The Silence of the Monkeys

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z or Silence of the Lambs. I do not make any money from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. I do not make money from this story.

Chapter 35

Keep Running


Vegeta looked back at the rugged mountains that surrounded North City. It had been a good place to stay and train for a few years but he had been pushed to reveal himself too early. Gero was still after him and those androids he had created seemed to be a huge threat. He had witnessed the fight in the Snow Festival with great dread. If those machines had found him he would have been dead or worse captured again.

'I have no time for that.' Vegeta thought to himself as he settled down into a cave recess. He had trekked for hours and had finally reached the edge of the North City boundary. The small safe shelter he'd prepared a while ago was still as he'd left it. The small box of supplies he'd hidden in a crevice would see him through a few days but he needed to keep moving. The Android hunting party would not be a limit of two dogs and a few robots. There would be more of them and the tracking ability of the hounds was the most troubling thing. He could survive if he got far enough away.

He clenched his fist. The fight had been a small thrill to watch, it brought back his memory of a finer time in his life. Sure, he had been a dog solider in a Galactic army, a low grade clean up crew as Freeza put it. But he had power in his small team; he could fight the lesser beings and rip them apart. The power and sensation of fighting to your limit was something he missed the most. That moment he pushed the FBI fodder he had felt his ki. It had flown into him in such a way that made him feel a burst of power. It was something he needed to experiment with. The same had happened with Tien, the flow of his energy had been so easy for him to manipulate and use. He was empty of all ki energy now, his cells working against him.

'Is it because I'm at a negative now?' He wondered. 'Could ki work that way?' He had never been around powerful enough enemies to really see what would happen when he fought them. He had thought it was suicide but it was possible that there was a way for him to fight. He smirked, there was one place he would need to go to really try. A place where all the scum of the Universe gathered on Earth. It would be a perfect hiding spot in complete plain sight.

It would be a few more days of hitchhiking and trekking to get there but it would be worth it. He shifted back and began to rest his eyes. For now he would sleep with one eye open. He was back to being on the run again but that was fine by him. He just needed to stay alive till he could fully find a way to get his revenge. His blood right was denied to him, he would take what ever measures it would take out his vengeance to all of them that denied him. Bulma would be the start and the key to it all.

He took out his knife and held it ready as he began to go into a half-awake, half-asleep state. The low energy of Bulma was still on the knife, a faint smell of her fear was also still fresh. It made him smirk at how much he would make her beg for her life. The fearful face of hers lulled him into his rest.

'I will come for you, Bulma.'


Bulma though was fully asleep, unaware of any plans being made for her. She was caught in her own nightmares brought on by the intrusion by the Psychic. She kept going over the snowy scene with Vegeta holding her in a deadly grip.

"Let me GO!" She shouted. Vegeta didn't react or even smile he was just frozen like a statue of ice. She felt the numbing cold and her side ached where the knife still grazed against her skin. Tears poured down her face, why did she have to relive this scene? Why didn't anyone believe her?

"I'm not involved with this monster." She snapped the tears forming icicles as she pressed against the statue. She felt like she was finally becoming the Ice Queen image she had put up for herself. She had done it for her own sake. To hide her quick temper and fiery nature, it wasn't suitable for investigating. She had to hide who she really was. She wasn't a scientist anymore she had no other skills other than her mind. She needed to make use of it and fight the Aliens.

"Now some scummy pink Alien freak comes and messes up my mind and makes me into this emotional wreck?" She was ranting to herself in a way shouting out all her frustrations. She felt a moment in the grip that held her and she began to wiggle free.

"I am Bulma Briefs!" She yelled her face red with anger. "This isn't going to stop me."

"I will come for you, Bulma." Vegeta's statue seemed to whisper to her.

She punched him square in the face watching the ice shatter. She could only see red now and the familiar screams of the Monkeys echoed around her. "Just come for me you Bastard, I'll fucking kill you if you touch me again."

The Ice world around her seemed to glow as she yelled this and instantly melted into flames.

"I'll find you first Asshole!" Bulma snapped to the melting lumps of ice that had been Vegeta's statue. "I'll find you and lock you up again and throw away the key!" Her sides and everywhere were alight with fire. She panted in shock and confusion as she was blinking at a white ceiling.

She was awake in her hospital bed a nurse hovering over her and a tall familiar face.

"Chief!" Bulma croaked. Her fiery voice from her dreams was far away. She reached out for some water embarrassed at her reaction and quickly tried to wipe the tears from her face.

"I see the effect has worn off." Director Piccolo sighed. "I came to see if you're up for attending the meeting. This involves you as well."

"I'd need at least 30 minutes to get ready." Bulma said. 'A quick shower, grab a piece of fruit, I can do it.'

"That's fine, we start in an hour." Piccolo said. "We've got so many casualties and fall out from this mission we've had to set up a Mission room in the hospital. It's the Staff room down the hall from here."

"I see." Bulma replied. "I can be ready on time."

"I feel that you may be suffering some after effects from Special Agent Beri's mind probe." He sighed. "I was afraid that might happen. It may be just a case of some bad dreams for a few days."

"I did have some nightmares…" She looked down at her hands as they were mildly shaking. "I'm sorry I'm in this state."

"They should be gone in a few days, if not tell me and I can try to get another Psychic officer to come and try to heal whatever Beri's shaken loose."

Bulma just nodded. It was true some bad memories had seemed to have resurrected themselves.

"She's the star of our Psychic division; you never join in the Force 2 investigations so you've never been in a position to meet her." Piccolo explained. "She's still quite new to Earth but she's a fast learner."

"How new?" Bulma questioned. She couldn't help but feel a slight jealousy at a newbie that had rose in the ranks.

"Three Years, she graduated the training in under six months and had become a Special Agent on her graduation." Piccolo said with a slight hint of pride. "She's a valuable Psychic we've had our lives saved by her powers quite a few times."

"Wow, a real genius then." Bulma said in amazement.

"You'll see her in the meeting so be sure to hide your mild jealousy. Though knowing her she'd get a kick out of it." Piccolo patted her on the head. While Bulma pouted, she forgot that he had mild empathy, it only showed up when she was unguarded.

"Understood." She said and as soon as he was gone she limped straight into the shower. She wanted to look as good as she could get in front of everyone. She felt like hell and knew she looked it too. In the shower she checked the stitches on her wound. It shouldn't scar too much but it was just another mark upon her once perfect skin. He had sliced across into her old scar cause by Jigsaw Jones. In a way it was just slightly coincidental place. 'I'm sure it just means everyone loves to stab my liver.' She sighed as the hot water pulsed over her. It didn't wash her worries away but it did seem to finally make her feel calm.


An hour later and the small meeting room in the hospital Bulma appeared she was bandaged up and still in t-shirt and sweats. She gave a nod to Piccolo and sat beside the grinning Yamcha. She found some comfort in the goofy guy for once. Beri looked at her from the side with a slight smile.

"Should I have dressed up?" Bulma asked.

"No, don't worry about it. I mean Agent Mikan is still in his pyjamas." Yamcha smiled as he pointed over to the sleepy looking man in bandages.

"I see Viola is still giving him a hard time though." Bulma commented as she saw her fellow agent sitting next to Agent Mikan and teasing him.

"That's what he gets for coming in Pyjamas while actually not a patient in the hospital." Yamcha chuckled and looked down as he turned to Bulma. "I'm glad you're okay, I hear you'll be discharged today."

"The knife wound is all stitched up and it was only blood loss they were worried about." Bulma said as she tried not to look up to Yamcha. She could see Piccolo getting ready and that usually meant shouting at the first people having any kind of conversation.

"I was really worried but I'm glad we got to in time." Yamcha said his face furiously burning red. "I would be really sad if we lost you…"

Bulma gulped and turned to him her own face burning up. "Um… thanks…"

"If you two are quite finished." Piccolo said in his loudest voice. "We will now start the meeting."

Bulma noticed they were the focus of everyone in the room. This was exactly what she didn't want to happen. She slid back into her chair and tried to avoid eye contact with everyone. The small snigger from Special Agent Beri made her glance over to her though and she silently fumed at her giving Yamcha the thumbs up. She closed her eyes and tried to quell the flames that were soaring up inside her. The ice mask that she'd made for herself over these past few years was completely gone and she was an emotional wreck. She was fighting her inner temper that was close to breaking.

'I need to get back in control…' She reminded herself and sat quietly in small meditation as Piccolo repeated the summary of their failed mission.

"The target has no doubt left the city. The power sensors we thought we could use are totally useless against Vegeta. He has no power still and we can assume he's the same range as a regular civilian."

The computer projection came up and a sketch drawing appeared. It was Vegeta exactly as Bulma had seen him in her encounter.

"Special Agent Beri has made up this composite of the Target. His hair has changed but he may yet alter his appearance again. No eye-witnesses have come forward to the attack on Agent Bulma or the incident with Launch. We can't rule out that Vegeta is in collusion with these machine people, these androids. They let him escape."

"Sir, I believe they wanted him caught." Agent Bramble added. "That doggie was ordered to 'seek'."

"From the robot?" Piccolo asked.

"Aye, it was." Bramble said. "It could speak, even though it was filled with wires. It was strong as well, almost broke my arm when he twisted it. I kicked it straight in the goolies and he didn't even wince."

"What…goolies?" Piccolo was confused by the Agent's words.

"He means the testicles." Yamcha explained. "Bramble is from up North, he uses a few interesting words sometimes."

"I see…" Piccolo said trying to move on the conversation. "So we can assume these are Grade 2 fighters since both you and Agent Yamcha fought the robot but still survived."

"I had a run in with them as well Sir." Viola added. "They knew how to use a sort of power blast from their hands."

"But they're undetectable to our radar." Bulma said. "Bullets also didn't slow them down any, though as we found out with the dogs, you can disable them."

"They also seem to come with a self destruct bomb." Yamcha said. "I think it can be set off remotely."

"That may have been what happened to the android in the Police station." Bulma said.

Piccolo listened to his agents intently and nodded, writing up on the board everything they said. "So we're dealing with a low level risk, though as a team they could prove quite dangerous."

"There may be more." Yamcha said. "The Android I fought was looking at someone in the crowd."

"Next problem we'll need to deal with is where do you think they came from?"

"I can think of only one man." An agent in the corner spoke up. He was the technical specialist, Agent Frambrois. "We may need to think about the Gero Industries."

Bulma winced at the name, she knew it would be coming. Out of all the companies around the world other than her own beloved Capsule Corporation, Gero was the one that lead the market now. The owner had a weird obsession with Vegeta and had tried to buy her information more than a few times.

"I sense some friction about this Gero." Special Agent Beri said. "Care to tell the visitor to your planet?"

"The company is the forerunner in computer cars and technology. The CEO is severely disabled after the Saiyan attack. He even came face to face with Vegeta and lived. To say that the man has a grudge would be putting it lightly." Yamcha answered her.

"Sounds like an interesting mind to study." Beri said and swept her hair back. "So you'll need someone to pay him a visit I guess."

"That could be arranged." Piccolo nodded. "Next up, Agent Briefs, Agent Viola, I want you both to continue the hunt for Vegeta. We have an account of a witness coming forward and I'd like you to contact him."

"I can't go home yet then?" Bulma asked.

"No, Agent Briefs, from your mind search what we can ascertain is that though you are innocent of collusion with the enemy you're not safe while he is free. Agent Viola is to continue to be your body guard and you're not to approach Vegeta under any circumstance. South City is far enough away and you should be safe there for a while. We may bring you in with the Gero Investigation but for now find out what the witness knows in South City."

Bulma nodded sadly, she was back to the place where she had first met Vegeta. There would no doubt be some clues leftover from his previous prison. She needed to investigate this from a distance it would seem. She looked across to Viola who seemed quite happy about the arrangement. 'Didn't she once say that was her home town?' Bulma wondered.

The meeting continued for some time and Bulma found herself nodding off at the longer speeches from Piccolo. He needed up reprimanding them all for the carelessness. It would have continued into more detail of the current situation when there was a cry from Agent Frambrois. He had only left a few minutes ago to take a call and he had rushed back into the room.

"Sir!" He shouted. "The helicopter going to HQ, it's down!"

"What?!" Piccolo snapped and stood up at his full height. "What happened?" He towered over the smaller agent as he tried to get the words out.

"There was a rocket; it blew up our chopper, all the android technology we had recovered! It's gone!"

"This is just what we needed!" He snarled. "Force 2 Fighters, move out and recover what you can! This is a Red Alert, the FBI are under attack!"

He charged out of the room Agent Yamcha, Frambrois and a few others of the main solider class followed him out. Bulma looked across to Viola who shrugged "Looks like I'm needed."

She was left in the room with only Agent Beri and Agent Bramble.

"What a kerfuffle!" Bramble said. He was still too injured to join in.

"Red Alert, looks like they're going to fly." Beri sighed. "Makes me wish I was a fighter."

"I think I'll go back to bed." Bulma said.

"Agent Briefs, I know Piccolo said not to interfere, but I'd just like to add that you're running away from yourself." Beri said.

'I'm just going to bed!' Bulma thought.

"That's not what I meant." Beri smiled as she read her mind. "I just mean you'll need to be true to yourself if you want to succeed. I mean I'm no fighter, I'm always jealous of those that can. But I make up for it and use what I have to fight."

"I'm a good investigator." Bulma said. She could feel the fire in her head burning up and she worked on her own mental blocks. She needed to get away from this alien she was dangerous for her mental well being. "I do what I can to fight as well, all those notes we saw today about the androids were all ones I made myself."

"That's lovely, but I bet you can do more." Beri gushed with a wide smile. "That fire inside you is so interesting, I just wish…."

Her hand was about to touch Bulma's forehead when a bandaged arm stopped her. "Beri, Hen. I know you mean well, but you ought to listen to the Big Man."

"The Big Man?" Agent Beri seemed confused then as she scanned Bramble's mind she realised and turned around.

"I thought I said, Force 2 move out?" Director Piccolo snarled. "You're a danger to leave on your own."

"I… I didn't…. I never…" Beri protested as she was effortlessly lifted up and over his shoulder and they were gone with a rush of air as they moved faster than Bulma could comprehend.

"Ah, that girl never listens." Bramble chuckled. "She doesn't mean any harm by the way Agent Briefs."

"I guess..." Bulma said in low voice as she was still in shock.

"Let's get you to bed then, pet." He said as he escorted her down the hallway to the ward.

"It sure has been an eventful week." Bulma muttered.

"Aye, at least you can say that!" Bramble laughed and continued to lighten her mood till she was safely to her bed. Though no matter how nice Agent Bramble was he hadn't chased away the real threat as the terrors in Bulma's mind returned and the fire burned on as the screams began to rise up.


Author's Note: Yes, Beri really should be that annoying. I wrote her like that on purpose, she's not mean; she's just one of those characters that do things on impulse and is very selfish. She's really messed up Bulma's mind right now. So Bulma may be a bit unstable in the next few chapters. I know in this chapter nothing much happened again, but I like to make the set up and let things take their time.

Though the breaks in writing the story are not on purpose. I'll try to get another chapter out this year at least! We need to find out how Vegeta is going to fight and what exactly he wants with Bulma! One hint I will tell you all, it's not romantic. I know what we all want and maybe that will come but not for a while. Let's simmer in the suspense for a lot longer.

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