The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. I do not make money from this story.

Chapter 37

Journey to the West

It was almost a day's travel but Vegeta had kept walking till his feet had begun to bleed. He had finally decided to take a rest in a small forest. It was good cover but he took the time to set up his tent and look like an ordinary camper. He'd dyed his hair to a darker brown colour when in a nearby gas station. He was sure that no one would notice the extra mess in the washbasin. He fiddled with the small bike he had acquired from his stop off. It was going to be missed but he could drive it for a while before abandoning it.

The roads he planned to go would be quiet and there was a low chance of any patrols. It was already deep into the night and the small light he had from the fire would soon be extinguished. He sat down on the tarp sheet as he double checked his map. He made a small circle of where he was camping now, off a main road but the surrounding forest would hide his camp. The small byroad that was near here would take him further towards his goal. He needed to get to West City. He had to get closer to Bulma, he knew where she lived. It hadn't taken much to find that as the newspapers had been very forthcoming with that little bit of information. The only issue was he knew she wouldn't be there. They would have figured out he had plans for her. That didn't mean he couldn't mess up her things for a bit. The psychological warfare on her would be the most fun part about his hunt. It was dangerous for him too but he planned on doing so much needed training on the way.

'Nothing like visiting an old haunt.' He smiled to himself as he circled his midway goal on the map. He got to work on the bike ripping out the unnecessary navigation parts that ever vehicle seemed to have these days. They were good for giving GPS but that also worked the other way and it would allow the police or the owner to track the bike himself. He taped up the gaping hole and left the blinking GPS down into the forest. If anything they would come for it in a day or so and he would be long gone by then.

He smothered the fire and plunged into pitch darkness. For his Saiyan eyes this was enough for him to see as he went into the tent and began wrapped up his blistered feet. He found that he never healed as fast as he used to without his ki. His Saiyan body had the stamina but when he damaged it he never felt himself getting stronger. It was always the same mundane feeling of weakness. The only time he had felt a spark of power was when he killed Tien and that other time when he'd been near the other warrior. Vegeta clenched his fists as he remembered that surge as if the power had come into him and he could manipulate it for a short time. It had gone very soon after he'd lost contact but it had been that one touch of skin on skin contact that he could sense the other warrior's power. He could sip on it for a brief time and use a borrowed person's ki, to tap their power. The only thing was he had no idea for how long or what limit this side effect had. This had to be an unexpected side effect there was no way they would have given him a neutering serum if they thought it would at anytime give him a new way to fight.

If he remembered right that pig warden had said this was an experimental medicine. He had told him it had been made by his lab boys, whoever they would be. Though if the FBI knew wouldn't they understand he had no ki and not have those cheap energy scanners? It also wasn't obvious to the robots that were hunting him by his ki, he had passed by them as they targeted the larger ki users which meant he could escape effortlessly while the more powerful Agents drew in the robots.

Those robots would be a problem. Doctor Gero had seemed harmless; he had shredded him and left him to die years ago during his first rampage. If he had known that Gero would survive and come back to take his revenge then he would have ended Gero's life there and then. The pretentions of that doctor that he could make a robot warrior. The machines he and Nappa had destroyed had been mere toys.

The ones he saw in North City, they seemed similar to what he had seen before but the dogs were something different. He'd seen those hounds a few times before when he had been hiding. They had his scent and were hard to evade but not impossible but when paired together with those toy robots they were a problem. His current power level was a mere zero. He had nothing to fight them with. The Androids had no ki, nothing that he could tap into. He had been unable to sense any energy from them at all. If he wanted to survive till he'd caught his prey he'd need to ensure he never got that close to them again.

'Not until I'm prepared.' He mused as he let his mind wander; he had found that his inner mind was his only seclusion now. The years of solitude and prison had let him walk into in his own mind like it was his freedom. No matter the four walls and chains that bounded him his mind was his own fortress. He had built up his own world inside, his memories, his feelings of revenge, his frustrations, all his emotions where sectioned off and tidied into rooms. He was free to roam these rooms as he chose. To let out the demons within the walls of his mind and bathe in the blood of past conquests.

One other reason for these defences was they were a good way to defend against psychic intruders. He opened a blue door in his mind. The smell was the first thing that always hit him, now he had the taste of her blood as he carefully stepped in. There was a strange pink blur interrupting the room he was constructing, something had got between him and his little prey. He stared at the blur for a while; the small connection he had gained to her was being blocked. It was quite weak and he was sure that the conscious mind of the psychic wasn't there but it was a sign that someone with more powerful abilities had come into contact with her. Her address was written down in this room but it was too dangerous to stay. He closed the door on the room; it wasn't ready yet and needed locked away in his mind. For his plan to work he needed to get closer to the little agent. He would use her as his tool for revenge in the most devious way possible. His link to her at the moment was weak but if it was discovered now by a prying psychic then it would all be for naught.

He entered the Planet room as he called it the wide expanse of bloody corpses and a meandering blood river was the home he could never claim again. It was only a memory in his mind. One that was embellished with the body of his fallen victims and future hopeful victims. The world that he was taken from when he was still too young to have any memories other than the red of the planet. It had been warped by his own bias of what his home World would really look like. Amongst the blood and gore a pure white statue stood. It was female and had a mild light blue hue that shone from it. The bottom had become dirty and the blood seemed to be seeping in. This was only an avatar of his image of Bulma. She stood there as a sign of something that he could have and crush at any moment.

She still stood pure and untainted but he believed his corruption had started the shine was still strong but where it was placed down onto the ground was where a dark vein had started to creep up the smooth leg. This was only his perception though; the truth might be more than he hoped for. He would need to see her in person to see any effects and enforce it further. The place where he had stabbed her was on the statue to it covered over the hideous mark that the Arachnid Jones had left. There was a need in him to destroy that scar, to mark her as his prey. There would be other scars now he was sure but they would have been made as she fought like a warrior. They would be updated when he could strip her down and examine the flesh. Then he would have more for the blue room too, he could add the taste of her flesh and bones. It would make it complete.

He sat and meditated for a while, his real body lay in a tent weakened and pitiful. In his mind he was on the bones of his victims and began to organise his fortress. The memories all required to be placed in order and he could wander through the corridors and enter the memory rooms when required. The one containing Bulma's address was currently engaged but he had time. He had a new training technique to find as he had a smell of power. A nostalgic smell that had bought him to the planet room. The bones of the victims that had no name they were dumped here broken and bloodied, scattered around the statue like an offering. They had been stripped of all their flesh and skin. There was another room for that too.

For now there was only a form of resting trance as he focused on his goal. It was still a far but it was now closer than ever before. He was growing impatient but after years and years of waiting he could not rush to the end just yet. He had learned to go slowly and savour the experience. It would all be stored in his mind fortress for later too. The towering structure would always be changing and expanding as Vegeta used the technique to defend his mind. It was perhaps the only real power he had left and he was going to use his mind to its fullest capacity.


Bulma Briefs still travelling in the large air-car and getting nearer to South City. It had already been 5 hours and one fuel stop and they were almost there. It had been a quiet journey as she had tried to sleep or study her Investigation details. The leads for Vegeta were now cold as he would be gone from North City and she was no longer allowed to endanger herself as bait. They needed to update their files as some parts were missing about what was actually done to Vegeta while he had been held in the Asylum.

It didn't make any sense to Bulma. Warden Oolong was someone chosen by the FBI to manage the prison, he worked for them. How had he failed to give them any information? They should have been working together; there were just too many contradictions that made her investigative skills tingle. There was of course some information but it was all highlighted as "Care of Dr Oolong" and seemed abridged of the full facts. Bulma was starting to doubt his doctorate credentials. It was all set up for enquiring to the Warden in person but the Warden had died a while ago. He had been found on a spit with an apple in his mouth. Large chunks of flesh were also missing but he'd been left to be found. There was a new Warden there now and he was a familiar face.

Bulma looked at the contact file and felt that she had at least a chance to get to the bottom of this. 'I hope you have the answers I'm looking for, Mr Popo.' She thought to herself.

The driver turned round for a second, "We'll be landing soon, best buckle up." Viola shifted in her sleep as she heard him. Bulma took the chance to give her a gentle shake and started packing up her files. She had been frustrated at the slow pace of the air-car and she was sure if she had her way it would be rocket powered but she had to bite back those urges. She would get a rental car later she was sure she would let out any impatient feelings she'd have then. She didn't like science but when it came to machines and especially cars she couldn't quite hide her adventurous side.

"This is the best time to come to South City." Viola mumbled as she started to wake up. "It was winter in North City but here it's mid-Summer. It's a real tropical paradise."

"Last time I came here it was colder." Bulma said as she recalled her own experience. "I think it must have been winter. I had to wear a jacket."

"This is close to my home town." Viola said getting louder as she was fully waking up. She stretched and adjusted her seatbelt. "I'd like to visit there but there's no one waiting for me now."

Bulma nodded in silent understanding. There were many similar stories from other FBI agents, many lost family members from the time of Vegeta's purge. There was no need to ask any more questions, no matter how much time passed it was still a sensitive subject to talk about. Most people made a suggestion that they had a family but there was a very strong sense of the past tense. That there had been a family in their life, but not anymore. Viola's tight smile as she looked down to the shiny beach down below showed she was fighting her own internal emotions and Bulma didn't feel like provoking her.

"I don't remember much about South City." Bulma admitted changing the subject. "I just know I hated it, but maybe because of a certain someone."

"There's no way he can make it here." Viola tried to assure her. "South City is on an island, you need a passport to travel here, there's no way he can make it."

"He could swim." Bulma said dryly and smiled to try to show she was joking. Although there was a part of her that feared Vegeta really would. After her recent encounters with him she felt like he could really do anything.

"Reminds me I actually want to go to the beach while we're here." Viola gushed she was still excited about reaching South City which was in the midst of summer. "I used to surf but I doubt I would do well now. I would just wipe-out."

"Don't ask me to join you then…" Bulma shuddered. The idea of having to wear a swim suit of any kind while she had her injury made her stomach turn.

Viola caught on to what she was meaning and made an apologetic shrug. "Maybe next time for you then, you need to rest after your injuries."

"Yeah, and what better way for that is more walking around and asking questions." Bulma said sarcastically. "I just hope this new Warden will be able to tell us anything that can help." Bulma knew this was just a distraction to get her away from Vegeta. To gather some information that another more junior agent could have done. It was obvious he was being overprotective and just sending her as far from North City as possible. Though she remembered the last time they sent her away she ended up getting extremely lucky with the lead. Her first case of Jigsaw Jones still gave her nightmares of what could have happened that night. She just hoped she wasn't coming to meet a similar coincidence.


Mr Black was in a small state of apprehension as he looked at the full report he had just received from the Android technician. The team they had sent out of four humanoid robots and four sniffer dogs had come back to a team of one and two dogs.

"Has Android 7 given any reason as to why the other 3 were destroyed?"

The technician was an old man but had been with the army much longer than Black. "None Sir." He replied. "I think I know what's happened but the robot is saying his reasons."

"Dr Grey is there anything you can get from his memory core?"

"I will need to do a full shut down and analysis, he has the character flaw of believing he has done what is right for Dr Gero. There must be no evidence of the Androids, you see. That's what Android 7 really thinks and he will speak to only Gero about the full details of the mission. I would not recommend bringing him before the great Dr. I sense he would be ordered dismantled on site. I'd rather do the memory recovery and let Gero read this without Seven in any danger."

"I think it's too late for that." Black sighed. "Any of this report will need to be sent to me. Don't give the data directly to him. He has no patience these days, I seem to get away from his rage a little."

"You are his second in command."

"I prefer to be called Mr Black, I am after all only his butler." Black reminded him.

Grey nodded and went back to his report. "I will trust you to pass on the message to Dr Gero."

"Leave it to me." He assured the technician. "I always have my Master's best interests in mind."

"Understood." Grey said a grim look on his face.

The Reformed Red Ribbon Army, now Gero Inc was now only a scattering of bitter vengeance seeking people and a load of robots. It was nothing to really be proud in leading. He was technically the Commander but he had never officially accepted the title. They all had the same goal, they wanted Vegeta dead, not just dead but a slow suffering death. The injustice of his imprisonment was nothing in comparison to the suffering they had endured. Dr Gero was too much of an invalid to really take charge but his drive for vengeance was the strongest. Just one look at the scarred and flesh exposed face told you that.

"We will all do what we must." Mr Black said. "I must serve my Master till the end."

"I will run that diagnostic immediately." Dr. Grey said and ran back to his laboratory.

Mr. Black took another look at the offending report. It was not the news Gero was expecting. It was a complete disaster, they were suppose to capture Vegeta not get themselves destroyed. He would have to balance it with another report about his Vegeta killing robots that were now operational. He would have to take the bad with the good. He looked through a few other sources to see if he could sweeten the Dr with any other good news. There were only spy reports about the FBI, though they had been involved with the Androids too and had started an investigation. He scanned through the short summaries till he found one that would peak Gero's interest. The whereabouts of Bulma Briefs.

'That should be enough for now.' Black smirked as he thought up a little idea to give to Dr Gero. The FBI plan of using Bulma as bait had been aborted but that didn't mean that they couldn't do the same thing. 'I'm sure the Dr will be very interested in this.'


Author's Notes: It's another three view chapter as I base out some more set up. Vegeta's on the run in the North, Bulma's safe in the South and Dr Gero is going to be making more plans for the pair. Especially with Bulma.

I've decided to introduce the inner Palace from Hannibal as it's a cool concept and one that goes back to the Ancient Greeks. (Check it out in Google, search Ioci). Also I've been playing the heck out of Persona 5 and I love the whole inner Palace concept. Vegeta's is more or a fortress as he lives in a world full of psychics that can break into the world, so it might be a little weird but it made sense to me.

Thanks for everyone that's reviewed and told me how they like the different style of story I'm writing. I don't want it to be a typical Bulma/Vegeta love story. As I've said countless times this will be more about obsession and will be far darker than it has been so far. Seriously, this is not a romance! My build up is what I enjoy the most as it makes the conclusion and confrontation that comes all worth it.

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