The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs.

Author's Note: Sorry for the delay the original chapter for this was erased last year by my hard drive becoming corrupted and I had to wipe everything. (T_T) I had to start from scratch again when it was half way done. So many years have passed since I started this story but it needs to be finished. The plot bunny, it wont leave me alone.

Chapter 9

The Waiting Game

Ever since five years ago after the Saiyan attack and sudden defeat the Earth has gone on alert. It was clear that Earth was not alone and that the other aliens are very powerful and could have destroyed the planet at that time. An organisation was established to deal with any alien invaders and the best minds worked together to fight against any threats to the world peace. The main prize was Prince Vegeta of the Saiyan race, whom was held in constant captivity for study and experiments; with him as a test subject many fields were open and the organisation formed into the FBI. It was the centre of recruitment of talented people and made a lot of space explorations with the stolen technology. Most of all was the research and training building positioned 10 miles from West City.

The FBI building was huge and down in the basement many floors went further and further beneath the ground. Bulma felt like she was journeying to the centre of the Earth. She had been in the elevator for a while now going down. It finally came to a halt, last floor. This was where the real research of the FBI took place. This was the top secret area, it had taken her so long to get the clearance but as it didn't involve a certain Saiyan Prince she was given it quickly. I bet they'll think I'm safe from all that media shit down here. Bulma thought. It looked as if not even cleaners had been here as she swept some cobwebs away from her head. What she had found in the samples she made didn't make any sense and she had come here to get a clear idea. If there was anyone in the labs that would know what it was it would be the specialist scientists that lived here.

She came up to the door that she wanted and knocked. She waited a few minutes before knocking again, this time harder. There was still no response and Bulma yelled out, "Hello? Anyone here, I've got some samples for you!"

The door creaked open and a small white cat peered up at her. She noted quickly that it was humanoid and she offered the blood samples. The cat snatched them from her hand and shut the door.

"HEY!" Bulma snarled barging into the door. "That was very rude, you don't even know what I want analysed!"

The cat looked at her with his slanted eyes. It was obvious why he was down here, no people skills. "You want it checked for alien substances, yes?"

"Um...yeah." Bulma blushed. "I found something but I don't have enough information to reference, I need you guys to tell me what I've found."

"I had a call explaining, you can go now."

"Did that call explain that this is a possible alien insect were dealing with?"


A very short answer, Bulma wished that she had more patience. "Then now you do, this is very important. Whatever this is in the bloodstream is there might be a connection with the Jones case."

"Jones is an alien insect?" The cat asked amazed.

Bulma was amazed she got him looking interested and asking questions. She was invited in by the humanoid she found out was called Korin. He was an expert on alien plants, insects and anything smaller than himself which to Bulma seemed to include a lot. She noticed there were other even shyer co-workers who made themselves look busy. She calmly noted that they were all male; this was probably the first female they had seen that had two legs for quite a while. Bulma knew that the basement area was like an underground network and even had its own sleeping quarters and canteen.

"It's to be kept top secret if you don't mind." Bulma said; she was still the main speaker.

"Absolutely and you say these blood came from the victims?"

"There's also the small white things I found inside the blood which is worrying me. I don't know how it was dismissed as a contamination in the sample. I looked closer and it seemed to be something more."

"I quite agree, they are something more, they are in fact eggs."

"I dont know what species as they appear to be microscopic but I shall do some research, everyone here will help." Korin said. He spoke not directly at Bulma but while he was looking at the sample through his microscope. "These samples are quite well made; I can see the poison now as well. Who did make up these slides are they any of my team?"

"That was me." Bulma said. "I may be FBI but I have some scientific training."

"What was your name again?"

"I never said. Its Bulma Briefs."

"Briefs eh? Any relation to Dr Trunks Briefs?"

"He was my father."

The whole room now were staring and looking at Bulma now.

"I see, that does explain a few things." Korin chuckled. "This makes me want to work twice as hard. Your father was a great man and I wish you'd followed in his field. Unfortunately Capsule Corporation is not what it used to be."

"That is quite out of my hands." Bulma said getting up. "I'm taking up your time; I'll let you continue your work."

"Ah, but wont you stay for tea?" There was a chorus from the enthusiastic staff members behind Korin, from being terribly shy they had gone 180 and decided to be over enthusiastic. Bulma blushed at such treatment, it did remind her of her past days when she had been the Princess of Capsule Corps. She shook herself free of her nostalgia and made her excuses.

"I need to report back as soon as possible."

"Then give us your number so we can call you if we find something."

Bulma gave a coy smile, "Just go through Director Piccolo please. My number is private." She winked and she was sure she saw a few guys at the back fall down. You've still got it Bulma. Although that was now the victims blood sample sorted there was also something to do with the first victim; the one that had been found on Capsule Corps property. Bulma knew that a few more demons of her past were going to be dug up. Just as she was finally feeling like she was burying her latest one, The Saiyan prince Vegeta. As she looked at the clock he would be miles away from her now well out of reach in an undisclosed place in West City. A full armed guard; tranquilized and surrounded by ki suppressors. She hoped it would be enough and that the demon Prince would stay buried.


The plane from South city touched down and hundreds of men ran out in line. An army of guards waited in rows as the plane made its taxi to the small terminal building that had been evacuated of all normal passengers. This was all for one very special passenger. The Mayor of the city came out with his wife watching from a safe distance. It was unfortunately a very sunny and bright day, there should have been sounds of laughter but there was a tense feeling in the air. The monster that had changed everyone's world was being escorted out of the plane now on an upright trolley. The bars of the trolley glowed to show the ki suppressants were active.

Vegeta watched from his mask as Oolong walked beside him. He seemed to strut a little; he had the upper hand on Vegeta. He could still feel the sting in his neck. He thought back to when the Bulma copy nurse had injected him with that serum. It was made to genetically suppress his strength. At first he thought it was just a lie but he could feel it. The poison sat in his body like a lead weight. He could feel the lack of power that was his pride. He had been stripped. It did not however change his plan. He wanted that pig dead. He glared at him from his mask and ignored whatever useless chatter the Mayor said.

"Are you listening?" Oolong snarled at him.

Vegeta grunted his response.

"It doesn't matter, you're now bait and your room is waiting." Oolong huffed. "Don't worry Mayor Walker we'll lure that alien kidnapper here."

"Don't forget mass murderer." Vegeta murmured, waking up from his thoughts. "I wonder how safe little Elizabeth is now. Is she screaming out for her Daddy or is she giving up and letting herself die. Hope is a very fragile thing, it breaks so easily."

Mayor Walker was shaken by these words but he said nothing. He had learnt the hard way there was no way to really speak to this animal. "Take the alien bait to his lure."

The army escorted the alien Prince to the waiting armour van. Everything seemed so secure. In the background photographers went crazy trying to get a shot of the elusive Saiyan. For appearances sake the guards were informed to shoo them away. However Mayor Walker smiled, it all was coming to plan. 'Just wait Betty, Daddy's coming.'


In the FBI Canteen Bulma shifted uncomfortably in her chair. Every person around her was either looking or talking about her behind her back. The newspaper article had been mostly believed by the cadets that didn't know her and that was over half the populace.

"Thats her... the ex-heiress..."

"How could she with that monster?"

"Why is she still here, she should have been expelled."

Bulma felt the bile rise; she couldn't get angry, not here not in front of these nobodies. She had to keep her cool soon she would graduate and her record would be cleared.

"What are you all talking about?" A girl shouted angrily. Bulma looked up it was Launch but her hair had turned blonde. The violent other personality had made its appearance. "If you go around gossiping and believing this tabloid rubbish then you're all not fit to be agents!"

"Launch, please its okay."

The blonde huffed and sat down. She glared at any of the stragglers that hadn't escaped.

"Damn newbies; think they know all the rules. Well show em once we graduate; eh?"

"Sure, Launch, whatever you say." Bulma smiled. She did like this other side of her friend; especially when it allowed her anger to become sated. She felt the rising bile settle and she continued eating her coffee and cake.

"So finished with your science stuff?" Launch asked as she sat next to her.

"I've gone as far as I could, without the reference files I couldn't continue so I handed it over to some experts that were left out last time."

"Strange that, it was an alien attack and yet the blood was never analysed."

"I read the report; it said that the only analysis done on the body was cause of death. The blood had only been tested for sedatives and other chemicals from Earth. I thought there was a gap and I took a long shot, maybe this will pay back all my hard work."

"Well its unfair you're taken off this case because of some stupid newspaper rumour."

"It doesn't matter; it was coming to an end anyway. I was just the bait to get Vegeta to talk, now he has my usefulness has run out. My next task is going to be easier though and it's still with this case."


"It's slightly confidential but I have to investigate the ex-Capsule Corp employees."

"Hey, that's something the local police should be doing!" Launch snapped.

"Perhaps but for me, it's some much needed footwork." Bulma wiped her mouth and stood up. "I'm going on another trip, thats for sure. So I'll see you in another week."

"Take care Bulma."

The girls hugged and Bulma left, as she closed the door to the canteen she heard an eruption of talking and Launch shouting again. Bulma laughed quietly and walked the now very familiar corridors to her sleeping quarters. She wanted to keep busy, the experiments had helped but as she had said to her friend there was only so much she could do. She was more mechanical than a genetic scientist. If this alien had been a robot she would have been so happy, something that had gears and maybe even some alien for of gadgetry that she could dismember. She sighed and opened her dorm door. She noticed the mail had come. It sat on top of the table, but she hardly ever got any mail so she was surprised to see her name carefully written with neat letters on the top of a plain brown envelope.

'To Cadet Bulma Briefs'

She felt a shiver as she picked up the envelope; it had so many postmarks as if it had been passed around to different places. She noticed the envelope seemed scuffed as if there had been something else on top. She held her breath trying to convince herself she was being crazy. It couldn't be...he couldn't...

She opened the paper which had been cut from drawing paper, it was thick and rough it reminded her immediately of a certain cells drawings. She opened it up to confirm her fear. It was a letter from the Prince.

My Dear Cadet,

How are you doing without you regular visits? It may not have been very long since we last parted but this letter was written after you left that last day. I want to make it clear what I know about Jones is actually quite a lot. He has been communicating to me while I have been in prison. He has even tried to enter but the ki suppressors were effective against him as it was against me. His main aim in his pitifully short life is my death. My capture and humiliating declawing is my death. I am not the commander of a great army as you'd imagine. I am but a pawn; a very expendable pawn to an ever greater power. I do not wish to tell you more about that person; its not important now; but you should know one thing about Jones. He is obsessed with my death; just as I am in the death of the traitor Saiyan. He came two years ago in a ship and was able to make contact with me. I will not tell you how I know. It is currently only card I hold over the pitiful mayor who misses his little girl. She should be dead by now but I won't let his hope die yet. It is useful for me and my survival. If this Jones had not picked such a high rank piece of meat I would not have as much bargaining chips as I do. It will be the first of his many mistakes. His obsession with killing me has blinded him, just as I find myself blinded by wanting the death of that traitor. Which lead to my capture by your pathetic race of humans. My obsession with that Saiyan was quite strong and still is.

Although I find myself dealing with a new obsession; I find you quite alluring. True it may be that you are the only female I have been around but that is wrong. There is a similarity in our characters that I see. I see the fire of vengeance in your eyes; the fire of wanting more power to take control of your pathetic life. There is of course big differences, you have never killed anyone but with your current job I think it only a matter of time before you extinguish another life. It will be part of your job just as it was part of my job and you will come to revel in it. This killing is a form of power that I don't think you're ready for my little Cadet. I should warn you that we have unfinished business. You are the only one I will talk to and I have yet to hear your full story. You will find a way to come to me and we shall discuss our unfinished business. It is quite simple and not something to worry about. Not that I doubt you shall, this letter will make you so angry that you might even rip it in two, before you do take a look of the last page. I left a little present for you to remember me. I doubt you will forget your prince but it I find it amusing the gossip the pig has started to spread about us. I think this will add fire to the rumours but it pleases me. I think we would make a wonderful couple but then I would rip open your head after I was done with you and cast you to one side. You understand this well. That is why there will never be anything but the chemistry between us. I think I like the smell more than the taste. Isn't it strange how sometimes the food smells better than it tastes. I think of you like that little Cadet. You are something that will never be mine and it is sweeter like that. If I possessed you then you would rot and taste bitter, maybe you would even wilt like a flower. Although I promise not to eat you in the way I ate others. I would have you in a very different way.

Come to me one more time and I shall tell you the full story of Jones; just as you will tell me the full part of your story. It will be a fair exchanged just as we agreed on that day so long ago.

I promise I won't bite,

The Prince of All Saiyans, Vegeta.

Bulma dropped to her knees. 'How did he get this letter out, how?'

Her hand shook as she looked at the last page. The eyes were the first thing she noticed. Those eyes that were dark pools that drew her in; the drawing was a self-portrait by Vegeta. Somehow he had managed to capture the way he always had looked at her. Her eyes scanned the picture and she felt blood rush to her face. He was completely naked, including showing off his proud member sitting in the middle of his legs. His slanted smile as he knew he looked good naked, he knew he would be getting the reaction from Bulma. She let out a gasp and turned it round.

'Why does he do this to me?' She demanded from her body. She hugged herself tight and went to wash cold water over her now very hot face. She hid the charcoal picture in her luggage and picked up the note and envelope. The picture could be left out but this had to be important. She hurried out the door to her Chief. She didnt have time to worry about any consequences the time was drawing thin for the girl held captive. Bulma may not have a direct way of helping but she could do what she could to help.

Just keep busy and don't think about it. She reminded herself as she ran down the corridors unaware at how red her face really was.


Vegeta sat up in his new open space cell and smiled. 'Yes, she should have got the letter by now. I wonder if she will come to ask some of the unanswered questions. She's not done with me yet; just as I have still some unanswered questions to do with her.'

He knew he would have her interested and she would come to him one last time. 'Unfinished business must be done before I can move on from this place.' There was also the noose of Jones, the name given to him by the humans; as that alien arachnid made its plans to get to him. The creature would be at full power soon and Vegeta knew if he didn't get him stopped then with his current weak self he would be dead very soon. There was a way out and he had to be very careful in how he worked it. If all went well he would soon be free.

"Guards, could you play that CD you were given. The concerto by Beethoven; I feel like sitting quietly and waiting with music."

The guards looked at each other and read down the list of instructions and requests. The CD was on the list, the man nodded to the other and from a safe distance they started to play. The booming sound of the powerful piece echoed around the empty room. In the centre was a large metal cell that was lit up with ki suppressors. Vegeta sat down in his plastic chair and continued doing what he had been doing for these five long years; he waited.


Author's note: Not sure when my next chapter will be but I have everything plotted out. I want to make it slightly different than the plot of Silence of the Lambs but there will be similarities of course since it was the inspiration for this fanfic. Thanks for any loyal readers that have stayed with me in this long break. Hello to new people, enjoy the dark story. Remember there is no planned romance, only chemistry.

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