influencing Bulma somehow. More Vegeta stalking, as his plans seem to be focused more on Bulma.

The next chapter will see a little bit of a finale in North City as I plan to make some things collide. We'll also see how Launch is doing without Tien.

Side note: I drew a cover for this story which I should be showing in thumbnail form on ffnet and you can see the full picture on my deviantart page under my penname there Mz-D.

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