The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I am not making any profit from this story. The original characters in this story are not based off anyone in real life.

** Chapter 2 **

Give and Take

A few days had past since the time at the Asylum but Bulma was still shaking. She waited outside her Director’s office; he would have read her report by now. The memory of that awful place in South City had given her nightmares. Not only that but the alien called Prince Vegeta, he had been able to manipulate her so much that it scared her. That was the real thing that she feared, how easily it had been for him to taunt her into getting close to him. If he wanted to he could have killed her by now something that wasn’t helping her nerves. She had promised him she would go back there, to pick up the questionnaire. Not that she thought he would fill it out with any truthful answers. He was a murdering alien that had wanted to destroy everyone on the planet.

“Mr Piccolo will see you now,” the secretary announced.

Bulma got up and entered the cool office. Principal Director Piccolo motioned for his young cadet to sit down and held up a paper.

“It seems that you where quite successful in making contact with Prince Vegeta,” he said reading it. “Though I have a report from Warden Oolong asking for more information about your visit, I don’t feel obliged to tell him.”

Bulma smiled, she was grateful that Director Piccolo had the sense to see through the Warden’s petty act.

“If you must Sir, why was I put forward to see Prince Vegeta?” Bulma asked it was something that had been bugging her since the interview. Especially when the Saiyan had mentioned she was only a bit of skirt. “It can’t be that you just want answers from a simple form.”

“Ah I see you’ve picked up your father’s intelligence.” Director Piccolo said. “Forgive me but we had to use your female charm and naivete to this case. There was a suspicion with the psychiatrists involved that he may figure out any alternative motives if we sent someone in knowing the truth behind wanting to contact Prince Vegeta.”

“What is the truth Sir?” “That we’re not after Prince Vegeta, but rather another alien.” Director Piccolo explained. “We believe that a serial killer is loose in West City that is connected to the purging mission from 5 years ago. We have no other clues other than that. Really, Prince Vegeta is the only lead for us to go on. Have you heard of Scalpel Jones?”

“The one that’s in the papers recently, of course.”

“All the leads we have point to the fact that he or 'it' is not human.” Piccolo explained. “That and the overwhelming evidence that Jones is using ki attacks to skin his victims alive.”

“Is it another Saiyan?”

“We doubt it, from the three we have seen on this planet the mentality is rather more up front and direct.” Piccolo said. “They don’t hide in the shadows if there’s someone they want killed they come right out and face them.”

“At least they have some warped sense of pride.”

“Indeed, these pictures have not been released to the press. It is too gruesome for the families involved to see these splashed across the headlines.” Director Piccolo set out the photographs he had ready to show. Bulma covered her mouth, she thought she was going to be sick. All the corpses where striped down like an autopsy. The skin had been completely removed and on one picture she was sure she spotted maggots or some sort of insects lodged in a cavity on the cadaver.

“What has this got to do with the suspicion of aliens?”

“The way they are cut up.” Mr Piccolo said. “From just normal appearances it seems to be done with a scalpel of some sort but under an electronic magnifier it proved that the it was burned not cut.”


“Yes, just as the victims of Prince Vegeta, the ones we found that he had cut up with his ki. The marks are similar but as his was more crude there is a finesse to this dissection of the victims.”

“I suppose there is no better way to describe it.” Bulma agreed. “So this is why you wanted me to go to Prince Vegeta to ask him the connection with this murderer?”

“In a way, yes.” Mr Piccolo admitted. “Your good looks and flirtatious manner would work well in winning over the Prince but not if you knew the true motives of our interview. He would see straight through that and not talk at all.”

‘So he was right.’ Bulma thought, thinking about what the Prince had said. “I see so you still want me to go back to collect the questionnaire now I know?”

“It is best we admit to him now what we are up to.” Mr Piccolo admitted. “From your report on him it seemed he suspected more was to this little cadet coming to meet him and the one I received from Warden Oolong. As much as you don’t like this man, he is an expert on the Prince.”

‘But I wonder how much of that the pig stole from other hard working people?’ Bulma wondered but kept her mouth shut.

“We need to catch this Jones before he causes any more panic and alarm.” Mr Piccolo said. “If word got out it was another alien that had escaped our attention 5 years ago then there would be huge uproar from the public, maybe even riots. The memory of 5 years ago with Prince Vegeta and his fellow Saiyans are still fresh in everyone’s minds.”

“I understand Sir.” Bulma said. “I will try to ask Prince Vegeta for assistance but I doubt he will give anything without having something in return.”

“If it helps keep this other alien under wraps the government may agree, but do not let him know that until you have played all your cards. As you where Cadet, you’ll be speaking to Prince Vegeta tomorrow morning.” Bulma stood up and said her thanks. Director Piccolo handed her the case file on Scalpel Jones. She held onto it not sure what one young FBI cadet was doing getting wrapped up in a complex case like this. But if this helped Bulma get to the top again then she would do it.

“Bulma understand, don’t let the resentment you feel about loosing your parents to one of Vegeta’s men get to you.” Director Piccolo said as she held the door to leave. “I chose you not because of your looks or my connection with your father, but to test to see if you’re ready to put the past behind you and help this organisation against its fight.”

“I’m willing to do whatever’s necessary.” Bulma said and closed the door.


West City was a sprawling metropolis that was forever buzzing with new technologies and people busy in their own world. But at night as the dark moonless sky came, people rushed home to safety. The news of Scalpel Jones moved fast so even if a lot of the truth was hidden from the public, they knew the rumours. It was always at night he struck and it was always a sole victim that he chose. One walking by themselves, male or female he/she/it didn’t care. But still some people ignored these little rumours, it was only things been blown out of proportion by the press. Just spooky stories to keep the people in check. A lone woman believed this, she was an independent businesswoman. She knew West City like the back of her hand this was her city, her place to shine.

Betty Walker thought nothing of the haggard man that coughed and choked in the alleyway. There were always homeless people on the streets. She thought nothing about why he had a large hood over his face. She really didn’t think anything when she saw under the light that the skin on his hand was bright pink. But she did begin to think when he came up too close to her.

“Excuse me…” She snorted in disgust but by then it was too late. There was a muffled thump as Betty Walker was grabbed by the cloaked individual and dragged off to a van just in the back alleyway. She screamed out but there was nobody around to help. All the sensible people were safely locked up in their own homes.


A full week had past and just as she promised Cadet Briefs now found herself back at the Asylum. Bulma looked down the dark corridor. The light from Vegeta’s cell beckoned her near like the proverbial moth to the flame. She now knew why she was being sent here. It had angered her slightly but then as Director Piccolo had said he needed a way to test her. He had known her parents before the incident 5 years ago. If anything Mr. Piccolo had come to her and encouraged her to put her genius into becoming a member of the FBI. She had started from the bottom, 2 years of hard training after years of being alone and depressed. She was going to join this new force, to help defend the Earth against Aliens such as Prince Vegeta. As much as she hated the Saiyan meeting him face to face was different. She couldn’t hate him as much as she wanted. He saw nothing wrong in what he had done she could tell, it was only natural to him. There was no guilt in his face only enjoyment. He got pleasure from her fearful stares.

‘Did it make him feel powerful?’ She wondered. ‘Tormenting the weak like he did?’ She tried to hide the resentment she was feeling as she walked down the corridor. But she had become careless. She was just on the yellow line but a little too close. The fiends in the cages could smell her femininity; they wanted a piece a taste something from the bitch that walked past. A hand touched her ankle and she let out a shriek. As she jumped back she looked directly into the eyes of the one that had touched her. He looked back licking his lips. Vegeta thumped the plastic growling and the others squeaked hiding back in the cells. Bulma sat down looking at her ankle. The tights where torn and he had scraped his nails across her pale skin. It hadn’t cut her but it was too close for comfort and Bulma didn’t want to think what had touched her. Vegeta was watching her like a hawk. His eyes focused on her ankle. He say anything about it but remained silent the same deep growl in the bottom of his throat.

“Sorry, I got careless.” Bulma said. “I’m back as I promised. How are you Prince Vegeta?” This seemed to snap him out of his spell and he returned his gaze to her eyes.

“I am still alive Cadet.” Vegeta said. He smirked at her. “I filled out that little test for you, now what do I get in return?”

“In return?”

“Yes, there has to be a bit of give, I don’t do things for nothing.” Vegeta kept smirking. “I wouldn’t give you any sympathy for your little attack, I won’t get anything from it but this little test I wager is worth something to someone.”

“You have a very good business mind.” Bulma said astonished. “Surprised at finding that business is not just in your little world?” Vegeta sneered. “I bargain for my own gain, I ask again what is this test worth?”

“It’s worth not much Vegeta I’m afraid.” Bulma sighed. “It was just a way for them to introduce myself to you.”

“Ah, I see the little Cadet has had her mission briefing, very good now I’ll finally get to hear what this sudden interest in me is about.”

“They won’t set you free,” Bulma said.

“Of course not they want to keep me like a monkey in a cage.”

Bulma flinched and looked away. She didn’t want to think about him in a sympathetic light, he was still the alien monster.

“You consider yourself kept like in a zoo?” Bulma asked. “How about improving your conditions here?”

“Hmm, maybe a window.” Vegeta said. “If I am to remain here how about a view of the scum planet that holds me. These walls can get a bit boring after a while and my company is nothing but hideous. I wouldn’t want to be compared to those other maggots.” The rest of the prisoners shouted abuse at Vegeta, they didn’t seem to like him either. Bulma sat down quietly wondering she had no powers to make any deals. But then Director Piccolo had said the government might agree if it was acceptable enough.

“You know I can only ask Prince Vegeta,” she said. “I can’t guarantee that we will move you to a new place. I am after all as you keep reminding me, only a little cadet. I would only be the messenger.”

“Then tell me now, why is it that they need information from me?” Vegeta asked. “Surely they must have told the errand girl why she was doing this.”

“If I must it is about a fellow alien of yours.”

“All my comrades are dead.” Vegeta scoffed. “There are no others.”

“Then what type of creature that uses ki as a way of cutting up flesh?” Bulma questioned. “We don’t know much only that he dissects the victims and takes the skin. No tool on Earth could make marks like that on human flesh, we want to know what or whom is doing this.”

“Ah you weak humans and your need to protect each other.” Vegeta smirked. “A tactic of the weak but still it does sound intriguing, I may know but then that would give away the game. I don’t have anything else to go by. If I get case information, explicit pictures of the kills I may try to help but as I said I would want something back.”

Bulma nodded, “May I have the questionnaire you completed then as a gesture of good will?”

“Only if you are going to continue being the liaison.” Vegeta said. “I find most of your Earth experts to annoy me. I only want one person to talk to and that would be you.”

“I’m flattered.” Bulma said coolly. “I’m sure you’d love to play your head games with me.”

“Head games are all I have,” Vegeta leered. “If I had my way, head games would be ripping off heads and kicking them around.”

“That’s not going to happen.” Bulma said.

“Never say never,” Vegeta said. “If I ever do get out of here what do you think I should do?”

“I would like you to leave and never come back.”

“I would look for him, try to find him and kill the bastard.” Vegeta spat.

“You mean the mysterious Saiyan that defeated you?”

“He walks among you,” Vegeta scoffed. “A lone Saiyan in among the humans, eating your food, dressing up like you and even acts like you. He isn’t fit to be a Saiyan just a brain washed traitor.”

“Is he the one doing the attacks?”

Vegeta laughed looking at Bulma clutching his stomach. 

“If he was I would embrace the fool and call him my brother!” he chortled. “No, the idiot does not harm people, he loves you little tasty flesh bags. But not in the same way I do.”

“You love us?”

“Hmm yes, your flesh is so delicate and rich.” Vegeta said. “I love how your little organs are fattened ripe for the eating, everyone of you are fleshed out and fat.”

Bulma looked at him more enraged at the ‘fat’ remark but she held it in.

“Of course I only really eat people when I’m hungry, any other time it is just barbaric,” he chuckled, laughing at Bulma’s angry face. “Ah, still want to take me on Little Cadet? Sure being my little messenger won’t go against your principles?”

“I’ll be fine,” Bulma hissed.

“I can almost taste the anger in the air,” Vegeta said holding his nose up towards the holes in his cage. “So fresh and vibrant, unlike any of the smells that come into this place.”

He loudly sniffed the air and Bulma stiffened at the sound. “You have been grazed by that scum, but it hasn’t released your blood. Yet you cut yourself shaving this morning, didn’t quite wash the blood completely off.” He paused sniffing some more, “You don’t use perfume, but maybe a moisturiser. Interesting shampoo, it’s mostly soap but with a subtle ting of fruit. Oh but that’s a shame your shoes…”

Bulma kept quiet he was taunting her again, she was not going to fall for his bait.

“You have such nasty smelling shoes, not made of skin at all but plastic.” Vegeta sighed, “It was good up until the shoes.”

“Leather shoes cost money.” Bulma announced.

“Do they?” Vegeta asked. “I never really pay much attention to your little ape’s economy. Perhaps I should start learning.” A gleam crossed his eyes, Bulma didn’t know what he had just thought of but she doubted he would ever tell her.

“Prince Vegeta, I didn’t come here to talk about the cost of shoes.”

“The questionnaire is in the tray Cadet Bulma Briefs, FBI.”

“Thank you Prince Vegeta.” She stepped up to the cell watching him. He stayed standing watching her movements as she retrieved her paper. As she sat back down Bulma felt herself letting out a sigh of relief.

“Now, shall I start telling you what I want?” Vegeta asked.

“You told me a solitary room with a view.” Bulma answered. She looked up to the wall to see his drawings, a few new ones had appeared. Now instead of red chalk there was a couple in blue. Lines of what looked like ocean and sky all abstracted into a beautiful variety of landscapes. “I see you’re already trying to choose your view.”

“If that’s what you think it is,” Vegeta grinned. “I left one in there as a souvenir for you a thank you for this.” He held up his hand, Bulma couldn’t see what was there.


“The hair, it has an pleasant fragrance though it is loosing it potency.” Bulma choked and tried to hide her fear and embarrassment.

“Yes, what I need is to share information,” Vegeta explained. “I give you information about what I know about this alien and my views on it and you give me information.”

“I give you information?” Bulma asked not quite understanding.

“Yes, tell me about yourself.” Vegeta said. “I want to learn about the Earth, prove to me it isn’t a scab like I say. Tell me everything you can. I want to learn.” The same gleam was across his eyes as before. There was something he wasn’t saying to Bulma, a fact he was hiding.

“That’s going a bit personal.” Bulma huffed.

“That’s what I say when you apes start asking me similar questions, now it’s my turn.”

“Is that the true reason?”

“Nothing is 100% true Bulma,” he said pronouncing her name in an emphasising tone. “Truth is blunt and hurtful, facts are always lies laced around half truths and opinions. Some people call me a cannibal but that isn’t true, I’m not human so how can I eat my own kind? I am the only survivor of my race, bar that human willed fool, yet here I am in your human prison charged with cannibalism. I was only a superior being eating the weak prey that I caught.”

“You where charged with murder and violent anti-social behaviour.”

“Yes, blowing up a town was anti-social was it?” Vegeta mocked. “Your laws are pitiful, you couldn’t even sentence me to death. You will understand little Cadet that killing me would have been the best thing to have done when I escape.”

“You’re not going to escape Prince Vegeta.” Bulma snapped. “We have figured out your anatomy, designed drugs to sedate your powers. You won’t be blowing anything up ever again!”

“Careful what you say to me,” he hissed. “My humour can only last so long, disrespect me and you will know about it.”

“I mean no disrespect Prince,” Bulma snarled. “Yet here you are baiting my anger wanting me to get mad at you. I don’t want to be used as your little doll to play your mental games with. You can find another dumbass to liaison with the government for you.”

“No, the reason I rouse your anger is that you’re attracted to me,” Vegeta grinned. “I’m such a mysterious being it makes your pants wet just looking at me. You’re angry that you can’t hate me because that’s what’s expected.”

“I do hate you Vegeta!” Bulma yelled. “I hate you with every fibre of my being, your purging of our planet destroyed my very way of life. There is no way in hell I would ever think about you in such a way! You’re a monster, an alien bent on destroying everything I hold precious! If you want some female to start lusting after you because you’re a prince we’ll get you a whore because in truth that’s all you deserve! In fact you don’t even deserve that.”

“So that’s the truth is it?” Vegeta said after a long silence, “Go. Leave me be, I’ll answer nothing more from you.”

Bulma quietly placed the paper into her briefcase and stood up. She made no eye contact with him, not wanting to see his stare. She walked back up the corridor holding back any tears she wanted to cry. ‘Not here Bulma, don’t give him the satisfaction of making you cry,’ she told herself. There was giggling from the monster’s cells, she was too close to the line again. This time something flew at her face and landed in her hair. The laughter from the cells increased and the hands clawed at her leg again. She kicked the hand back stabbing her heel down. The inmates all began shouting and throwing abuse at her. The security door opened and the guards ran in with the hoses. They began spraying into the open barred cells pushing them all back with the water.

“Cadet!” Vegeta yelled at her. Bulma went up to him as the Prince was pushed up against the plastic.

“I will do this for you,” Vegeta said. “But remember our deal, you ask questions, I ask questions a simple exchange. I think you should look around the east side of South City. You might find something worth looking at. Go see the round building and come back to me and tell me what you find. Then we shall start from there.”

“Thank you Prince Vegeta,” Bulma said, then turned and ran past the rest of the chaos.

Author’s Notes: So getting interesting? I read the original book and watched the movie years ago and I want to try and do this story with my own twist. Not just pick two characters from separate universes and plonk them in another with a different character. For a change I want the characters to stay in character as well, I’ll try. Which is why Bulma’s getting angry instead of the cooler Clarice’s actions. It's also a strange mix of the world of Dragonball and the Silence of the Lambs. So differences are going to appear. It is still mainly the world of Dragonball so there's no Earth Geography and people can have powers.

I've also had to add Original Characters where there are none in the Dragonball world that would fit. I'm not adding anyone from the world of Hannibal.

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