The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I don't own Dragonball Z nor Silence of the Lambs. I don't make any moeny from this story.

Chapter 5


The South City Prison for the Criminally insane hadn't changed, it was still a tall grey building with zero endearing characteristics. Bulma Briefs tried to find her courage, after a unrestful sleep in a hotel she had been dreading this morning trip. She had things to ask Vegeta but she knew it would come a price. He would want to know information about her and her past. Ammo for him to use against her if she did tell her. She gripped her briefcase tight, it contained information for Vegeta about this case. She had papers for the Warden that she knew he would ask for. This was her third time here. Bulma wished this was finally her last time, but she doubted it. Bulma flashed her ID to the guards and made her way inside. Warden Oolong was in his office and seemed to be refusing to meet her. Mr Popo was standing there in his place.

“Nice to see you again Cadet Briefs,” He said, “Everything's been made ready though it might seem a little different from last time.”

“Okay, I'm ready.” Bulma said. “Just take me down there. If I hang around here I might not find the courage,” She winced as an inmate let out a loud scream in the background. Bulma warily followed Mr Popo down to the place she had so many nightmares about.

“It's changed a little since you last came,” Popo explained. “All the other inmates have been removed. There was an accident....”

“An accident?”

“The man from the cell next to Vegeta, Donny swallowed his own tongue.” Mr Popo said. “We don't have much proof but we believe Vegeta's midnight whispering to the man drove him to it.”

Bulma looked appalled. “Was that the man that threw that stuff at me?”

“Don't take that as a compliment.” Popo said. “He just used it as an excuse to get rid of his neighbour. He hated Don as much as Warden Oolong, it was only a matter of time really.”

“I see.”

“Even though there's only Prince Vegeta down there, the rules still apply.” Popo said. “Stay behind the yellow line and don't let him intimidate you. You're all alone down there if something were to happen it would take us a minute to get to you. That would be all the time the Prince would need to destroy you.”

“But I thought he was as weak as a kitten because of that draining shield.”

“Ever been scratched by an angry kitten?” Popo asked. “He may be weak but that only means he has the normal strength of an average human. His strength before the shield was probably a level you couldn't imagine.”

Bulma was reminded of the time she gave into his provoking and went up against the barrier, he had only taken a single hair, but what if he hadn't liked her. She would have been killed. “I'll try to remember.” Bulma said faintly.

“Well here we are 'ma'am.” Popo said and pointed to the door. “We put a chair out for you and I'll be watching. If anything happens it'll be a few minutes before my men and I can get to you.”

“Understood.” The thick door opened and Bulma made her way down the dreaded corridor. The same cold light beckoned her forward. The empty cages that had once held screaming prisoners were silent. It felt eerier than before and Bulma concentrated on the chair, putting one foot in front of the other. As she got closer she could see the Prince standing in the middle of his cell as before. His arms crossed as he watched her walking.

“Cadet Bulma Briefs you're late,” he said. “I didn't know I'd made an appointment Prince Vegeta.” She said sitting down and staring directly at the saiyan. “I asked for you personally, aren't you flattered?”

“Not really, I wasn't aware that I had made such a good impression.”

“Maybe not a good impression,” Vegeta sneered. “More like your easily readable face and gullible character. Did you find the building I mentioned, I bet you found the first one. It must have been a pretty corpse.”

“The scientists haven't finished analysing it.” Bulma said. “We know the victim is human but what we don't know is why you knew where it was. It happened three years ago. I don't suppose you could shed some light on that Prince Vegeta?”

“I'm sorry, that's all I really want to say on that subject.” Vegeta said. “I have sources I'd like to protect.”

“Sources that you're not going to name I take it.”

“I want to change the subject Bulma, what happened three years ago is old news.” Vegeta purred. “Let's talk about what's on the news now.”

“You mean the Mayor of West city's daughter?” Bulma asked. “That's another mystery you've brought up Prince Vegeta. How did you know from a blurry CCTV footage that the man that abducted Elizabeth was the one and only Scalpel Jones?”

“I never said that, I only implied that HE had got the girl.” Vegeta said. “You humans read too much into things when it's really quite simple.”

“It would make it simpler for us if you'd just tell us.”

“No, that would be easy and painless.” Vegeta said. “I want something back in return for what I give. An exchange, as we talked about last time.”

“You've got the solitary you asked for even if you enforced that yourself.”

“The vermin tainted my senses, sharing the same air as them made me want to puke.” Vegeta sneered. “That fat slob took the easy way out, I had much nicer plans for him.”

“But you can't do anything Vegeta, the most you could do was talk to him.”

“Whatever makes you feel safe Cadet.” Vegeta smiled crookedly and made Bulma shudder. “The fat slob was only in this prison because he'd raped some women. Really it makes me wonder about this world's justice.”

“What do you mean?”

“That he actually got punished for raping women, in my home world that would be considered a perk of being a male.” Vegeta chuckled. “It's a way of putting women in their place.”

“That's disgusting!” Bulma snapped.

“Oh I see it's disgusting, shall we change the subject again you look as if you're going to explode with rage.”

“I'm fine...” Bulma hissed.

“If it makes you feel any better little Cadet I've never raped a woman.” He stepped forward looking directly towards Bulma. “Every woman I've met have either thrown themselves at me like some desperate animal in heat or they've been persuaded by my charm. I can be very persuasive.”

“You're not that charming.”

“Hmm, I see, is that what you think.” Vegeta nodded. “Then tell me, why did you go to that building that I told you about, the one I couldn't possibly have known was there.”

“I believed you...” Bulma whispered.

“There you go see, I'm persuasive.” He smirked again showing that he had won this small battle. “Well, I feel I've said enough. Now I need to know about you, Cadet Bulma Briefs.”

“I'm a cadet in the FBI soon to graduate and become a full agent.” Bulma said. “That's all I really want you to know.”

“But I'd like to know more, this is an exchange is it not?”

“Why is my personal life important for this case?” Bulma asked.

“So I believe that I can trust the woman that is my liaison.” Vegeta stated shrugging his shoulders.

“No, it's so you can get information about me so you can play those head games of yours.”

“It's all about trust Bulma, if I get to know you human woman, I'll trust you. If I trust you I'll feel I can help you and solve this little case for you. Then you can be the star of the FBI and run home to daddy to tell him how well you did.”

“My father is dead.” Bulma said in a flat voice.

“You seem quite angry about that Bulma, tell me more.”

“I don't want to talk about it, especially to you!”

“It happened five years ago didn't it?” Vegeta smirked watching the woman shake with anger. He could smell her hatred it was like an exotic perfume to him.

“Yes,” Bulma said sharply. “It happened during the Saiyan attack on Earth.”

“I see so you blame me for your father's death?”

“My parents, they both died from a large energy blast caused by one of your men.” Bulma explained. “Their home, pets everything was destroyed in that large blast. I wasn't there at the time when I came home to the large crater that was my home a few days later I found out the truth. I found out I had become a homeless orphan. We never did find their bodies, your men left nothing but dust.”

“How old were you?”

“Fifteen, I wasn't old enough to take over my father's business so I ended up being looked after by my uncle.” Bulma sniffed trying to hold back the tears. She didn't like talking about this. There was still so many painful memories she wanted to keep hidden.

“So that's why you're an FBI agent then?”

“It took me four years after that to get to this stage.” Bulma said.

“I bet you hate me then,” Vegeta said.

“I don't hate you Vegeta, I despise you.” Bulma hissed. “But I know my duty, a girl's life is in danger and she comes first over any personal feelings I have.”

“How noble,” Vegeta said in a patronising voice, “but don't try to push your human morals onto me, I don't have any. I don't care if this girl lives or dies.”

“You only care for yourself.” Bulma coldly said, “will you look at these case files as you promised?”

“I will,” Vegeta sighed. “Place it in my box, at least it will numb my boredom for a moment.”

Bulma nodded and stepped forward towards the drawer. Vegeta stood back his hands behind his head. He smiled at her showing his canines. Bulma shuddered and looked around his cell, something was missing and she couldn't quite tell what.

“Oh, your drawings!” She gasped as she closed the drawer.

“Took your time to notice Bulma,” Vegeta whispered right beside her. Bulma leapt back as she saw that Vegeta had somehow got right up against the cell. She stared at him wild eyed her heart pounding. The warning from Mr Popo was still going through her head.

“Glad to see you looking so lively,” Vegeta chuckled. “The drawings were confiscated as part of my punishment. The warden is probably burning them in the boiler as we speak. He's a little shaken by your visits you see, his masculinity isn't as strong as mine, he's threatened by a woman in a seat of power. Though I must say your seat of power is the weakest one I've ever seen.”

“I'm only a cadet as you keep reminding me Vegeta, I wouldn't call myself a woman in a seat of power.” Bulma said shaking her previous scare.

“Oh but you are Bulma,” Vegeta continued. “I only intend to speak to you, do you know how much that pisses off that pig?”

Bulma shrugged, “I guess a lot.”

“Right, and now you see my other reasons for keeping you as my liaison.” Vegeta said. “Which is why he tries to hurt me in his petty ways. At least I know one of my drawings is safe.”

“What do you mean?”

“You've forgotten, I'm hurt,” Vegeta said in a mocking sad voice. “The drawing I put in your little questionnaire, I thought you would have looked at it by now. It is my favourite piece.”

“I was afraid to look to be honest.” Bulma said remembering, “it's still in my case file back at the hotel.”

“Then I suggest you look at it and tell me what you think.” Vegeta said, “Or are you worried that it will be a naked picture of you.”

“That thought had crossed my mind.” Bulma answered truthfully.

“At least your honest.” Vegeta smirked. “Then look at my drawing and when you come back tomorrow tell me what you think.”

“Tomorrow?” Bulma squeaked. 'I have to come back so soon?' she added in her head.

“Yes, then I will tell you what I think of this Scalpel Jones, time is running out as you said for the girl.”

“I thought you didn't care?” Bulma asked.

“I don't but I know if she dies then there will be little hope of me ever having any bargaining power like this again.” “So this is about power?” “Everything is about power,” Vegeta grinned. “Who has it, who wants it and who serves it. That's all there is to this little existence of ours.” “You make everything sound so cold.” Bulma sighed. “I promise I will be back tomorrow then. As you said time is running out.”

“Bye-bye Bulma,” Vegeta sang, “Don't forget again, next time I won't be so forgiving if you hurt my feelings again.”

“Understood Prince Vegeta.” Bulma said, standing up. She walked back towards the heavy security door all the while listening to Vegeta chuckling to himself. “Heh, heh, heh, heh” Bulma would never understand that alien and she didn't want to know. Mr Popo greeted her and he escorted her off the property.


A few miles from the prison there stood the large Police station of South City. At the moment it was in a panic. A parcel had arrived marked for 'he who is in charge'. It had been brought to the Chief of Police and after he opened it the whole building was in chaos. The Chief had cried out for the top forensic units on the double and it hadn't taken long for the gossip to spread around the station. The parcel had contained a slice of skin, bloody and freshly cut. It had been placed inside a plastic bag and a letter along side it was being analysed.

“What the hell is that?” The chief choked as he tried to recover from the shock.

“Skin... sir.”

“I know that!” The chief shouted. “But what kind of skin is it?”

“Um, chief Bradley we can't be one hundred percent sure at this time but I believe it's human skin.” The scientist said meekly. “There's a tatoo of a bird and it has stretch marks. At a guess I'd say it was the thigh.”

“Good lord!” chief Bradley exclaimed. “That explains this letter.”

“Sir what does it say?”

“Here Hardy see for yourself, I wasn't able to read it all. I noticed the skin half way through.” Chief Bradley passed the letter across to the expert with a tissue. “As soon as I found out what it was I've used this tissue so I don't get fingerprints on it but I think there might be one or two.”

“That's okay sir it can't be helped.” Hardy sighed and began to read out loud for the other forensics.

“I have the Elizabeth, it is my stock. It is not being returned. It will take you many days to find me and by then it will all be too late. The Earth is doomed and I will soon free myself from its bounds. You keep a bad evil Saiyan but I will soon have power to kill it. It will be dead just like everyone of you. Prince Vegeta is next after my Elizabeth stock is finished. Prince Vegeta is dead. Kill him now if you want to live Earth.”

“What the...?” Bradley snapped. “Get the damn FBI on the phone this is beyond our jurisdiction!”

“Right away sir!” “Someone get me a coffee and move those chumps listening in by the door!” There was screams as the eavesdropping officers were discovered and the chaos continued in the police station. The identity of the killer was now apparent to them, it wasn't a human it was an alien. It was just like five years ago only now more terrifying, this monster was hiding soon to pounce!


On the other side of South city Bulma was unaware of the problems the police were facing. Her only problem at the moment was the electronic door to her hotel room. 'Okay slip in key, green light, open...shit locked.' She tried for the fifth time when she finally got the correct combination of key and handle coordination.

“Damn hotel doors.” Bulma muttered as the reluctant door swung open. She threw her briefcase on the bed and kicked off her cheap shoes. She collapsed on the bed and stared at the ceiling. She had survived her third meeting with the Prince. He was charming, she couldn't deny it. Vegeta had a way of making her speak her mind.

She hated him, she shouldn't trust him as much! Her own personal hatred was because of what happened to her parents. The explosion that had ripped apart Capsule Corporation, making it bankrupt in one foul swoop. She wiped away the stray tears, she had held it in. She had wanted to cry so badly. She expected Prince Vegeta would enjoy that, watching a little human suffering would give him comfort in his cold cell. She would never give him that pleasure. To think that she had never told anyone what had happened. They all knew as soon as they heard the name Bulma Briefs. She was a famous casualty of the war. Her sad story had been everywhere and she never got anything but sympathy for it. The sad tale of a rich girl made penniless. It didn't make for any charity money. There was a lot sadder stories across the world after the Saiyans had attacked, a lot more people that didn't even have a long lost relative to go to.

She sat up and looked across at her large case file. The questionnaire was in there. Bulma was curious about what he had drawn. Though she always thought it would be something crude put there to make her mad. 'But I don't really understand the Prince so why should it be what I think it is?' She walked across and picked up the large portable filing cabinet. The original questionnaire was still in here, she had still to hand it in for the experts to analyse. She had never found the time, she had never made the time. Bulma found it and took it out. It hadn't really been answered correctly. Vegeta had skirted around the questions or refused to answer. It was pretty much worthless. It had been the FBI's way of introducing her and making the Prince interested. Which was why she had never handed it in. It reminded her how much she was being used like a tool. She hated knowing that they had used her gullibility and naivity but then Vegeta had said he liked that about her.

'Yeah, he can read me like a book.' she thought to herself. “Well Bulma, time to face the drawing...” Bulma said out loud. She flicked to the last page and held her breath. She let out a squeal as she looked at the chalk drawing. It was beautiful a combination of blue and red chalk with a bit of black and white. But she was drawn in the middle of the drawing naked! It was similar to the famous Birth of Venus, in the original the goddess rose from the sea on a shell; but in Vegeta's drawing instead of a blue sea it was red, like blood. The shell that the original stood on was now a circle of human skulls. It was grotesque and beautiful in the same time. Bulma stared at the naked drawing of herself unable to form any other thought. She had been right! 'That bastard....' In the back of her mind she heard the cold chuckling of the Prince. The same laugh that had followed her out of the prison.

“Heh, heh, heh, heh,”


Next chapter: Bulma has a new task and Vegeta makes a deal.

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