The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Chapter 4

A Life at Stake

Bulma lay down on her bed as she tried to mull over in her head what exactly happened the other night. She had listened to the murderer and trusted his advice, explored a building to find a three year old body that had died a mysterious death.

“Hey... don't space out on me!” Her roommate said.

“Oh sorry, I've got a lot on my mind.” Bulma said.

“No kidding!”

“Launch it's not as if I got told by Vegeta 'go here there's a body',” Bulma sighed. “How could he have know about something that happened 3 years ago?”

“Gee I don't know,” Launch shrugged. “I'm more a combat person than a thinker I'll leave those kinds of things for genius's like yourself.”

“Thanks...” Bulma sighed, “Damn I could really need a smoke...”

“I thought you quit?”

“Seeing a dead body can make life seem really short to care.” Bulma moaned.

“Okay that's it time for a us to go round the assault course!” Launch pulled Bulma up on her feet and threw her trainers at her. “We're going for a jog!”

“Can't I leave the running for you? You're the fittest one!”

“No excuses, our physical examine is going to be coming along soon, you can't slack off and start smoking again!”

Bulma gritted her teeth hating the fact that Launch was right. She didn't like being told what to do but she guessed she would have to get used to it. Being an FBI cadet was tough and soon it was going to get tougher. She just hoped that she didn't have to worry about Vegeta for a while. Even though she had a hundred things she wanted to ask him. It was as if there was some hidden link that she was missing. Something that connected him with the alien that must have appeared three years ago. She shook her head trying to loose these thoughts about Vegeta, Launch was shouting at her and a jog really looked good.


The news crew gathered around a large hallway. An urgent press conference had been called by the Mayor of West City. There hadn't been such a call since the Saiyans had landed 5 years ago. It had been peaceful times since then. The mixture of photographers, journalists, television crew and police waited patiently as they could see the Mayor in the background. He was looking quite stressed and tired and already the journalists were making frantic notes. This was going to be big, they could smell it. Some of the reporters had spotted well known members of the FBI. This had to be something serious, something that might mean another alien invasion. The Mayor took the news stand and straightened his tie. A layer of sweet graced his brow and he mopped at it briefly. The crowd remained silent, all except the sound of the news reporters talking directly to their camera's could be heard. “Mayor Walker has taken the stand, we're all waiting to see what is so important to call this emergency news conference,” The reporter said into her microphone.

“We were only notified an hour ago and.... oh I believe Mayor Walker is going to speak, I'll let him tell us what this is about...”

“I come to you today bringing urgent news, my daughter has been kidnapped.” There was a murmur among the crowd. “There has been no ransom note nor have we had any phone calls from the kidnapper. We know she was taken 5 days ago in this city, she was spotted being bundled into a van and that was the last we have seen of her...” The Mayor paused as he tried to find his voice again. “I'm asking as a father please for the of my only child, Elizabeth to be returned to us. Her mother is frantic and wishes to only hold her in her arms.”

The sadness showed in the Mayor's face, as he continued his plead. “This is a Security camera of her last moments, please watch and if anyone has any additional information my wife and I will be very happy. We are offering a large reward for her return, 5 million Zeni. We are not interested in punishing the criminal, we only want our daughter back.” As the Mayor said this the back screen started showing the van and daughter. The white van was hidden and it was hard to make out the details. The cameras focused on the screen as they watched Elizabeth Walker getting kidnapped by a cloaked individual. This was big news, there was a huge reward. The reporters lapped up every word and scribbled notes and took photographs. The news started being broadcasted instantly, across the globe the news of the kidnap was aired.

Bulma watched at the news from the FBI cadet recreation. She made a quick analysis of the Mayor's tactics.

“Seems to be trying to humanise the victim,” Bulma said, chewing her pen.

“Standard manoeuvre in a kidnap case,” Launch agreed. “Listen you ever think of anything besides FBI stuff?”

“Cigarettes,” Bulma hissed chewing her pen harder. Launch giggled and looked back to her own book.


It was a minor incident, the kidnap of a daughter but it did hold a hidden meaning to someone. Vegeta watched from his cell. The only time he actually paid attention to what the humans said. He noticed something and smirked. Oh yes, he knew the woman would be back. Things were going to get interesting from here on in. He looked up to the camera and smirked.

“Tell the Woman that HE has got that girl,” he said. He waited, it was so predictable these Earthlings. Such patterned based creatures, he heard the anticipated clink of the heavy door being opened. Warden Oolong walked briskly down the corridor. Vegeta tried to restrain his chuckle. “What do you mean

'Tell the Woman that HE has got the girl'!?” The Warden snapped. "WHO?"

“You should address me correctly if you're wanting an answer Swine.” Vegeta huffed. “I will only speak to the woman....”

“That little spec of a girl that you're obsessing about!?” Oolong ranted pointing at the portraits lined up against the cell wall. “She'd never let a monster like you into her pants!”

“She'd never let a Swine like you in either...” Vegeta said, knowing full well what consequences came from saying such a thing. The shock of pain was instantaneous, Oolong pulled the lever beside Vegeta's cell and he was hit with a hundred volts of electricity. It was enough to kill an ordinary human being but it couldn't kill a Saiyan. Even with the dampening shield draining his power, his body was still strong and could survive from being fried by the electricity. It still hurt though, Vegeta grunted in pain as he restrained from screaming out. He hunched over panting and waiting for another blast from Warden Oolong's toy. It never came, looked up to see the angry pig watching him from behind the glass.

“I'll pass on your message, Vegeta,” Oolong whispered. “But don't expect to be rewarded, we have other ways of finding out what you know without waving a pretty girl in front of you.”

Vegeta smirked as he heard the pig leave. He wasn't going to say anything more, it gave the Warden too much satisfaction to hear his broken voice. He would wait till they sent the woman. The pig was bluffing if they had any way of making him talk as Oolong threatened they would have done it a long time ago. No, this was going to have to go the old fashioned way, from a simple chat. The planet wasn't advanced enough to have any psychics that weren't fakes. He'd seen plenty from the television all vowing they could see ghosts or speak to the dead. If he was a prisoner on any other planet then the psychics would have been brought in to tear the information from his brain. He rolled over onto his back and looked at the familiar and hated ceiling. This was all now a waiting game and Vegeta had been waiting for almost five years now. It was nothing to wait another few weeks. He winced as the TV changed to the evangelist channel and the sharp voice of the man preaching yelled out. He covered his ears and tried to block it out.

'Yes, all I have to do now is wait.' He thought, 'The woman will come to me soon enough,”


Two days later....


In a small office a young cadet entered her superior's office. She looked as if she was being worked too hard and had bags under her blue eyes.

“Ah so glad you came Bulma, please sit down.” Bulma nodded and said her thanks to Director Piccolo. This was the second time this week she had been in the Head of the Departments office. The portraits along the wall were starting to become familiar to her.

“I assume you've read over my report sir.”

“Yes, and I think it's very interesting but still didn't explain why you felt the need to go to that warehouse in West City.” Bulma blushed she had tried to omit anything too personal, what could she say she trusted what a murderer said? “Um... it's hard to explain in words Sir it was just a gut feeling.”

“Ah...” Director Piccolo said, “So when Prince Vegeta spoke to you here in the confusion of the controlling of the prisoners, he never said anything of value.” He placed a photograph down on the desk it showed Bulma right up against the cell wall talking to the Prince.

“What he said was crude and not something I'd like to repeat.” Bulma said blushing again. “He mentioned something to me about a warehouse but it was incredibly vague. I went to the warehouse by my own violation.”

“Yes it was in the report and what of the questionnaire?” Director Piccolo asked.

“I'm still reading through it Sir, I'm almost finished but I've been really busy with my classes.”

“Yes, I understand, but now we'd like you to concentrate on helping us be a liaison for Prince Vegeta he has chosen you and it is clear he knows something.” Director Piccolo's face became grim. “Have you heard on the news about the Mayor's daughter?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Prince Vegeta saw the news report and made another of his vague comments, perhaps hinting that Scalpel Jones has the girl.”

“How can we be sure?”

“We can't Bulma, that's the problem so it's not as high a priority as it should be but the Mayor has ordered that we use any leads to find his daughter. If it is Scalpel Jones that has her then she could still be alive.”

“I read the report Sir.” Bulma shuddered. “The scientists believe that he keeps his victims alive for weeks trying to fatten them up for whatever reason.”

“Yes, so we may have some time but not much, you're going to West City today and I'd like a copy of the questionnaire and whatever else smallest detail you've omitted from your previous report.” Piccolo said sternly. “We don't have time to skirt around any politeness, I want all the facts crude or not.”

“Yes Sir I understand.” Bulma stood up.

“Here's an envelope with all the necessary information your plane leaves in four hours, make sure you're on it.” Director Piccolo said, “Please remember to be careful Bulma, this creature though he looks human is far from it. I want a phone call from you after your interview with Vegeta. I want you to stay safe, your mind and body.”

“I understand Sir but Prince Vegeta is a monster I know that.” Her bottom lip trembled slightly as she spoke. “If he hadn't come to this planet then my parents would still be alive and I would have a business to inherit instead of worrying about FBI training.”

“Well, I can relieve you of that worry Bulma.” Piccolo said. “Your tutors have been informed of your private mission for the FBI and they know you will be absent these next few weeks as you help with our case.”

“Thank you Sir,” Bulma sighed. Piccolo noticed the sigh, but he intended to ignore it. “The plane is leaving in four hours Cadet Briefs, you best make preparations now.”

“Yes sir!” Bulma said and turned quickly to leave.

“I want all the information you retrieve from Vegeta. A life depends on you now Bulma. Don't let that young girl down.”

“Understood Sir,” Bulma said as she left. Though part of her was dreading what waited for her. The monster Vegeta was the only thing that had ruffled her resolve. These past few years all her focus had been on her aim of becoming a Federal Agent, to investigate and stop aliens, killers and any law breakers from changing peoples future. She had a future five years ago, now all she had was a cadet agent being used as a message girl between a killer she hated.

She arrived at her room and collapsed on the floor, why did she need to go back there so soon? It was a few minutes before Bulma could find the strength to stand up again. She needed to do this, if she didn't face him now then he would forever haunt her. There was a life on the line now. A girl probably about the same age as her. She couldn't let this happen again. Not to another person just like her. That was why she had joined the FBI now she had a chance to start doing what she wanted to do. She just wished it didn't involve the one that was responsible for changing her life so much. He was the monster she had blamed for so long for the deaths of all those people, of her parents. Bulma knew if she needed to move on with her life she had to face this demon. There was no silencing the screams of the past until she did this.


A dry scream cried out as a young girl woke up from her nightmare into a real living nightmare. Betty Walker didn't know how long she'd been lying on the floor for. She didn't know how long this thing was going to keep her alive. She had refused his food but she was starting to get too hungry. Anything was starting to look good for her now. The slop the he threw down at her everyday, it was drugged with God only knows what. It always made her collapse and wake up with a sick feeling in her stomach. Her father had to be looking for her by now. Even though she was independent of her parents he still looked out for her.

“Daddy...” She sobbed. “I don't want to die...”

“It will be quiet!” Hissed the voice.

“I don't want to die...” She repeated.

“It makes unnecessary noise!” The voice yelled. A high pitch noise came out of nowhere and Betty rushed to cover her ears. She didn't know what the sound was but it always made her fall unconscious. She struggled to stay awake but it hurt so much. She sobbed as she felt like her ear drums were going to explode. She gave one last cry of protest and then dropped to the ground. Something jumped into the pit and landed beside her. The thing inspected her body pinching the skin tightly. It made a clucking noise and threw the arm back onto the ground.

“Its not fattening up...” The monster hissed. “I picked a stubborn one.” It kicked the girl making a strange clucking noise and leapt out of the hole. The hole was at least 8 foot deep but this seemed like a small jump for the strange alien.

“Just this last one, then I will be ready...” It hissed, “Fatten up my little stock, we need you to be bigger. How am I going to reach the Prince till then.”

It walked in a crab like fashion out of the prison room and into a slightly cleaner but still dark room. It pulled at some papers and looked at its prize. A large board pasted with yellow glue of different newspaper clippings. All of them very old looking and as if they'd been taken from the garbage. Each news article was about a certain Saiyan and the invasion. It made a different clucking noise as if laughing.

“Soon I'll find you Prince...” It clucked. “Soon you'll be dead just like that human scum will be.”


Author's Note: Ooh, mostly talking this chapter and no Bulma Vegeta interaction. I think that was why I wanted to write this story for the B/V chatting, zero sex but plenty of chemistry.

Next chapter: Bulma's back to the dungeon and facing the Prince again.

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