The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. I do not make money from this story.

Warning: Slight gore

Chapter 31

Robotic Nightmare

The early morning of North City in winter was dark and cold. Bulma looked out over the twinkling lights as the illuminations lit up the city below. Launch had become stable but it had taken all night to amputate the mauled part of her leg and work on saving her life. She had lost so much blood, the high alcohol in her blood hadn't helped the matter. The doctors had done their best though and she was now asleep but she would probably never walk again. Not without some sort of artificial limb.

Even though Bulma had done her best to save her limb but the severed part was too broken to reattach. If it had been a clean cut there was a good chance to restore the leg but the dog had ripped her leg and shattered her bone. It was mauled beyond any repair. Launch had taken it well but she was heavily sedated. Once she really woke up Bulma expected another rampage or a drunken adventure. She had tried to warn the staff, but they didn't seem to believe her.

All that was left was the unknown man that was still asleep in the prison at the police station. Bulma also had to have a closer look at the dog to make a basic report.

"Ready to go?" Viola asked. They needed to go back to the police station to box up the body of Tien.

"Not really, I've not really slept much."

"Me neither." Viola scoffed. "If we get the victim wrapped up and sent back to the labs we might get some downtime back at the hotel."

"I want to come back to check on Launch." Bulma admitted. "I might not sleep till I'm back home in my own bed."

"You really go all out in an investigation." Viola admired. "Just don't forget to keep me as your back up."

"Seems you've noticed my technique or lack of it." Bulma smirked. "I still wonder where the Ice Queen nickname came from."

"You've got bad people skills." Viola explained. "Don't know why, you seem to get on fine with Launch."

"I don't trust many people anymore." Bulma said.

"Well, I've got your back." Viola said as they walked to the rented car.

"Is it okay if I drive?" Bulma asked as she wanted to change the topic and not really reply to her.

"Sure, go ahead."

"I feel calmer when I drive." She tried to explain as she shifted the manual car into gear.

"Just as well I'm not so good with the stick."

"We really need it in the weather." Bulma explained as she smoothly moved up the gears. She hadn't driven for a while but it seemed to naturally come back to her. It made her wish she could get into the pilot seat of the helicopter and give it a go.

"The prisoner still hasn't woken up so I might not have much to do." Viola said. "Will you be wrapping up the robot?"

"Yeah, need to make sure it's completely disabled. It's just basic robot engineering but I can do it fine."

"You really should be in the science division."

"I hear that all the time." Bulma sighed as she decided not to repeat her stubborn vow. "I just want to be an Agent."

Viola nodded but could see the tense way Bulma clutched the wheel and decided not to distract her any further. They keep driving in silence down the hill as the early morning sun began to rise.


The Androids hidden in a small warehouse in the city were now down to three. The leader Seven had stayed up by the door trying to track down the signal from Android Three. The other two stayed with the hounds to try to keep them under control.

"They're getting scent signals from this area." Four said. "I guess this is near where Vegeta worked. The scent is too weak but we have something to track down once the sun rises."

"We need to split up, Three is still AWOL." Seven sighed as he jumped down from his vantage point. "We must track him down and if we need to activate his self-destruct."

"You think it'll go that way?" Six asked. "I know Three hasn't called in for four hours but maybe he's hiding somewhere or broken down."

"If that's the case, we can get him back here and recover him." Seven said in a flat voice. "If he's been captured, then we're detonating his bomb and taking out everyone with him."

"I guess that's why you're the leader." Six scoffed. "You never do things with any empathy."

"I am a machine." Seven retorted. "We are all that, do not misunderstand your faulty sense of survival as anything else."

Six winced at that remark, it was part of why he was a reject. He would often refuse orders above his own self interests. That small programming error inside him had been slowly building to include his whole team. He wanted them all to keep functioning together. They had been a team for so long now that it made him wish even deeper that he was in charge and not the almost perfect Seven.

"We know Three is weak to cold, if he hadn't lost the rock, paper, scissors he would be here now." Four sighed.

"Never mind that, lets head out, Six you're in charge of tracking Vegeta's scent, send a transmission if you come in contact with the target." Seven instructed. He didn't trust Six with the important mission of finding Three. "Four, you're with me, take out the remote tracking and find him."

The robots saluted each other and split up. Two of the hounds left, setting them into sleep mode. Six didn't speak as he left Seven and Four to tend to their hounds as he tried to focus on his task. The fact that Seven didn't trust him didn't hurt him. He was a machine, all he felt was a state of uselessness and frustration. Six considered himself a better leader than Seven, they needed Three to come back alive. The way Seven was looking he was intending to shut down Three forever. He didn't like leaving the group alone but he inwardly hoped he could find Three on his travels.


The police station was in a busy state when they arrived. Bulma and Viola looked around in amazement as it seemed even busier than yesterday when they had a murder investigation.

"Why is everyone in such a rush?" Viola asked at the front desk.

"Today's the Snow Festival." An officer explained to the pair as they walked into the main offices.

"That's today?" Bulma said surprised. North City was only famous for two things, snow and their festival about snow which they had every year.

"I didn't even check when that was." Viola sighed. "That does explain the huge amount of illuminations."

"Some investigators we are." Bulma chuckled. "I'm going to go check on the left over robot dog, it needs packed up for HQ, there's also Tien…"

"Want me to go down and check up on how the transportation is doing?" Viola asked. "I don't think our suspect is going anywhere soon."

The pair split up and Viola made a little tap to her belt and radio to hint to Bulma, 'stay in contact.' Bulma gave a little wave of acknowledgement and made her way through the maze of corridors into the small room that the robot dog parts had been placed. The charred remains of robot were in an evidence box on the table. She took out some plastic bags from her backpack and was ready to label them all up. A quick look over the hound it seemed a very familiar design. It reminded her of the monkeys she had seen in her Uncle's lab. The ones that gave her nightmares and a need to never think of science and technology in the same way again.

There was a strange smell coming from the remains. She pulled on her rubber gloves and tried to block it out. She was just going to tag and bag it and call it a day. She had her hotel bed waiting for her and maybe even a hot shower. She took her time taking out her equipment from her bag. She was tired and she had to make sure it was all done right. She charged up the electronic magnetic disrupter and placed her own electric items in a safe box. It would take a minute to charge up so she placed the tripod for the EMP on the desk and lined up the remains under the three legs of the tripod. Everything under the tripod would be charged with a large shock of electromagnetic energy that would disconnect any working sensors or tracking devices.

Bulma put her goggles on and pressed the button. The large crack of the electricity lit up the room for a second and Bulma coughed as the smell got more intense. She guessed it had scorched some hair or something similar. She didn't pay any attention to it trying not to look too carefully at the robot. This was bringing back some bad memories of her trauma. She didn't need to let her get triggered by anything now and she promised her inner teen she'd have a good cry later. She had some work to finish.

She numbered up the bags and started placing the smaller pieces in first. They all seemed to be metal and covered in a fake fur. She had assumed that was what the smell was, but the she got to a larger part, the part that had been the head. There was a fluid dripping from the metal skull and as she looked closer she could see that the fluid was red. She poked her finger into the dripping hole and coiled back as she felt something soft. Whoever had made this android had used real brains inside the animal. It was half organic!

She threw the metal skull back onto the ground and she began gagging uncontrollably. The memories were spinning as she was brought back to that warehouse full of caged monkeys. All of them screaming as electrodes were stuck into their exposed brains. Their small bodies missing normal limbs and with large robotic ones attached to them instead. She felt herself cry out and couldn't stop the large sob coming from herself. The imaginary world inside her head faded and she came back to the small evidence room.

The tears came down and she hunched down, turning away from the dog and looking at the grey wall. It had been a while since she had gone into a full traumatic episode like that. Robots and animal experiments always seemed to trigger it for her. It disheartened her to think that she could still be bothered by it after so long. If anything this android dog would not be the last of them. She had spotted the obvious number on its side to realise there were probably more of these creatures.

'Why did it have to be cyborgs?' She wondered to herself. If anything it told her that this was not an accident, the dog and man were bounty hunters of some sort.

These Bounty hunters must have had a tip off as well. They needed to track down Vegeta soon and get him under lockdown. Bulma was now more afraid to take on these androids than she was Vegeta. The fact that they used real organic parts sickened her so much. She didn't know if she could face those hounds again.

'This one was numbered 10, what about the others?' She wondered to herself. She made a small memo to the technician this would be passed about to give her a report on the scale of the cyborg parts used. There were few companies that made these, it would be easy enough to track down. She continued to pack away the parts. The monotonous job managing to calm her down and her hands had stopped shaking. She finished it up with labelling the post to be sent to HQ and she started to pack up her backpack.

She was only halfway through when a shaking through the building and yelling from the hall. She dropped what she had been doing and rushed out to see what was going on.

"There's an attack, all men to the holding cells!" An order yelled out.

Bulma looked at the smoke and checked she still had her gun in her side pocket. The holding cell was where the man that assaulted them was being held.

"FBI! Let me through!" Bulma snapped and flashed her ID that was swinging on her neck strap to make sure she could get through. A fire had started and some of the Police officers were rushing forward with fire extinguishers.

She had to stand back as she let the officers move forward to deal with the huge flames. "Has anyone seen Agent Viola, my partner?" She inwardly cursed at herself as she already knew she didn't have all of her equipment with her.

There were some blank stares and a mumble of negatives from the ones that heard her. Bulma stared into the main area and could see a hole in the wall with two figures standing. The Captain of the Police was a tall man who was facing up against these intruders. He had charged towards the smaller man but he had easier flipped the large Captain back as if he was a fly.

"Mission complete." He said and held up his hand which started to glow.

"Blast attack, back off, he's a ki wielder!" Bulma shouted and some of the officers took to hiding for cover. It was not enough though and a flash of light followed by a large explosion sent some men falling backwards and lying silently still.

"We do not need to aggravate this any more." The man said.

His dress was similar to the captured man and Bulma assumed this was a rescue mission of some sort. Bulma looked down to her belt to find her emergency call button but she hadn't taken it out of the box in the evidence room. Her ki detector was also there, she couldn't even check their power levels.

"Federal Agent." A voice called out. It was Viola she had her gun drawn and was pointed towards the men. "Back up of a fighting force is on its way!" The taller woman gave a quick glance to Bulma and she nodded back standing up from cover and drawing her gun. She shot towards the man and panicked when it richoched off him.

"This does not concern the FBI." The man said ignoring that they had their guns drawn to him. He hovered above the ground and looked to his companion. "We will not meet again, detonate Three." The pair had left from the hole they left jumping down a few stories below.

"Wait…detonate?" Bulma echoed. 'Oh, crap, a bomb?'

Viola had the same thought and grabbed onto Bulma dragging her backwards as the inside of the cell exploded into more fire and shrapnel. There were cries and screams as the explosion rocked the building. Bulma moaned as she felt the weight of Viola covering her she was a low ki user and seemed to know some barrier skills. It didn't stop her from getting hit backward from the blast as she and Bulma were thrown into the wall.

"All able men get the injured out of here!" The Captain ordered as he tried to shout orders through the chaos. His strong voice seemed to be strained in the smoke.

The attackers were gone and with them a large hole had been left in the wall. Flames were being brought under control by the sprinkler system but the groans and gasps of the people around her told Bulma there were probably a few casualties or even dead bodies.

"Did you get an energy signal from them?" Viola gasped. "I think my detector isn't working, the alarm didn't sound off."

"I left mine in the room." Bulma answered. "Are you able to move?"

Viola rolled over and gave a small gasp of pain. "Best I can do." She said bravely.

"Have you got your radio?" Bulma asked and saw her tapping to her belt. "I'll update the situation to back up." She took the walkie talkie from Viola's belt and tried to summon her strength to stand up. She wobbled slightly and walked forward. The attackers were gone but as she went closer to what once had been a cell she could see something all too familiar to her now. She felt a dread in the pit of her stomach and moved closer to check. The body of the suspect had been left there what part of him had remained made it clear to Bulma what they were dealing with. It only took her half a minute of inspecting the remains before she walked back to her partner who had propped herself up to the side of the wall.

"I don't think the ki detectors would be any good. I think they were a new type of threat." Bulma explained. "The man in the cell was some sort of android. I guess the attackers are too."

"Seriously?" Viola groaned. "A grade one threat that we can't even detect?"

Bulma patted Viola on the shoulder. "Thanks though you saved me."

"I told you, I got your back."

Bulma felt herself smile to the woman, her first real smile she felt she could genuinely give for many years. "It's a nice feeling." Bulma said and clicked on the radio. "Agent Briefs, requesting back-up."

"Back-up is almost there, please state the situation." Agent Yamcha replied.

"Two men are possible Grade One threats are running away from Police HQ now, possibly flying unable to confirm. Their ki and power levels are unknown. Possible robot threat. Send word to FBI HQ we need clean up crews and medics stat!"

"What is Agent Viola and your condition?"

"Unable to pursue attackers, Agent Viola is injured but I only have minor lacerations. Suspect has been destroyed. Confirmed robot, possible bounty hunters."

"Understood." Yamcha said. "Stay safe, do not pursue any further and back up is on its way."

"Affirmative." Bulma replied. "Suspects last seen heading West over the HQ. Agent Viola and I will be taking some downtime to recover."

"Take care Bulma." Yamcha said and signed off. "We'll be there soon."

"You know, we shouldn't ever say, how can this day get any worse?" Viola joked and gave a tense smile to Bulma.

"I think you're right." Bulma agreed. "Let's not taunt fate." Though secretly inside she was wondering how her day could get any worse.


Author's Note: Still no Vegeta but it is building up, soon, I promise. 

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